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Top 17 Video Production Companies In The UK (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 17 Apr 2024

Working with a high-quality video production agency has never been more important if you want to showcase your products or services in the best way possible.

Videos help your audience understand your brand, generate leads, increase sales, and have an overall positive impact on customer experience.

According to a survey, 86% of businesses use videos as part of their marketing arsenal. About 87% of video marketers who use it revealed that it gives them positive ROI.

Furthermore, 78% of companies reported that videos helped improve their bottom line.

However, finding the best video production agency to help you with your project is not an easy task.

A quick search on Google will give you 1,990,000,000 results or more.

How to find the best video production company

This is why we have put together this list of reliable, trusted video production companies, so you can easily find the best one to work with.

Whether you're looking to get videos produced for Social Media, Corporate Video, Promotional Video, TV Commercial, Motion Graphic Video & Animation or Drone video, we have it covered.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

How To Find The Best Video Production Company?

You might be wondering how we came up with the list of the best video production companies in the UK today.

We didn’t settle for lifting recommendations from review sites or picking from the top Google search results. Instead, we want to give you real, quality options, because we know that every choice along the way matters for your brand, whether you’re a small business or the leading name in your industry.

All the video production companies on our list deliver results. How do we know that? Either we’ve collaborated with them before, or we’ve seen their high-quality work for ourselves or the brands they serve.

So, what should you be looking for when hiring a video production agency?

  • Portfolio and Work: A compilation of past projects showcases a team’s videography style and skills. Watching videos they’ve produced will give you a glimpse of how they conceptualise ideas and execute them to develop visuals that will be consistent with your brand’s voice and image.
  • Types of Videos They are Known For: You can look for a video production agency that specialise in the kind of projects that you have in mind. Do you need videos for social media ads? What about animation? Or perhaps drone videos? Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find a team that has relevant experience.
  • Professionalism: Aside from production quality, you want to work with a UK video production agency that goes above and beyond to try to win your business. You want someone who can come up with fresh and innovative ideas that can help your brand achieve its goals.
  • Pricing: You will have an idea of what type of production budgets they work with when you view their portfolio. Those working with household names will likely ask for an absolute minimum of £20,000 for one-off projects. Video production companies for small businesses usually charge much more affordable rates.
  • Timelines: You want to work with someone who respects deadlines. You want a video production team who knows how to manage time because you don’t want to end up with videos that look haphazardly done.

Of course, you should also trust your instincts when hiring a video team. Recognize red flags before you bring anyone on board.

Now that you know what to look for, check out the best video production companies you can choose from in the UK!

Top Social Media Video Production Company

1. The Social Shepherd

Yes, that’s us.

We've been recognised as one of the best social media video production companies in the UK. We are proud of what we have achieved and what we are doing for our clients.

While some may say that’s just pure bias, we back up our claim with the work we’ve done through the years, plus the consistent results of videos we have produced for our clients.

What makes our team different?

Our team consists of the best videographers, editors, and creative planners in the UK. When it comes to providing top-quality social media video production services, The Social Shepherd checks all the boxes. However, what sets us apart from the crowd is that we have the capability to go beyond video.

We also have a paid media team who understand exactly what type of video creative works on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok Ads, as well as other paid social media platforms. And there’s our Organic Social team, who understand exactly which video creatives will build engagement within your social communities.

Here are some examples of videos that we’ve recently produced:

Foga: We produced three video ads for Foga, a brand of instant whole plant smoothies. Our favourite one is focused on introducing the brand to new audiences. They also wanted to drive more conversions. You can watch the video here:

TOTM: We created some creatives to drive ROAS across paid social channels, as well as creating a truer representation of menstrual cycles than usually shown in media formats. As a result, their ad results since launching the videos have returned to what they were pre-iOS14.5.

    London Basin Co: We created multiple video variations to be optimised for both Reels and Paid Media campaigns. Paid Social achieved a 5.5x ROAS, which is a significant increase YOY.

    Flyp: We've been working with Flyp on their cross-channel organic social strategy and TikTok. As an example of the results we're achieving on TikTok, we generated over 380k views organically.

    Godiva: To show their audience that there’s a gift perfect for all chocolate lovers within Godiva’s product range in a socially optimised format. Focusing on multiple products gives people a full perspective of what you can offer, and makes them want to explore your range more in-depth.

    Want to see more? You can see our other recent video examples here.

    So, if you like the quality of work we produce and are looking for a video production agency that can help you grow on social media, then we’re the top choice for you. Click the button below to get in touch with our video team.

