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Top 17 Google Ads Agencies in the U.S. (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 18 Mar 2024

Is searching for the perfect Google Ads agency in the U.S. a challenge?

That's why we've compiled a list of the top 17 Google Ads management agencies in the U.S. These agencies possess the essential expertise, are recognized as Google Ads Partners, and have demonstrated their ability to produce impressive results.

So, without further ado, let's get started.

What Makes A Top Google Ads Agency?

Are you searching for the perfect Google Ads agency for your business? Finding the right fit can be daunting, but we get it! To make it a bit easier for you, we've pinpointed the key factors to consider when evaluating potential agencies:

  • Proven Track Record: Look for agencies with a solid track record backed by case studies, previous results, and the coveted Google Ads Partner badge. These credentials are crucial indicators that an agency can deliver impressive outcomes.

  • Effective Communication: Your chosen agency should seamlessly integrate with your business, acting as an extension of your team. Effective communication and a deep understanding of your business are essential for a successful partnership.

  • Specialization within Google Ads: A top agency should possess in-depth knowledge of the Google Ads platform, adhere to best practices, and boast a track record of successful campaigns. This specialization is key to achieving outstanding results.

  • Industry Knowledge: It's vital that the agency understands not only Google Ads but also your specific industry and the prevailing market dynamics. This understanding enables them to identify and capitalize on the best opportunities.

With these criteria in mind, you can now make an informed decision when selecting an agency. So, without further ado, let's get into our list of the top Google Ads agencies in the U.S.!

Top Google Ads Agency for eCommerce Brands

1. The Social Shepherd

The Social Shepherd Top Google Ads Agency for eCommerce Brands

When it comes to finding a great eCommerce growth partner amongst the vast sea of Google Ads agencies, The Social Shepherd is a major contender.

Now, you might be thinking, "Well, of course, they're saying that because it's them," but rest assured, we're able to back up our bold claim.

The Social Shepherd is a performance-driven marketing agency on a mission to propel eCommerce businesses to new heights. Our expertise in Google Ads is unparalleled, and we've earned Google's Premier Partner status.

Here's a taste of what our Google Ads services encompass:

  • Google Ads Management: We're masters at navigating the Google Ads landscape, ensuring your campaigns are finely tuned for success.

  • Campaign Builds and Optimization: Our specialty is crafting campaigns that are not just eye-catching but highly effective.

  • Product Feed Management & Optimization: We know how to make your product listings shine, optimizing them to grab the attention of potential customers.

  • Creative Strategy: Our creative wizards conjure strategies that stand out.

  • Copywriting: Crafting compelling ad copy that converts browsers into buyers is what we do best.

  • Beyond Google Ads: We're not just limited to Google; we also expertly manage Microsoft Ads and Paid Social campaigns, expanding your reach and impact.

But what sets us apart from the pack, you ask? Let's dive into why The Social Shepherd is the unmatched choice for eCommerce brands:

  1. Scalability: We've taken clients to the pinnacle, managing budgets exceeding $500,000 per month on paid social campaigns, and we don't stop there.

  2. Monumental Results: We mean business when we say we've generated more than $100 million in revenue for our clients through Google Ads.

  3. Cutting-Edge Reporting: We've crafted custom comprehensive reports that you won't find elsewhere, providing you with insights that truly matter.

  4. Deep Insights: Our unique process delves into multiple attribution models, revealing the real performance of your Google Ads activities, so you're always in the know.

In a sea of Google Ads agencies, The Social Shepherd stands out as the ultimate choice for eCommerce brands, offering a comprehensive range of services, remarkable results, and unrivaled insights.

With us, your eCommerce business is in the hands of experts who deliver and prove it, time and time again.

Google Ads Agencies for B2B Brands

2. Cleverly

Cleverly, a prominent player in the realm of B2B, SaaS, service-based, and local businesses, has established itself as a noteworthy choice. Based in Los Angeles, the agency boasts a diverse clientele, including Advisor Brands, Big Fish Local, and Elite Business Solutions.

Cleverly's approach to Google Ads management is a structured four-step process

  • Step 1: Keyword Research, Audit & Campaign Setup: Upon completing a brief questionnaire, Cleverly initiates thorough research and campaign setup.

