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Top 37 Wellness Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Marketing your brand in the wellness industry can be tough, but working with influencers has been proven to generate a considerable ROI, even up to 11 times the ROI than more traditional forms of digital marketing.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the top 37 wellness influencers in the UK, including the best yoga & meditation influencers and mental health influencers, who can help brands looking to tap into this market.

As a leading influencer marketing agency successfully working with clients across sectors, we have carefully selected each influencer based on their ability to engage their audience, their level of expertise in their respective field, and their impact on the wellness community. Our list includes influencers who have a strong following and engagement rate (ER), as well as those who have published books, hosted podcasts, and spoken at events.

Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

1. Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou


Instagram: 29.7K followers – ER: 1.29%

Isa-Welly is a registered Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach who takes a gentle and practical approach to movement, with a focus on Pilates, nutrition, and wellness. She helps women eliminate fatigue, gain energy, clarity, and confidence through consistent nutritional habits, and offers 1-2-1 and group coaching support. Isa-Welly has worked with well-known brands such as Adidas, Sweaty Betty, and Soho House, and has been featured in Vogue and Grazia.

Her signature workouts are a unique blend of cardio, Pilates, strength, and barre, accompanied by a killer playlist that will get your blood pumping and brow dripping. As a Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach, Isa-Welly is dedicated to helping people achieve holistic wellbeing through mind, body, and spirit alignment, making her an excellent choice for brands seeking an influencer who prioritises mental and physical health.

Isa-Welly Locoh-Dohou Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

2. Becca Watson


YouTube: 185K followers – ER: 1.88%

Becca Watson is a popular British YouTuber and influencer who is best known for her wellness and lifestyle content. Becca is recognised for her aesthetically pleasing and high-quality content that is both inspiring and motivational, as a nominee for the '22-'23 Scottish Influencer of the year - Beauty.

Becca is passionate about creating content related to productivity, daily routine, family, and new experiences. She started out doing singing covers on YouTube, but with time she transitioned to lifestyle content due to her love for consuming this kind of content. Becca's passion for creating videos is evident in the beautiful, cinematic quality of her content, which she edits herself using Final Cut Pro. Brands can work with Becca to promote their products to her engaged audience of wellness and lifestyle enthusiasts.

Becca Watson Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

3. Zanna Van Dijk


Instagram: 378K followers – ER: 1.03%

Zanna van Dijk is a London-based, Yorkshire-born personal trainer, content creator, and co-founder of the sustainable swimwear brand Stay Wild Swim. Zanna's content focuses on topics related to fitness, plant-based food, responsible travel, and the great outdoors. She advocates for a conscious lifestyle and endeavours to spread a responsible message, having presented a mini-documentary series with BBC Earth titled A Plastic Planet.

Zanna has worked with numerous tourism boards and is an ambassador for the Rainforest Alliance and Sea Shepherd, where she has spoken at Facebook, Google, The Telegraph and the United Nations about using social media for positive change. Zanna is also the co-host of the BBC podcast Fit & Fearless, became the first UK global ambassador for Adidas and has been named in Forbes 30 Under 30. As a well-known figure in the wellness industry, Zanna offers an excellent opportunity for brands interested in working with an influencer who prioritises ethical and sustainable practices.

Zanna Van Dijk Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

4. Steph Elswood


Instagram: 86.2K followers – ER: 2.03%

Steph Elswood is a London-based health and fitness advocate, professional dancer, and director of body confidence workshops called "Stay Sassy." She is the author of the e-book "Plant to Plate," the founder of sustainable brand "Sasstainable," and co-founder of the "Enough" app. With a refreshing approach to healthy eating and wellness, Steph focuses on sharing high-energy workout videos, fitness tips, recipes, and an honest outlook on life.

She has partnerships with global brands such as Adidas, BMW, Champneys, Herbal Essences, Holland and Barrett, Sky Sports, and is a European Ambassador for Nike Women and JD Women. Steph is also an ambassador for Girls Out Loud, an organisation that empowers and educates young girls. Steph has been featured in numerous health and fitness magazines, including Women’s Fitness, Hello! Magazine, Grazia, and Women’s Health. Steph's entrepreneurial prospects are beginning to blossom, and she continues to be a trusted voice and advocate of the sustainable community.