    Top Corporate Video Production Companies

    2. Skeleton Productions

    Using the power of video, Skeleton Productions, which are based in Nottingham, helps brands extend their reach and influence their audience.

    Their team of video experts can help drive your message across and influence customers to take the next logical step. You can trust Skeleton to help your brand tell your story in an engaging way.

    They work with brands such as Amazon, Samsung, Airbus, Stanley, Roche, and more.

    Skeleton Productions - Corporate Video Production Agency

    3. Topline Film

    Topline Film, a video production agency from London, offer a complete line of corporate video production services to help your brand engage stakeholders and delight customers. They can do case study videos, HR videos, training videos, lead generation videos, and more.

    They have served industry leaders such as Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, and Johnson & Johnson.

    Video Production Company That Generates Leads

    4. Stada Media

    If you're struggling to make your video content stand out, Stada is a corporate production video company that can sprinkle some creative magic to make them work. Based on your brand’s goals, its team will formulate a solid strategy that will help deliver results.

    Their clients include Cadbury, Blinds Direct, the NHS, Loop, Broadgate Estates, and more.

    Stada Media - Corporate Video Production Company

    Top Promotional Video Production Companies

    5. Firmative Media

    Firmative Media is one of the best promotional video production companies in the UK today.

    They focus on serving clients in the music industry but provide a comprehensive line of services in digital media content and production as well. We also personally know the people behind Firmative (specifically the Founder, Dumi) and can vouch for their creativity and professionalism.

    They work with Spotify, EMI, Apple Music, BMG, MTV, and more.

    Firmative Media - Promotional Video Production Agency

    6. Openhouse Pictures

    Top Sheffield Video Production Company Openhouse Pictures will sit down with you to understand what your brand stands for and what you want to achieve. With that foundation, they develop content that’s perfect for your company.

    They cover various sectors, including corporate, charity, educational medical, automotive, and property videos.

    They have collaborated with brands such as Volvo, Sheffield Hallam University, Stoneacre, and Blundells.

    Openhouse Pictures - Top Promotional Video Production Company

    7. Bold Content

    If you're looking for the best video storytellers in the video production industry today, Bold Content who are based in London is one of them. They can help you with YouTube ads or even TV commercials and everything in between that will help you transform your marketing strategy.

    Their promotional video clients include Top Gear, Colu, MQ, and Jameson.

    Bold Content - Promotional Video Production Agency

    8. Toast

    Toast promises to help you deliver engaging visuals, sound, and a convincing narrative. Whether you're promoting a service or selling products, their team understands how to use video as a powerful marketing tool.

    Their list of clients includes BBC, Microsoft, Telefonica, IHG, and more.

    Toast - TV & Video Advertising Agency

    Top TV Commercial Production Companies

    9. 2020 Media International

    With offices in Leicester and London, 2020 Media International believes video production can help shape perceptions and behaviour. They offer bespoke yet affordable video services. Their award-winning services include creative development, filming, editing, and animation.

    Their long list of clients consists of Avon, Budweiser, DHL, Callaway, HP, Coca-Cola, and many more.

    2020 Media International - TV Video Production Company

    10. Blonde

    Blonde has been in the business of creating TV commercials and advert production for 14 years.

    They are a one-stop-shop offering copywriting, film production, editing, post-production, animation, and more. Blonde can help your brand become more visible and relevant through impactful videos.

    They have worked on campaigns for Parkinson’s UK, British Lung Foundation, Young Minds, Ocean Florida, and more.

    Blonde - TV Commercial Video Production Company

    11. Happy Hour Productions

    Happy Hour Productions has been creating TV campaigns since 2003. They can help produce engaging TV ads for you, and they work with brands in any sector. The team can help tailor campaigns to fit your goals, budget, and timelines.

    They are experts in driving response and have helped brands such as SunLife, ToolStation, NFU Mutual, and more.

    Happy Hour Productions - TV advertising agency

    Top Motion Graphics & Animation Video Production Companies

    12. Visarc

    Visarc is one of the leading motion graphics and animation video production companies in the UK today.

    The team understands how capturing the attention of your audience matters in this digital age, where we have multiple screens within reach. They promise to communicate closely with your company every step of the way – from initial creatives, storyboards, and scripting through production and editing.

    Their clients include Ferrari, Aprilia, Honda, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo, among others.

    Visarc - Motion Graphics & Animations Company

    13. Epipheo

    Epipheo helps brands involved in entirely digital services such as cloud technology, networking, digital security, or data analytics. They tap into the power of text, images, icons, shapes, and graphs to help you get your message across.