  • Step 2: Ad Copy & Landing Page Creation: The agency presents a comprehensive overview of ads, campaign structure, and landing pages for client approval.

  • Step 3: Conversion Tracking and Reporting: Cleverly sets up precise conversion tracking and provides a customized, transparent metrics dashboard.

  • Step 4: Optimize Daily & Drive Leads: Through proactive daily optimization, the agency ensures that client accounts consistently align with their goals, delivering substantial results.

Cleverly Google Ads Agencies for B2B Brands

3. Klient Boost

On its website, Klient Boost proudly claims the title of the #1 Google Ads agency across various review platforms, and for a good reason: their unwavering commitment to PPC. Clients need not navigate the intricate landscape of this ad platform, as Klient Boost takes care of it all.

The agency's roster features notable names such as MavenLink, Yoga International, and Attendify. Klient Boost provides essential services, including continuous Google Ads management, one-time audits and setups, ongoing consulting, and Google Ads revenue sharing.

With a presence in Costa Mesa, CA, Raleigh, NC, and the UK, Klient Boost is a global force in the realm of PPC.

Klient Boost Google Ads Agencies for B2B Brands

4. Konstruct

In the world of online advertising, most agencies can create Google Ads campaigns that boost leads and sales. However, the real secret to maximizing your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) lies in finding an agency that can pinpoint the right audience and increase conversions without inflating your cost per acquisition.

Avoid overspending on ineffective ads with subpar structures and targeting. Konstruct, a certified Google Ads partner, boasts proficient PPC specialists well-versed in the intricacies of B2B industries. We excel at driving qualified leads and sales while minimizing irrelevant clicks, saving you money. Our client portfolio includes names like Canadian Food Safety Group, Jonas Construction Software, and Chamco. They have offices in Phoenix, AZ, Calgary, Alberta, and Toronto, Ontario.

Konstruct Google Ads Agencies for B2B Brands

Google Ads for SaaS & Technology Brands

5. Powered by Search

Powered by Search, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has a notable clientele, including Basecamp, VMWare, and JustCall. Their strategy for fueling SaaS companies' growth through paid advertising includes:

  • Intent-Based Paid Media Advertising: Focusing on platforms like Google Search Network and Bing Ads to target high-intent users.

  • Social Media Advertising: Leveraging platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Quora Ads to engage and motivate ideal customer profiles.

  • Account-Based Marketing: Employing PPC platforms like Terminus and Linkedin Ads for precise targeting.

  • Landing Page Testing: Identifying the most effective headlines, hooks, features, and benefits.

  • Ad Copy and Creative Testing: Regularly refreshing content to combat ad fatigue and rising costs.

  • Conversion Optimization Experiments: Evaluating long-form vs. short-form content, page speed improvements, and more.

  • Omnichannel Remarketing: Ensuring prospects receive sequential ads that guide them through the sales funnel.

  • Lookalike & Similar Audiences: Finding more ideal customers resembling existing ones.

Powered by Search is the go-to agency for SaaS and technology brands aiming to elevate their online presence.

Powered by Search Google Ads for SaaS & Technology Brands

6. Directive

Directive, a leading force in SaaS PPC, excels in driving qualified brand awareness, pipeline growth, and revenue with Performance Paid Media. Their approach leverages deep Total Addressable Market (TAM) and persona modeling, strategic capital allocation, and the conversion of buyer intent into valuable leads.

Key offerings encompass:

  • Paid Search: Award-winning search campaigns designed to convert intent into purchase decisions and pipeline across various campaign types.

  • Paid Social: Utilizing performance-driven creative and incentive strategies to engage potential buyers on relevant social media platforms.

  • Programmatic: Executing hyper-targeted programmatic campaigns to boost brand performance and reach the ideal audience.

  • Performance Reporting: Directive consistently delivers 3X+ ROI through rigorous data analysis and spend optimization, managing over $100 million in ad spend for clients.

With offices spanning Irvine, CA, Austin, TX, New York City, Sydney, Australia, Toronto, and London, Directive serves an esteemed clientele, including Snap, Inc.,, and Calendly, setting the bar high for SaaS PPC agencies.

