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Top 35 Lifestyle Influencers in the UK

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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Influencer marketing has taken the world by storm, becoming a crucial part of modern marketing strategies. According to a recent study, influencer marketing is worth over $16 billion globally, and its popularity is continuing to grow. Given the huge numbers and metrics involved, it's no surprise, as influencer marketing provides an effective way for brands to reach their target audience and build trust with consumers. This is particularly relevant for lifestyle influencers in the UK, who hold a great deal of influence over the purchasing decisions of their followers.

In this article, we're sharing the top 34 Lifestyle Influencers in the UK. We chose these influencers based on their impact and reach in the UK, as well as their engagement rates (ER), content quality, following, and overall influence in their niche. Whether you're a brand looking to partner with a lifestyle influencer or a follower looking for inspiration, you can expect to find a comprehensive list of the most engaging and inspiring social media names in the UK.

Let’s get started!

Top Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in the UK

1. Hattie Smith


Instagram: 460K followers – ER: 4.72%

Hattie has won over the hearts of many leading fashion, beauty, and family brands, appealing to a wide range of ages and audiences, including parents, women, and girls. In 2021, she was selected as an ambassador for H&M's Parenthood campaign and has made a big impact in the fashion industry with two successful collections in partnership with NastyGal.

Hattie continues to work with well-known brands like Loreal, F&F, Very, Gym Shark, and New Look and is also a proud ambassador for Pandora. Her notable achievements include appearing in Garnier's TV commercial alongside her sons, Otis and Marley.

Top Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in the UK Hattie Smith

2. Emily Diane Philpott


Instagram: 102K followers – ER: 2.68%

Emily Philpott is a well-known influencer on both YouTube and Instagram, with a fanbase that continues to grow. She has established herself through her stylish fashion content and personal vlogs, including a highly viewed series about her move to a new home. Her engagement rates on both platforms are higher than the average, reflecting the strong relationship she has with her audience. She has collaborated with prominent brands such as Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, Princess Polly, Jimmy Choo, Visit Abu Dhabi, I Saw It First, and Lounge, among others.

Top Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in the UK Emily Diane

3. Sophie Quickenden


Instagram: 276K followers – ER: 2.68%

Sophie's journey into social media started as a qualified therapist, but she has now established herself as a lifestyle, fashion, and skincare influencer. She regularly updates her Instagram with a glimpse into her busy life, including family moments with her son and boyfriend, Jake Quickenden. As she documents her pregnancy journey, Sophie provides her followers with insights into her experiences with parenthood.

An avid traveller, she shares her adventures abroad in places such as Thailand, Turkey, and Portugal. Sophie's Instagram also showcases her love for fashion, as she features an array of OOTDs and stylish outfit shots.

Top Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in the UK Sophie Quickenden

4. Alisha Lemay


Instagram: 173K followers – ER: 3.52%

Alisha is an influencer and has collaborated with the likes of PrettyLIttleThing, Missguided, Boohoo and ASOS, among others.

She is known for her modelling, fashion, lifestyle, and travel content. Alisha also shares a lot about being vegan and her love to travel.

Top Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in the UK Alisha Lemay

5. Charlotte Collins


Instagram: 29.7K followers – ER: 4.48%

Charlotte Collins is a versatile and dynamic lifestyle influencer with a vast experience in the fashion and media industry. As an editor for SheerLuxe, a YouTube presenter and a podcast host, Charlotte has a great understanding of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Her Instagram channel @charlotteleahcollins showcases her unique style and flair for fashion, making her an inspiring figure for her followers.

Brands interested in working with her can benefit from her extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and her ability to connect with her audience. With her expertise in broadcasting and commentating, Charlotte is well-positioned to help brands reach and engage their target audience in a meaningful way.

Top Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in the UK Charlotte Collins

6. Jessica Diner


Instagram: 75.1K followers – ER: 5.56%

Jessica Diner is a Content & Creative Director, helping women cut through the clutter to efficiently discover and purchase the right beauty products for them. The self-confessed dress-obsessed influencer is your go-to for beauty and wellness content.

