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Top 25 Car & Automotive Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

In the car and automotive industry, it's important to stay ahead in the influencer marketing race.

By the end of 2023, the influencer marketing industry is expected to reach $21.1 billion globally, growing more than a third since 2022.

Moreover, influencer marketing is proven to attract customers who don't just browse — they buy. A third of marketers say they see the biggest ROI from Instagram influencer marketing.

Now just imagine the impact those stats can have when it comes to high-value luxury items, like cars and automobiles.

At The Social Shepherd, we're committed to getting clients the best influencer marketing results, no matter the industry. In this article, our in-house social media experts have curated the ultimate list of the 25 best car and automotive influencers in the UK based on content quality and engagement rate (ER).

Using this list, you'll be en route to finding the best car and automotive influencer for your brand, helping you engage with the right audience and expand your reach to new heights.

Top Instagram Car Influencers

1. Sid North


Instagram: 39.9k followers, 30.53% ER

TV stunt driver Sid seamlessly transitions his skills to social media. He’s dominating Instagram’s car and automtovie space with nearly 40k Instagram followers, and his YouTube channel enjoys similar success.

Expect high-speed cars, action-packed races and flawlessly executed stunts like jumps, drifts and slides.

Sid North Top Instagram Car Influencers

2. Classic Car Girl


Instagram: 35k followers, 13.39% ER

Classic Car Girl offers the pinnacle of retro cars worldwide. Her interest began at an automobile event in Paris. From there, she was hooked.

A few years later, she launched her Instagram page to document her adventures as a car enthusiast. From global events to private collections, her account is a must-follow for nostalgia-seeking motorheads.

Classic Car Girl Top Instagram Car Influencers

3. Michael Terry


Instagram: 32k followers, 8.59% ER

UK car Instagrammer and YouTuber Michael Terry shares 'drive with me' videos, POV driving clips, car mods, accessories and more. Watch dramatic car transformations, including refurbs, cleaning, installations and modifications, and discover advice on affordable cars in the UK.

Michael Terry Top Instagram Car Influencers

4. Benedict Fowler


Instagram: 17.3k followers, 3.05% ER

Based in the South West, 24-year-old car collector Benedict is more than just a car influencer; he's a digital entrepreneur. His Instagram is packed with luxury car photos, videos and reviews.

He founded Fowler Digital, a web and IT agency in the Cotswolds. And he hosts 'The Road To Success' podcast, where he talks about cars, inside a car.

He's also an investor, runs e-commerce stores, owns a property company, and even manages his own fisheries. No wonder he needs fast cars – he's a busy guy!

Benedict Fowler Top Instagram Car Influencers

5. Elliot


Instagram: 16.5k followers, 14.01% ER

Elliot, a film producer and TV director, is a car enthusiast working in the UK and US. Combining his passions, his Instagram is famous for breathtaking car photography and videography, featuring luxury hypercars, road-legal racecars and the occasional priceless classic.

Elliot Top Instagram Car Influencers

6. Max Eisner


Instagram: 13.9k followers, 2.55% ER

London-based car enthusiast Max shares the motorhead lifestyle, luxury automobiles, exquisite car photography and a penchant for Porsches.

His snaps from UK car events showcase collections of shiny, bright supercars (predominantly Porsches) that captivate car lovers like moths to a flame.

Max Eisner Top Instagram Car Influencers

Top Instagram Bike Influencers

7. Baron Von Grumble


Instagram: 69.9k followers, 4.35% ER

Self-proclaimed 'quite grumpy' Baron Von Grumble is dedicated to superbikes, retro classics, racing photos, sports bikes and cross-country motorbike adventures. His Instagram features gripping superbike racing snaps and motorcycle adventures across Europe and beyond.

He also has a website, 44teeth.com, providing more content, advice and reviews on the latest motorbikes.

Baron Von Grumble Top Instagram Bike Influencers

8. Kealey


Instagram: 41.8k followers, 7.77% ER

Kealey vlogs about her life as a girl riding motorbikes. Her Instagram bursts with tips, product recommendations and positive encouragement for beginners and women following the same path. This includes POV videos, Q&As and more.