Directive Google Ads for SaaS & Technology Brands

7. Metric Theory

Metric Theory is the pinnacle of comprehensive PPC services, meticulously designed for maximum impact. Their offerings span:

  • Ad Copy & Testing: Crafting impactful messaging and running tests to identify the most effective content.

  • Keyword Research: Employing various strategies to discover fresh search targets, ensuring marketing never settles.

  • Bid Management: Implementing the best approach, whether manual or algorithmic, to meet segment-specific goals.

  • Mobile Ad Strategy: Adapting strategies to the ever-changing world of mobile advertising.

  • Shopping Campaigns: Managing product and query levels to deliver the right products to the right audience.

  • Remarketing: Deploying advanced strategies in Search and Display to revolutionize client competitiveness.

  • Display & Gmail Ads: A performance-driven approach to manage both awareness and direct response in display advertising.

  • YouTube Video Ads: Harnessing YouTube's potential as a significant source of new customers, with a metrics-oriented strategy.

With offices in San Francisco, Denver, New York City, Orange County, and Salt Lake City, Metric Theory serves prestigious clients like The Walking Company, Optimizely, and Tradesy, making them a powerhouse in the PPC arena.

Metric Theory Google Ads for SaaS & Technology Brands

8. Prometheus

Prometheus PPC, based in Boston, MA, is your ticket to achieving paramount business success through Google Ads. Their mission includes:

  • Precise Promotion: Clearly presenting your business to ideal prospects.

  • Ad Policy Compliance: Ensuring uninterrupted advertising by adhering to ad policies.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Reducing wasteful ad spend and effort on unqualified leads.

  • Competitive Edge: Outperforming competitors in reaching your top customers.

  • Data-Driven Insight: Gaining a clear, data-backed understanding of PPC performance.

  • Customized Goals: Achieving specific business objectives like leads, sales, revenue, profit, and ROI.

Prometheus serves clients such as Wedmont Private Capital, Catapult One, and Darby.

Prometheus Google Ads for SaaS & Technology Brands

9. Simple Tiger

Simple Tiger is your path to predictable SaaS scaling through their targeted paid search services. They prioritize the efficiency of lead generation for every dollar spent, guided by their proprietary AI-powered keyword intelligence. While paid search offers predictability, Simple Tiger takes it to the next level.

Their services unveil optimal keyword targets, construct highly efficient ad campaigns, and continuously optimize while providing transparent progress reports. This way, you can focus on SaaS business growth. Notable clients include Capsule, Segment, and Totango. Headquartered in Sarasota, FL, Simple Tiger is a trusted partner for SaaS success.

Simple Tiger Google Ads for SaaS & Technology Brands

Google Ads for Small & Local Businesses

10. Third Marble

Third Marble's Google Ads management service for small business owners is meticulously designed to direct high-quality traffic to websites, optimizing the potential for turning visitors into valuable sales leads. Their approach involves precise targeting of individuals searching for products and services within specified geographic regions.

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, Third Marble provides a tailored solution that perfectly suits the requirements of small businesses, delivering efficient and effective Google Ads management.

Third Marble Google Ads for Small & Local Businesses

11. Creatively Innovative

Creatively Innovative provides a range of services, including full Google Ads management, data-driven marketing, call and form tracking, landing page optimization, keyword research, and negative keyword management. They focus on optimizing ROI, with typical returns ranging from 4 to 7x or more, even in smaller cities.

Specializing in the home service industry, they cater to remodeling contractors, pressure washers, window cleaners, and more. Based in Spearfish, South Dakota, the agency operates with a remote team, serving clients like Maryland Decking, Castle Keeper's Maintenance, and Accurate Janitorial.

Creatively Innovative Google Ads for Small & Local Businesses

12. Web FX

Web FX is an award-winning and certified Google Ads agency that delivers remarkable results. With a 20% reduction in cost-per-conversion, a 108% increase in year-over-year Google Ads conversions, and a 71% surge in contact form submissions, their impact is undeniable.

Their Google Ads services encompass custom strategies, dedicated account managers, Google Analytics integration, strategic bid management, call and lead tracking, return on investment tracking, and monthly performance analysis. Headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, Web FX is your gateway to increased revenue from Google Ads.

