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Jack Shepherd Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 24 Sep 2021

Top 13 Influencer Marketing Agencies in the UK (2021)

An Influencer Marketing Agency might be exactly what your business needs.

Celebrities, big influencers and content creators have the ability to connect with their audiences and driving real growth for brands. Their social media platforms and content drive traffic to the brand's website and product's pages and influence purchasing decisions.

However, not all influencers deliver the same results.

For example, there are 21,500 searches per month in the UK on Google (average of the previous 12 months) for “buy Instagram followers” as people look to try and cash in getting paid as influencers.

Identifying real accounts with real and engaged followers is a must. Also, making sure that they have the right audience and that their content aligns with your brand are other important points to keep in mind.

Depending on your marketing goal, you should choose a type of influencer or another and the right platform to run these campaigns. This is the reason why choosing the right Influencer Marketing agency is key to get positive results.

This article will show you the best Influencer marketing agencies in the UK that help brands grow. Those that help and do the following platforms:

  • Instagram Influencers
  • TikTok Influencers
  • YouTube Influencers
  • Influencer Talent Agencies
  • eCommerce & Direct To Consumer Brands
  • Macro & Micro-Influencers

What Makes A Top Influencer Marketing Agency?

Choosing the right agency is crucial to get good results.

The right Influencer Marketing agency will advise you on which platforms and type of influencer to use depending on your marketing goals.

  • They Understand What Good Content Is. Good content not only means quality but content that will convert into sales. The agency must make sure they choose influencers that align with the brand's image and values, so the collaboration will look more natural and appeal to their audience.
  • Ability To Do In-Depth Research. Understanding the brand and choosing the best fit to join the campaign will take deep research on both the brand and the creators.
  • Platform Knowledge. There are several leading social media platforms to advertise in, but each has different audiences and types of content.
  • The Team You'd Be Working With. Get to know the team that will manage your campaign and feel like they're an extension of your business.

Now that we've listed the top things to look at when considering an agency let's jump into the top Influencer Marketing agencies you can find in the UK!

Top Influencer Marketing Agency for eCommerce & Direct To Consumer Brands

1. The Social Shepherd

Influencer Marketing Agency UK

Yes, this is us. We create influencer campaigns for several of our clients, always focusing on results and a good ROI.

Depending on the client's marketing goals and budget, we choose the most suitable micro and macro-influencers, social media platform and type of content.


Top eCommerce & Direct To Consumer Brands Influencer Marketing Agency

Why you should work with The Social Shepherd for your influencer marketing campaigns:

  • Micro & Macro influencers. Different audience and engagement sizes. We always find the most relevant profiles for each campaign to ensure the best ROI.
  • User-generated content. UGC style content is on the rise, and it's more appealing to audiences.
  • Bespoke Influencer Research & Outreach. Tailored campaigns for each client.
  • Brand ambassador programmes. Long-term collaborations with a community of content creators that can represent the brand and deliver content consistently.
  • Trackable influencer results. We can track all the interactions and results from each influencer campaign through discount codes used at checkout and UTM parameters.

So, if you'd like to know how our influencer marketing agency could help your brand get more sales, get in touch and see what The Social Shepherd could do for you!

Get in touch with our Influencer Marketing team now.

Top Instagram Influencer Agencies

2. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is an Influencer Marketing agency based in London.

They run influencer and brand fan campaigns for global brands such as Dior, Boots or Deliveroo. They focus on Instagram influencer campaigns but also run campaigns on other platforms.

Also, they've been recently awarded the Best Multi-Channel Campaign at the Influencer Marketing Awards.

Top Instagram Influencer Agency

3. EngageHub

EngageHub is an agency with offices in Manchester, London and Dublin. They work with micro, macro and mega influencers and always ensure a good ROI. Some of the brands they've worked with are National Rail, Mastercard and BudLight.

Top Instagram Influencer Agency

4. Takumi

Takumi is an Influencer Marketing agency based in London that has been for over 6 years crafting award-winning campaigns for brands such as Amazon, Samsung and McDonald's.

Top Instagram Influencer Agency

Top TikTok Influencer Agencies

5. Fanbytes

Fanbytes is an award-winning TikTok Marketing agency based in London.

They're specialists in running influencer campaigns on this video platform. They have worked with well-known brands such as Warner Music Group, Missguided and Paramount Network to get closer to Generation Z.

Top TikTok Influencer Agency

6. Influencer Marketing Factory

Influencer Marketing Factory is an agency with offices in London and other cities worldwide. They create influencer campaigns for three different social media platforms but focus on TikTok content. Some of the brands they've worked with are Foreo, Bumble and Adecco.

Top TikTok Influencer Agency

7. Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful is a TikTok Marketing agency that works with influencers for brand campaigns. They love short-form mobile videos and can prove results with previous clients such as The Body Shop, Huawei and FOREO.

Top TikTok Influencer Agency

Top YouTube Influencer Agencies

8. Ritual Network

Ritual Network is a UK based agency that specialises in YouTube talent management and influencer campaigns with brands. They are YouTube certified and have worked with brands like Warner Bros, The National Lottery, and Paul Hewitt.

Top YouTube Influencer Agency

9. Upload Agency

Upload Agency is based in Hampshire and connects its YouTube creators and talent database with brands that want to run campaigns on the platform.

They've worked with brands such as Amazon Prime, Nike and several football clubs.

Top YouTube Influencer Agency

10. Upfluence

Upfluence is a YouTube Influencer Marketing platform that connects talent with brands, ensuring they're the perfect fit. Also, they keep track of all the content's performance to ensure good results for each campaign.

They've worked with clients like ASICS, Kayak and Amazon.

Top YouTube Influencer Agency

Top Influencer Talent Agencies

11. Summer

Summer is an Influencer Talent Agency that manages some of the most famous influencers from the UK.

In their talent list, they have names such as Chloe Lloyd, Lauren Nicole and Sophie Knight and clients like ASOS, Magnum, and Disney.

Top Influencer Talent Agency

12. Gleam Futures

Gleam is a talent management and influencer marketing agency with offices in London. They manage talent like Emma Hill, Lewys Ball and Topjaw, and have work with brands such as L'Occitane, Brilliant noise and Clarks.

Top Influencer Talent Agency

13. M&C Saatchi Social

M&C Saatchi Social is a social media influencer talent management and campaign activation agency based in London.

They manage talents such as Cocobeautea, Roxxaurus and Jordan Lipscombe. Also, they've worked with well-known clients like Take Five, GB News and L'Or'eal Men Expert.

Top Influencer Talent Agency

Why Hire One Of The Best Influencer Marketing Agencies?

With the rise of social media, creators and celebrities, brands have found a way to get closer to their target. Through genuine content, influencers drive traffic that converts to sales since the audiences have been endorsed a specific product or service.

The Social Shepherd can help you choose the right platforms, find the right influencers for your social media campaigns and ensure conversion to sales.

If you'd like to have a chat with our Influencer Marketing team, get in touch by clicking the button below:

Get in touch with our Influencer Marketing team today!
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