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Top 17 PPC Agencies in the U.S. (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 18 Mar 2024

Tired of past PPC disappointments but struggling to find a PPC agency amongst the thousands of options available?

Look no further!

We've put together a list of the best eCommerce, B2B, SaaS, Lead Gen and Small Business PPC agencies in the U.S.

Let's dive in!

What Makes a Top PPC Agency?

Our intention isn't to present a haphazard list of PPC agencies culled from a quick Google search. We're dedicated to aiding your quest for capable professionals who can help you reach your business objectives effectively.

Irrespective of whether you represent a multi-million-dollar brand or a small enterprise dipping its toes in the PPC waters, setting clear goals before embarking on PPC campaigns or enlisting the services of a PPC agency is pivotal.

Consider what you aim to achieve. Are you searching for more leads, eager to boost sales for specific products in your inventory, or focused on increasing traffic to a particular landing page? You're primed for a productive partnership with a reputable PPC agency when your goals are well-defined.

Here's what you should scrutinize when selecting a PPC agency:

  • Data Proficiency: Data amassed during a retail ad campaign is a goldmine. It provides insights into customer behavior, product preferences, and areas needing improvement. A proficient PPC agency leverages this data to enhance your ROI, fostering lead conversion.

  • Keyword Research Prowess: Keywords form the lifeblood of PPC campaigns. Inquire about an agency's keyword selection methods, research tools, and evaluation of keyword performance. A strong grasp of keyword research bodes well for goal attainment.

  • Local and Mobile Search Mastery: Succeeding in local search is essential, particularly if you aim to drive in-store foot traffic. Evaluate how an agency can aid you in engaging specific communities and accomplishing local search objectives. Proficiency in mobile search is equally vital, considering that a significant share of website traffic stems from smartphones.

  • Communication and Collaboration: Simplify your interactions by designating a single point of contact at the PPC agency. Prompt responsiveness to your queries provides insight into their work process and organizational efficiency. Are they proactive in offering suggestions for improving website traffic and enhancing ad copy? These details contribute to your brand's overall success.

Now, without further ado, explore the cream of the crop among PPC agencies. We've subjected them to rigorous scrutiny, delving into their backgrounds, approach to PPC, and their esteemed past clientele.

Top eCommerce PPC Agency

1. The Social Shepherd

The Social Shepherd Top eCommerce PPC Agency

It's no secret that we're The Social Shepherd, and here's why we believe we’re the PPC powerhouse you need. We're a performance-oriented marketing agency that excels in turbocharging eCommerce enterprises.

Our Comprehensive PPC Portfolio includes:

  • Paid Search: Paid search involves bidding on keywords to display advertisements prominently in search engine results, driving targeted traffic to a website.

  • Paid Social: Paid social refers to running paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach a specific audience.

  • Shopping Product Feed Management: It involves organizing and optimizing data feeds that showcase products in online shopping platforms like Google Shopping, ensuring accurate and attractive product listings.

  • Campaign Builds and Optimization: This encompasses creating and refining advertising campaigns to maximize their effectiveness in achieving specific goals, like increased conversions or engagement.

  • Creative Strategy: Creative strategy involves planning and implementing innovative approaches to advertising and marketing, focusing on messaging, visuals, and overall campaign design.

  • Copywriting: Copywriting entails the creation of persuasive and engaging text for advertisements, websites, and marketing materials, designed to captivate and persuade the target audience.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We've catapulted clients to monthly paid media spends exceeding $500,000.

  • We've contributed to our clients' success by generating a staggering $100 million in revenue through PPC.

  • We've earned Google's Premier Partner status.

  • Our proprietary holistic reports offer unique insights not available elsewhere.

  • We employ a multi-attribution model approach to unveil the genuine impact of your PPC efforts.

Our team comprises over 60 dedicated professionals. We've garnered esteemed accolades, such as the Best Integrated Paid Media Campaign, Best Direct Response Campaign, and Best Use of Facebook & Instagram Ads.