Steph Elswood Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

5. Ryan Libbey


Instagram: 233K followers – ER: 2.58%

Ryan Libbey is a fitness influencer, former Abercrombie & Fitch model and appeared in the E4 reality TV series, Made in Chelsea. He graduated from Cardiff Met University with a degree in Sports Biomedicine and Nutrition and launched his YouTube channel, where he shares content on health, fitness, lifestyle, travel, men's grooming, and food, and frequently features his partner Louise Thompson.

Ryan has partnered with various brands and companies such as Foreo and Volkswagen and has worked as a fitness ambassador and model for D.Hendral and Rugby Warfare. His travel adventures, sports excursions, and fitness content are regularly documented on Instagram, where he has amassed a strong fan base. Ryan's social media presence and dedication to fitness and health make him an ideal influencer for brands in the fitness, lifestyle, and travel industries.

Ryan Libbey Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

6. Carly Rowena


Instagram: 167K followers – ER: 1.00%

Carly Rowena is a wellness influencer and founder of the Moodment app. With a focus on self-love and healthy living, Carly inspires her audience to prioritise their mental and physical health. Her content includes useful training tips, advice on nutrition, exercise, and stress, and intimate details of her life, such as her pregnancy where she offers tips on how to exercise during pregnancy. Carly has worked with numerous global brands such as Nike, Spotify, Lonely Planet, and Disney, and is known for her positivity and creativity in creating content.

Through the Moodment app, Carly aims to provide a support system and community that encourages individuals to listen to their bodies and minds and to embrace all moods and emotions. Carly is an ideal influencer for brands looking to collaborate with a strong voice in the wellness and fitness space.

Carly Rowena Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

7. Victoria Niamh


Instagram: 129K followers – ER: 1.31%

Victoria Niamh is a wellness influencer and self-development coach who advocates for body confidence and breaking the stigma around mental health. Her near-death experience battling with Anorexia, Orthorexia, and Depression led her to use Instagram as a diary to document her recovery over the past six years. Victoria uses her platform to empower women to unconditionally own themselves and create their own idea of perfection. She is the founder of The Glow up Project, which inspires women to understand that the real glow-up is an inside job.

In addition to being an influencer, Victoria is a public speaker, having held workshops for groups ranging from 10 to 500 people. She has also hosted the BBC 5 Live Podcast Fit & Fearless and has experience speaking on various topics such as the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the workplace and finding body confidence in your teens. Victoria partners with brands to create fun and engaging content for campaigns and product launches, including collaborations with Under Armour, ST Tropez, Fabletics, Always, Method, and Graze. She is an ideal influencer for brands interested in promoting body positivity and self-acceptance.

Victoria Niamh Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

8. Adrienne Herbert


Instagram: 78.1K followers – ER: 1.74%

Adrienne Herbert is a wellness professional, international keynote speaker, podcast host, and author. Her weekly self-development podcast, Power Hour, has over 3 million downloads, and her book of the same title has been published by Penguin Random House. Adrienne is a leading influencer in the UK's wellness industry, focusing on the benefits of Performance Wellbeing to help individuals achieve personal and professional success. She is also the Director of Innovation at the UK’s leading fitness startup, Fiit.

Adrienne regularly delivers presentations and workshops for brands such as Apple, Barclays, and Microsoft, and she is currently helping brands redesign their wellbeing strategies to support the transition to hybrid and remote working. With an immaculate Instagram feed, Adrienne is a global brand ambassador for Adidas and a New Face of Wellness, named by the British edition of Vogue in May 2017.

Adrienne Herbert Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

9. Coral Goulding


Instagram: 61.9K followers – ER: 1.60%

Coral Golding, also known as Coral Pearl, is a wellness influencer who creates content on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, parenting, and health. Based in Brighton with her family, Coral is known for documenting her healthy lifestyle and habits, including her popular "5 am club" trend that many of her followers participate. She partners with a wide range of fashion and beauty brands, including Farfetch, Marks and Spencer, GHD, Organic Pharmacy, and Bare Minerals.

