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Top 37 Fashion Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 23 Feb 2024

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to swiftly grow your brand online and increase awareness among your target audience.

Forbes claims that influencer marketing, which emphasises leveraging an industry leader's followers to drive growth in your brand, is expanding faster than digital advertising. And there's no wonder, given that data shows that businesses are making an average of $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing, with the top 13% of businesses seeing $20 or more revenue for every $1 spent.

At The Social Shepherd, we are an Influencer Marketing agency focused on getting results – meaning we source and manage the best UK fashion influencers and social media creators to grow and enhance your marketing efforts and your bottom line.

From streetwear to sustainable fashion to luxury and designer influencers (and everything in between), we know how to harness the value of top influencers in the UK across all the major social media platforms – just ask the fashion brands we've worked with, like Uniqlo.

To make choosing the right fashion influencer in the UK whose style works best for your brand, we've put together a complete list based on their key social media channels and the value they offer to businesses and through their social media following and Engagement Rate (ER).

Top Women's Fashion Influencers

1. Samantha Maria


Instagram: 453K followers – ER: 1.2%

Fashion, style content creator and beauty guru and the co-founder of the clothing brand Novem & Knight. Samantha is the go-to girl within the blogosphere for personal style inspiration, relatable chats, daily outfits, lookbooks and beauty advice.

She always includes some affordable, accessible items – while also having a love and appreciation for the odd designer piece or accessory too, honing a relatable yet inspiring brand.

Top Women's Fashion Influencers - Samantha Maria

2. Lydia Rose


Instagram: 2.8M followers – ER: 0.59%

High-street fashionista Lydia Rose gained a devoted following thanks to her recognisable styling videos. Fashion Influx is the place to go if you're seeking beauty tips, stylish styling lookbooks, or shopping hauls.

Lydia has teamed up with some of the world's top companies, such as Oh Polly, ASOS, Gymshark, and Very, to mention a few, to demonstrate the different ways you can style your wardrobe.

Top Women's Fashion Influencers - Lydia Rose

3. Maja Malnar


Instagram: 1.4M followers – ER: 2.02%

With more than ten years of experience in the fashion industry, including roles as a model, stylist, consultant, brand ambassador, and creative director, Maja Malnar is a multi-award-winning influencer and entrepreneur from Slovenia.

Well-versed in six languages and playing a prominent part in Botanical Beach Babes growth, Maja has established herself as a key figure in revolutionising the brand and its presence in the industry.

Top Women's Fashion Influencers - Maja Malnar

4. Victoria Magrath


Instagram: 1.3M followers – ER: 0.86%

Victoria Magrath is a brand strategist and content creator with a diverse range of skills, but she is arguably best known for her well-liked fashion and beauty platform, In The Frow.

The style, beauty, and lifestyle blogger and vlogger was awarded the Company Magazine Best Personal Style Newcomer Blogger Award in 2013 and the Company Magazine Best Personal Style Blogger Award in 2014.

Top Women's Fashion Influencers - Victoria Magrath

5. Noorie Ana


Instagram: 121K followers – ER: 3.35%

Noorie Ana is a digital creator and UK fashion influencer who inspires her online community. Her elegant style is the focus of her social media presence as a fashion enthusiast. Noorie brings to life her experiences as a London girl who often finds herself travelling by giving her followers style and lifestyle advice.

Her daily style represents her personality and exudes a strong sense of feminine elegance and confidence. Noorie exudes luxury with ease thanks to her impeccable sense of style.

Top Women's Fashion Influencers - Noorie Ana

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Top Men's Fashion Influencers

6. Rowan Row


Instagram: 1.7M followers – ER: 1.16%

UK-based fitness and fashion enthusiast, highlighting his fashion sense and love for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He has also dabbled in dancing, modelling, and becoming a fitness and diet instructor.

He describes his style as 'simple but significant'. When thinking of creating new content, he always tries to put himself in his audience's shoes. His blog, YouTube, and social channels primarily focus on fashion, fitness, grooming, and lifestyle while sharing aspects of his life with his followers. Rowan won in the Fashion Category of the Influencer Awards 2018, Monaco.

Top Men's Fashion Influencers - Rowan Row

7. Sem (dapperclassic)


Instagram: 106K followers – ER: 1.07%

Dapper Classic is a daily style diary sharing sartorial tips and building classic outfits with suits, jackets, shirts, ties, and shoes to keep men looking sharp and sophisticated for any occasion.

Top Men's Fashion Influencers - Dapper Classic

8. Ali Gordon


Instagram: 711K followers – ER: 1.23%

Men's lifestyle and fitness blogger known for captaining his self-titled blog and Instagram, where he has cultivated a balance of fitness tips, food ideas, grooming routines, and travel adventures on his incredibly popular blog.

