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Top 17 Video Production Companies in the U.S. (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Are you looking for the perfect Video Production Company to help you bring in new customers, boost sales, and improve the overall customer experience?

Look no further!

We've done all the hard work so you don't have to look through the over 1.9 million Google search results and put together a list with the top 17 Video Production Companies in the U.S.

Ready? Let's get started!

What Makes a Top Video Production Company?

Wondering how we handpicked the finest video production companies in the U.S.? We didn't rely on mere online reviews or sift through the top Google search results. Our commitment is to provide you with genuine, top-tier choices, recognizing that every decision along this journey profoundly impacts your brand, whether you're a small business or an industry leader.

Every video production company on our list delivers results, and here's how we're certain. We've either collaborated with them previously, witnessed their exceptional work firsthand, or observed their contributions to the brands they serve.

So, what should you consider when you're in the market for a video production agency?

  • Portfolio and Work: Take a look at their past projects. It's a window into their videography style and abilities. Watching their previous work will reveal how they conceive and execute ideas, ensuring visuals align seamlessly with your brand's identity.

  • Specializations: Seek a video production agency that specializes in the type of projects you have in mind. Whether it's social media ads, animation, or drone videos, you'll want a team with relevant experience.

  • Professionalism: Beyond production quality, partner with a video production agency that goes the extra mile to win your business. You need creative thinkers who can generate fresh ideas to help your brand achieve its objectives.

  • Pricing: Review their portfolio to gauge the budgets they typically work with. Agencies handling well-known brands may have a minimum project cost of $20,000 or more, while those catering to small businesses often offer more affordable rates.

  • Timeliness: Time management is crucial. You want a video production team that respects deadlines, ensuring you don't end up with hastily assembled videos.

Of course, trusting your instincts is vital when selecting a video team. Be vigilant for any red flags before bringing them on board.

Now that you're equipped with this knowledge, explore the best video production companies you can choose from in the U.S.!

Top Social Media Video Production Agency

1. The Social Shepherd

The Social Shepherd Top Social Media Video Production Agency

Now, let's talk about The Social Shepherd, which proudly is the premier Social Media Video Production Agency. Yes, we know it's us speaking, but here's why we can confidently assert this claim.

Our social media video production services are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of today's digital landscape. Here's a glimpse of what we bring to the table:

  1. Social-First Video: From catchy TikToks to engaging Instagram Reels, we understand the nuances of creating content that thrives in the social media realm.

  2. High-Production Social Video: When it's time to turn up the production value, we've got you covered with our high-quality social videos that make your brand shine.

  3. Video for Paid Social Creative: Our specialty is crafting videos that drive results in paid social advertising. We know how to capture attention and drive conversions.

But it doesn't stop there. We go the extra mile to ensure your content stands out:

  • Creative Strategists: Our team of creative strategists is dedicated to brainstorming and conceptualizing innovative ideas for each video, ensuring they resonate with your audience.

  • A Multifaceted Editing Team: Our roster includes skilled video editors, designers, and motion graphics and animation experts. They transform raw footage into captivating visual narratives.

  • Talent Sourcing: Need talent, models, or ideal shoot locations? We've got it covered, making your video production process seamless and hassle-free.

  • In-House Studio: For maximum creative control and efficiency, we boast an in-house studio for shoots, equipped to handle various projects.

Our strength lies in our people. With a team of over 60 social-first creatives based in New York City, Miami, and the United Kingdom, we bring a wealth of expertise and creativity to every project. Our expansive presence allows us to understand and cater to diverse audiences, ensuring your social media video production hits the mark, regardless of your target demographic or location.

So, while we make the claim, we back it up with a proven track record of delivering outstanding social media video content that elevates brands to new heights. The Social Shepherd isn't just a name; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in social media video production.

Top Corporate Video Production Companies

2. Clum Creative

Clum Creative is an industry pioneer. As corporate video content needs evolve with the changing landscape of online and mobile technology, Clum has been a trusted partner in assisting marketing and business leaders to swiftly adapt.

Their impressive client roster includes prominent names like TT Electronics, Glenridge Machine Company, and Monster Audio Products. With an in-house creative team, they offer a seamless, turn-key approach, encompassing business strategy, conceptualization, and execution.

While based in Cleveland, Clum Creative boasts extensive global connections with top video professionals in major markets worldwide.

Clum Creative Top Corporate Video Production Companies

3. True Film Production

True Film Production is a steadfast corporate video production ally. They empathize with the unique challenges businesses face, including tight budgets, demanding timelines, and the struggle to secure buy-in for video projects.

Understanding that marketing videos are often undervalued, True Film Production aims to simplify the process by eliminating upselling, hidden fees, and communication lapses.

Clients opt for True Film Production as their trusted corporate videographer partner. Their extensive service portfolio covers:

  • Inspirational Videos: Ignite motivation and drive within your organization.

  • Product Videos: Showcase your offerings with flair and impact.

  • CEO/Executive Team Videos: Humanize your leadership and connect with stakeholders.

  • Honoree Videos: Celebrate achievements and milestones.