Coral is also a go-to source for health and wellness trends, working with supplement brands and wellness companies to provide tips on optimal wellness habits. Additionally, Coral offers advice on home-schooling her two daughters and partners with education platforms to bring the best learning at-home programs to her followers. Coral's Instagram feed is a breath of fresh air on the platform, with its neutral and soft colours, glam fashion, and healthy lifestyle inspiration.

Coral Goulding Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

10. Emma Louise


Instagram: 220K followers – ER: 1.65%

Emma Louise O'Neill is a wellness coach and Instagram influencer who inspires her followers with posts on healthy eating, gym routines, and modelling. She began her journey with a harmful combination of overtraining and undereating and decided to live a more balanced life by eating more and lifting heavy to maintain a fit and healthy body.

Emma is a sustainable fitness and wellness coach who offers personalised training programs, nutrition guidance, and meal suggestions on her website, The Flourish Method. As a representative and model for Gymshark and Women's Best Wear, Emma is an ideal partner for brands looking to collaborate with a wellness influencer.

Emma Louise Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

11. Gemma Merna


Instagram: 119K followers – ER: 1.47%

Gemma Merna is a dog mom, life coach, hypnotherapist, meditation and yoga teacher, personal trainer, and actress based in the UK. She is the founder of Mind and Wellness, which offers a broad range of movement and meditation videos for all ages and abilities, teaching individuals to take care of their minds like they do their bodies. The Mind and Wellness membership is a gym membership for the mind, providing tools for personal development, self-discovery, and achieving happiness, joy, and flow.

Gemma is passionate about personal growth and development, encouraging vulnerability and trying new things, and acknowledges that growth can be uncomfortable but ultimately rewarding. Gemma has launched a 30-Minute Yoga app, which includes instructional videos, tips, and techniques, making yoga accessible and easy to incorporate into daily life. Brands can work with Gemma via Mind and Wellness to help individuals achieve their best selves and fill their life toolbox with the skills needed to find happiness, joy, and flow.

Gemma Merna Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

12. Maddy Shaw


Instagram: 266K subscribers – ER: 1.29%

Maddy is a renowned wellness influencer and the founder of The Glow Space, a digital platform dedicated to yoga, nutrition, and meditation. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Maddy began her journey as a nutritionist and home cook before training as a yoga and meditation teacher. Her Sunday Times' Bestselling book, Get the Glow, has sold over 150,000 copies to date and remains the cornerstone of her philosophy and brand.

Maddy's mission is to help people achieve a holistic approach to their health by considering what they eat, how they move, and their mental health. She believes that incorporating these principles can produce the greatest results and make people glow from within. Maddy's The Glow Space offers a wide range of wellness resources that can help people find their flow at home, easily and cost-effectively. As a successful influencer, Maddy can help brands looking to collaborate on yoga, nutrition, and meditation-related content that aligns with her values and philosophy.

Maddy Shaw Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

13. Tally Rye


Instagram: 131K followers – ER: 1.51%

Tally Rye is a London-based personal trainer, fitness instructor, content creator, and author, who has become one of the leading voices in the global intuitive fitness movement. Tally's debut book, Train Happy, and her follow-up publication, The Train Happy Journal, were both highly successful and helped her audience improve their relationship with exercise and diet culture. Her content has inspired many to fall in love with moving their body and improving their overall well-being.

Tally's Train Happy podcast features many special guests, sharing their journeys to a positive relationship with fitness, food, and their bodies. Tally's goal is to help people rediscover a positive relationship with fitness, food, and their bodies by ditching diet culture and embracing intuitive movement. She offers tailored training to her clients and community to help them train happy, as she believes movement should be a form of self-care that people look forward to. Tally is an influencer, author, podcast host, cycling instructor, personal trainer, and passionate wellness advocate who is redefining fitness.