With a presence in New York, Miami, and the UK, we have a global reach, allowing us to address your PPC requirements effectively.

Top B2B PPC Agencies

2. WebFX

By joining forces with a B2B PPC agency like WebFX, businesses receive a personalized PPC strategy tailored for robust online growth.

With a team of over 500 digital marketing experts, WebFX boasts the expertise required to execute top-tier B2B paid advertising campaigns. Collaboration with WebFX entails comprehensive PPC optimization across all facets, ultimately boosting revenue.

With a remarkable track record of delivering over 7.8 million client leads in the past five years, businesses can confidently rely on WebFX to drive revenue through B2B digital advertising.

The services offered encompass:

  • Keyword research and selection

  • Bidding strategy optimization

  • Ad design and development

  • Campaign monitoring and management

WebFX's headquarters, including MansionFX, FX2, and FX3, is headquartered in Harrisburg, PA. The company's client portfolio includes prominent names like KOA, Centrak, and HydroWorx.

WebFX Top B2B PPC Agencies

3. Proper Expression

    With a combined 30+ years of experience in B2B Paid Search, Proper Expression is dedicated to driving revenue through strategic advertising campaigns. Their expertise spans B2B PPC, eCommerce PPC, Google Search Ads, Bing Ads, Display Ads, Retargeting, and RLSA.

    Paid Search offers the fastest route to place your brand in front of your ideal audience at the precise moment they seek a solution like yours. Not only do PPC campaigns amplify traffic, but they also attract pertinent leads highly likely to convert into customers.

    Investing in PPC lead generation is a flexible, cost-effective, and hyper-targeted approach to efficiently bolster your sales funnel. Proper Expression is headquartered in Washington, DC.

    Proper Expression Top B2B PPC Agencies

    4. Linear Design

      Linear Design's client roster includes Betterworld, Nextbite, and Premier Liposuction. With a top-notch PPC management team at your service, expect direct collaboration with in-house PPC experts who continuously enhance your account.

      There's no middle-man or outsourcing involved. Linear Design goes beyond mere "management" of your pay-per-click ads. They immerse themselves in your targeting, tracking, and creativity to ensure your objectives are met. Linear Design's base of operations is in Sandy, Utah.

      Linear Design Top B2B PPC Agencies

      Top SaaS PPC Agencies

      5. Powered by Search

      Boasting esteemed clients such as Basecamp, Fortra, and VMWare, Powered by Search is a go-to SaaS PPC agency for B2B. You'll witness immediate PPC budget savings and rapid MRR (monthly recurring revenue) scaling. No need for hacks and endless tests; Powered by Search is all about predictable revenue.

      Their playbooks have yielded millions in pipeline revenue through paid media, paid social, and paid search for SaaS clients. Headquartered in Toronto, they've achieved remarkable results:

      • 15% increase in MRR

      • 34% MoM decrease in cost per trial activation from PPC

      • 22% uptick in Google Ads sign-ups, all while reducing spending by 7%

      Powered by Search Top SaaS PPC Agencies

      6. Spear Growth

        Spear Growth, with clients like Peech, Hasura, and Sprinto, is a B2B SaaS marketing agency headquartered in Bengaluru, India, and serving U.S. clients. Specializing in two core competencies, ads, and SEO, their expertise spans performance marketing and SEO enablement.

        Spear Growth excels in helping companies generate pipeline, providing invaluable support in the realm of B2B SaaS marketing.

        Spear Growth Top SaaS PPC Agencies

        7. Directive

          Directive drives qualified brand awareness, pipeline, and revenue through performance-paid media. As a prominent SaaS PPC agency, their approach is rooted in deep TAM (total addressable market) and persona modeling, smart capital allocation, and the conversion of buyer intent into a robust pipeline featuring SQLs, demos, and trials.