Jessica is also the beauty and lifestyle director of Vogue and Editor at MiniVogue. She brings with her a wealth of beauty knowledge to her audience, as well as a passion for connecting followers with the perfect products for all their beauty needs.

Top Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in the UK Jessica Diner

7. Amelia Oliver


Instagram: 153K followers – ER: 7.53%

Beauty content creator Amelia Olivia has burst onto the UK makeup and skincare scene building a loyal following through her videos, which range from Get Ready With Me’s to Tips and Tricks style videos. All of this, coupled with Amelia’s naturally bright and bubbly personality, has placed her as a firm favourite among her followers.

Besides makeup and skincare, the influencer is big on lifestyle content. She has partnered with the likes of SpaceNK, Bondi Sands, Nivea, Maybelline, Lookfantastic, and Revolution Beauty London.

Top Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in the UK Amelia Oliver

8. Anna Brem-Wilson


Instagram: 39.2K followers – ER: 1.66%

Fashion and Lifestyle influencer Anna is a brand's dream to work with. Her feed is beautifully curated, and even when collaborating on a paid partnership, Anna goes that extra mile adding her chic aesthetic to create organic content. When it comes to being a mummy, fashion, lifestyle and interiors, Anna is your woman.

This year she was announced as a Brand Ambassador for Pandora and regularly works with household names such as; Next, Oasis, Levis and Beauty Pie, to name a few.

Top Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in the UK Anna Brem-Wilson

Top Lifestyle TikTok Influencers in the UK

9. Emily Miller


TikTok: 1.8M followers – ER: 6.19%

Emily Miller is a model, television personality and social media influencer based in London. Best known for her fun and rebellious personality after appearing on the second season of Netflix’s dating show Too Hot To Handle, Emily has amassed an incredibly large and loyal following across both Instagram and TikTok.

Emily’s TikTok page is full of hilarious skits with her friends, as well as jumping on the latest trends. Emily also enjoys sharing ‘Get Ready With Me’ style videos, where she shows her stunning makeup and stylish outfit for the activity ahead. Having already collaborated with many global brands and having a sensational following, Emily would be a great influencer to help boost your latest marketing campaign and gain exposure for your brand.

Top Lifestyle TikTok Influencers in the UK Emily Miller

10. Jamie Genevieve


TikTok: 320.7K followers – ER: 9.23%

To call Jamie Genevieve an influencer, or beauty guru, would be a massive understatement. The Scottish Makeup Artist & Digital Creator is a social media sensation who has amassed more than three million followers across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter.

She is the Founder of VIEVE, her very own beauty brand, which she says was 'born from an innate passion for artistry and a deep understanding of the positive impact makeup can have.’ The brand is backed by the investors behind Charlotte Tilbury, meaning the industry is taking note.

Top Lifestyle TikTok Influencers in the UK Jamie Genevieve

11. Ambar Driscoll


TikTok: 116.1K followers – ER: 17.99%

British Instagram star and model who's been repped by the Anti-Agency. She's worked with brands such as Converse, Adidas, ASOS, Nespresso, New Balance, Hollister, Superdry, and Schwarzkopf. She started modelling at 17 years old after winning her first modelling contract with the fashion brand, Missguided.

She is now the Founder of @bambycollective, a wellness community aimed at women, covering topics including body image, sex, relationships and mental health, encouraging others to learn about personal growth, how to be kinder to yourself and providing a place to make new friends.

Top Lifestyle TikTok Influencers in the UK Ambar Driscoll

12. Grace Shadrack


TikTok: 168K followers – ER: 11.67%

Grace Shadrack is the epitome of edgy street-style, known for her fashion-forward ensembles as one half of the iconic duo Grace and Grace. With her unique fashion sense, she has become a trendsetter among millennials and an inspiration to young girls.