Throughout his blogging career, he has been sponsored by companies such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Land Rover and more.

Top Men's Fashion Influencers - Ali Gordon

9. Charlie Irons


Instagram: 86K followers – ER: 1.59%

Charlie has established a strong social media presence amongst some of the virtual world's biggest male lifestyle influencers. Providing fashionable insight and unique lifestyle tips for men globally, he successfully becomes one of the voices of male beauty across his social media platforms.

A bible for fellow male fashionistas, his blog, Man About Town, offers a variety of lifestyle advice on topics including grooming, fitness, travel, fashion, and food. His social media profile has allowed him to work with some of the biggest brands in the lifestyle sector, such as Puma, Joop, Gant, Ecco Shoes, and Aspinal.

Top Men's Fashion Influencers - Charlie Irons

10. Matthew Spade


Instagram: 84K followers – ER: 1.93%

Matthew Spade is a Blackpool-based British fashion and lifestyle content creator, writer, stylist and editor of the everyday design appreciation account @bestofpackaging.

He's an enthusiastic and hardworking influencer with a positive outlook on life, creating content within the men's lifestyle, travel, and design industry.

Top Men's Fashion Influencers - Matthew Spade

Best Streetwear Fashion Influencers

11. Emma Hill


Instagram: 833K followers – ER: 0.20%

Style guru known for her blog showcasing fashionable outfits. Emma’s personal style and streetwise fashion have earned her an ever-growing social media fanbase.

In addition to her blog, she has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs, hauls, and lookbooks.

Best Streetwear Fashion Influencers - Emma Hill

12. Alicia Roddy


Instagram: 1.4M followers – ER: 1.00%

Alicia Roddy is a fashion model and Instagram influencer with a strong love for all things leopard print and nude/beige toned, where her carefully curated outfit photos have earned her more than a million followers.

She’s attended London Fashion Week and Coachella, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see her on the runway soon. She’s worked with In The Style, Pretty Little Thing, Missy Empire and many more.

Best Streetwear Fashion Influencers - Alicia Roddy

13. Hannah CocoBeautea


Instagram: 1.6M followers – ER: 0.82%

Hannah Desai, a.k.a. Cocobeautea, is a luxury fashion and lifestyle designer who is considered one of the original UK fashion bloggers. Hannah focuses on everything from high-end fashion to Scandi Highstreet and super stylish lifestyle companies. Her ultra-modern look is her trademark.

Hannah, who has gained millions of fans across all her platforms, continues to experience significant growth on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube with a young, female-skewing audience. She has collaborated with brands including Viktor & Rolf, ARKET, & Other Stories, Claudie Pierlot, Origins, Missoma, Theory, and GHD, thanks to her effortlessly chic style.

Best Streetwear Fashion Influencers - Hannah CocoBeautea

Best Luxury & Designer Fashion Influencers

14. Eleanor Calder


Instagram: 3.5M followers – ER: 0.94%

Eleanor Calder has always been one for delivering the content on her Insta from her day-to-day life, walking her dog to rocking the best leather jackets and some of the comfiest and trendiest fashion. She constantly produces some of the most relatable content, winning her an adoring fanbase.

Best Luxury & Designer Fashion Influencers - Eleanor Calder

15. Lydia Millen


Instagram: 1.2M followers – ER: 1.75%

Fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and travel vlogger best known for her YouTube channel and blog, Lydia posts a range of different fashion and beauty videos on her YouTube channel.

Her blog is sponsored by the fitness dietary supplement company PhD Woman. She has also worked with brands like Urban Outfitters, Wildfox, Missguided, and more.

Best Luxury & Designer Fashion Influencers - Lydia Millen

16. Lillie Lexie


Instagram: 528K followers – ER: 0.80%

Fashion designer and stylist who created her clothing line called LILY-BEAU London. Lillie is also a reality star and has appeared on Ex On The Beach and briefly on Celebrity Big Brother.

Best Luxury & Designer Fashion Influencers - Lillie Lexie

Best Sustainable Fashion Influencers

17. Ella Louise


Instagram: 147K followers – ER: 0.78%

A sustainable fashion designer who handcrafts all the products she sells. Ella’s label is completely unique to itself, rejecting the unethical ways of many popular clothing brands.

Her passion is elongating the life of materials we already have on this earth and using them to create something new and useful – to produce unique, eclectic, and expressive pieces ethically and sustainably in as many different methods as possible.

Best Sustainable Fashion Influencers - Ella Louise

18. Penny & Nikki


Instagram: 19K followers – ER: 0.57%

Nikki and Penny moved from London to rural Rutland, instantly finding their common ground as mums and lovers of fashion. Their fashion blog Styleinthestix features pics of their daily style inspired by their beautiful surroundings.