Kealey Top Instagram Bike Influencers

9. Conor O’Donnell


Instagram: 26.9k followers, 14.09% ER

Conor's curated content on motorbikes, menswear and travel establishes him as the quintessential male lifestyle influencer. Expect product recommendations, motorbike accessories and FOMO-inducing bike setups.

Conor openly shares how his love for motorbikes emerged from battling neuropathy in both feet since age 13. He thought driving wouldn’t be possible, but on motorbikes, not only was it feasible, but it brought him excitement, joy and a newfound sense of freedom.

Since then, he's blended his passions for driving, photography and videography by travelling across the UK with his wife capturing Insta-worthy locations.

Conor O'Donnell Top Instagram Bike Influencers

Top TikTok Car Influencers

10. Mat Watson


TikTok: 640.5k followers, 7.92% ER

Mat Watson, Chief Content Officer at carwow, reviews cars to help millions of drivers find their ideal vehicle through helpful comparison videos and by connecting them with trusted dealers nationwide.

On TikTok, Mat offers sneak peeks of upcoming cars and in-depth guides on vehicle features and designs, providing real insights for drivers making that all-important purchase.

Mat Watson Top TikTok Car Influencers

11. Nath Foster


TikTok: 402.5k followers , 21.06% ER

Petrol heads rally to Nath’s account for firsthand footage of cross-country road trips in cutting-edge supercars, complete with behind-the-scenes coverage of running costs, breakdowns and other adventures.

Nath speaks to the content creator demographic too, providing guides on photography and content creation for aspiring car influencers.

Nath Foster Top TikTok Car Influencers

12. Abigayle


TikTok: 144.2k followers, 3.52% ER

For quick-fire car and automotive advice, Abigayle offers tips on buying a car, vehicle finance, insurance, MOTs and more. Her channel also features detailed car reviews and updates on UK driving legislation to keep viewers informed about the market and rules of the road.

With 145K+ followers and 2.8M+ likes, She Talks Cars includes Q&As with automotive celebs like Richard Hammond. Abigayle also has a dedicated following on Instagram, Facebook and her newsletter, where she provides even more automotive insights.

Abigayle Top TikTok Car Influencers

13. Jamie Stewart


TikTok: 120.6k followers, 31.52% ER

Car enthusiast Jamie has built a sizable TikTok following, offering a glimpse into some of the wildest car builds and mods worldwide. His page showcases cherrypicked car build videos from around the globe, complemented by his commentary on specs, mods and the astonishingly fast (and often loud) results.

Jamie Stewart Top TikTok Car Influencers

14. @Ledorscars


TikTok: 62.5k followers, 14.80% ER

Car enthusiast @Ledorscars started posting car reviews on TikTok, and it all took off from there.

Since then, he’s expanded into content around detailed car specs, comparisons, luxury collections and peeks into the car parks of the wealthy. Meanwhile, his 'bargain buy' videos resonate with TikTok's younger car enthusiasts looking for speed and style on a budget.

Ledorscars Top TikTok Car Influencers

15. Archie Hamilton


TikTok: 57.2k followers, 4.93% ER

Archie's content both entertains and educates. Alongside his playful videos on car mods, builds, specs, reviews, comparisons and racing, he provides insightful advice for safe driving and compliance with road legislation. His content even features collaborations with local police departments explaining the dos and don'ts of the highway code, car mods, number plates and more.

Archie Hamilton Top TikTok Car Influencers

16. Sam


TikTok: 52.3k followers, 12.74% ER

Sam from Seen Through Glass knows that cars, coffee and travel make the perfect trio — that’s what his whole TikTok page is about!

Watch Porsches cruising across Austrian vistas and supercars overlooking Monaco's seafront. Sam knows how to travel in style, and if the cars don’t prove that already, his travel and lifestyle content featuring luxe hotels, restaurants and even yachts certainly does.

Sam Top TikTok Car Influencers

17. Armagan


TikTok: 21.9k followers, 27.64% ER

Armagan makes waves on TikTok with humorous content about 'What your car says about you', playfully poking fun at car owner stereotypes. He also shares build quality tests, car features, recommendations and firsthand experiences.