Tally Rye Top Wellness Influencers in the UK

Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

14. Ebru Evrim


Instagram: 60.3K followers – ER: 6.28%

Ebru is a yoga and Pilates teacher, social media influencer, and founder of Ebru Evrim yoga Pilates activewear studio, which is a membership-based state-of-the-art studio brand. She is a key figure in the global intuitive fitness movement and has consolidated her early classical Pilates teaching experience with a scientific Polestar Mat and comprehensive Pilates teacher training course in London.

Ebru's content inspires her audience to reconnect with their inner and outer selves through yoga, Pilates, and mindfulness practices, which help improve their relationship with exercise and their bodies. Her two studios offer over 50 different daytime and evening yoga and Pilates classes, workshops, and events led by highly qualified teachers. She also hosts retreats in the UK and abroad and has her own branded activewear range. Ebru's expertise and passion can help brands interested in working with her as an influencer.

Ebru Evrim Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

15. Lottie Murphy


Instagram: 70.8K followers – ER: 1.85%

Lottie Murphy is a London-based Pilates instructor, blogger and influencer who provides lifestyle tips to her followers. Her passion for Pilates has led her to create a wide range of online content, including Pilates routines, food videos, and vlogs on her YouTube channel. Lottie also organises fitness retreats and is sought after by major brands in the fitness, wellness, and fashion industries for influencer campaigns.

Lottie is a Body Control Pilates Level 3 certified instructor, who believes Pilates is for everyone and helps people discover the incredible physical and mental benefits of this practice. Lottie's content is technical, mindful, creative and fun, making it accessible to beginners and pros alike. Brands interested in working with a fitness influencer in the UK will find Lottie's impact to be worth exploring.

Lottie Murphy Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

16. Steffy Ashurst White


Instagram: 50.4K followers – ER: 1.75%

Steffy is a highly-accomplished yoga teacher who shares stories from the heart with her audience. Her passion for yoga and teaching shines through in all of her content, which includes sell-out retreats, fully booked classes in London, and an ever-growing online yoga platform. Steffy has studied extensively in India, amassing over 500 hours of study with her teachers, and is dedicated to sharing all that she has learned with others so that they can live healthier, happier lives.

She has high-profile students like Deliciously Ella and Madeleine Shaw, her own studio, and a branded yoga style on the horizon. Recently named London's number one yoga teacher to follow, Steffy is an excellent choice for brands looking to work with a highly respected and accomplished yoga teacher.

Steffy Ashurst White Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

17. Bryony Deery


Instagram: 101K followers – ER: 3.59%

Bryony is a London-based Pilates instructor who is passionate about helping her clients achieve transformative, long-lasting, and sustainable mind and body results. With over 10 years of personal Pilates practice and extensive training under Gaby Noble at Exhale Pilates London, Bryony's love for Pilates stems from the practice's ability to heal both the body and mind. As a teacher, she strives to create sessions that lengthen, strengthen, build flexibility, and ultimately help to heal both the body and mind, while also incorporating the six Pilates principles of breath, concentration, control, precision, centre, and flow.

Through her online platform, Pilates by Bryony, she offers a range of weekly live classes, an extensive on-demand library of classes, monthly challenges, live Q&As, wellness tips, and more. With her passion for plant-based recipes and workout inspiration, Bryony inspires her audience to prioritise their health and wellbeing. As a Pilates instructor, she can help brands in the wellness and fitness industries reach their audience and promote products or services that align with her values of transformative, sustainable wellness.

Bryony Deery Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

18. Emily Mouu


Instagram: 153.3K followers – ER: 3.22%

Emily Mouu is a yoga teacher and personal trainer, known for her expertise in yoga for athletes. Her collaboration with Nike for their yoga campaign saw her attending the London event for the #bestgetbetter campaign, creating an engaging video that showcased all aspects of the day. Emily's content ranges from fitness, yoga, and wellness to everything in between.

She has also worked with Alphalete, and her inspiring and authentic approach to content creation makes her an ideal partner for brands looking to work with a wellness influencer. Emily's passion for yoga, fitness, and overall well-being is apparent in all that she does, and her followers are continually inspired by her journey.

