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Jack Shepherd Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 16 Oct 2023

Top 13 TikTok Agencies in the UK (2023)

TikTok has been the latest social media platform to grow in popularity and becoming the seventh-largest platform when it comes to users. Moreover, it's the most downloaded app on Apple App Store.

These facts really prove why you should have a presence on this platform. It's a great opportunity to reach your audience using new content formats that are more appealing to the users.

However, it takes knowledge and expertise to create campaigns that will deliver the results you desire. This is why today we're sharing with you the top 13 TikTok Agencies in the UK.

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What Makes A Top TikTok Marketing Agency?

TikTok is constantly growing in users and introducing new features to make the experience on the app more entertaining. Finding an agency that keeps up to date with trends, new TikTok features and understands the audience's consumer behaviour is vital for top performing always on strategies and campaign delivery.

When it comes to choosing the right TikTok agency, there are a few things you must look at to make sure they have the expertise, knowledge and proven results you want for your business as well.

  • Case studies: Look at what they've delivered for other clients on TikTok and as many content examples they can share with you. Not only is it the creative itself, but the narrative behind each piece of content.
  • Platform knowledge: Have a team that knows how the platform work and the best practices to create a successful campaign.
  • Clients: Having worked with clients from the same industry shows that they'll better understand your brand, products, and services, delivering better results.
  • Communication: Not only should they understand your industry, business and brand positioning, but they should also feel like an extension of your team. With any brand-agency relationship, it's important that you can genuinely see yourself enjoying working with their day to day and management team.

Now that you know what to look for when considering an agency, it's time to jump into the top TikTok agencies in the UK!

Top Results-Driven TikTok Marketing Agency

1. The Social Shepherd

Top Results-Driven TikTok Marketing Agency

Yes, it's us. This might sound a little biased, but we can confidently say we're the UK's top results-driven TikTok Marketing Agency.

Our agency focuses on delivering growth for brands across TikTok and other social platforms. We help clients across TikTok content, TikTok influencers and TikTok Ads to ensure they're covering all bases to accelerate their TikTok growth.

How can we help as a TikTok Marketing Agency?

  • TikTok Content Production
  • TikTok Strategy
  • TikTok Influencer Campaigns
  • TikTok Ads Management

The Social Shepherd Team includes:

    • TikTok Specialists
    • Social Strategists
    • Content Creators
    • Videographers
    • Video Editors & Animators
    • TikTok Ad Managers
    • TikTok Community Managers
    • Influencer Marketing Experts

    Check out some of the TikTok content we've recently produced as an agency:


    So, if you're looking to grow your audience on TikTok, get in touch with us now!

    Get in touch with The Social Shepherd!

    Top TikTok Influencer Agencies

    2. Find Your Influencer

    Find Your Influencer is an influencer marketing agency based in Manchester that has access to 100,000 influencers in the UK within its network. As well as TikTok first influencers, they utilise Paid Social to further distribute the content of each influencer.

    For Your Influencer - TikTok Influencer Agency

    3. Fanbytes

    Fanbytes is an award-winning TikTok Agency based in London.

    They are a talent management agency that guides creators into best practices to succeed in the platform, as well as specialists in influencer marketing campaigns.

    Some brands they've worked with are the Warner Music Group, HM Government and Boohoo.

    Fanbytes - TikTok Agency London

    4. Audiencly

    Audiencly is an influencer marketing agency with offices in London.

    They represent and manage talent, as well as create influencer marketing campaigns for clients such as Disney, EA and JustFab.

    Audiencly - TikTok Influencer Agency

    5. Influentially

    Influentially is an influencer talent management agency based in London.

    They work towards helping creatives grow online, as well as working with clients like Adidas, Pepsi or JD and creating successful influencer marketing campaigns.

    TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency - Influentially

    Top TikTok Ads Agencies

    6. The Good Marketer

    The Good Marketer is a TikTok advertising agency based in Essex. Their objective is to help brands like to Skylab Studio, Proline Skates and Kuishi grow their reach and build engagement through this trending video social media platform.

    TikTok Advertising Agency - The Good Marketer

    7. Pulse

    Pulse is an advertising agency with offices in London and worldwide. They like to mix influencer marketing, paid social advertising and social media management in order to deliver the best campaigns to clients like Mini, MAC, or Jumanji.

    Top TikTok Ads Agencies

    8. Redpill

    Redpill is an influencer performance agency based in London that was awarded "Influencer Marketing Agency 2020". They don't only manage influencers and create content but deliver campaigns that achieve the client's goals. Some of the brands they've worked with before are XBOX, PayPal and TikTok.

    Top TikTok Ads Agencies

    9. Yoke Network

    Yoke Network is an influencer network based in London that helps brands to scale influencer campaigns on TikTok. Some of their clients are PrettyLittleThing, PicsArt and Shpock.

    Yoke Network - TikTok Creator Agency UK

    Top TikTok Content Agencies

    10. TTMA

    TTMA partners creators and brands through influencer management, paid advertising consultancy and content creation.

    They're based in London and have worked with brands like Dermalogica, Wet n Wild and Elf.

    TTMA - TikTok Content Creation Agency

    11. Socially Powerful

    Socially Powerful is a TikTok marketing agency based in London and worldwide. Among other influencer-related services, they offer branded content creation that guarantees engagement, growth and sales.

    Some of the brands they've worked with are The Body Shop, FOREO and Huawei.

    TikTok Marketing Agency - Socially Powerful

    12. The Influencer Marketing Factory

    The Influencer Marketing Factory is an influencer marketing agency with offices in London and worldwide. They're ROI-focused and, among other influencer marketing-related services, they offer content creation to engage with the audiences. Some of the clients they've worked with are Chips Ahoy, Hilton and Dunkin'.

    The Influencer Marketing Factory - TikTok Agency UK

    13. Engagehub

    Engagehub is an influencer marketing agency with offices in Manchester, London and Dublin. They've worked with brands like Selfridges&Co, National Rail and BudLight on influencer and content creation campaigns, to help them achieve the maximum reach and ROI.

    Engagehub - TikTok Influencer Content Agency UK

    Why Hire One Of The Best TikTok Agencies?

    TikTok is growing in users every day, meaning that bigger audiences are growing in the app. Hiring one of the top TikTok agencies will ensure you a good campaign (influencer, content or paid media) with the results you desire.

    At The Social Shepherd, we have the experience and proven track record of delivering campaigns that convert. Moreover, recommend you the best practices to get a good ROI.

    So, if you're looking for the best TikTok results-driven agency for your eCommerce or direct to consumer brand, then get in touch today with us at The Social Shepherd!

    Get in touch with The Social Shepherd!
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