Her social media presence, boasting a combined following of over 300k, is a haven for fashion enthusiasts. From expert styling to impeccable makeup, Grace gives careful consideration to every aspect of her content, resulting in beautifully executed posts. Her work has caught the eye of top fashion brands such as Superdry, Lounge, and Makeup Revolution, among others.

Top Lifestyle TikTok Influencers in the UK Grace Shadrack

13. Olivia Rose


TikTok: 149.3K followers – ER: 5.13%

Fashion and beauty content creator Olivia Rose is an influencer with a focus on affordable high-street fashion, gaining her a large following on social media. She regularly works with Topshop, H&M, Zara, Mango and Missguided, and uses video formats such as 5 Ways to Wear, Get Ready with Me and Weekly Vlogs. With her neutral palette and tonal looks, Olivia Rose’s style is achievable and relatable for her viewers and makes her one of the UK’s most successful vloggers.

As well as fashion, she has also branched out to include other topics in her videos, including mental health, relationships, wellbeing and life in the spotlight. With new fashion and styling videos every week, Olivia Rose’s following is always growing, and she is rapidly becoming a go-to source of information for people looking to change up their style without breaking the bank.

Top Lifestyle TikTok Influencers in the UK Olivia Rose

14. Lily Pebbles


TikTok: 26.2K followers – ER: 2.19%

We know content creator Lily for her authentic reviews and commentary on beauty, style, home, and food. She has been creating content for over a decade, cementing her reputation as a well-recognised and respected voice within the lifestyle content industry.

She is the co-host of the number one podcast At Home With and in 2018, Lily published her debut book The F Word: A Personal Exploration of Modern Female Friendship, providing readers with a helpful guide for creating and maintaining strong, positive and happy friendships with women. Lily has collaborated with Charlotte Tilbury and The White Company.

Top Lifestyle TikTok Influencers in the UK Lily Pebbles

15. Emily Jane Johnston


TikTok: 90.7K followers – ER: 1.78%

Emily invites her audience to travel, shop, dress, and eat with her around the world. She’s also contributed to several publications, including Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine UK, Stylist Magazine, Hello Magazine, Time Magazine and The Week.

Emily’s also a columnist for The Telegraph in the UK. Over the years she’s collaborated with prestigious brands such as Ralph Lauren, Coach, Hermes, Michael Kors, Mercedes-Benz, Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic, Victoria’s Secret, River Island, Marks & Spencer and many more. It’s fair to say she’s taken the digital world by storm!

Top Lifestyle TikTok Influencers in the UK Emily Jane Johnston

16. Sammi


TikTok: 78.3K followers – ER: 10.96%

Samantha Maria has been in the industry for a decade and speaks to a dedicated audience of two million. Sammi’s relatable, warm and genuine commentary captivates her audience, through her videos around beauty, lifestyle and now parenting to other more hard-hitting content.

Sammi’s platform has quickly become a place to encourage open conversation with her 'Girl Talk' series, uniting the voice of her audience on topics such as finance, pregnancy, mental health and sustainability. Besides that, she regularly posts her daily outfits and favourite London spots, also covering motherhood, self-development, home decor, and travel.

Top Lifestyle TikTok Influencers in the UK Sammi

17. Anastasia


TikTok: 34.4K followers – ER: 1.04%

Anastasia is a creative fashion influencer, bringing her love for style and aesthetics to TikTok via her channel @nasaestheticss. Based in London, Anastasia showcases her outfits and street style in visually stunning ways, captivating her audience with her eye for detail and ability to create unique, on-trend looks.

She offers creative direction, styling, and photography services, showcasing her versatile talents on both her TikTok channel and Instagram page. Brands interested in working with Anastasia can expect to reach a highly engaged audience with a passion for fashion, as well as access to her expertise in creative direction, styling, and photography.

Top Lifestyle TikTok Influencers in the UK Anastasia

Top YouTube Lifestyle Vloggers in the UK

18. Kate Hutchins


YouTube: 192K subscribers – ER: 2.29%

Kate Hutchins is a London-based influencer and content creator sharing all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Working with brands such as New Look, Bare Minerals and TAG Heuer, Kate shares fashion and beauty from high-street to high-end.

