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Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S. (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Searching for the perfect technology marketing agency in the U.S. is no walk in the park.

That's precisely why we're dishing up this guide to help you uncover the ideal technology marketing agency for your goals!

We've got the lowdown on tech marketing agencies across the United States, covering everything from cutting-edge strategies to nifty PR, influencer wizardry, and more. No need to scour the internet – we've got your back.

Ready to dive in? Let's roll!

What Makes a Top Technology Marketing Agency?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of our list of top technology marketing agencies, let's break down why each of them made the cut.

Experience and Expertise

You want a crew of marketing pros who've been around the tech block. These folks should understand what drives your potential customers to click that "buy" button, whether it's your killer creatives or your target audience. Look for agencies that have accumulated years of wisdom and know precisely how to harness that knowledge to supercharge your brand's tech marketing efforts.

Agency Specialization

Not all agencies are cut from the same digital cloth. Some excel with mass-market tech, others thrive in the world of luxury tech brands, and some are digital retail virtuosos. Find the one that matches your brand's vibe and can hook you up with your target audience effectively.

Tools and Strategies

It's essential to grasp how they craft their strategies to help you reach your tech goals. Every client is a unique puzzle, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach in this game. Dive deep into their process to see how they can tailor their skills to your specific situation.

Proven Results

Don't be swayed by pie-in-the-sky promises. Make sure the results they pledge are grounded in reality. Ask them for case studies showcasing their triumphs with other tech brands. This way, you'll see if their past work aligns with your brand and the services you're eyeing.

In addition to dissecting these crucial factors, trust your instincts. If something feels fishy, don't hesitate to explore other options. After all, you need to vibe with your chosen agency to make magic happen in the tech marketing realm.

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of what to seek in a top-notch tech marketing agency, let's check out our list of who we feel is the best of the best!

Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

1. The Social Shepherd

The Social Shepherd Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

Here at The Social Shepherd, we're not your run-of-the-mill marketing agency; we're a bunch of tech-savvy marketing maestros specializing in supercharging consumer technology brands. And here's why we can confidently say that:

Who We Are

We're a performance-driven social media and performance marketing agency with a knack for rapidly scaling up consumer tech brands. We understand the digital landscape like the back of our hand, and we've got the chops to prove it.

Our arsenal of marketing services is tailored to suit the unique needs of consumer tech companies. We offer:

  • Paid Social & Paid Search: We've mastered the art of paid advertising to boost your tech brand's visibility.

  • Social Media Management: Let us handle your social media presence, so you can focus on what you do best.

  • TikTok Marketing & TikTok Shop: We're on top of the latest trends and can leverage the TikTok phenomenon to your brand's advantage.

  • Influencer Marketing: Our network of influencers can help your brand make waves in the tech world.

  • Creative Production: From graphics to hero videos, we've got the creative muscle to make your brand shine.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Performance and Creative Specialization: We're not just marketing gurus; we're performance and creative specialists in both social media and paid media.

  • Bespoke Holistic Reports: We've crafted custom reports you won't find anywhere else, giving you a unique insight into your brand's performance.

  • Multi-Attribution Analysis: We take a deep dive into various attribution models to understand the impact of our paid media strategies.

  • Creative Wizardry: Our creative strategists and production team are on standby to whip up performance-boosting content, whether it's graphic design, user-generated content, or attention-grabbing hero videos.

About Us

Our strength lies in the power of our team, which consists of over 60 dedicated individuals who are passionate about what they do. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has garnered us industry recognition and numerous accolades, making us an award-winning agency.

Not only are we firmly rooted in the tech hubs of New York and Miami, but we also extend our expertise to the tech-savvy landscape of the UK, giving us a global reach that's second to none. When we confidently state that we possess the skills and expertise to elevate your tech brand to new heights, we do so with the backing of a proven track record.

Contact us today, and let's embark on a journey of tech marketing success together.