Emily Mouu Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

19. Charlie Follows


YouTube: 26.5K subscribers – ER: 7.20%

Charlie Follows is a yoga teacher from Staffordshire, UK, who aims to spread joy through movement with her playful approach to yoga. She offers online courses and challenges to help people develop their yoga practice, build strength and flexibility, and feel confident in their bodies.

As a self-taught yogi turned yoga teacher, Charlie knows how to develop an at-home practice and offers simple strategies, clear guidance, and accessible teaching. She is known for her tell-it-like-it-is approach and wants to help people explore and enjoy their yoga practice. Follow Charlie on YouTube and Instagram to learn more about her approach to yoga and achieve your goals with her help.

Charlie Follows Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

20. Katy Bath


Instagram: 109K followers – ER: 1.12%

Katy, the founder of Pilates by Katy, is a classically trained Pilates instructor with pre- and post-natal qualifications who believes in the transformative results that Pilates can bring to the body and mind. She founded her online Pilates studio to offer accessible Pilates classes for all, with her focus on helping people achieve strength, flexibility, and mobility, she has helped clients grow, achieve, and enjoy their practice.

Katy's passion for Pilates began after sustaining an injury and having a daughter, which led her to try Pilates and appreciate its benefits. Her love for the practice grew as she gained strength and balance while feeling energised. As a qualified Pilates instructor, Katy loves creating classes to help people start and progress their Pilates practice at home, and her virtual studio offers a convenient and effective way for people to experience the benefits of Pilates. Brands interested in partnering with Katy can expect to work with a dedicated Pilates expert who is passionate about helping people achieve transformative results through a balanced and uplifting practice.

Katy Bath Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

21. Hels


Instagram: 26.8K followers – ER: 1.13%

Hels is a mindful movement instructor and vlogger who shares free mindful movement classes for all through her website and YouTube channel, Well With Hels. She empowers her audience to move in a way that is true to their unique selves and to explore intuitive movement for improved overall wellbeing, from mood to muscles, from relieving stress to sleep. Her approachable, inclusive, and friendly teaching style, which draws inspiration from yoga, mobility, myofascial release, functional movement, and more, encourages her audience to fall in love with movement.

For brands interested in working with Hels, she can provide high-quality, inspiring content around health and wellness, fitness, and mindful movement. With her large and engaged audience, she can help brands to reach their target demographic and spread their message effectively. Hels is also open to collaborations, sponsorships, and product placements that align with her values and her mission to empower her audience to improve their overall wellbeing.

Hels Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

22. Tom Merrick


Instagram: 103K followers – ER: 2.64%

Tom Merrick, also known as "The Bodyweight Warrior," is a fitness influencer passionate about handstands, bodyweight movement, and flexibility. With over 9 years of training experience, Tom shares honest and practical guidance for developing bodyweight strength, flexibility, handstands, and more. He has immersed himself in research papers, books, podcasts, and seminars to experiment with different ideas and develop his physical and psychological strength.

Through his popular YouTube channel, Tom provides guidance and a starting point for individuals to achieve their fitness goals, whether they're just starting out, working on advanced skills, or wanting to build muscle. His unique approach combines bodyweight strength and mobility with the Jungian mature masculine archetypes, harnessing the warrior energy to provide the effort, focus, and awareness to effectively train and achieve goals. Tom's content promotes movement training, clean eating, flexibility, mobility, and general wellness.

Tom Merrick Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

23. Lin & Leo


YouTube: 26K subscribers – ER: 1.08%

Lin and Leo are experienced Iyengar yoga teachers who inspire their audience to find their true selves through yoga. With their online platform My Yoga Tutor, they offer set courses that help students establish greater mobility and relieve common ailments such as back pain. Their YouTube channel offers simple methods to help students progress with deeper awareness.

Lin and Leo welcome all levels and bodies to their yoga practice, whether to open and create space in the body, calm and relieve a tired mind, or tone and heal the body while nurturing the mind. They encourage their audience to discover what feels good in their body and to be the best they can be. Brands interested in working with Lin and Leo can tap into their expertise in Iyengar yoga, which emphasises precision and alignment, and their passion for helping students achieve greater mobility and overall wellbeing.