She vlogs everything from red-carpet film premiers to horse riding, and from travelling across the world to buying and decorating her first home. Across Kate’s channels, you will find content from her life in London, from fashion and beauty to lifestyle, styling a mix of aspirational and attainable fashion to create everyday looks. She is often testing out new make-up and skincare and loves to recommend the products which make it into her daily routine.

Top YouTube Lifestyle Vloggers in the UK Kate Hutchins

19. Chloe Rose Moutter


YouTube: 75.3K subscribers – ER: 1.16%

Chloe is a London-based lifestyle influencer and YouTube vlogger who shares a passion for style inspiration, beauty tips, and interiors. Her YouTube channel @Allchloerose is a reflection of her personal style and interests, offering a glimpse into her daily life and updates on her Georgian-style home renovation.

As a student of Interior Design, Chloe brings a unique perspective to her content, providing her followers with style inspiration and beauty tips while also showcasing her love of interiors.

Top YouTube Lifestyle Vloggers in the UK Chloe Rose Moutter

20. Amelia Liana


YouTube: 514K subscribers – ER: 0.65%

Amelia Liana is a renowned influencer in the beauty and lifestyle space. Her YouTube channel, filled with beauty tutorials and vlogs, is paired with her Instagram, which showcases her love for luxury fashion. Amelia's content includes unboxing videos, makeup tutorials, shopping expeditions, travel vlogs and more, all featuring her charming, natural style.

She has worked with fellow creators, such as Estee Lalonde, on videos. With a magnetic personality and an unwavering passion for her work, Amelia has inspired countless women with her fashion tips and advice. Boasting a massive global following and a distinct style, she is a prime choice for influencer marketing campaigns and brand partnerships.

Top YouTube Lifestyle Vloggers in the UK Amelia Liana

21. Freddy Cousin-Brown


YouTube: 1.16M subscribers – ER: 0.23%

London-based lifestyle influencer Freddy Cousin-Brown covers fashion and beauty, and travel. As a blogger at Freddy My Love, she focuses her attention on her YouTube and Instagram channels. Known for her pastel aesthetic and love for anything pink, Freddy is a Victoria's Secret Ambassador and has worked with brands such as Daniel Wellington, Clinique, Guess, Kate Spade, Tangle Teezer, Ted Baker and Disney.

Taking to YouTube, Freddy shares her love for all things fashion. From hauls, luxury must-haves and wardrobe clear-outs to sharing current trends and try-ons, Freddy is the ultimate fashion influencer. A keen traveller, Freddy also documents her trips and holidays across all of her platforms, including her blog. Often sharing travel guides, Freddy captures the beauty within every country she visits.

Top YouTube Lifestyle Vloggers in the UK Freddy Cousin-Brown

22. Josie


YouTube: 534K subscribers – ER: 0.55%

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creator Josie launched her blog Fashion Mumblr back in 2013, a place that quickly became focused on inspiring women to live colourfully, elevating everyday style into effortless fashion. Josie recently moved to the Cotswolds, allowing us to peek into her new country lifestyle where she documents her day-to-day to her large audience.

Josie’s aspirational style and elegance are adored by her close-knit community – and we’re not surprised – who doesn’t love small dogs, macaroni cheese and shiny things?

Top YouTube Lifestyle Vloggers in the UK Josie

23. Suzie Bonaldi

@Suzie Bonaldi

YouTube: 452K subscribers – ER: 0.20%

Suzie beauty content has evolved into fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and interiors. Her most recent launch, podcast, ‘Thirty Something Drama Queen’ with weekly uploads every Monday, takes deep dives, offering honest, unsolicited advice to help navigate the wild ride of adult life.