2. The Hoffman Agency

The Hoffman Agency, crowned the 2021 Global Technology Agency of the Year by PRovoke Media, operates as an integrated communications consultancy. They thrive on tackling challenging problems for technology companies and are headquartered in San Jose, CA.

With an impressive client roster, including Appier, Confluent, Workday, and Zoom, they offer a comprehensive array of services:

  • Earned Media

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Earned Search

  • Crisis Communications

  • Corporate Communications

  • Trainings

  • Branding & Design

  • Performance Content

  • Employee Communications

  • Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing

The Hoffman Agency Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

3. Berlin Rosen

    Berlin Rosen, with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Amsterdam, boasts an impressive client roster, including Dolby, Samsung, and Blink. Functioning as a strategic communications, digital, and creative agency, they pride themselves on their personalized approach, aligning closely with your goals and vision.

    Whether it's brand transformation, compelling content creation, or impactful advertising campaigns, Berlin Rosen ensures that your desired image becomes a reality.

    Berlin Rosen Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

    4. Kraftblick

      Kraftblick, a digital marketing agency, specializes in crafting winning strategies for SaaS and custom software companies. They're all about boosting web traffic, free trial sign-ups, and customer numbers for tech companies, SaaS, and startups through their expertise in Content Marketing, SEO, and PPC campaigns.

      Beyond that, they excel in elevating brand visibility, aiming for features in prestigious platforms like Forbes Magazine and The Next Web. With an office in New York City and another in Ninsk, Belarus, they're well-equipped to speak your tech language. Their client list includes Softeq, Adbeat, and MineralTree.

      Kraftblick Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

      5. Animalz

        Animalz, headquartered in New York, specializes in providing top-tier content marketing services to a client base that includes Google, Amazon, and GoDaddy, catering to enterprise companies, startups, and VC firms.

        The agency boasts a fully remote workforce, with team members spread across the globe, encompassing a diverse range of talents, from writers and scientists to journalists and operations professionals. Animalz places a strong emphasis on employee development, offering ongoing learning opportunities, monthly wellness stipends, and paid time off.

        Moreover, their commitment to diversity shines through as they ensure equal opportunities for all team members, regardless of race, religion, gender identity, disability, or other protected statuses under the law.

        Animalz Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

        6. Skale

          Skale is a reputable marketing partner that specializes in formulating high-impact SaaS marketing strategies aimed at driving PQL and SQL growth while significantly improving critical business metrics. Their client roster boasts prominent names such as TestGorilla, Pitch, Xolo, and Lightspeed. Skale offers a range of key services:

          • Access to an Expert Team: Clients gain access to a world-class team of growth experts, SEO specialists, and SaaS writers.

          • Validation and Scaling: Skale's SaaS marketing framework validates and scales organic channels using content marketing and link-building strategies deeply rooted in SaaS industry expertise.

          • Improved Product Metrics: Skale helps increase product signups, activations, and MRR without needing extensive PPC campaigns. Their SEO team includes an SEO Strategist, SEO Manager, Outreach Specialist, Link Building Specialist, and SEO Writers, providing comprehensive support.

          Skale's international team of SaaS SEO specialists is well-versed in multi-channel demand generation marketing, and they bring invaluable in-house experience in working with hyper-growth SaaS brands.

          Skale Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

          7. Refine Labs

            Refine Labs, with an impressive clientele featuring Algolia, BeyondTrust, and Clari, is your ally in achieving and fast-tracking essential marketing goals. They offer GTM strategy and demand experts who become an integral part of your team.

            By assessing your strategy, pinpointing the most impactful growth strategies, and collaborating closely with you, they ensure your targets are met. Their service range spans marketing and demand, as well as content and creative, and they are headquartered in Boston, MA.

            Refine Labs Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

            8. Powered by Search

            Powered by Search is a go-to partner for B2B SaaS companies, ensuring consistent revenue target achievement, efficient budget utilization, and the predictable acquisition of ideal customers. Their approach to demand generation strategies is trusted by over 100 B2B tech firms, guaranteeing results.

