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"We wanted to create an agency that was focussed on results, and by results... we mean ROI. You won't find any 'fluffy' agency chat here. We're an honest bunch that won't pull the wool over your eyes (sorry, we had to!). Since starting the company, we've been very lucky to meet and hire some of the most talented and driven people we've ever met. We're very proud of our team and the work we deliver together."

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We're made up of specialists, not generalists

Digital agencies that offer every service under the sun can struggle to have the expertise that your brand deserves.

We decided early on that wasn't going to be us. We've focused on what we're best at and what we love most from day 1.

But, we take it one step further. For example, a Social Media Manager isn't someone who manages all organic, paid and influencer activity - but focuses on organic social, strategy and community management. That's why we have specialist teams for all of our services.

This allows us to give you the perfect solution by creating a custom-built team for your exact needs and challenges.

Careers at The Social Shepherd

Focused on outcomes, not outputs

We care about driving brand and business growth in everything we do.

This leads our thinking from the very start to ensure we're delivering work that not only provides growth but future-proofs your brand as the digital industry continues to progress rapidly.

If you're looking for a partner just to tick boxes, then we aren't the ones for you.

But if you want a partner who'll push you, be innovative, and level up everything you do, then we could be the agency for you.

What we believe in

Meet The Herd

Katie Chandler

Katie Chandler

Social Media Director
Dan Rees

Dan Rees

Kellie Mason

Kellie Mason

Internal Ops & People Director
Barney Hardy Bray

Barney Hardy-Bray

Strategic Account Director
Becky Robson

Becky Robson

Paid Media Manager
Kemi Ajayi

Kemi Ajayi

Junior Content Director
Georgia Grey

Georgia Grey

Influencer Marketing Manager


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