Lin & Leo Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

24. Sarah Malcolm


Instagram: 18.3K followers – ER: 2.28%

Sarah is an experienced online yoga teacher and founder of "At Home with Sarah", a virtual yoga studio that offers on-demand yoga practices suitable for all levels. Sarah believes that everyone has the tools within themselves to feel at home in their own bodies, and her platform aims to provide a space for her audience to navigate their emotions, find peace, and move intuitively with love. Her content ranges from recorded Zoom classes and posture breakdowns to slow flows, breathwork, hypnosis, and guided meditations, with something to suit everyone's needs.

Sarah is also the host of the podcast "Kitchen Club" where she discusses new recipes with her friend Serena, created with their guest’s 3 favourite ingredients. As an influencer, Sarah can help brands interested in working with her by sharing their products or services in her yoga practices and podcast episodes, offering her audience valuable recommendations for wellness products that align with her values.

Sarah Malcom Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

25. Tamara Jones


Instagram: 271K followers – ER: 1.77%

Tamara, also known as Tammyrara on Instagram, is a yoga teacher focused on helping her followers become stronger and more flexible through playful flowing sequences, creative mobility, and high-energy yoga fit workouts. She offers classes for all levels, from total beginners to intermediate and advanced, and provides guided meditations, yoga nidras, restorative classes, mobility exercises, and Yoga Fit workouts.

Tamara has recently launched a yoga and fitness app that offers access to all her yoga videos and tutorials online, making it easy for her followers to learn yoga at home. Brands interested in working with Tamara as an influencer can benefit from her engaged audience and her passion for inspiring people to move and take care of their bodies.

Tamara Jones Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

26. Hannah Barrett


Instagram: 355K followers – ER: 1.77%

Hannah Barrett is a London-based yoga teacher who is passionate about helping people transform their lives through yoga. With over 750 hours of yoga training and a focus on mindfulness, Hannah inspires her audience to thrive and find strength in everyday life. After experiencing a traumatic birth with her daughter and suffering from postnatal depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, Hannah turned to yoga to cope and regain her strength both physically and mentally.

Her journey inspired her to create the Hannah Barrett Yoga App, which offers accessible yoga classes suitable for people of all ages and abilities. With live classes, YouTube videos, Instagram content, and eguides and programmes, Hannah aims to share the incredible benefits of yoga with as many people as possible. Hannah's inspirational journey and dedication to her practice have been featured in various publications, including Women’s Health, The Telegraph, and Cosmopolitan.

Hannah Barrett Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

27. Adam Husler


Instagram: 92K followers – ER: 1.88%

Adam Husler is a London-based yoga teacher with thousands of teaching hours under his belt, having taught workshops, training, conferences, and classes in over 60 studios across 20+ countries. He specialises in alignment-based vinyasa yoga, bringing a unique perspective to his teaching method informed by his fascination with anatomy and his experience in the boxing ring, on ultra-marathon routes, and studying law. Adam's classes feature long holds, controlled yet dynamic movements, intelligent alignment, and deep exploration of depth in postures, all without dogma.

He offers creative, effective, and clearly-sequenced teachings that focus on balancing flexibility and strength, physically and mentally, while reminding all that an asana practice is a subjective experience. Adam also hosts the Honestly Unbalanced podcast with his wife Holly and teaches on their online platform, His classes and workshops are suitable for yogis of all levels and he seeks to challenge and reward his students on their journey of self-enquiry. Brands interested in working with Adam can benefit from his strong and engaged following on social media, as well as his experience in leading workshops and training.

Adam Husler Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

28. Shona Vertue


YouTube: 136K subscribers – ER: 1.17%

Shona Vertue is a former gymnast and dancer turned personal trainer, yoga teacher and mobility specialist. With her 12-week programme practised in 60 countries, a popular YouTube channel and a book, Shona is known for her expertise in fitness. She posts weekly home Vertue Method workouts and yoga sequences on her YouTube channel, designed to help people get stronger, leaner, fitter and more flexible without needing a gym membership.