They encourage an open dialogue about style choices for women with their inspiring sustainable fashion decisions using the countryside as their moving background.

Best Sustainable Fashion Influencers - Penny & Nikki

19. Izzy Manuel


Instagram: 13K followers – ER: 5.02%

Izzy’s Instagram showcases her creative eye, her fun style, and the way she stands strong to her values around sustainability. She is working to make ethical and sustainable fashion accessible and fun.

Izzy is your sustainable and ethical fashion go-to who loves a bit of dopamine dressing.

Best Sustainable Fashion Influencers - Izzy Manuel

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Best London Fashion Influencers

20. Jenny Mustard


Instagram: 116K followers – ER: 1.48%

Fashionista and vegan food blogger Jenny Mustard started her own fashion and lifestyle blog with the mission of helping the minimalist in leading a maximal existence.

She co-owns a YouTube channel with her longtime partner where they discuss living a minimalist lifestyle and provide recipes and health tips that are vegan. Jenny started the clothing website MIND THE MUSTARD in 2011.

Best London Fashion Influencers - Jenny Mustard

21. Arone Cross


Instagram: 129K followers – ER: 3.32%

Arone brings his passion for classy, suave style to his audience, helping people regain their self-confidence thanks to his makeover methods and advice based on self-esteem.

Best London Fashion Influencers - Arone Cross

22. Sophie Milner


Instagram: 196K followers – ER: 1.02%

London-based fashion and lifestyle blogger, whose space is for videos on personal style, new trends, and fashion hauls.

Her website 'Fashion Slave' was shortlisted to win Best New Fashion Blog in the Cosmo Blog Awards in 2014. That same year, she received the Felicity Green Award for Fashion Journalism.

Best London Fashion Influencers - Sophie Milner

23. Nadia Anya


Instagram: 674K followers – ER: 0.57%

Nadia Anya is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger, Instagram influencer and YouTuber. She has an impressively loyal following on both Instagram and YouTube, where she shows off her incredible style.

Forever oozing style and simplicity, the ever-chic Nadia Anya has crowds of loyal followers who love to see her crisp and clean looks and chic aesthetic. On YouTube, Nadia Anya's subscribers eagerly await her vlogs, try-on hauls, and outfit inspiration videos.

Best London Fashion Influencers - Nadia Anya

Best Instagram Fashion Influencers

24. Modelmouth


Instagram: 771K followers – ER: 1.97%

Model and fashionista who uses her modelmouth Instagram account to model different outfits of the day and seasonal picks. She often shares shopping hauls from brands like Everlane and ASOS.

Best Instagram Fashion Influencers - Modelmouth

25. Lydia Tomlinson


Instagram: 1.3M followers – ER: 1.22%

YouTuber known for posting style content. Her Lydia Tomlinson channel is a guide to maximising your wardrobe using key pieces you already own. She is big on ‘style, not fashion’.

Best Instagram Fashion Influencers - Lydia Tomlinson

26. Efe Efeturi


Instagram: 163K followers – ER: 0.94%

Efe is a London-based creator of menswear and lifestyle content specialising in classic silhouettes and intelligent design. Men of many ages may genuinely relate to the different yet cohesive style he expertly presents.

He stands out for his innovative use of colour and contrast, offering his audience daring yet approachable style combinations. He has modelled for some of the largest companies in Britain, including M&S and Boden. He is currently becoming an Instagram sensation in his own right, thanks to his signature stylish look.

Best Instagram Fashion Influencers - Efe Efeturi

27. Lorna


Instagram: 1.4M followers – ER: 1.70%

If you’re clued up with the world of fashion blogging and influencing, chances are you’ve already heard of Instagram star Lorna Luxe.

She’s certainly a busy woman —releasing summer collections with the likes of fast fashion brand In The Style and collaborations with makeup brand MAC hitting shelves.

Best Instagram Fashion Influencers - Lorna

28. Naomi Ross


Instagram: 1.4M followers – ER: 1.70%

Naomi is a published fashion model and social media influencer who is recognised for working with major label brands such as Paul Smith and Burberry.

She was also featured in a campaign for Hello Magazine x Boden Clothing and has modelled for Ralph Lauren.

Best Instagram Fashion Influencers - Naomi Ross

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Best TikTok Fashion Influencers

29. Kate Hutchins


TikTok: 271K followers – ER: 4.52%

Kate Hutchins is a London-based influencer and content creator sharing all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Working with brands such as New Look, Bare Minerals and TAG Heuer, Kate shares fashion and beauty from high-street to high-end.

Her content includes high-street and high-end daily outfits, beauty must-haves and lifestyle inspiration.

Best TikTok Fashion Influencers - Kate Hutchins

30. Carl Cunard


TikTok: 3.6M followers – ER: 8.68%

Carl Cunard is a men’s fashion and lifestyle Blogger, Model, Youtuber, Instagrammer and Social Media Influencer who is an expert on showcasing the best trends in men’s clothing, fashion fits, and styling tips to make the ‘everyday man’ look and feel his best.

