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Top 13 TikTok Agencies in the U.S. (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Looking for a TikTok agency to help you go viral on the platform but struggling to choose one from the thousands of options available?

Look no further!

We've compiled a list of the top 13 TikTok agencies in the U.S., including influencer, ads and creative TikTok agencies.

Ready? Let's get started.

What Makes A Top TikTok Marketing Agency?

TikTok's rapid expansion in user base and its constant introduction of new features to enhance the app's entertainment value require agencies to stay in tune with evolving trends, emerging TikTok features, and an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior.

This knowledge is the cornerstone of successful, always-on strategies and campaign execution.

When selecting the ideal TikTok agency, several crucial factors must be considered to ensure they possess the expertise, insights, and proven track record your business deserves:

  • Case Studies: Assess the agency's track record by examining their past accomplishments on TikTok. Explore their content portfolio, not only for the creative aspects but also to understand the narrative behind each piece.

  • Platform Proficiency: A proficient team with in-depth knowledge of the platform's mechanics and best practices is essential for crafting a winning campaign.

  • Client Roster: Agencies that have worked with clients from your industry are more likely to comprehend your brand, products, and services, translating into superior results.

  • Communication: Seamless collaboration is vital. The agency should grasp your industry, business, and brand positioning and feel like an extension of your team, fostering a productive working relationship.

With these criteria in mind, you're now equipped to explore the top TikTok agencies in the U.S. Let's dive in and discover the experts who can elevate your TikTok marketing efforts and get you the impressions your company deserves.

Top Results-Driven TikTok Agency

1. The Social Shepherd

The Social Shepherd Top Results-Driven TikTok Agency

As the creators of this article, we're excited to introduce you to The Social Shepherd—a dynamic, results-driven TikTok agency that understands the power of social-first native content.

We're not just writing about ourselves; we're sharing the expertise that sets us apart in the world of TikTok marketing.

At The Social Shepherd, we're all about social-first marketing, rapidly scaling brands on TikTok, and delivering exceptional results.

Our TikTok service offerings include strategy development, content production, influencer and creator management, and ads expertise.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • We've driven millions of TikTok video views and extended reach for our clients on TikTok.

  • We've successfully activated our clients on TikTok shop, unlocking this new sales channel for their brands.

  • Our approach goes beyond content creation; we collaborate with social-first creators to produce authentic and viral UGC content.

  • Our ad campaigns are performance-driven, ensuring maximum impact.

  • We provide bespoke holistic reports that offer unique insights you won't find elsewhere.

Check out our TikTok Content:

About Us:

With a team of over 60 members, numerous awards under our belt, and offices in New York, Miami, and the UK, we're well-equipped to elevate your TikTok marketing game. Ready to see your brand thrive on TikTok?

​​Top TikTok Influencer Agencies

2. Influencer Marketing Factory

Influencer Marketing Factory excels in identifying precise target audiences and ensuring seamless alignment with TikTok influencers. Their end-to-end influencer marketing support covers every facet, from defining brand objectives and KPIs to moving through influencer selection and campaign execution and culminating in in-depth analytics.

With offices in vibrant Miami and bustling New York, their global reach extends to strategic team members in key cities worldwide, including Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Milan, and Madrid. Collaborations with renowned brands such as Hasbro, Google, Bud Light, Amazon, and more underscore their expertise and credibility in influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing Factory ​​Top TikTok Influencer Agencies

3. Ubiquitous

Ubiquitous, the self-proclaimed "content matchmakers" offer more than just influencer connections. Their full-service, in-house marketing team collaborates with you to formulate TikTok-specific campaign goals, devise strategies, identify suitable influencers, initiate contact, and co-create content that garners views, likes, and shares.

Notable clients, including Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and American Eagle, attest to their prowess. Unlike most influencer agencies, Ubiquitous focuses on median views and historical performance, fostering stronger creator relationships and delivering a better CPM for brand partners. Headquartered in the heart of New York City, they're your all-in-one TikTok marketing solution.

Ubiquitous ​​Top TikTok Influencer Agencies

4. Tiktal

Tiktal is your go-to TikTok influencer marketing agency, wholeheartedly committed to crafting impactful influencer campaigns, developing brand assets, and efficiently managing media. Their impressive clientele includes renowned names like Gucci, PlayStation, and Tiffany & Co.

While they operate globally, they focus on delivering outstanding results in the U.S., Canada, and European markets.

Take a look at some of their impressive results:

  • Gucci Partnership: Tiktal collaborated with Gucci, launching a viral hashtag campaign that astoundingly generated over 7 billion views. This fueled the creators' creativity and ignited a spark within the entire TikTok community.

  • PlayStation Collaboration: Tiktal teamed up with PlayStation across many artistic genres, encouraging creators to push their creative boundaries for top-notch execution. The campaign culminated in a remarkable 117 million video views and 53 million hashtag views.

  • Tiffany & Co Campaign: Tiktal curated a campaign for Tiffany & Co, successfully intertwining luxury with short-form video content, resulting in an engaging and captivating experience for viewers.

Tiktal ​​Top TikTok Influencer Agencies

5. Obviously

For brands seeking guidance in the realm of TikTok marketing, Obviously is a go-to agency. As one of the pioneering influencer firms that embraced this platform early on, Obviously has amassed a wealth of successful case studies.

With a presence in San Jose, New York, and Paris, Obviously caters to a diverse clientele, counting Bumble, Ulta Beauty, Panda Express, and Honest Beauty among its satisfied clients.