Armagan Top TikTok Car Influencers

Top TikTok Bike Influencers

18. Laura Mills


TikTok: 229.7k followers, 5.68% ER

Laura showcases her Yamaha MT07 adventures on TikTok, sharing her experiences as a female motorcyclist traveling worldwide. She covers everything from interactions with locals to the logistics of crossing borders on a bike.

Laura Mills Top TikTok Bike Influencers

19. Nightshift Rider


TikTok: 133.9k followers, 2.24% ER

Nightshift Rider shares hilarious moments from his life as a motorcycle enthusiast. His page is packed with amusing mishaps, driving commentary, vlogs and motorcycle tips.

Nightshift Rider Top TikTok Bike Influencers

Top YouTube Car Influencers

20. Steph Hoy


YouTube: 48.7k followers, 3.11% ER

Steph from I Drive A Classic explores vintage automobiles from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond. She reviews these retro gems, highlighting unique and unusual classics, such as the world's smallest car, the Peel P50.

Steph Hoy Top YouTube Car Influencers

21. Gary Mavers


YouTube: 19.7k followers, 6% ER

Gary Mavers is another classic car buff who, although new to the YouTube scene, has gained significant online traction. His dramatic before-and-after videos have propelled his channel to success.

Launching his channel in 2022, Gary has already rallied 19K+ followers and a healthy 6% ER. His content centres around detailed restoration guides that lead car enthusiasts through vintage classic maintenance, rebuilding and refurbishing.

Gary Mavers Top YouTube Car Influencers

22. JayEmm & Friends


YouTube: 13.6k followers, 4.76% ER

Born from two other successful YouTube channels, JayEmm On Cars and SPORTZNTOURING, JayEmm & Friends offers a blend of car news, biking safety, travel, road trips, rare collector's cars and automotive meet-ups. It gives viewers an inside look into the lifestyle and interests of the JayEmm & Friends team.

JayEmm & Friends Top YouTube Car Influencers

Top YouTube Bike Influencers

23. Freddie Dobbs


YouTube: 108k followers, 2.27% ER

Prepare for a hearty dollop of bike envy with some wanderlust on top. Freddie Dobbs’ YouTube is the place for, ‘travel, motorcycles, cars, beautiful places, coffee spots, great roads and interesting people’ — every motorhead’s dream!

From Indonesia to Africa, Freddie shares stunning videos of his global adventures, including deep-dive vlogs, breathtaking videography and tips for bikers on the road.

Freddie Dobbs Top YouTube Bike Influencers

24. Saffy Sprocket


YouTube: 25.9k followers, 2.73% ER

Saffy Sprocket, an award-winning YouTube biker based in the North West, shares comical and entertaining motorcycling adventures across the UK and Europe.

Her vlogs offer a lighthearted take on the challenges of long-distance biking, covering breakdowns, maintenance, solo travel, camping and more. Saffy also shares bike, product and accessory recommendations to help fellow motorcyclists on their own adventures.

Saffy Sprocket Top YouTube Bike Influencers

25. Project Moto


YouTube: 13.5k followers, 4.29% ER

Project Moto is your destination for in-depth motorbike reviews. Get a detailed look at bike specs and features, including immersive POV experiences of rides through the UK countryside.

Other popular content includes motorbike unboxing videos, showcasing the excitement of revealing each shiny new model, and track days with the Project Moto team.

Project Moto

Why Work With the Best Car & Automotive Influencers in the UK?

Influencer marketing is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a must. In 2023, 89% of marketers are increasing investment in this area.

If you’re not doing so already, working with a top UK car and automotive influencer — such as the ones mentioned in this article — could be the missing string on your marketing bow.

Engaging a specialist agency, like The Social Shepherd, can streamline the process.

Our dedicated Influencer Marketing Team specialises in talent research, management and strategy for a wide variety of brands, including clients in the car and automotive sector. Having won Best Large Social Media Agency in the UK (2023), we're the results-driven social-first agency that you're looking for to find the best UK car and automotive influencers for your brand.

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