He dominates the men’s fashion, lifestyle, grooming and makeup market, working with several distinguished brands such as PacoRabanne, Elf Cosmetics, Topman and Braun.

Best TikTok Fashion Influencers - Carl Cunard

31. Eyal Booker


TikTok: 749K followers – ER: 0.54%

Curly-haired model who has worked with brands such as Adidas and Bang+Strike. He has contracts with Full Circle Models Cape Town, Brick Models, Nevs Models, and W Model Management. He participated in the fourth season of the dating competition show Love Island in 2018.

Eyal modelled in fashion campaigns before beginning his television career for major companies like Puma, Adidas, and Bed Head. Since then, he has worked on more projects with L'Oréal, Topman, Cadbury's, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Fossil. Eyal is a real artist with a knack for photography. He enjoys having the chance to produce gorgeous content and makes sure that his work is always genuine and interesting.

Best TikTok Fashion Influencers - Eyal Booker

32. Rachel Ward


TikTok: 430K followers – ER: 5.25%

Rachel Ward is an experienced Product Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel and fashion industry, which is reflected in her extremely well-created style inspiration posts.

Best TikTok Fashion Influencers - Rachel Ward

33. Francesca Perks


TikTok: 145K followers – ER: 12.61%

Francesca Perks is a Manchester-based Instagrammer and TikTok influencer unafraid to be authentic herself. A self-proclaimed extroverted introvert, she lets her “muckers” into her wardrobe and home with her daily videos.

Francesca challenges beauty standards and breaks the rules of “plus-size dressing”, with a sprinkling of mental health natter and throwing in some DIYs for good measure.

Best TikTok Fashion Influencers - Francesca Perks

Best YouTube Fashion Influencers

34. Jordan Lipscombe


YouTube: 1.8M subscribers – ER: 4.09%

Jordan is recognised as one of the top fashion and beauty influencers in the UK. Her committed and engaged following loves her unique, high-quality content. Her fans adore her for her endearingly genuine nature and are in awe of both her incredible makeup talents and unique sense of style.

As one of the most popular YouTubers in the space with some of the highest engagement and top-performing sales for fashion brands in the UK, Jordan has worked with some of the biggest brands, including the likes of Lullabellz, Utan, Beauty Works, Nasty Gal, Primark and Missguided.

Best YouTube Fashion Influencers - Jordan Lipscombe

35. Roksana Janiszewska


YouTube: 4.6M subscribers – ER: 5.47%

Best known as a Polish-British YouTuber, Roxxsaurus, uploading DIYs, makeup, and fashion-related video content.

She works hard to stand out from the crowd of makeup artists on YouTube, creating a unique niche for herself. Roksana makes content about fashion, dresses, outfits, hairstyles, makeup, eyeliner, and product reviews.

Best YouTube Fashion Influencers - Roksana Janiszewska

36. Emily Canham


YouTube: 1.2M subscribers – ER: 4.87%

Leading influencer in the areas of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, Emily Canham's channels have grown incredibly quickly, thanks to her commitment to them. She became the L'Oreal Paris Digital Makeup Ambassador because of her obsession with everything fashion and beauty.

Emily's mostly known for her fashion, beauty, and travel content, as well as her hauls. In fact, her famous John Lewis returns haul went viral.

Best YouTube Fashion Influencers - Emily Canham

37. Amelia Liana


YouTube: 508K subscribers – ER: 3.32%

Amelia has established herself as one of the most prominent beauty influencers in the world by ascending to the top of the lifestyle and beauty tree. Amelia has established herself as one of the most dynamic choices for influencer marketing campaigns and brand endorsements. She is an excellent brand influencer with a large worldwide following and a distinctive flair.

She mainly posts unboxing videos, shopping trips, makeup tutorials, beauty advice, and travel vlogs on YouTube, where her appeal and natural charm have won her fans and led to collaborations with brands like Estee Lalonde.

Best YouTube Fashion Influencers - Amelia Liana

Why Work With the Best Fashion Influencers in the UK?

So why work with a top UK fashion influencer?

In 2022, 93% of marketing professionals integrated influencer marketing into their marketing mix. Influencer-related activity grew by 26% in the last year alone, as more than two-thirds of marketers consider influencer marketing a strategic priority.

If you're looking to take advantage of this growth, expected to continue as more businesses recognise the value of using influencers to promote their brand, then it's time to work with a leading Influencer Marketing agency in the UK.

The Social Shepherd has a dedicated Influencer Marketing team that offers talent research, management, and strategy for a wide variety of brands. We are the results-driven Social first agency that you've been looking for.

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