Check out their range of services:

  • Creative strategy and ideation

  • Influencer management

  • Music composition and licensing

  • Content creation

Obviously ​​Top TikTok Influencer Agencies

Top TikTok Ads Agencies

6. True North Social

True North Social has garnered a diverse clientele, including prominent names like The Orlando Hotel, Thrive Societe, and OYA Beauty. Their services encompass a wide spectrum, from crafting branded TikTok content to community identification and management, ad optimization, and in-depth analytics.

With a broad geographical presence, True North Social operates in key areas, making it accessible to businesses in prime locations such as Atlanta, Austin, Beverly Hills, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, El Paso, Houston, Irvine, Kent, Lakewood, Las Vegas, Lemon City, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York City, Orange County, Palm Springs, Portland, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Monica, Seattle, Tacoma, Trenton, and Washington DC.

True North Social Top TikTok Ads Agencies

7. Advertisemint

Advertisemint boasts an impressive client roster that includes industry giants like Pepsi, Universal, GrubHub, Nike, and Chipotle. Headquartered in Hollywood, CA, they maintain a robust nationwide presence, with offices strategically situated in prominent U.S. cities, including Albuquerque, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Nashville, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and more.

Partnering with Advertisemint means gaining access to a team of seasoned TikTok media buyers, skilled designers, video editors, and dedicated marketing analysts who deliver exceptional results.

Advertisemint Top TikTok Ads Agencies

8. Adacted

Adacted, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, extends its expert support to clients across the United States. Their client portfolio features brands like Serenity Blankets, Nebumed, Kocki, and Serif. As a TikTok marketing agency, Adacted offers a comprehensive all-in-one service to ensure your platform's success.

Their services include:

  • Influencer marketing

  • Video content creation

  • Paid media management

  • Strategic consulting

Adacted Top TikTok Ads Agencies

9. MuteSix

MuteSix, the pioneering agency that partnered with TikTok, continues to lead the charge in delivering top-notch media buying, creative, and measurement strategies to help brands scale profitably on this unstoppable platform.

With a rich history dating back to 2019, MuteSix has gained a profound understanding of the best-in-class practices needed to keep brands in sync with TikTok's dynamic landscape. Situated in Culver City, CA, their services encompass:

  • High-volume, high-impact native content production

  • Industry-leading TikTok media buying

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Advanced TikTok measurement solutions

MuteSix Top TikTok Ads Agencies

Top TikTok Content Agencies

10. House of Marketers

While headquartered in London, House of Marketers supports U.S. companies and clients worldwide. Their team of global TikTok campaign managers spans Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, and the UAE, ensuring a truly international presence. With in-house multi-language speakers, including proficiency in English, Spanish, German, and French, they cater to various markets.

Their impressive client roster includes Hilton, Apple Music, Groupon, and CyberGhost. House of Marketers offers a comprehensive range of services, from TikTok influencer campaigns and business profile content to TikTok paid ads management and influencer strategy development.

House of Marketers Top TikTok Content Agencies

11. inBeat

inBeat boasts an impressive clientele that includes New Balance, Nordstrom, Nissan, and 7-Eleven. With a presence in global hubs like Los Angeles, New York City, Montreal, Toronto, Singapore, Paris, Miami, and London, they bring TikTok marketing expertise to businesses worldwide.

inBeat's approach to TikTok marketing is simple and effective:

  • Launch a TikTok campaign tailored to meet your business objectives

  • Leverage TikTok content created by influencers with a strong brand affinity

  • Deliver educative content showcasing your unique selling proposition

  • Provide insightful reporting to demonstrate the impact of your investment

  • Employ sponsored direct-response creative to drive sales and success

inBeat Top TikTok Content Agencies

12. Outsmart Labs

Located in sunny Miami, FL, Outsmart Labs is your go-to agency for TikTok success. They've mastered the art of leveraging TikTok influencers and ads to help you achieve your goals: boosting site traffic, increasing brand awareness, driving downloads, or boosting engagement.

Outsmart Labs' technology identifies the perfect TikTok influencers, known as TikTok Initiators, to co-create the campaign narrative, tone, and hashtag for your challenge. The result? Engaging user-generated content that delivers results. Their impressive client list includes Magic Mike Live, Etam, Fresh, and Hilton.

Outsmart Labs offers a range of services:

  • TikTok ads

  • Branded hashtag challenge studio

  • Influencer marketing campaigns

  • TikTok influencer sourcing

  • Strategy development

  • Campaign management

Outsmart Labs Top TikTok Content Agencies

13. C/C/G

C/C/G, based in Los Angeles, is a full-service marketing agency that simplifies your online brand management. With clients like Ty, Nongshim, and JoseOle, they offer a complete package of services, including strategy development, creative design, content creation, and online brand management.

At C/C/G, they bring together a dynamic team of creators, marketers, and innovators who excel at making omnichannel marketing work seamlessly for their clients.

C/C/G Top TikTok Content Agencies

Why Hire One of the Best TikTok Agencies?

With TikTok's user base growing daily, the potential for reaching larger audiences on this platform is enormous. However, harnessing that potential requires the expertise of a top-tier TikTok agency.

At The Social Shepherd, we boast a wealth of experience and a proven track record of delivering high-converting campaigns. We don't just promise results; we guide you through the best practices to ensure an impressive return on investment (ROI).

If you're seeking the best TikTok results-driven agency for your eCommerce or direct-to-consumer brand, don't hesitate to contact us at The Social Shepherd today!

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