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Top 35 Food Influencers in the U.S.

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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

According to a recent report, 60% of American brands are teaming up with at least ten influencers to amp up their marketing game. The idea is simple: more influencers, more reach, and a bigger impact on their campaigns. The report also revealed that 21% of brands collaborate with 10 to 50 influencers, while 16% are going big, activating around 50 to 100 influencers for their campaigns.

At The Social Shepherd, we're all about results. As a top Influencer Marketing agency, our mission is to connect you with the best food influencers and social media creators across the U.S., ensuring your marketing efforts hit the bullseye.

Whether you're in the food business or any other sector, we've got the know-how to squeeze out the maximum potential from top influencers, just like the stellar results we achieved for brands such as Godiva and Very Lazy.

To make your life easier in picking the right food influencer for your brand, we've whipped up a comprehensive list, categorized by the social media platforms they rock and the value they bring to American food businesses.

So, it's time to get scrolling and follow these top 35 U.S. food influencers. They're your ticket to a scrumptious slice of inspiration that could take your business game to the next level!

Top Vegan Food Influencers U.S.

1. Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram


Instagram: 1M followers

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, aka "FullyRaw Kristina," is a prominent figure among U.S. vegan influencers. With an 18-year vegan journey under her belt and a mission to cultivate a fruit orchard in Hawaii, she's a compelling advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Kristina offers online programs and recipes through her app, making her a valuable partner for promoting vegan brands.

Her focus on health, healing, and compassion aligns perfectly with vegan values. She believes in food as medicine and its transformative abilities for mind, body, and spirit. Collaborating with Kristina can help vegan brands tap into her extensive following and her commitment to a healthier, more abundant life.

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram Top Vegan Food Influencers U.S.

2. Kiki Nelson


    Instagram: 177k followers

    Kiki Nelson, the author of "Plantifully Lean," is a dynamic author and speaker who champions the benefits of a plant-based diet. Her journey to shed 70 pounds through this lifestyle is a testament to its effectiveness. Kiki's expertise centers on weight loss and its maintenance, offering practical insights and delicious, healthy plant-based recipes.

    Her book, "Plantifully Lean," delves into plate-building techniques to accelerate weight loss and overcome plateaus. It includes a comprehensive 28-day meal plan, essential prep-day strategies, and over 125 of her most popular weight-loss recipes. Kiki Nelson's knowledge and personal experience make her a valuable asset for promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet.

    Kiki Nelson Top Vegan Food Influencers U.S.

    3. Amanda Le


      Instagram: 405k followers

      Amanda Le's health philosophy is beautifully simple: feel your best by nourishing your body with fresh, natural, and unprocessed foods. Her journey began in March 2014 when she transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. Amanda's journey led her to embrace a diet rich in nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables with a touch of healthy fats. The shift to veganism transformed her relationship with food, bidding farewell to empty calories, cravings, and mindless snacking.

      Amanda's passion for this lifestyle inspired her to create a space for sharing plant-based recipes, promoting healthy habits, and chronicling her experiences. Her Instagram, which initially served as a personal accountability tool, blossomed into a platform for spreading the message of intuitive, healthy eating. Amanda's hope is that, regardless of your dietary path, you'll find inspiration and valuable takeaways from her website.

      Amanda Le Top Vegan Food Influencers U.S.

      4. Courtney Lopez


        Instagram: 32.2k followers

        Courtney Lopez is a driving force behind Know Your Produce. With a deep-rooted family passion for produce, Courtney and her team specialize in creating healthy, delicious recipes that feature fresh, seasonal produce. Their recipes are not only tasty but also easy to prepare, making them perfect for getting kids involved in the kitchen while emphasizing a diet rich in fruits and veggies.

        They also share valuable insights into nutrition and the benefits of the featured produce. Courtney can be a valuable resource for brands looking to promote their produce-related products, showcasing the versatility, deliciousness, and health benefits of their offerings.

        Courtney Lopez Top Vegan Food Influencers U.S.

        Top Chef Influencers U.S.

