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Jack Shepherd Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 30 May 2023

Top 13 Performance Marketing Agencies In The UK (2023)

Has your brand been promised fantastic results, and you haven’t seen a good ROI so far? We know so many performance marketing agencies might promise outstanding results, but they fail to deliver.

Finding the perfect agency that knows your industry and has proven results with previous clients is a difficult task. Searching online for the right one takes time, so today, we’re listing the top UK’s performance marketing agencies so you can find the ideal one for your company.

Sounds good?

What Makes A Top Performance Marketing Agency?

As you might have guessed, not all performance marketing agencies are the same. We’ve done all the hard work and created a list of the 13 best UK performance marketing agencies. This list hasn’t been created using only our criteria but the main points that make a top performance marketing agency.

  • Proven track record: Performance is results. A data-driven agency with proven results is the first thing to look at. If they can show what they’ve done for other clients, they can prove that they can do it for you too.
  • Specialists: Looking at the size of the team and how many experts they have. Specialists are a must in performance marketing since they’re the ones that know what will work the best for your company to get better results.
  • Channel expertise: Make sure you find an agency with proven records in various channels so that they can deliver your content in multiple ones.
  • Clients: Who have they worked with before? Knowing which industries and markets they've worked in before is a good indicator of whether they'll understand your company and recommend you the best-tailored strategy.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s jump into the top performance marketing agencies you can find in the UK!

Top Performance Marketing Agency for eCommerce Brands

1. The Social Shepherd

Yes, that’s us, and we’re proud to say that we’re considered as one of the best performance marketing agencies in the UK, won not one but two Paid Media Awards UK in 2022 for Best Integrated Paid Media Campaign & Best Use of Facebook/Instagram Ads with our client Passenger Clothing, as well as been highly commended at the Performance Marketing Awards!

It might look biased, but we’ve proven that we can deliver what we promise to our clients with several case studies in a record time. Also, as we mentioned before, we know the importance of having a multi-platform to diversify your customer acquisition source, to increase your ability to scale & dampen performance volatility.

Top Performance Marketing Agency for eCommerce Brands

What can we do at The Social Shepherd?

Paid Social - Our team not only increases your return on ad spend but helps you scale across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat & YouTube. Allowing you to diversify your customer acquisition, dampen volatility and build omnipresence for your brand.

Paid Search - We build and manage Paid Search campaigns designed to scale businesses in the most cost-effective way. Using industry best practice standards and utilising the power of Google's algorithm, accounts are optimised to make sure that ads are appearing for the right user at the right time when they are ready to convert.

Creative Production - We create performance-driven photo and video content for ROI-focused brands in our studio.

Influencer Marketing - Amplify your brand by connecting with influencers and creators in a highly trackable way.

We're proud to say we're both Google and Meta Partners, which allows us to have better insights and access to advice and best practices.

Google and Meta Partners

But, if what you want to see is some data and proven results, here you have a few:

  • Scaled Passenger Clothing by 3.5x ROAS in 4 months using Paid Media and Paid Search.
  • Acquired 146,000+ customers using Facebook Ads and increased ROAS by 87% for Beebombs.
  • 30% increase in ROAS for Nu-In, whilst drastically scaling budgets.
  • 8.2x ROAS for Love Leggings while more than doubling their budget.

We’ve helped clients from several different markets and industries, but our area of expertise is in e-commerce. And, if you want to read all our case studies, you can check them out here.

So, if you would like to know how to book a free strategy, call and see what The Social Shepherd could do for you:

Get in touch with us to see how we can help!

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for B2B Brands

2. Viral Nation

Viral Nation is a full-service agency focused on data-driven lead generation for B2B companies and paid social and integrated brand strategy to make sure they deliver the best CPI and ROAS results for their clients. With offices worldwide, they’re a team of over a hundred employees that will provide the best results to every client’s needs.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for B2B Brands

3. Velocity

Velocity is a B2B marketing agency with offices in London and New York that focuses on content marketing and performance. They combine analytics, automation and promotional platforms to guarantee a good performance of the content. Some of their clients include Sprint Business, Amazon Web Services, and Citrix Systems.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for B2B Brands

4. Gravity Global

Following their core philosophy of fame, admiration and belief, Gravity Global is an award-winning B2B marketing agency with offices in London, Oxford, and worldwide. They offer brand, reputational and demand performance to ensure good results for the client’s campaigns. Some of its clients include Avast, ADESA, and Aetna.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for B2B Brands

5. Directive

Directive is a marketing agency with offices in London and around the US that specialises in organic, paid and digital business strategy. However, they offer creative performance services for those clients that want their ads, assets and website to catch the user’s attention and increase the conversion rate.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for B2B Brands

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for SaaS and Tech Brands

6. Expandi Group

Expandi Group is a specialised B2B performance marketing agency for technology companies. Since clients are focused on their ROI, they’ve introduced the concept of performance marketing, where clients pay based on the result. Some of their current clients are big companies such as Google, IBM and HP.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for SaaS and Tech Brands

7. Gripped

Gripped is a marketing agency based in London that focuses on digital marketing strategy, lead generation and performance marketing. They offer PPC, paid social and paid search services to SaaS, IT and tech B2B companies. Through Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Capterra ads, they help businesses grow.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for SaaS and Tech Brands

8. Octopus Group

Octopus Group, among other services, is an agency based in London that provides Paid Media services to B2B clients in the technology industry such as Adobe, Bluetooth or Logitech. Their work is focused on ROI and data-driven to ensure the best results for the marketing budget they've been given.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for SaaS and Tech Brands

9. Hallam

Hallam is a Performance Marketing agency with offices in Nottingham, London, Leeds & Malaga, that offers strategy, Paid Media, Data & Insights and consultation services.

They've worked with brands like Sonovate, Indigo and LearningPool.

Hallam Top Performance Marketing Agencies for SaaS and Tech Brands

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses

10. The Small Biz Expert

The Small Biz Expert is a digital marketing agency based in London that does what their name says: They help small businesses grow. They’re focused on running campaigns that convert with small and medium businesses through Google Ads and PPC, among others.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses

11. Dandy

Dandy is a digital marketing agency based in London that helps small and medium businesses increase their online visibility through PPC advertising. They have a team of PPC specialists that will tailor a strategy that will not only drive traffic to your site but ensure that this traffic converts.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses

12. Normal

Normal describes itself as a “traffic plumping machine”. This digital marketing based in London specialises in small and medium businesses and helps them increase their traffic through Facebook, Instagram, Google and TikTok Ads. This way, they ensure that thanks to this traffic, it will convert into sales.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses

13. The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer is a digital marketing agency in London focused on helping small to medium-sized businesses create a real impact. They offer PPC Services such as Google Ads, as well as Google Shopping and Social Media Advertising. Moreover, they are Google Partner and Meta Business Partner.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses

Why Hire One Of The Best Performance Marketing Agencies?

With more and more companies offering the same services and products, performance marketing is a great digital marketing tactic to be seen and get a good ROI from your marketing budget.

The Social Shepherd can help you make an impact, get this traffic and convert it to sales or leads because that’s our area of expertise.

If you’d like to have a chat with our performance marketing team, get in touch by clicking the button below:

Chat with the performance marketing team!
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