    They have worked with brands such as Google, Walmart, Intel, Epson, and Deloitte.

    Epipheo - Motion Graphics Video Agency

    14. Hurricane Media

    If you’re looking for the best UK 3D video production experts, you can expect the team at Hurricane Media to deliver results. They can help you come up with sophisticated motion graphics for engineering projects, medical devices, futuristic telecoms, and more.

    Hurricane has worked with AXA, BMW, Cambridge University Press, Huawei, and many other brands.

    Hurricaine Media - Motion Graphics Agency

    15. Skylark Media

    From motion graphics and 2D animation to 2D visualisations, Bristol Video Production company Skylark Media can do it for you.

    The team knows how to tell stories in the most visually impactful way. Through animation and motion graphics, Skylark can help you achieve your goals within your marketing funnel.

    The team has collaborated with Atlantis Resources, EcoSurety, The University of the West of England Bristol, Forestry Commission, and more.

    Skylark Media - Bristol Video Production company

    Top Drone Video Production Companies

    16. The Drone Company

    The Drone Company is the go-to team when it comes to aerial filming and photography. They have the expertise and the equipment to help you create content your audience will love.

    They serve a wide array of sectors, including PR and advertising, construction, residential real estate, energy, and more. The Drone Company can shoot up to a height of 600 feet, and their creativity is limitless.

    Brands such as Virgin Media, Vodafone, Sky Sports, British American Tobacco, and more have worked with The Drone Company.

    The Drone Company - Video Production Agency

    17. Cloud Visual

    Cloud Visual consists of certified experts who can fly drones even in the most challenging and demanding environments. Using the latest equipment and technologies, they can help you produce content for brand marketing, editorial, construction projects, films, and more.

    Cloud Visual has worked with the BBC, Sky, Netflix, National Geographic, and other big names in the entertainment, film, and TV industry.

    Cloud Visual - Drone Video Production Company

    How Much Do The Best Video Production Companies Cost?

    You now know who the best video production companies are in the UK, but you might be wondering, how much do they charge?

    As you may expect, video production agency fees can depend on the output you’re looking to achieve.

    The typical formula to understand how a video production agency charges are:

    Team members required in the planning, shoot day & editing X their individual day rates + props/locations/talent = cost.

    Crew Member

    Day rate

    What do they do?

    Commercial DOP (Director of Photography)

    £650 – £2,000

    As the head of the camera department, a DOP works alongside the director to shoot the action.


    £400 –£800

    A videographer will capture all the footage whilst being supported by the director and creative assistant.

    Creative Assistant

    £300 – £400

    They control the set to ensure the shoot keeps on schedule and make sure the props and talent are all ready to go when required.

    Video Editor

    £300 – £750

    Watches, cuts, and places together all the footage from the shoot to create the final film.

    This can include video editing, animation, motion graphics & after effects.

    Drone Operator

    £500 – £1,400

    They’ll operate a drone with a camera on to capture aerial footage.

    Sound Technician

    £300 – £700

    Sound Technicians are responsible for recording and mixing all the sound on set.

    Video Production Output Prices

    1. eCommerce Product Video Production

      Price: £3,000 to £5,000

      Detail: Includes 1x day planning, 1-2 videos produced in a shoot day, plus 2-3 days editing.

      2. Explainer Video

        Price: £2,500+

        Detail: When launching a business, it’s important to explain your product or service in the most effective way possible, especially if it’s a new concept that not many people quite understand yet.

        An explainer video is a great way to educate your potential customers and show them why they need your product or service.

        3. TV Video Production

        Price: £10,000 to £500,000

        Detail: A full-scale video production for TV requires a higher quality of the camera, as well as the increased requirements it has for sets, talent, location and props.

        A business that’s still in the growth stage will be on the lower end of the fee, but the likes of Coca-Cola will have huge budgets to allocate towards large shoots.

        4. Corporate Video Production

          Price: £2,000 to £5,000

          Detail: Corporate videos are there to help you increase your lead generation or raise awareness of your business. This could include storytelling videos, interview videos or talking heads.

          Why Hire One of the Best Video Production Agencies

          Hiring a trusted video production agency can work wonders for your brand. It goes beyond the visuals and the wow factor. Videos done right can help your audience understand what your brand is all about. When you achieve that, you have an excellent foundation to increase engagement – and eventually trust and sales.

          At The Social Shepherd, we have a deep understanding of how social media works and can help you produce video content that can build virality, lower customer acquisition costs, and help bring more sales.

          If you need a trusted social media video production agency, schedule a call with our team and let us know how we can help you.

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