        5. Omnivorous Adam


        Instagram: 238k followers

        Meet Omnivorous Adam, a culinary creator hailing from Chicago, Illinois. His culinary journey started as a private chef after a series of restaurant gigs, including stints on food trucks and odd jobs. Over the past six years, his skills have flourished, catering events, interning at Michelin-starred restaurants, and cooking for A-list celebrities.

        For businesses, Adam is an ideal collaborator to promote their brand. With his unique journey, he brings authenticity and relatability to the table. His dedication to culinary expertise and a passion for food-related videos can help brands connect with a wide audience and tell a compelling story about their products or services.

        Omnivorous Adam Top Chef Influencers U.S.

        6. Sonny Hurrell


          Instagram: 284k followers

          Sonny Hurrell's culinary odyssey kicked off at the young age of 16, serving his inaugural dish to a hungry customer in 2004. With a hunger for culinary excellence, Sonny honed his skills in a dozen restaurants worldwide. His journey led him to establish a private cooking venture before a strategic pivot to social media during the pandemic, solidifying his presence online.

          Whether you're a home cook looking to elevate your skills or a business seeking to enhance your brand, Sonny's expertise and journey exemplify the qualities of a "Master in the Making." His wealth of culinary experiences and his transition to the digital realm position him as an ideal collaborator for businesses looking to connect with audiences who appreciate the art of cooking.

          Sonny Hurrell Top Chef Influencers U.S.

          7. Keyshawn Hudson


            Instagram: 962k followers

            Keyshawn Hudson's culinary journey began over a year ago when he discovered his passion for cooking and the joy it brought to those he shared his creations with. He quickly translated this love into online content, dedicated to his culinary dreams.

            Now, as Chef Keysh, he's a dynamic and enthusiastic young talent, dedicated to delighting people's palates with delicious food, captivating presentation, and an infectious smile.

            For businesses seeking to engage with an audience that appreciates passion and a fresh perspective on culinary arts, Chef Keysh is a promising partner. His vibrant journey showcases a dedication to culinary excellence and the potential to create a mouthwatering connection between your brand and the target audience.

            Keyshawn Hudson Top Chef Influencers U.S.

            Top Food Recipe Influencers U.S.

            8. Aaron Maternowski


            Instagram: 1.2M followers

            Aaron Maternowski, a social media luminary, is renowned for his captivating food-related content on Instagram. With a substantial following of over 3.4 million fans, he excels in creating engaging videos showcasing homemade recipes and step-by-step guides on food preparation.

            His talent shines through in crafting posts that feature mouthwatering dishes and instructional how-to's. Beyond his digital expertise, Aaron's background in football at the University of Wisconsin underscores his commitment and dedication.

            For businesses aiming to boost their online presence, Aaron's influence and knack for creating visually appealing food content are a valuable asset. Collaborating with him can effectively promote your brand or product, reaching a wide and enthusiastic audience through Instagram and resonating with those seeking culinary inspiration.

            Aaron Maternowski Top Food Recipe Influencers U.S.

            9. Christopher Smith


              Instagram: 87.2 followers

              Christopher Smith has an impressive track record in sales and marketing spanning over 11 years and boasts a portfolio of exceeding sales targets, leading high-performing teams, and developing impactful campaigns. His robust communication and negotiation skills have nurtured strong client relationships, and his results-driven approach has been the cornerstone of his career achievements.

              In addition to his corporate prowess, Christopher's talent for crafting remarkable food content on social media shines through his Instagram handle, "Meatlicious." This dual expertise in sales and content creation positions him as a potent asset for food brands. Collaborating with Christopher means leveraging a seasoned professional who can effectively bridge the gap between marketing strategies and mouthwatering content.

              Christopher Smith Top Food Recipe Influencers U.S.

              10. Miguel Raya


                Instagram: 1.2M followers

                Miguel Raya is the face behind the delightful world of daily recipes and cooking videos and brings a fresh and relatable perspective to the culinary scene. While not a professional chef, his passion for cooking exceptional food is evident in every post. Miguel's journey began five years ago with a humble BBQ attempt that sparked his culinary quest.

