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Top 17 Digital Marketing Agencies In The UK (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

So you're looking for a digital marketing agency that you can actually trust without having to sift through countless websites you've found from Google?

We know the pain.

It's exactly why we've created this list of the best digital marketing agencies in the UK who help all types of business. We wanted to guarantee that you'd find the right fit for your business without ever having to worry about who you can rely on again.

The digital marketing industry has been highly competitive and agencies will promise or guarantee every result in the book to try to get your business.

But it's important to not fall for such empty promises. Whether you’re a small business or a household name brand, you deserve a true digital marketing expert.

So let's get stuck in and look at Digital Marketing Agencies in performance, website development,B2B, eCommerce, small business & enterprise, yep we've covered it all!

What Makes a Top Digital Marketing Agency?

Here’s what to look for when hiring a digital marketing agency:

  • Have They Got A Proven Track Record: An agency that says it can deliver results, is different from an agency that has delivered consistent results for all of its clients before. Another factor to look for is have they won industry recognised awards? The people who are usually the judges for these awards and people with deep industry experience, so are usually very reputable.
  • Experience: A lot of digital marketing agencies cover different verticals, but it can be better if you find an agency that has experience in your exact industry.
  • Services: Not all digital marketing agencies offer every service under the sun. But when they do, it can often be a bad thing. You want to work with a digital marketing agency that holds expertise in the area you're looking to improve on.
  • Realistic Promises: Be careful and do your due diligence. Incredible results can be achieved but know when a promise is too good to be true. Ask how the agency plans to deliver the results they promise. Ask what tools & strategies they will use to help them execute their digital marketing strategy.
  • Reliable Data and Effective Reporting: You need a digital marketing agency to work closely with you. They need to report their progress and provide data, so you have measurable results. If they are coming short, what adjustments should they make? If they are delivering, find out what worked well and see if you can apply it to other aspects of your business.

Now that you know what to look for, let's dive in and see the best digital marketing agencies you can work with in the UK.

Top Results-Driven Digital Marketing Agency

1. The Social Shepherd

The Social Shepherd - Social-first marketing agency

We're recognised as one of the best digital marketing agencies in the UK today - especially when it comes to Social, Paid, Creative and Influencer.

While some may call us biased, we're able to back it up with the results we've driven and the industry awards we've won, which include:

  • Best Large Social Agency
  • Best Integrated Paid Media Campaign
  • Best Use of Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Best Direct Response Campaign

Our clients include Uniqlo, Passenger Clothing, easyJet Holidays, Premier Inn, Mecca Bingo, and Neptune amongst many others.

At The Social Shepherd, we best serve consumer-facing brands and help them drive growth and increased profitability with our services, which include the following:

Social - We help build cult-like social media communities. Managing your content strategy, channels, content creation, community and much more.

Creative - We produce social-first creatives (always-on and campaign) that entertain and engage your audience (TikTok, Reels). Our team produces everything from UGC to high-production, graphic design, AR and motion.

Paid - We're performance-driven marketers, and when it comes to Paid, we're one of the best. Our team manages your Paid Social and Paid Search to increase your return on ad spend and brand awareness.

Influencer - We manage influencer and creator campaigns to amplify your brand.

Other stats about us:

  • Team size of 60+ and growing
  • Offices in the UK and US
  • Experts in each specialism of Social, Paid, Creative and Influencer
  • The digital marketing agency behind your favourite brands

So if you're looking for a digital marketing agency that delivers results, click the button below to speak with our team.

Or, visit our home page to learn more about us.

Top B2B Digital Marketing Agencies

2. Modern

Modern is one of the top B2B digital marketing agencies in the UK today. They help brands scale for growth, explore new territories, bring new products and deepen relationships with customers. They have let go of the concept of the traditional agency and instead, play the role of a partner and expert friend. Driven by data analytics and business insights, the Bristol-based company implements effective digital marketing strategies.

They have worked with brands such as Hyland, AllStar Business Solutions, Klarna, and more.

Modern Top B2B Digital Marketing Agencies

3. Velocity

Velocity focuses on content marketing and performance marketing to help its B2B tech clients. They believe that weaving stories about your brand are one of the most effective ways to be heard instead of an ad hoc approach. The company has offices in London and New York.

Velocity has served big names such as Amazon Web Service, Sprint, Kimberly-Clark Professional, and IIJ Europe.

Velocity Top B2B Digital Marketing Agencies

4. Gripped

Gripped offers a complete line of services that include digital marketing strategy, B2B SEO, lead generation, B2B inbound marketing, content marketing, paid search and more. The team, headquartered in London and Liverpool, delivers no-fluff results through these services that help increase traffic, convert leads, build relationships and close deals.

This B2B digital marketing company in the UK has collaborated with Vercator, Uniqodo, IPV, Nozzle, and more.

Gripped Top B2B Digital Marketing Agencies

5. Found

The people at Found consider themselves a team of digital mixologists. With a good blend of data analytics and human creativity, they concoct the perfect mix of strategies across different channels such as PPC, content marketing, SEO and social media to achieve results for their clients.