          With offices in key locations, including Irvine, CA, Austin, TX, New York City, Toronto, London, and Sydney, Directive excels in crafting award-winning search campaigns tailored to convert intent into purchase decisions and pipeline growth. Their impressive client roster includes names like Blackline, Outreach, and Snap Inc.

          Directive Top SaaS PPC Agencies

          8. Triple Dart

            Triple Dart is an outcome-driven B2B SaaS PPC advertising company, wholly dedicated to constructing pipeline and ARR. Their mission revolves around managing, monitoring, and scaling Ads to deliver optimal results for your budget.

            With an impressive client portfolio featuring Sprinklr, Hiver, and Atlan, Triple Dart specializes in crafting tailored PPC strategies for SaaS, allowing you to target the right audience with customized messaging for improved conversions.

            Expect an outstanding ROI, as Triple Dart can yield 3x revenue for every ad dollar spent, courtesy of their objective-based PPC campaigns. Backed by an experienced team with extensive SaaS PPC company experience, Triple Dart operates out of Bangalore, India, and serves clients in the U.S.

            Triple Dart Top SaaS PPC Agencies

            9. Rock the Rankings

              Clients like Hackathon, Lancey, and Toast have discovered the prowess of the small but nimble team at Rock the Rankings. When you're eager to accelerate your MRR growth but constrained by time and resources, turn to PPC advertising—a swift route to scaling MRR with the right team by your side. Rock the Rankings offers pay-per-click advertising services that have fueled countless businesses' growth aspirations.

              Their team of seasoned SaaS PPC experts in Charlotte, NC, maximizes your advertising budget and rapidly boosts MRR. Notably, a case study for Hirable reveals spectacular results in only three weeks, including:

              • 1,585% increase in conversion volume

              • 21% decrease in cost per conversion

              • 96% surge in conversion rate, and a 39% boost in CTR

              Rock the Rankings Top SaaS PPC Agencies

              Top Local Business & SMBs PPC Agencies

              10. Smart Sites

              Smart Sites has secured its spot in the top 1% of digital marketing agencies by combining performance with exceptional customer service. Their PPC specialists stand out in the industry, boasting an impressive track record of nurturing successful businesses. At Smart Sites, certified PPC experts are dedicated to making your business discoverable to customers.

              With a focus on identifying your target audience and implementing strategies to connect with them, Smart Sites has empowered numerous businesses to increase lead generation while lowering acquisition costs. Leveraging proprietary tools, they analyze data more effectively and make quicker, more informed decisions. Smart Sites takes pride in delivering detailed and transparent reporting, unveiling actionable insights.

              They recognize that a staggering 76% of PPC ad spend fails to yield a single conversion. Clients include CMS Funding, Carter Pump, and JoTo PR. Headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey.

              Smart Sites Top Local Business & SMBs PPC Agencies

              11. Sixth City Marketing

                Sixth City Marketing excels in planning and executing efficient PPC campaigns across multiple platforms, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

                Maximize the potential of your PPC campaigns with Google Ads management. Well-structured PPC marketing campaigns are known for their rapid and effective online business growth. Google Ads, in particular, offers the ability to target users actively seeking your products or services based on various factors, ensuring your business appears above organic results.

                Headquartered in Westlake, OH, with additional offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Nashville, they cater to a diverse range of clients, including Bruening Glass Works, M/I Homes, and Valco Valley Tool & Die.

                Sixth City Marketing Top Local Business & SMBs PPC Agencies

                12. Search Scientists

                  Search Scientists specializes in e-commerce and lead generation PPC management across platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, and Amazon Ads. Their Launch Program caters to various business scenarios, making it an ideal choice for new businesses eager to experiment with PPC, companies with limited budgets or recent PPC launches, businesses with self-managed PPC campaigns seeking optimization, and those testing the viability of a PPC strategy, all with a monthly ad spend of up to $5,000.

                  Headquartered in Austin, TX, they serve clients like Ultra, Casely, and Diff Charitable Eyewear.

