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Top 13 Social Media Agencies In The UK (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 23 Feb 2024

Finding the right Social Media Agency in the UK is a tough task.

Searching for Social Media Agency

When searching for one, you get 6,630,000,000 results.

It's no wonder it's easy to get lost in the hunt for a reliable and trusted social media agency that actually gets results for the businesses.

And as we all know, agencies are often known for a LOT of false promises, but when the contract gets signed, you're left with an agency that's gone quiet and isn't providing the results they once claimed they'd get you.

So I want to save you from getting burnt with this list of the UK's top 13 social media agencies.

No matter what type of agency you're looking for, I've covered it.

Breaking down results-driven, creative, influencer, social media management, PR and B2B social media marketing agencies.

Ready to learn more?

Let's dive in.

What Makes A Top Social Media Agency?

So you may be thinking, why have we included these agencies inside our list?

We could have gone purely based on agency review sites or agencies that rank on the first page when you Google search, but these can often be manipulated.

That just wouldn't cut it, and we want to give you the best possible list we could create.

All of the Social Media Agencies we've put together are known to us through our personal network, or we've seen the high-quality work they do or the content they've produced for themselves.

So what should you be checking for when hiring a Social Media agency?

  • Case Studies. Have they done work in your industry with brands a similar size to yours?
  • Their Average Client Retention. The longer they work with their clients, the better! This means they provide quality work that their clients want to stick around for.
  • Communication. Does the agency respond to your emails quickly and have a structure in place throughout the proposal stage? This would give you a hint into their overall organisation if you were to work with them!
  • Time, Effort & Energy. Have they gone above and beyond to try and win your business? Is it clear that the proposal they've worked on for you is levels above everything else? Are they coming up with fresh, innovative ideas that no one else has?

But most importantly, trust your instinct when looking to bring an agency on-board.

Now you know what to look for, let's jump into the best social agencies you can choose from in the UK!

Top Results-Driven Social Media Agency

1. The Social Shepherd

The Social Shepherd - Best Large Social Media Agency in the UK

Yes, that's us, and we're proud to say we are recognised as one of the best social media agencies in the UK!

Having recently won Best Large Social Media Agency at the UK Social Media Awards, we're able to back it up with the work we've done for our clients.

Some of our clients include Uniqlo, Premier Inn, easyJet Holidays, Passenger Clothing, Very Lazy, Neptune and many others.

At The Social Shepherd, we help brands with the following:

Social - We help build cult-like social media communities. Managing your content strategy, channels, content creation, community and much more.

Creative - We produce social-first creatives (always-on and campaign) that entertain and engage your audience (TikTok, Reels). Our team produces everything from UGC to high-production, graphic design, AR and motion.

Paid - We're performance-driven marketers, and when it comes to Paid, we're one of the best. Our team manages your Paid Social and Paid Search to increase your return on ad spend and brand awareness.

Influencer - We manage influencer and creator campaigns to amplify your brand.

Essentially, our difference is that we combine data, performance and creative to deliver incredible ROI for brands.

Other stats about us:

  • Team size of 60+ and growing
  • Offices in the UK and US
  • Experts in each specialism of Social, Paid, Creative and Influencer
  • Awarded Best Large Social Agency at the UK Social Media Awards
  • The social agency behind your favourite brands

So if you're interested in working with The Social Shepherd, then get in touch with our team on the button below.

Or, if you want to learn more about what we do, then you can find more details here.

Top Creative Social Media Agencies

2. Social Chain

Social Chain, previously owned by Steve Barlett, is a creative social agency that produces social-first campaigns for a variety of brands.

They're also one of the world's largest social-first publishers, with over 80m followers across Facebook and Instagram, allowing them to distribute their client's content on their owned organic channels.

They've worked with Superdry, T-Mobile, Sony, Puma, McDonald's, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Braun, Apple, Adidas, and more!

They have offices in Manchester, London, New York & Berlin.

Social Chain - Social agency

3. We Are Social

Describing themselves as a 'socially-led creative agency,' We Are Social is now one of the world's largest social media agencies, having over 1,000 team members.

They believe in people before platforms and using the power of social media to drive business value for their clients.

To do this, they apply storytelling, creativity, craft, and innovation to all of their campaigns.

As well as collaborating with influencers, they use paid media to reach the right audiences and achieve measurable results.

We Are Social - Creative Social Media Agency

4. Truffle Social

Truffle Social are a creative social media agency based in London.

