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Top 17 SEO Agencies in the UK (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Finding a reliable and trusted SEO agency is a tough task.

You're looking for an agency that's specialised in your industry and understands your vision of what you're looking to achieve.

And that's exactly why we created this list.

When searching on Google, you're overwhelmed with 178,00,000 results of SEO agencies all across the UK, all having different service offerings within SEO.

Google Search for an SEO Agency

So in this article, we've broken down the best SEO agencies in the UK by different verticals and categories so you can find a handful of agencies perfect for you.

Ready to learn more? Let's get stuck in.

What Makes A Top SEO Agency?

You might be thinking... why did we list these exact agencies?

Well, they all fit the criteria below of what makes a top SEO agency, and these criteria should be a part of your checklist when you're considering which agency to choose.

Depth of Team

In any good SEO strategy, you will be focusing on multiple areas such as technical, content, links/PR - so it's important that the agency you pick has a team that has specialisms within each area.

It's the same in Social Media. You wouldn't want the same person producing videography, crafting social content & running your Paid Social campaigns... they all have very specific skill sets that are built up over years.

Business & Industry Knowledge

As you'll see in this article, we've split the SEO agencies by business & industry knowledge, so you can select an agency that understands your business type.

As we know, every company has its own individual nuances which make them unique. So having an SEO team that knows your pain points and can develop a strategy that will fix those without trial & error, it'll propel your growth much quicker.

Client Retention

How well an agency retains clients in their portfolio is one of the strongest indications that they're not only driving results but are a great team to work with over a long period.


For a brand-agency relationship to thrive, good communication both ways is a must. They'll need to work collaboratively with you as an extension of your team to ensure they can deliver on their outline strategy.

Not only this, but in any working relationship, you want to actually enjoy the people you're working with on a weekly basis! So look out for an agency you can see yourself working with for the long term and that has the same cultural values as you.

Top B2B SEO Agencies

1. Gripped

Gripped is a digital agency from London that focuses purely on B2B SaaS, Tech & IT brands. They understand the importance of getting to know your audience and the intent behind each individual search to ensure you're delivering content that will not only rank but gives each user a great experience on your site.

Their SEO strategy includes content marketing, backlinks and technical optimisation.

Gripped Top B2B SEO Agencies

2. Definition

Definition's background in B2B PR means they have a talented team of strategists, content writers & SEO experts that know how to increase your organic search traffic.

They take an ethical and data-driven approach to B2B SEO that aims to increase quality leads to your brand without taking any shortcuts, of which their service is broken down into these core areas:

  • SEO strategy planning
  • Keyword research
  • PR-led link building
  • Video optimisation
Definition Top B2B SEO Agencies

3. Polaris

With over 10 years of experience, Polaris are a team of B2B SEO experts that increases your brand's exposure. Their strategy includes onsite SEO, technical SEO, content marketing, digital PR & outreach and international SEO.

Polaris has 6 core SEO principles, including:

  • Experts in B2B lead gen
  • A holistic approach including LinkedIn
  • Proactive account management
  • SaaS, Tech & Services SEO
  • B2B competitor analysis
  • Weekly market analytics
Polaris - B2B SEO Agency

Top eCommerce SEO Agencies

4. Fly High Media

Based in Cheshire, Fly High Media is a small but dedicated SEO agency focusing on eCommerce brands.

Their strategy for eCommerce brands goes through a 5 step process, which includes defining your SEO goals, performing an audit, conducting keyword research, implementing the strategy and measuring the success of your campaign.

Some of their results include:

  • 45% increase in revenue generated from organic search for BuyCleverStuff.
  • 28% increase in traffic from organic search for Office 5 Star.
Fly High Media Top eCommerce SEO Agencies

5. Seed

Seed is a team of 30+ ambitious marketers based in Brighton that understands the importance of hitting your KPIs to grow your brand consistently over time. They work closely with eCommerce managers & Founders to grasp your business objectives so that they can create a bespoke strategy which aligns with those goals.

Their eCommerce SEO services include:

  • Full SEO Strategy
  • Keyword research & mapping strategy
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Product Page optimisation
  • Product Category optimisation
  • Conversion Rate optimisation
Seed - eCommerce SEO Agency

6. Novos

Novos is an eCommerce SEO agency based in London that presents itself as strategic data-led eCommerce SEO specialists.

With a team of 40+, they've worked with some impressive brands such as Bloom & Wild, My Protein, Not On The Highstreet, Swyft, TM Lewis and more.

Their service is a mix of technical SEO with a creative edge. They provide you with a strategy followed by consultancy, content & digital PR to achieve your desired growth.

They've also won many awards, such as:

  • Best Use of SEO in eCommerce: The Drum
  • Best Small SEO Agency: Global Search Awards
  • Most Effective Use of Organic Search: The Drum
Novos Top eCommerce SEO Agencies

Top Technical SEO Agencies

7. Salt

Salt Agency prides themselves on implementing cutting-edge solutions and industry-leading technical SEO expertise to drive commercial value for its clients.

Their SEO consultants can help with any CMS. No matter what tech setup you use, their team is able to adapt.