Having built a loyal following across her YouTube, two Instagram accounts, blog and TikTok, her love for timeless wardrobe staples, quality beauty products and luxury accessories has caught the attention of global brands, including ASOS, GHD, Farfetch, Monica Vinader and Jimmy Choo. Suzie’s honest approach and choice to only work with brands she truly loves, has gained the trust of her audience, many of whom take purchase recommendations from the award-winning content creator’s fashion and beauty reviews across all platforms.

Top YouTube Lifestyle Vloggers in the UK Suzie Bonaldi

24. Lizzy Hadfield


YouTube: 166K subscribers – ER: 0.57%

As a fashion blogger from up North living in London, Lizzy Hadfield has earned a dedicated following for her signature ‘smasual’ style. Documenting her everyday outfits in street-style shots on her Instagram and blog, her eye for casual and classic pieces has won her a dedicated following.

She captures the must-have looks on the streets and the shows of some of the best British designers, including Preen, Osman and Henry Holland.

Top YouTube Lifestyle Vloggers in the UK Lizzy Hadfield

25. Liv Woolridge


YouTube: 57K subscribers – ER: 0.34%

Liv Woolridge, the social media personality and lifestyle influencer, has created a strong following on Instagram and musical.ly. With a passion for acting, singing and dancing, Liv inspires her audience through her unique content that showcases her many talents and creative pursuits. As an influencer, she is a versatile talent that can bring energy and excitement to a variety of projects.

Brands looking to work with Liv will benefit from her creative eye and her ability to connect with her followers, making her an excellent choice for campaigns that are looking to reach a diverse, engaged and enthusiastic audience.

Top YouTube Lifestyle Vloggers in the UK Liv Woolridge

26. Emma Louise


YouTube: 258K subscribers – ER: 1.54%

Emma is a vlogging personality who has gained fame for her emmaxolouise YouTube channel. Her lifestyle, productivity, fashion, and beauty vlogs have helped her amass a loyal base of subscribers.

Emma’s your average teenage girl who enjoys making a variety of videos – giving you productivity, lifestyle, and fashion advice and motivating you to be your better self. She even creates viral content on studying tips!

Top YouTube Lifestyle Vloggers in the UK Emma Louise

Top London Lifestyle Influencers in the UK

27. Sophie Milner


Instagram: 195K followers – ER: 1.30%

London-based fashion and lifestyle blogger, sharing her videos on personal style, new trends, fashion hauls, and even a bit of beauty.

She is an award-winning UK fashion and beauty blogger, and Instagram influencer who lives in London. She is a co-host of the podcast @privatemessagepodcast.

Top London Lifestyle Influencers in the UK Sophie Milner

28. Gemma Talbot


Instagram: 82.3K followers – ER: 1.52%

Gemma Talbot is a UK Fashion Blogger based in London. She is a Co-host of the podcast @privatemessagepodcast.

Her content covers daily outfit inspo, 5 ways to wear & morning story chats. Gemma even hosts a virtual book club @book_clubinthecity.

Top London Lifestyle Influencers in the UK Gemma Talbot

29. Ruby


Instagram: 45.3K followers – ER: 4.64%

Ruby is a creative director and digital content creator based in London who focuses her quality content around hotels and unique experiences. Not to mention, she’s a freelance model and wellness expert.

She’s worked with iconic brands such as Ryanair, Aperol Spritz, Penhaligons, Vitabiotics, Fairfax & Favor, Crabtree & Evelyn, Elizabeth Arden, Nyetimber, Russell Hobbs, ESPA, Bombay Sapphire UK, Goldwell UK, Fentimans – to name a few! Her work has been featured in various publications, including Travel, Beauty, Food and Lifestyle magazines.

Top London Lifestyle Influencers in the UK Ruby

30. Tania B


Instagram: 58.5K followers – ER: 1.15%

Tania is a spiritual girlie, self-lover, and solo traveller, empowering women to feel street & start soul-aligned businesses.