              Clients, including Fortra, JustCall, and Loopio, rely on them to drive the right-fit buyers through SEO, PPC, and Paid Social Media campaigns. They craft full-funnel strategies across platforms like Google Ads, Meta, LinkedIn, X, and more. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Powered by Search offers cost-effective and high-value marketing solutions.

              Powered by Search Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

              9. Kalungi

                Kalungi is a formidable B2B SaaS marketing agency, all about turbocharging your growth. With a potent playbook and a full-service marketing squad, they empower software companies to create and execute go-to-market strategies for unparalleled growth.

                They've earned clients' trust like Breezy, Clariti, and Permitdocs. Situated in Seattle, WA, Kalungi offers a range of services:

                • SaaS Marketing Team: A dedicated team to tackle your SaaS marketing needs.

                • SaaS CMO Coach: Expert guidance from a Chief Marketing Officer.

                • Fractional CMO: Access to CMO-level expertise on demand.

                • Kickstart Your Marketing: Quick-start solutions for marketing initiatives.

                • Scale Your Growth Engine: Strategies to amplify your growth.

                • Hone Your Marketing Function: Fine-tuning your marketing operations for maximum efficiency.

                Kalungi Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

                10. Motto

                  Motto is a strategic branding agency on the forefront, guiding some of the world's most visionary companies to shape bold ideas and make the leap into the future. Based in NYC, Motto® specializes in evolving and transforming high-growth enterprises.

                  Their strategic and creative prowess propels businesses from today's landscape to tomorrow's potential, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve. Empowering leaders for rapid growth is their trademark. Their client list includes Goodnotes, FasterLines, and Bandana.

                  Motto Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

                  11. Ramotion

                    Ramotion understands that it is about more than just aesthetics in SaaS branding– it's about shaping a distinctive perception that strikes a chord with your target audience. This SaaS branding agency's approach is artfully curated, involving close collaboration with clients to understand their values and ambitions deeply.

                    Such immersion helps craft strategies that enhance digital presence while fostering customer loyalty and engagement. Notable clients like Ninox, Descript, and Citrix trust Ramotion. They have offices in San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA, and New York City.

                    Ramoto Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

                    12. Avia Creative

                      Meet Aviate Creative, the creative agency with a tech and manufacturing twist. Well-versed in the language of technology and manufacturing, they've cultivated a deep understanding by partnering with tech and industrial brands for years.

                      With the foundation and experience to tackle your challenges seamlessly, they've learned the best strategies to help you reach your goals. Aviate Creative knows how to position your tech or industrial brand as a trusted solution, speaking your customer's language.

                      They're located in Long Valley, NJ, and have successfully partnered with clients like Truleap Technologies, Snaptron, and Voice Express.

                      Avia Creative Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

                      13. WISE Digital Partners

                        WISE Digital Partners is your go-to technology marketing agency, dedicated to propelling businesses to new heights. They specialize in superior website design, paid advertising, SEO, listings management, and more. Their comprehensive digital strategy services encompass the following:

                        • Brand Identity

                        • Websites

                        • SEO

                        • Paid Search Ads

                        • Paid Social Ads

                        • Email Marketing

                        • Reporting & Analytics

                        • Listings Management

                        With locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, they cater to clients like National Home Loans, United Wholesale Funding, Inc., and Hoffman & Forde, helping them thrive in the digital landscape.

                        WISE Digital Partners Top 13 Technology Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

                        Why Hire One of the Best Technology Marketing Agencies?

                        Staying competitive is a necessity. That's where a top-tier technology marketing agency like The Social Shepherd comes into play.

                        We have the expertise to ensure your brand resonates and leaves a mark. Our data-driven techniques and strategies set you apart in the tech landscape. Whether you're a tech giant or an up-and-coming player, our tailored services have got you covered.

                        Ready to dive into the digital age? Connect with our tech-savvy marketing team today by clicking the button below.

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