Salt's technical SEO services include:

  • Technical SEO consultancy
  • Website SEO auditing & analysis
  • Website migrations
  • Server log file analysis
  • Website architecture & structure reviews
  • Google penalty removal
  • International SEO
  • Mobile SEO
Salt - Technical SEO Agency

8. Semetrical

Based in London, Semetrical has a dedicated team of technical SEO experts who can adapt to your site requirements, from technical and speed audits as well as full migration projects.

Their technical SEO services include technical audits, regular monitoring, migration projects, speed audits, consultancy and mobile SEO.

Semetrical - Technical SEO agency in London

9. Varn

Varn is a full-service SEO agency, but one of its core areas is on the technical side.

Part of their offering is SEO audits, data analytics and reporting. They help brands with schema markups, URL structures, site crawl depths, page linking structures, metadata, header coding, page load speeds, external linking structure & G4 implementation.

Varn Top Technical SEO Agencies

Top Link Building SEO Agencies

10. Seeker Digital

Seeker is a Bristol-based SEO agency that helps brands considerably grow their backlink profile. They believe in sustainable link-building practices that future-proof your business to create lasting benefits from their activity.

Their link-building service includes:

  • Internal Links
  • Link Audits
  • Penalty Recovery
  • Press Comments
  • PR Assets
  • Discover and Update Campaigns
  • Competitor Backlink Research
  • Editorial Outreach
Seeker Digital Top Link Building SEO Agencies

11. Search Intelligence

Search Intelligence is a PR Link Building Agency that rapidly grows its clients' presence across organic search.

They built 100% white-hat backlinks in the world's most reputable publications, such as Express, The Sun, Forbes, Elle, Nasdaq and more.

Their service relies upon three main ways of attracting links:

  • Expert commentary
  • Data campaigns
  • Reactive PR
Search intelligence Top Link Building SEO Agencies

12. Distinctly

Distinctly is an agency that aims to increase your credibility and authority with link building. They achieve this through a combination of content and stories that are too good for journalists to refuse and outstanding outreach.

Digital PR is at the core of their link-building methodology with tailored campaigns and producing linkable content (newsworthy stories, data-backed studies and shareable infographics).

Distinctly Top Link Building SEO Agencies

Top International SEO Agencies

13. Anicca Digital

If you're thinking about expanding globally, Anicca could be the agency for you.

Their team of international SEO experts have years of experience increasing brands' organic reach all around the world. Not only will they implement the changes you're looking for, but they'll constantly be identifying new markets to continuously grow your market share.

Their International SEO services include:

  • Multi-lingual SEO
  • International SEO audit & strategy
  • Geo-targeting & optimisation
  • Campaign implementation, management & reporting
Anicca Digital Top International SEO Agencies

14. Impression

Impression (based in Nottingham and London) is one of the most respected digital agencies in the UK, and SEO is one of its core offerings. Their experienced team is incredibly adept at international SEO strategies and knows how to get your brand noticed overseas.

Their international SEO strategy includes:

  • Website domain structuring
  • On-page optimisation of international pages
  • Technical SEO
  • Search engine considerations
  • Competitor and Industry review
  • International link building
Impression - International SEO agency in Nottingham and London

15. Sticky Eyes

Sticky Eyes is an SEO agency that has a diverse range of international SEO experts that speak over 30 languages in-house.

They build and develop multi-lingual, multi-territory search marketing strategies for brands across Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

Sticky Eyes tools of the trade include:

  • Roadmap - unlocking insights into Google's search algorithm.
  • SCOT - leveraging relevancy insights.
  • KIT - their data-led approach to keyword strategy.
  • Equilibrium - AI bid adjustment based on SEO performance.
  • Audit - making robust decisions based on insights into link health.
  • District - enhancing your local presence using their local search reporting & strategic management tool.
  • Pinpoint - harnessing powerful data to develop a rich and in-depth understanding of your audience's needs & wants.
Sticky Eyes - International SEO agency

Top Local SEO Agencies

16. Liberty Marketing

Liberty, which is based in Cardiff, are a digital agency that helps local businesses grow their brand awareness & organic search with their Local SEO offering.

Aside from helping your website rank for local terms, their services can also make your website rank for terms that don't include local terms.

Their expertise lies in NAPs, citations, Google My Business and managing relevant backlinks.

Liberty's Local SEO services include:

  • Local keyword research
  • Content optimisation
  • Local link building and local outreach
  • Technical SEO
  • Scheme markup code for local signals
Liberty Marketing - Local SEO Services - Cardiff

17. SEO Works

SEO Works is an SEO agency based in Sheffield that has seen significant growth over the last few years.

Their team of 80+ SEO experts know how to drive results for businesses looking to capture local customers.

Not only do they manage all of your SEO, but they have in-house software that makes all of their activity completely measurable and to ensure each phone call or lead is tracked.

SEO Works Top International SEO Agencies

Why Hire One of the Best SEO Agencies?

Ultimately, your brand and business deserves to thrive and choosing the right SEO agency will help fast-track the results you'll see.

You don't want to be replacing your SEO agency every 6 to 12 months due to a lack of results, communication & time spent on your campaign.

This is exactly why we wrote this article, to ensure you can work with an agency in the UK that fits your exact needs and is a recognised service provider.

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