                Originally from Mexico and now residing in California, Miguel's diverse background and family-oriented approach resonate with a broad audience. For businesses seeking to promote their food brands, Miguel's authentic and relatable content can serve as a powerful channel. Collaborating with him allows brands to connect with an engaged and diverse audience, leveraging his passion for cooking and family values to enhance brand recognition and trust.

                Miguel Raya Top Food Recipe Influencers U.S.

                11. James Brown


                  Instagram: 1.9M followers

                  James Brown, a BBQ enthusiast and a proud U.S. veteran, is on a mission to unite people through the joy of grilling. He cherishes the memories of family gatherings around the grill during his childhood and continued this tradition when he joined the Navy. Grilling wasn't just about food; it was about bonding and creating lasting memories.

                  His passion for grilling evolved into a career as he shared his expertise on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

                  James offers an authentic connection to a diverse audience, emphasizing the value of coming together and making memories, perfectly aligning with brands seeking to promote their grilling or food-related products. Collaborating with James can leverage his passion for grilling to enhance brand engagement and recognition.

                  James Brown Top Food Recipe Influencers U.S.

                  12. Danielle Cochran


                    Instagram: 300k followers

                    Danielle Cochran, a recipe creator and brand ambassador, specializes in crafting delectable gluten-free and dairy-free recipes. Based in North Carolina with her husband and rescue dogs, Stitch and Tank, Danielle's culinary passion extends worldwide, with Italy as her go-to dining destination and Australia for thrilling adventures.

                    Her love for food, entertaining, and crafting cocktails with her husband fuels her joy for hosting friends and family. Her gatherings are legendary, as her friends humorously inquire if they can finally eat or if she needs more pictures.

                    For businesses looking to promote food products, Danielle's expertise and engaging content provide a valuable resource. Her ability to create delectable, dietary-conscious dishes resonates with a wide audience, making her a strong advocate for enhancing brand recognition and encouraging culinary exploration.

                    Danielle Cochran Top Food Recipe Influencers U.S.

                    13. Kiley O’Donnell


                      Instagram: 247k followers

                      Kiley O'Donnell, a passionate advocate for health and wellness, brings her deep interest in nutrition and a sporting background to her journey. Her focus on living a wholesome life and maintaining a well-balanced diet has driven her to assist others in their pursuit of health.

                      With an active lifestyle, Kiley not only works out intensively but also shares her experiences through her wellness-focused Instagram page. This platform highlights healthy meal alternatives and lifestyle practices, inspiring those seeking a healthier way of life.

                      For businesses seeking to promote health and wellness products, Kiley's expertise and engaged following make her an influential partner. Collaborating with her can effectively reach an audience dedicated to well-being and leverage her insights to enhance brand recognition.

                      Kiley O'Donell Top Food Recipe Influencers U.S.

                      Top Baking & Desserts Influencers U.S.

                      14. Maryanne Cabrera


                      Instagram: 57.6k followers

                      Maryanne Cabrera, a former pastry chef turned blogger, is your go-to source for delectable dessert and bread recipes. Her expertise and passion revolve around the art of baking, desserts, and beverages. In essence, she specializes in crafting treats that add sweetness to life.

                      For businesses in the baking industry, Maryanne is a valuable collaborator in promoting your baking goods brands. Her engaging content and culinary knowledge cater to a niche audience looking for the perfect ingredients and inspiration to create delightful treats. By partnering with Maryanne, you can effectively tap into this niche, enhance brand visibility, and connect with a community that shares her love for all things sweet.

                      Maryanne Cabrera Top Baking & Desserts Influencers U.S.

                      15. Michelle Lopez


                        Instagram: 217k followers

                        Michelle Lopez, the talent behind Hummingbird High, is a multi-faceted baker, blogger, and photographer. Her journey began as a way to share recipes with distant friends and break free from the monotony of her corporate job. However, her humble baking chronicles evolved into a thriving community of over 100,000+ aspiring bakers and dessert enthusiasts.

                        For brands seeking growth and recognition, Michelle's influential presence is a valuable resource. Her platform and dedicated following directly link to a community passionate about baking and desserts. Collaborating with Michelle can help brands extend their reach, connect with a devoted audience, and elevate their visibility in the baking and dessert industry.

