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Top 13 DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) Agencies in the UK (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 18 Mar 2024

Finding the perfect DTC Agency in the UK is no easy task.

DTC Agencies UK

When searching for one, you get 4,010,000 results.

We know it’s challenging to find a reliable agency that will actually give you results, as many of them give false promises.

This is why we’ve done all the hard work for you and put together a list of the Top D2C Agencies in the UK, so you only have to look at the options and pick the one that suits your business the best. No matter what industry you’re looking for, we’ve surely covered it.

Ready? Let’s get started.

What makes a Top DTC Agency

Let’s start by explaining what makes a top D2C agency.

This has been our criteria for putting together this list, and it should also be a checklist for you every time you consider working with a new agency.

Case Studies

There is no better proof of what they can do for your business than seeing what they’ve achieved for others. Also, keep an eye on clients in your same industry, as you can get a more accurate idea of the results they could achieve for you.

Channel Expertise

You cannot put all eggs in one basket, but at the same time, you need a team that understands every platform and how to optimise for the best results. Look at their certifications and case studies to learn more about the channels and platforms they have experience working with.


Making sure they know about your industry is key to achieving good results. Having a look at the clients they’ve worked with will give you an idea if they have previous experience with brands in the same industry.


Efficient communication is key, from proposal and intro call stages to regular status calls to know how your campaigns are doing and always stay updated.

Top DTC Social & Paid Ads Agencies

1. The Social Shepherd

The Social Shepherd - Social and Paid Ads agency

We're proud to say we're considered one of the best Social Creative and Paid Media Agencies for DTC brands in the UK.

Having won multiple awards across both Social and Paid, including:

  • Best Integrated Paid Media Campaign
  • Best Use of Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Best Direct Response Campaign
  • Best Large Social Media Agency in the UK

We've achieved Google Premier Partner status - the highest tier in the Google Partners program for our ability to drive success for our clients. This means we are in the top 3% of agencies participating in the Google Partners program in the UK.

Some of our notable clients we've seen massive growth with are Uniqlo, Passenger Clothing, Neptune, and Corston, amongst many others.

But how do we best help DTC brands?

Paid - We take a full-funnel approach to Paid Social and Paid Search to scale your brand and drive better efficiencies with your media spend. Not only that, but we have a Feed Optimisation service which drives a lot of growth for Shopping-based activity, as well as cheaper CPCs with our CSS on Google Shopping.

Creative - We have an in-house creative team that develops our clients with Paid creative with the production of new assets, editing existing assets and graphic design - all to drive better performance with your Paid activity. We also produce social-first creative for your organic channels.

Social - We help you build a social community and engage with them with tailor-made social-first content strategies.

- We create bespoke influencer marketing campaigns by choosing the most suitable micro and macro-influencers, social media platforms and types of content.

On top of all that, we're recognised as Meta and Google Partners, which gives us access to unique insights and beta tests.

So, if you'd like to know how we can maximise your DTC growth, then click the button below to get in touch with our team.

Please note: we work with brands with at least £100k+ a month in revenue.

Top DTC Development & Design Agencies

2. MadeByShape

MadeByShape is a web design agency based in Manchester. They offer branding, web development and SEO services and have worked with brands such as the BBC, Selfridges and us!

MadeByShape Top DTC Development & Design Agencies

3. Sozo

Sozo is an award-winning web design agency with offices in Cheltenham and London. They offer services like branding, website development for eCommerce brands and digital marketing services like SEO and PPC. They’ve worked with clients like Crestow House, Lapstone Barn and Locations London.

Sozo Digital - DTC Agency

4. Lilo

Lilo is a web development agency based in London that offers branding, web development and design, as well as SEO. They’ve worked with Moordale Foods, Marks & Spencer and Gorilla Totalsports, among many others.

Lilo Top DTC Development & Design Agencies

Top DTC Crowdfunding & Kickstarter Agencies

5. WowYourCrowd

WowYourCrowd is a video marketing & production crowdfunding marketing agency based in London. They’ve worked with clients like Barclays, Dolfi and Squawka, providing them with services like promotional video creation and editing, as well as crowdfunding video and marketing.

Wow Your Crowd DTC Agency

6. Paved With Gold

Paved With Gold is a crowdfunding and marketing agency based in Glasgow. They offer crowdfunding and coaching services to brands like Boxx, Litelok and Smoovie.

Crowdfunding & Kickstarter Agencies UK

Top DTC Transcreation and International Expansion Agencies

7. Transcreation Services 24

Translation Services 24 is an expert transcreation agency based in London. They offer different types of translation and localisation services for clients such as Nike, Universal Studios and UPS.

Transcreation Services 24 Top DTC Transcreation and International Expansion Agencies

8. DA Languages

DA Languages is an award-winning Manchester-based agency that offers translation, transcreation and localisation services. They’ve worked with companies like the UK Parliament, the British Red Cross and the BBC.

DA Languages Top DTC Transcreation and International Expansion Agencies

Top DTC Brand Launch Agencies

9. Launch

Launch is a brand launch agency based in Henley-in-Arden. They offer strategy, design and social services to help brands like Bacardi, Bentley and Bosch.

Launch DTC Agency

10. Brand Refinery

Brand Refinery is a crowdfunding, product launch and start-up marketing agency with offices in Great Malvern and a co-working office in London. They offer research, strategy and creative services for clients like Munster Rugby, OmniCX and Freschfield.

Brand Refinery Top DTC Brand Launch Agencies

Top DTC Digital Agencies

11. Digital Media Team

Digital Media Team is a digital agency based in Manchester focused on eCommerce brands. They offer services like digital marketing audits, SEO and email marketing to brands such as DeMellier, Missy Empire and Rebellious Fashion.

Digital Agencies UK

12. The Small Biz Expert

The Small Biz Expert is a digital marketing agency based in London that offers services like SEO, marketing consultancy and social for small businesses. They’ve worked with clients like Flaming Licks, La French Vodka and IMMO Property.

The Small Biz Expert Top DTC Digital Agencies

13. WeAreSocial

WeAreSocial is a global digital agency with offices across 13 countries. They offer strategy, creative production and media services and have worked with brands like Adidas, Samsung and Netflix.

We Are Social - DTC Agency

Why hire one of the best DTC Agencies?

Simply put, your brand deserves the best.

Making sure your brand is in the right hands will ensure a strong strategy, optimised creative and expected performance. Whichever your end goal is, choosing a D2C agency with enough experience and expertise is vital to achieving good results.

At The Social Shepherd, we have a proven track record of delivering campaigns that convert, always ensuring we choose the right platforms and create the right content for them.

So, if you’re looking for the best Social Creative & Paid Media Agency in the UK, then get in touch today with us at The Social Shepherd.

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