Web FX Google Ads for Small & Local Businesses

13. Valve+Meter

Valve+Meter excels in leveraging Google Local Services Ads (LSA) to catapult local businesses to the top of search results, backed by the Google Guarantee. They employ data-driven insights from the start, a strategy known as Math Before Marketing.

By combining exceptional copywriting, data analysis, and testing, Valve+Meter propels businesses beyond competitors, driving sales and operations forward. With a majority of users turning to Google, their approach secures prominent positions, capturing the attention of potential clients.

Based in Indianapolis, IN, Valve+Meter serves clients like Kenney Machinery, Evergreen Heating & Cooling, and RPM Machinery.

Valve+Meter Google Ads for Small & Local Businesses

14. Pilot Digital

Pilot Digital calls themselves Chicago's premier PPC agency, holding the distinguished title of Google Ads Premier Partner, reserved for companies showcasing expertise in Google Ads. Managing over $6 million in ad spend worldwide, their pay-per-click experts possess experience across diverse industries, from healthcare and manufacturing to automotive, e-commerce, and B2B.

They've catered to businesses of all sizes, from local Chicago enterprises to international corporations, delivering results on platforms like Google Ads, Hulu Ads, and Bing PPC. Offices are located in Chicago, IL, and Cincinnati, OH, with a client portfolio that includes Bolingbrook Park District, Ultimate Toys, and Brightcove.

Pilot Digital Google Ads for Small & Local Businesses

Google Ads for Startups

15. Single Grain

Single Grain, strategically based in the heart of Los Angeles, boasts an impressive clientele that includes SiteMinder, Keeper, and The Mom Project. As a Google Premier Partner, their digital marketing agency has garnered extensive experience in running successful Google Ads campaigns across various industries. Their comprehensive Google Ads services encompass:

  • Expert strategy planning

  • ROI tracking

  • Ad creation and optimization

  • Competitor analysis

  • In-depth keyword discovery

  • Backend CRM integration and reporting

  • Regular campaign progress reporting

  • Advanced campaign consulting

  • Ongoing campaign monitoring

  • Discovery of new market opportunities

Single Grain Google Ads for Startups

16. Red Olive

Red Olive's PPC marketing stands out thanks to their specialized and dedicated team, capable of delving deeper into campaigns than most agencies. They adopt a holistic approach, offering suggestions that transcend standard platforms like Google Ad Manager or Facebook Ads Manager.

This often involves tailored landing pages, content refinements for better conversions, and design adjustments that align with user behavior. Red Olive's well-defined roles in SEO, design, and content allow for seamless task delegation and consultation within the team. With offices in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, their client roster includes XR3D, Miya Interiors, and Bodell Construction.

Red Olive Google Ads for Startups

17. Wise Digital

Wise Digital, a San Diego Google Ads agency, offers essential solutions for businesses poised for growth. With customers increasingly relying on Google Search and Maps to find products and services, paid ads are non-negotiable. Their proven strategies enhance visibility and ad campaign management. Their Google Ads expertise encompasses:

  • Digital Strategy: Leading with a strategic approach, aligning campaigns with broader digital marketing strategies.

  • Psychographic Targeting: Refining audience targeting based on location for improved local search results.

  • Optimized Campaign Budget: Efficiently allocating budget to the most profitable ad placements.

  • Tailored Campaign Type: Recognizing that every business is unique, Wise Digital adopts a customized approach, ensuring the right campaign for each goal.

Clients including National Home Loans, The Mini Donut Company, and GetMyFunds entrust their growth to Wise Digital, a California-based agency with a global reach, headquartered in San Diego, CA.

Wise Digital Google Ads for Startups

Why Hire One of the Best Google Ads Agencies?

Leveraging the power of Google Ads is your ticket to boosting website traffic and transforming it into profitable sales. At The Social Shepherd, we're committed to ensuring your Google Ads campaigns yield a strong return on investment.

If you're in search of the finest Google Ads agency for your eCommerce or direct-to-consumer brand in the U.S., don't hesitate to reach out to The Social Shepherd today! We're here to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

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