Shona's approach is all about portraying the reality behind being big into fitness, and she encourages her followers to uplift their mind, body, and butt with the Vertue Method. Shona has successfully coached people into achieving their first front split and has trained David Beckham, who called her "the best". Brands interested in working with Shona can benefit from her expertise in fitness, personal training, yoga and mobility, and her ability to inspire and motivate her followers.

Shona Vertue Top Yoga & Meditation Influencers in the UK

Top Mental Health Influencers in the UK

29. Hannah Daisy


Instagram: 155K followers – ER: 1.28%

Hannah Daisy is an artist and occupational therapist based in Brighton who uses her popular Instagram account, @makedaisychains, to promote mental health awareness and self-care. As a survivor of mental illness and endometriosis, she understands the struggles of living with an illness or disability and aims to normalise and celebrate the small acts of self-care that are often overlooked.

Her "#BoringSelfCare" illustration series features drawings of everyday tasks like laundry, grocery shopping, and taking medications to show that self-care doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive. By encouraging her followers to celebrate even the smallest daily victories, Hannah hopes to expand their view of self-care and empower them to focus on their mental health. As an influencer, Hannah can help brands interested in promoting mental health and self-care by using her platform to share their message with her engaged audience.

Hannah Daisy Top Mental Health Influencers in the UK

30. Mari Stracke


Instagram: 49K followers – ER: 1.57%

Mari Stracke is a mental health advocate and writer, occasional stand-up comedian, and occasional actor. She blogs about mental health, her dating disasters, her creative obstacles, her insecurities, and her ongoing mission to make sense of it all. Mari's openness and honesty about her struggles with anxiety and PTSD have been instrumental in raising awareness about mental illness and de-stigmatising mental health issues. With a background in filmmaking, Mari enjoys working on stories that raise awareness and believes that sharing personal experiences of living with a mental illness through storytelling can be a lifeline for those who suffer in silence.

Mari is also a co-founder of Screen Lounge, which provides practical and fun workshops for fellow creatives. They keep their screen acting classes deliberately small, ensuring a cosy and intimate setting that includes plenty of one-on-one teaching. Brands interested in working with Mari can benefit from her experience and following as a mental health advocate and her work as a co-founder of Screen Lounge, which could be valuable to brands in the wellness and creative industries.

Mari Stracke Top Mental Health Influencers in the UK

31. Dr Julia Smith


Instagram: 1.3M followers – ER: 4.29%

Dr Julie Smith is a clinical psychologist, online educator, and bestselling author. She has devoted her career to helping people with their mental health struggles and making top-quality mental health education accessible online. With over a decade of experience working in the NHS and a thriving private practice, she has worked with a diverse group of clients, from school leavers to celebrities.

Dr Smith shares insights from therapy and psychology research on her TikTok and YouTube channels, covering topics such as confidence, motivation, mood, and anxiety. She also recently published her first book, "Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?", which spent four weeks at the top of bestseller lists. Dr Smith's extensive clinical training allows her to tailor therapy to suit the unique needs of everyone, and she is committed to helping as many people as possible thrive in their mental health journey. Brands interested in working with Dr Smith can benefit from her large following and expertise in mental health education.

Dr Julia Smith

32. Joshua Smith


Instagram: 176K followers – ER: 1.79%

Joshua Fletcher, also known as Anxiety Josh, is a psychotherapist and bestselling author who specialises in working with anxiety disorders. Having suffered from panic attacks, agoraphobia, health anxiety, and generalised anxiety disorder, Joshua has a deeper level of understanding beyond textbooks and training. He has since overcome his excessive anxiety and is passionate about helping others do the same. Joshua runs the "School of Anxiety" and offers a range of resources including "The Panic Pod" podcast, courses, and a newsletter.

Joshua inspires and educates his audience about mental health. As a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and an Anxiety UK-approved therapist, Joshua is a reputable figure in the industry and can offer tailored support to those suffering from anxiety. He also regularly shares his expertise on BBC radio and can provide valuable insights for brands interested in working with him as an influencer.