                        Michelle Lopez Top Baking & Desserts Influencers U.S.

                        16. Sarah Kieffer


                          Instagram: 265k followers

                          Sarah Kieffer offers a delightful amalgamation of baking recipes, heartwarming kitchen moments, musings, and occasional poetic reflections. Her love for baking, particularly the rhythmic pan-banging of chocolate chocolate chip cookies, serves as a source of solace and connection.

                          Originally created to document a food history for her family, Sarah's blog and social media presence have transformed her culinary journey.

                          For businesses, Sarah's ability to convey the emotional depth of food and its role in bringing people together can be a powerful asset. Collaborating with her can help brands convey not just the products they offer but the heartfelt experiences and connections they enable, enhancing their appeal to a discerning and emotionally connected audience.

                          Sarah Kieffer Top Baking & Desserts Influencers U.S.

                          17. Sally McKenney


                            Instagram: 812k followers

                            In 2011, Sally McKenney ignited her baking journey by creating Sally’s Baking Addiction, now also known as Sally's Baking Recipes. What began as a personal blog to share recipes with friends and family swiftly evolved into a passion for food photography and a desire to teach the art of baking.

                            Sally's dedication to well-tested recipes and her self-taught baking expertise have made her blog a trusted resource for scratch bakers. Every recipe undergoes meticulous testing in her own kitchen before it's shared. Beyond recipes, her platform offers invaluable kitchen tips, baking lessons, step-by-step photos, and video tutorials. Collaborating with Sally can help businesses tap into her wealth of knowledge and influence, enhancing their brand presence in the baking and cooking space.

                            Sarah McKenney Top Baking & Desserts Influencers U.S.

                            18. Jenna Barnard


                              Instagram: 867k followers

                              Meet Jenna Barnard, the creative force behind Butternut Bakery, where she seamlessly combines her love for baking and photography. Her journey began as a platform to share the joy of classic baking, indulging in flour, butter, and sugar.

                              However, a year into her blogging adventure, Jenna faced digestive issues and discovered her sensitivity to gluten and dairy. This led to her unwavering passion for crafting desserts suitable for all dietary needs. Butternut Bakery now features a harmonious blend of traditional and modified recipes, ensuring a treat for every sweet tooth.

                              For businesses, collaborating with Jenna opens the door to a diverse and health-conscious audience. Her expertise in creating delectable desserts for various diets positions her as a valuable partner to enhance brand visibility and cater to a wide range of customers.

                              Jenna Barnard Top Baking & Desserts Influencers U.S.

                              Top Foodie Influencers U.S.

                              19. Katie Belly


                              Instagram: 47.4k followers

                              Katie Belly, hailing from NYC, is a versatile foodie influencer who offers a delectable blend of restaurant reviews, home cooking, and culinary adventures during her travels. Her engaging content provides a peek into the vibrant world of gastronomy.

                              For businesses in the food industry, collaborating with Katie can be a strategic move to enhance brand promotion. Her diverse content and dynamic following offer a direct connection to a food-savvy and travel-oriented audience. Partnering with Katie enables brands to extend their reach, resonate with a wide spectrum of culinary enthusiasts, and boost their visibility in the competitive food market.

                              Katie Belly Top Foodie Influencers U.S.

                              20. Nina Berezin


                                Instagram: 51.3k followers

                                Nina Berezin is your go-to source for the ultimate New York City dining experiences. Her focus? A delectable journey through the city's culinary landscape, with a special affinity for sushi. Nina shares insightful guides on what to eat and where, ensuring that her audience gets the most out of their dining adventures in the Big Apple.

                                For businesses looking to promote their culinary offerings in the bustling NYC scene, collaborating with Nina can be a game-changer. Her expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local dining scene can help brands connect with a discerning audience and elevate their presence in the competitive food market.

                                Nina Berezin Top Foodie Influencers U.S.