                  Search Scientists Top Local Business & SMBs PPC Agencies

                  13. Media Challengers

                    Media Challengers is the ultimate solution for small businesses in need of comprehensive marketing support. Specializing in PPC for small businesses, they focus on boosting leads and conversions. With a user-friendly approach to PPC, they've delivered impressive results to numerous satisfied small business owners.

                    Their client roster includes names like LuxSea and KeyProtectPro. With offices in Dallas, TX, and Delhi, India, Media Challengers is your go-to for efficient and results-driven small business marketing.

                    Media Challengers Top Local Business & SMBs PPC Agencies

                    14. Thrive Agency

                      Understanding your target audience and their online behavior is crucial when deciding between PPC, organic search, or a combination of both. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) has long proven its effectiveness as a cost-efficient online marketing strategy. With PPC, you control your ad budget and ensure your brand reaches the right people at the right time and in the right place.

                      Thrive Agency specializes in PPC that offers laser-targeted visibility, accelerating the customer buying journey and improving your conversion rate. While combining SEO and PPC often yields optimal results, integrated campaigns maximize visibility, drive relevant traffic, and provide long-term benefits. However, if you need to make a quick impact, PPC internet marketing is the ideal choice.

                      Thrive Agency has offices across the United States, including locations in Arlington, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Seattle, and many more. Their client portfolio features businesses like Geoforce, Sneaker Boutique, and Dizzy Stop, demonstrating their expertise in delivering digital marketing results.

                      Thrive Agency Top Local Business & SMBs PPC Agencies

                      Top Lead Generation PPC Agencies

                      15. Logical Position

                      Logical Position, a Google Ads Premier Partner, is a leading expert in professional PPC lead generation services specializing in B2B PPC solutions across the United States and Canada. Their seasoned team of pay-per-click consultants excels at strategically placing ads in front of the right audience at the right time, regardless of location.

                      With offices in Lake Oswego, OR, Deer Park, IL, and Charlotte, NC, they have provided efficient pay-per-click lead generation campaigns for a diverse clientele, including Romtec, NW Tenant Group, and Ironhead Roofing.

                      Logical Position Top Lead Generation PPC Agencies

                      16. Outerbox

                        As certified Google Partners with expertise in Ads, Shopping, and more, Outerbox excels in PPC lead generation. They have consistently achieved remarkable results, boasting a 300%+ increase in paid campaign ROI.

                        Focused on lead generation and B2B strategies, their in-house team in the USA employs PPC services such as:

                        • Google Ads Management

                        • Google Shopping Management

                        • PPC Consulting

                        • eCommerce PPC

                        Monthly reports and personalized meetings ensure clients stay informed. With an office in Akron, OH, their clientele includes names like Lethal Performance, Aviya, and A&C Plastics.

                        Outerbox Top Lead Generation PPC Agencies

                        17. Open Moves

                          Open Moves specializes in translating leads into valuable customers. By creating strategically sound PPC and CRO solutions, they bridge the gap between clicks and leads. This synergy allows your business to scale profitably while converting clicks into leads and leads into loyal customers.

                          Clients such as GURHAN New York, Inc., Justworks, Inc., and Housemaster Home Inspections have witnessed the results. Located in Huntington, NY, Open Moves is your ticket to business success.

                          Open Moves Top Lead Generation PPC Agencies

                          Why Hire One of the Best PPC Agencies?

                          When it comes to choosing a PPC agency, not all are created equal. While many make grand promises, only a select few can truly deliver on their claims. It's crucial to conduct your research and due diligence to avoid squandering your marketing budget and precious time.

                          At The Social Shepherd, we're committed to making a genuine impact. Our team of seasoned PPC experts possesses the knowledge and skills to optimize your campaigns for maximum efficiency. We emphasize transparency, passion, and proactive strategies in everything we do.

                          Click the button below and reach out today to discover how we can elevate your business!

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