Joshua Smith Top Mental Health Influencers in the UK

33. Shivani Pau


Instagram: 126K followers – ER: 2.31%

Shivani Pau is a mental health influencer, podcast host, speaker, and founder of My Performance Planner. She is the host of "A Millennial Mind" podcast, which has been ranked in the top 1.5% globally, where she breaks down stereotypes and taboos through insightful conversations about mental health, personal development, productivity, and performance management. Shivani is passionate about inspiring and motivating different generations and aims to help individuals and organisations achieve their development goals through 1-2-1 executive coaching and workshops.

As an influencer, Shivani inspires her audience through her podcast, social media posts, and workshops to shift their mindset, improve their productivity, and manage their performance better. Shivani has worked with corporate clients such as McKinsey, AIG, and TSB, and further brands interested in working with her as an influencer can benefit from her expertise in coaching, personal development, and mental health to promote products or services that align with her values and mission.

Shivani Pau Top Mental Health Influencers in the UK

34. Roxie Nafousi


Instagram: 224K followers – ER: 1.57%

Roxie Nafousi is a self-development coach, manifesting expert, author, and ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation. As a well-known figure in the wellness world, Roxie is committed to transforming the lives of people who suffer from emotional and mental health issues, helping them to fulfil their potential. She hosts self-love and motivational workshops and events for major brands and is a regular speaker on wellness and mental health panels. Roxie believes it is never too late for something magical to happen and aims to inspire people to see that life is full of incredible surprises.

After years of living a hedonistic lifestyle in her early 20s, Roxie suffered from depression on and off for six years. Her journey to happiness began with the creation of her mental health toolbox. Roxie believes that learning to be resilient and happy is something that is developed in positive mental spaces. Roxie is truly motivated to encourage people to live the best life they can, chase their dreams, and unlock the infinite power that lies within them to create the life they truly desire. As an influencer, Roxie can inspire her audience to be the best versions of themselves and help brands interested in working with her promote mental health and wellness-related products or services.

Roxie Nafousi Top Mental Health Influencers in the UK

35. Nathan King


TikTok: 198.5K followers – ER: 1.16%

Nathan King is a former cocaine addict who has shared his journey to recovery on TikTok, in hopes of helping others who may be facing similar struggles. Over the course of a decade, Nathan spent over £400,000 on cocaine and used it every day, from morning until night.

However, he won the battle and became completely clean following a spiritual awakening during rehab. Nathan's story is an inspiration to those battling addiction, and he encourages others to seek help and talk about their struggles. Brands looking to work with an influencer who shares a powerful message of hope and recovery may find Nathan to be a compelling choice.

Nathan King Top Mental Health Influencers in the UK

36. Bobbie


TikTok: 295K followers – ER: 1.73%

Bobbie is a mental health influencer and wellbeing practitioner with a unique twist – she's a metalhead therapist who listens to heavy metal music. Through her social media presence, Bobbie inspires her audience to prioritise their mental health and seek therapy when needed. Her content is relatable and authentic, and often incorporates humour and pop culture references.

Bobbie's goal is to empower her followers to take control of their mental wellbeing and remove the stigma around seeking therapy. While she doesn't mention working with brands on her social media, her authentic and engaging content would make her an excellent influencer for companies in the mental health and wellness industry.

Bobbie Top Mental Health Influencers in the UK

37. Ro Mitchell


Instagram: 82.8K followers – ER: 15.53%

Ro is a mental health advocate who shares her experiences with anorexia recovery and life with anorexia on her social channels. Through her content, Ro encourages her viewers to be kind to themselves and provides insights into her journey to recovery. As a young influencer from the UK, she uses her platform to raise awareness about mental health issues and to encourage those who may be struggling to seek help.

Ro's inspiring and authentic approach to sharing her story has gained her a loyal following who appreciate her openness and honesty. Her platform can offer opportunities for brands interested in mental health and wellbeing to reach a young audience.

Ro Mitchell Top Mental Health Influencers in the UK

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