London-based Found has been tapped by Fender, Randstad, AllClear Travel Insurance, Marley, and more.

Found Top B2B Digital Marketing Agencies

Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Small Business

6. Atomic

Atomic is a digital marketing agency that focuses on working with startups and SMBs to help them with their branding, SEO, PPC and web design & development.

They have offices in Warrington and Southampton, and have worked with brands like Brideplan, Brandspeak and Bioeffect.

Atomic Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Small Business

7. The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer is a digital marketing agency in London that caters to SMBs. The young team uses a proactive approach and effective marketing solutions to help your brand form connections and get more sales. They have affordable packages that start at £800 a month and other offerings that suit the budget of small businesses.

Some of their projects include digital strategies for The House Outfit, Brunel Air Cargo, With Bling London, Prospect Research, and more.

The Good Marketer Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Small Business

8. The Small Biz Expert

The Small Biz Expert is another digital marketing agency based in London offering SMBs services to help them achieve big dreams. They believe that your brand deserves a tailored approach. The team of digital experts can customise a plan that will fit your budget.

They have worked with brands in eCommerce, property, finance, legal, travel, food and beverage, medical and other sectors.

The Small Biz Expert Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Small Business

9. Cheshire Cat Marketing

Cheshire Cat Marketing is another digital marketing agency helping entrepreneurs in Crewe, Liverpool, Warrington, Chester, Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent. When coming up with a plan and strategy, they promise not to use jargon so you will understand what steps they need to take to help bring your brand to the next level.

The woman-led team has been gaining positive reviews online about their amazing work.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Small Business

Top eCommerce Digital Marketing Agencies

10. Digital Cake

The Digital Cake is an eCommerce digital marketing agency founded by etailers for etailers. They know what they need to do to help online entrepreneurs and brands. They can help you with social ads, Shopify, SEO, website development, PPC and affiliate marketing.

The company, with offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester, has worked with Birmingham Museum's Online Shop, Shopney Mobile App, Bad Monday, and Enjoy Rogue.

Digital Cake Top eCommerce Digital Marketing Agencies

11. Impression

Impression is a digital marketing agency with offices in Nottingham and London.

They deliver eCommerce strategies to accelerate growth, deliver against ambitious objectives and drive businesses such as Clarins, Virgin Wines and Funky Pigeon to the next level, with services such as SEO, Google Shopping and strategy.

Impression Top eCommerce Digital Marketing Agencies

12. Reload Digital

Reload Digital has been helping grow brands since 2009. Aside from digital marketing, they came up with an eCommerce framework engineered for growth and tested with more than 500 brands. Based in London, they begin their work with a strategic call that then leads to in-depth research and a strategic plan.

The London-based company has worked with names such as Shopify, Klaviyo, LoyaltyLion, Quantcast, and more.

Reload Digital Top eCommerce Digital Marketing Agencies

Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Enterprise

13. We Are Social

We Are Social is a global team that consists of 850 experts located in 15 offices across 13 countries. Their primary goal is to connect your brand with your audience. The foundation of their practice is social thinking where business value is driven by the power of social platforms and insights.

They have worked with household names such as Adidas, Samsung, Netflix, Lego, Google, and Disney.

We Are Social Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Enterprise

14. Saatchi & Saatchi

Saatchi & Saatchi London has been in the business of helping brands since 1970. They are considered a powerhouse in the marketing industry and have a huge network of integrated communication professionals in 114 offices located in 67 countries.

British Airways, Visa, and T-Mobile are just some of the brands they have helped through the years.

Saatchi & Saatchi Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Enterprise

15. BBH

BBH Global is a creative agency that uses digital marketing strategies to effectively increase brand awareness. Headquartered in London, the agency has been in the advertisement business since 1982. They also have offices in Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, Stockholm, Mumbai and Shanghai.

They have worked with global brands such as Audi, Marvel, Samsung, Hulu, and Roche.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Enterprise

Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Startups

16. Stackmatix

If you are a startup looking for a partner you can trust for long-term growth, Stackmatix is ready to help you accelerate. They use insights from advertising, engineering and sales to drive results.

Brands such as Remoov, The Local Flea, Playbook Products, Groove Labs, and Kronologic praise the team for its efficient and effective process.

Stackmatix Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Startups

17. Limelight Digital

Limelight Digital puts your startup in the spotlight by combining digital marketing strategies with SEO, PPC and social media.

This team based in Loughborough has worked with startups such as StudentCrowd, CarMoney, International Timber, Zeus App, and more.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Startups

Why Hire One of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies

If you’re dreaming of achieving something big with your brand, the best digital marketing agency can transform your business.

In case you have an in-house marketing team (or if you are a one-man team), the experts from these agencies can serve as the extension of your team. They can give you advanced insights and make life much easier for you with their advanced marketing tools.

So if you are looking for a partner to help your business grow, click the button below, and we'll give you an in-depth look at how we'd grow your digital presence.

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