                                21. Brian Cant


                                  Instagram: 256k followers

                                  Brian Cant, a New York-based food and lifestyle content creator, combines his passion for food and travel to create an enticing culinary journey. Born and raised in a Jamaican household, he developed a profound love for Caribbean cuisine. With a background in finance from Boston College, he balances his daytime role as a financial analyst with his nighttime persona as a food influencer.

                                  Brian's quest for exceptional food and memorable experiences positions him as a unique collaborator for businesses. His ability to authentically engage with a diverse audience offers brands a compelling opportunity to promote their culinary offerings and reach a wide and engaged consumer base, particularly those seeking delectable experiences both locally and while traveling.

                                  Brian Cant Top Foodie Influencers U.S.

                                  22. Brandon Hayes


                                    Instagram: 144k followers

                                    Brandon Hayes, the reigning king of cheat days, strikes the perfect balance between fitness and indulgence. He's an avid lover of exercise but also embraces the occasional "cheat" meal, relishing in delights like pizza and doughnuts. Brandon's content is a tantalizing showcase of delectable foods not only in New York State but also beyond.

                                    For businesses looking to promote their brand, Brandon's unique perspective offers a valuable platform. His ability to connect with an audience that shares his enthusiasm for both fitness and culinary indulgence can be a strategic asset. Collaborating with Brandon provides a chance to reach a diverse consumer base, including those who appreciate the delicious moments in life alongside their fitness journeys.

                                    Brandon Hayes Top Foodie Influencers U.S.

                                    23. Bria Braithwaite


                                      Instagram: 165k followers

                                      Brooklyn-based influencer, Bria Braithwaite, is on a mission to share her zest for life and support the local restaurant industry. Through her Instagram account @goodeatsonlynyc and TikTok profile @briotchhh, she has cultivated a substantial following.

                                      With a background in finance, Bria's transition into the influencer sphere was driven by her lifelong passion for food. Her unique perspective as a working professional and a food enthusiast positions her as a compelling partner for businesses in the culinary world. Collaborating with Bria allows brands to tap into her engaged audience and receive authentic, relatable recommendations in the ever-evolving New York food scene.

                                      Bria Braithwaite Top Foodie Influencers U.S.

                                      Top TikTok Food Influencers U.S.

                                      24. Jack Mancuso


                                      TikTok: 1.1MM followers

                                      Jack Mancuso, far from a professional chef, is a regular guy who finds joy in grilling in his own backyard. His culinary approach is refreshingly down-to-earth, emphasizing that anyone can master the art of backyard cooking, no fancy titles required. Jack's unpretentious style and love for grilling resonate with a wide audience, making him a relatable figure in the world of food influencers.

                                      For businesses looking to promote grilling-related products or engage with everyday food enthusiasts, partnering with Jack can help them connect with a diverse, approachable audience who appreciate the simple pleasures of a good barbecue.

                                      Jack Mancuso Top TikTok Food Influencers U.S.

                                      25. Luke Brown


                                        TikTok: 2.4MM followers

                                        Luke Brown, a 31-year-old husband and father of two, hails from a small town in Southeast Missouri with a deep-rooted passion for food. His culinary journey began at a young age, experimenting in the kitchen and drawing inspiration from the Food Network.

                                        Working in fast-food restaurants during high school further fueled his love for the culinary arts. Luke finds immense joy in watching people savor the dishes he creates. For businesses, collaborating with Luke offers a chance to tap into his genuine love for cooking and his connection with a broad and enthusiastic audience. His relatable approach and authentic culinary experiences can help brands gain visibility and resonate with food lovers of all backgrounds.

                                        Luke Brown Top TikTok Food Influencers U.S.

                                        26. Jordan Isom


                                          TikTok: 398k followers

                                          Jordan Isom is a culinary enthusiast focusing on cooking, BBQ, and grilling. His expertise in these areas allows him to connect with an audience that shares his passion for creating delectable dishes over an open flame or in the kitchen.

                                          For businesses in the culinary world, Jordan's expertise and niche content offer a valuable opportunity to promote their brands. Collaborating with him enables brands to reach a dedicated audience of food lovers who appreciate the art of cooking, whether it's through grilling up a feast or crafting mouthwatering recipes. His platform directly links to this culinary community, making him a valuable partner for enhancing brand recognition and connecting with food enthusiasts.