They're a full-service social agency that helps their clients with content creation optimised for social, campaigns and training members to be able to do the work in-house.

They've worked with brands such as Rolls Royce, National Trust and Ciroc, amongst many others.

Truffle Social Top Creative Social Media Agencies

Top Influencer Social Media Agencies

5. The GOAT Agency

GOAT, recently acquired by WPP, is a social-first agency powered by Influencers.

Unlike typical Influencer Marketing Agencies, they don't manage any talent.

This means they don't have any favouritism over a particular influencer, ensuring they pick the right person for the campaign they're working on - with no bias in mind.

GOAT has now worked on over 1,000+ influencer campaigns, with over 70,000+ influencers vetted and 7 years of performance data.

GOAT - Social and Influencer agency London

6. Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful is a London-based agency with offices in New York, Dubai and Beijing.

They offer end-to-end influencer marketing services and bespoke platform activations to ensure strong results.

They've worked with brands such as Pepsico, DAZN and Foreo, amongst many others.

Socially Powerful Top Influencer Social Media Agencies

7. IMA

IMA (Influencer Marketing Agency) is one of the longest-standing influencer marketing agencies globally, launching in 2010.

They have now been acquired by Media Monks.

They have an in-house team that includes strategists, producers, influencer project managers, designers, developers, digital marketing analysts, and social media experts.

With over 19 million influencers in their network, in 1000s of niches, across 100 markets worldwide - they are an excellent choice for any brand with a big budget looking to grow with influencer marketing.

IMA - Influencer agency

Top Social & PR Marketing Agencies

8. Highlight PR

We know the Highlight PR team well, as they're also from Bath (where we are based), and have met their founders multiple times over the past two years!

The industries they focus on predominantly are:

  • Toys & Family
  • Food and Drink
  • Licensed Characters

As well as being award-winning, we've seen first-hand how their work produces impressive results for their clients.

Highlight PR - Social and PR agency

9. Prohibition PR

Based in Leeds, Prohibition PR works with brands, providing PR and Social Media services.

They describe themselves as an innovative, award-winning social & PR agency that delivers insight-led creative campaigns that consistently convert.

In the past five years, they've won over 20 industry awards, which you can see in some of the campaigns here.

So if you're looking for a mix of PR and social media, then Prohibition could be the choice for you!

Prohibition PR - PR and Social Agency

Best Social Media Management Agencies

10. 99 Social

A Social Media agency who are focused on delivering affordable social media management, 99 Social, which is based in County Durham, helps small businesses with packages ranging between £99 per month to £299 per month. Their broad spectrum of social media services includes community management, copywriting and social media management.

For those brands who are looking for a turnkey solution that doesn't have the budget to allocate towards a more strategic social agency, 99 Social could be the partner for you.

99 Social - Social Media Agency

11. Verb Brands

Verb Brands helps luxury brands with social media management.

They're best known as a performance and creative agency but still assist with social media marketing.

They've recently worked with aspirational brands such as Bugatti, Gaucho, Jimmy Choo, Liz Earle, and Maybourne Hotel Group.

So if you're a luxury brand, they could be the agency for you.

VERB Brands - Luxury Social Media Agency

Top B2B Social Media Agencies

12. Gripped

Gripped is a B2B digital marketing agency that helps SaaS, Technology & IT companies.

Not only do they help across lots of channels, but Paid Social and Earned Social are some of their specialities. With social media, they focus on supporting their clients with:

  • Thought leadership
  • Content downloads
  • Social proof
Gripped - B2B Social Media Agency

13. OST Marketing

OST Marketing is a well-known B2B specialist agency.

Their social media services include:

  • Social Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Advertising
  • Campaigns and content
  • Community Management
  • Creative Studio
OST marketing - B2B social media agency

Why Hire One Of The Best Social Media Agencies?

There are far too many agencies out there that talk a big game but leave a bitter taste in your mouth once you've signed with them, and the results they get you are poor.

Your business deserves better.

Hiring one of the best agencies isn't always the cheapest, but as you'd expect, going with the lowest price usually ends up producing the weakest result.

The agencies on our list have a wide price range. Some will start at £1,000/month, and others will be from £10,000/month and upwards!

At The Social Shepherd, our prices start from £1,000/month - so we are reasonably priced for the value & results we generated for our clients.

So if you're interested in working with us, and having a free strategy call with our team to see if we're a good fit, then click the arrow below to schedule a call with us!

Schedule a free strategy call with our team here.

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