  • Mission Statement Videos: Articulate your company's core values and vision.

  • Keynote Speaker Stories: Captivate your audience with compelling narratives.

  • Brand Videos: Define and strengthen your brand identity.

  • Immersive Storytelling: Engage audiences through immersive narratives.

True Film Production is well-equipped to serve clients nationwide with a presence in New York, New Jersey, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Miami. Notable clients include Club Med, Salesforce.org, and Uber.

True Film Production Top Corporate Video Production Companies

4. Digital Spark Studios

Digital Spark Studios specializes in crafting a diverse range of impactful videos, including brand story videos, testimonial videos, CEO profile videos, corporate training videos, corporate recruitment videos, and branding videos.

These videos are powerful tools to boost marketing ROI, enhance brand recognition, and solidify brand authority. They cater to both B2C and B2B marketing needs, as well as internal communication and staff development, making them an indispensable asset for businesses across industries.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Digital Spark Studios boasts an impressive clientele, featuring names like Fosi Audio, TTI North America, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Digital Spark Studio Top Corporate Video Production Companies

Top Product Video Production Companies

5. Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse is a leader among product video production companies, boasts an impressive clientele, including Nekter Juice Bar, Jacuzzi, and Cole & Mason. Their meticulous process ensures stellar results:

  • Pre-production: This crucial phase involves decision-making and resource gathering. It includes story mapping with mood boards, storyboards, scripts, casting, location scouting, wardrobe selection, and more.

  • Production: On the day of shooting, Sparkhouse's production team excels in every scene, regardless of complexity or scale.

  • Post-production: In the editing room, Sparkhouse's editing experts weave together all the elements, incorporating special effects, graphics, music, and sound mixing. Client input and approval are sought at every stage to deliver a flawless final cut.

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, Sparkhouse is your go-to partner for outstanding product videos.

Sparkhouse Top Product Video Production Companies

6. We Are Amnet

We Are Amnet is a versatile agency that excels in a wide range of services, including packaging, retouching, CGI, video, and global advertising campaigns. Whether it's mass-market or personalized communications, they offer expertise and scale, backed by Six Sigma processes and innovative technology.

Their services include:

  • Digital & Social

  • Packaging

  • Retail Marketing

  • Advertising

  • Publications & Reports

  • Transcreation & Localization

  • Image Services & Retouching

  • Automation

  • Photography

  • CGI, Video & Motion

With a U.S. location in Eatontown, NJ, We Are Amnet serves clients such as Coach, Tatton Investments, and Pearson.

We Are Amnet Top Product Video Production Companies

7. Wild Factory

Wild Factory, a video production service company rooted in both New York and Los Angeles, collaborates with creative agencies as a white-label video production studio. They also engage directly with clients, driven by a mission to craft compelling narratives.

Their offerings span visually captivating branded video content, digital photo assets, high-quality lifestyle programming, and engaging social media video content. Wild Factory is your start-to-finish project manager, providing comprehensive production services for video and photo projects in New York and Los Angeles.

Clients include JCPenney, Flexon, and BarkBox.

Wild Factory Top Product Video Production Companies

Top TV Commercial Video Production Companies

8. Studio B

Studio B stands out among TV commercial video production companies, boasting an impressive client roster that includes Facebook, GetSafe, and Grammarly.

Their comprehensive video services encompass a wide range of genres and formats, including featured content, comedy, product videos, live/event coverage, documentary and television production, motion graphics and animation, sizzle/tradeshow reels, explainer videos, commercials, brand videos, testimonial videos, and education/training videos.

Headquartered in Berkeley, CA, Studio B offers a diverse toolkit for all your video production needs.

Studio B Top TV Commercial Video Production Companies

9. Epoch Films

Epoch Films, a globally renowned production company, maintains a strong presence in New York, Los Angeles, and London. With an unwavering commitment to nurturing directors, fostering emerging talent, and infusing artistry into every project, Epoch has significantly influenced storytelling trends since its inception in 1989.

Their enduring success is driven by a fundamental belief in the power of collaboration among talented individuals, resulting in outstanding work. Notable clients include Planters, TESCO, and Bud Light.

Epoch Films Top TV Commercial Video Production Companies

10. My Active Driveway

My Active Driveway (MAD) is a design-centric production company based in the heart of NYC. Their impressive portfolio includes collaborations with prominent brands like Sour Patch Kids, the NHL, and Duncan Hines. MAD partners with agencies and brands to craft award-winning content and campaigns.

Their dynamic team comprises directors, designers, animators, and VFX artists dedicated to telling visually captivating stories. They thrive on technical challenges and adapt seamlessly to the industry's ever-evolving demands, all while upholding creative integrity. MAD's versatile services cater to commercial, broadcast, feature film, gaming, and interactive projects, along with collaborations with musicians and fine artists.

MAD boasts a client-friendly 6,000-square-foot loft in SoHo houses design, animation, editorial, flame, and finishing suites, providing a one-stop solution for creative endeavors.