She shares life lessons and what it took to leave her influencer career behind and move to Bali to start a sustainable clothing brand and write a book. Tania sprinkles in topics that include mindset change, mental health and spiritual growth tool that helped me create the best life she’s ever had.

Top London Lifestyle Influencers in the UK Tania B

31. Robyn Poppy


Instagram: 34.3K followers – ER: 2.15%

Robyn Poppy is a London-based lifestyle influencer who is passionate about sustainability and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Through her Instagram channel @robynpoppy, she showcases her unique perspective on fashion and photography and inspires her audience to think about the impact of their purchases on the planet.

As a photographer, Robyn Poppy captures stunning visuals that bring her message to life and encourages her followers to join her in making a positive impact. Brands interested in working with Robyn Poppy can tap into her expertise in sustainable living and her influence to promote eco-friendly products and practices.

Top London Lifestyle Influencers in the UK Robyn Poppy

32. Jess


Instagram: 103K followers – ER: 3.07%

Jess has always been a bookworm ever since she was a teen. She reads widely across all genres, though I do have a special place in her heart for speculative fiction (science fiction/fantasy/everything in between), and so her blog is mostly dedicated to my latest reads with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in.

When she’s not being a literary and lifestyle guru, Jess shares content on culture, fashion, and beauty.

Top London Lifestyle Influencers in the UK Jess

33. Olivia


Instagram: 185K followers – ER: 1.51%

Rising to fame with her blog, What Olivia Did, Liv Purvis is a popular influencer specialising particularly in lifestyle, fashion and beauty. Liv is passionate about sharing content on a variety of topics, from her favourite recipes to vintage fashion and travel guides, Liv’s online space is a one-stop-shop for all of your needs.

Liv has an Instagram feed full of swoon-worthy snaps of holidays, trips and days out, as well as documenting what she gets up to with friends and family. With a keen interest in fashion, Liv is known for her love of vintage finds, often sharing her favourite pieces in a series of OOTDs and detailed outfit shots. She is also the founder of The Insecure Girls’ Club, a space for women and girls to embrace their vulnerabilities and empower themselves. Also, a podcast host, Liv navigates her way through millennial life, discussing the latest trends and topics.

Top London Lifestyle Influencers in the UK Olivia

34. Alice Tate


Instagram: 26.1K followers – ER: 2.24%

Alice Tate is a full-time PR Manager, contributor to the likes of Grazia, The Pool and Refinery29 (to name a few!) and founder of Flash Anthology, her personal blog, which ranges from recipes to city guides and adventures to beauty reviews to fitness tips.

She started in the fashion industry before learning that the canapés were too small. Now, she spends her days scoping out London's best eateries and drinkeries doing what she does best – getting excited! She also works as Head of PR at The Hoxton and is also known for her home renovation content.

Top London Lifestyle Influencers in the UK Alice Tate

35. Angela Coomey


Instagram: 55.2K followers – ER: 2.58%

Angela Coomey is a digital creator based in London, who loves to share with her audience everywhere she goes, where she eats and other lifestyle bits.

She is a photography passionate and always manages to get the best angles of cities like Bath, Edinburgh and Balfast, as well as many countries abroad. On her captions, she mixes culture, quotes and personal messages to connect with her audience.

Top London Lifestyle Influencers in the UK Angela Coomey

Why Work with the Best Lifestyle Influencers in the UK?

Working with lifestyle influencers in the UK can bring a multitude of benefits to brands, including increased brand exposure, engagement, and revenue. As much as 92% of consumers trust recommendations from influencers more than any other form of advertising. By partnering with a reputable lifestyle influencer, brands can tap into their followers' trust and loyalty.

At The Social Shepherd, we are a dedicated Influencer Marketing agency that offers talent research, management, and strategy for a wide variety of brands. Our team has extensive experience in the industry and a deep understanding of the UK influencer landscape, so you can trust that we'll connect you with the best lifestyle influencers for your brand. Whether you're looking to reach a new audience, increase brand awareness, or drive sales, our team is here to help you reach your goals.

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