My Active Driveway Top TV Commercial Video Production Companies

Top Motion Graphics & Animation Agencies

11. Illo

Illo is a dynamic design studio specializing in motion graphics, illustration, and art direction. With a penchant for vibrant aesthetics and compelling storytelling, they operate as an international team rooted in Italy while serving clients in the U.S.

They boast an impressive client roster, including Strava, Metomic, and Liv. These clients all benefit from Illo's expertise in creating visually captivating and engaging motion graphics and animations that bring their brands to life.

Illo Top Motion Graphics & Animation Agencies

12. Fevr

Fevr is a distinguished motion graphics agency and 2D/3D animation studio. Renowned for expertise in art direction, visual storytelling, and diverse animation forms, Fevr has secured its position as an industry leader. Impressive clients such as Skate Inc., Sunbit, and Dior have benefited from their services.

With offices in Los Angeles and New York City, Fevr embodies a collective of creative and inquisitive artisans who seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools.

They champion the collaborative spirit, believing that exceptional ideas emerge from diverse perspectives and collective reflection.

Fevr Top Motion Graphics & Animation Agencies

13. BluBlu Studios

BluBlu Studios, supports big-name clients like Lenovo, Nestle, and Microsoft, and excels in various creative domains:

  • Brand, Product & Explainer Videos

  • Video Series

  • Illustrations

  • Commercials

  • Motion Design

  • Character Design

  • Digital Animation

With a U.S. presence in Chicago, IL, BluBlu Studios leverages its expertise to craft engaging and visually stunning content across these diverse capabilities.

Blu Blu Studios Top Motion Graphics & Animation Agencies

Top Drone Video Production Companies

14. Airborne Studios

Airborne Studios, with a presence in New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia, is an industry leader in low-altitude aerial cinematography. Their impressive client portfolio includes renowned names like Billy Joel, Doritos, and GMC. With over 30 years of combined piloting experience, Airborne Studios brings unparalleled professionalism to elevate your project.

They grasp the unique demands of production, ensuring safe and effective operations in diverse environments to deliver stunning aerial visuals. Since 2017, they've been pioneering advancements in drone technology, serving major clients worldwide, including Exxon Mobil, Warner Media, NYC MTA, and more.

Airborne Studios proudly holds the distinction of being the first and only drone operator to fly inside the iconic New York Stock Exchange. Their cutting-edge fleet includes the Inspire 3, representing the latest in drone tech, and their dedicated team offers end-to-end services, including scouting, flight planning, permitting, and post-production.

Notably, Airborne Studios actively collaborates with the New York City Police Department to secure legal flying permits in NYC, setting them apart in the industry.

Airborne Studios Top Drone Video Production Companies

15. Skyecam

Skyecam, a premier Los Angeles drone production company, boasts a team of highly skilled aerial cinematographers, drone operators, camera experts, and video editors based in the heart of Hollywood, California. Specializing in aerial cinematography, their journey began over 15 years ago when founder JJ Trinidad developed a passion for aerial filmmaking by attaching cameras to remote-controlled aircraft.

With cutting-edge multirotor technology and camera stabilization systems, Skyecam redefines dynamic aerial imagery. Their expertise, advanced piloting skills, engineering prowess, and extensive knowledge in radio control aviation ensure they capture the perfect shot, making Skyecam a standout in the world of aerial filmmaking.

They've served esteemed clients like National Geographic, HBO, and the BBC.

SkyeCam Top Drone Video Production Companies

Top Event Video Production Companies

16. Bottle Rocket Media

Bottle Rocket Media, a full-service video production agency based in Chicago, IL, offers a diverse range of video production solutions, including:

  • Promotional Videos

  • Documentaries

  • Explainer Videos

  • Live or Virtual Event Production

  • Corporate Videos

  • Motion Design

Their collaborative approach empowers clients to create impactful and captivating video content that resonates with their target audience. Notable clients such as Domuso, Sears, and Aspen Dental have benefited from their expertise in producing compelling video content that extends reach on social media, increases email open and click rates, and strengthens brand rapport.

Bottle Rocket Media Top Event Video Production Companies

17. LAI Video

LAI Video, with offices in Washington DC and Chicago, excels in producing various event videos, including event marketing videos, tributes, speaker introductions, award presentations, and on-site recaps.

Their seasoned team brings professionalism and creativity to every event, delivering impactful videos that leave a lasting impression. Notable clients such as DC Public Schools, Crowell & Moring, and Partnership for a Healthier America have experienced the expertise of LAI Video in enhancing their event experiences.

LAI Video Top Event Video Production Companies

Why Hire One of the Best Video Production Agencies?

Why enlist the expertise of a top-tier video production agency? It's not just about stunning visuals; it's about crafting a narrative that resonates with your audience and defines your brand's essence. A well-executed video can boost engagement, foster trust, and ultimately drive sales.

Here at The Social Shepherd, we possess an intimate knowledge of social media dynamics. We specialize in producing video content that transcends boundaries, fostering virality, reducing customer acquisition costs, and ultimately increasing your sales.

If you're seeking a dependable social media video production agency, connect with our team, and let's explore how we can elevate your brand.

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