                                          Jordan Isom Top TikTok Food Influencers U.S.

                                          27. Sara, Julie, Madison, & Carly


                                            TikTok: 358.2k followers

                                            Meet Sister Snacking, a dynamic quartet comprising Sara, Julie, Madison, and Carly, hailing from Glastonbury, CT. Their deep-rooted love for food is woven into the fabric of their family, and their fondest memories revolve around shared meals.

                                            Their family of six always cherished dining out and savoring dishes family-style. With a passion for exploring new foods and cities, Sister Snacking brings a fresh and vibrant perspective to the world of food and travel. They offer valuable support in content creation, travel planning, video production, social media growth, and more. Collaborating with Sister Snacking allows businesses to tap into their collective enthusiasm and expertise, helping them reach a diverse audience of fellow food and travel enthusiasts.

                                            Sarah, Julie, Madison & Carly Top TikTok Food Influencers U.S.

                                            Top YouTube Food Influencers U.S.

                                            28. Clay Carnes


                                            YouTube: 57k subscribers

                                            Chef Clay Carnes, a TikTok sensation with 2.4 million followers, brings a unique and entertaining twist to the culinary world. Known for his distinct, often sarcastic style, Clay adds a side of salt and extra sarcasm to his culinary content. Beyond food, he dives into gaming and pop culture, offering a multifaceted experience for his audience.

                                            As a past winner of Food Network's "Cutthroat Kitchen," Clay's culinary expertise and engaging personality make him a valuable influencer for businesses. His ability to blend food with humor and gaming provides a distinctive platform for brands to connect with a diverse and engaged audience, helping them promote their products and services in a creative and entertaining manner.

                                            Clay Carnes Top YouTube Food Influencers U.S.

                                            29. Molly Schuyler


                                              YouTube: 276k subscribers

                                              Molly Schuyler, a master of unrealistic food consumption, defies the limits of human appetite. Proudly embracing the roles of "THE MOM" and "WOMAN vs FOOD," she advocates for cleaning your plate and frowns upon food waste.

                                              Since 2012, Molly has been conquering competitive eating challenges and touring the United States in search of the most impressive food feats, even venturing into the realm of the impossible. When she's not tackling existing challenges, she creates her own epic culinary adventures.

                                              For businesses, collaborating with Molly offers a unique opportunity to connect with her passionate, engaged audience. Her larger-than-life approach to food makes her a standout influencer, providing brands with a memorable and entertaining platform to promote their products and experiences.

                                              Molly Schuyler Top YouTube Food Influencers U.S.

                                              30. Katina Kilos


                                                YouTube: 675k subscribers

                                                Katina Kilos, a professional eater and YouTube personality, thrives on weekly food restaurant challenges and food/travel vlogs that explore extraordinary culinary experiences worldwide. Her journey into competitive eating began after a bodybuilding competition in 2019, where her robust appetite and competitive spirit led her to conquer local restaurant challenges with ease.

                                                In addition to her eating feats, Katina embraces spicy food challenges, cheat days, and culinary explorations across the country. She's dedicated to providing family-friendly entertainment and supporting small businesses and restaurants by showcasing their offerings.

                                                Teaming up with fellow professional eater Randy Santel, Katina travels the country and the globe, taking on restaurant challenges, all while sharing the joy of indulging in remarkable cuisine.

                                                Katina Kilos Top YouTube Food Influencers U.S.

                                                Top Instagram Food Influencers U.S.

                                                31. Olivia Tiedemann


                                                Instagram: 1.7M followers

                                                Olivia Tiedemann is a private chef influencer who has taken the Instagram food scene by storm with her quick, captivating videos. Her unique approach to sharing culinary delights has earned her a substantial and dedicated following. Olivia is renowned for her ability to distill complex culinary processes into concise and engaging content, making her a standout Instagram food influencer.

                                                Businesses looking to partner with influencers who can create visually appealing, informative, and bite-sized content for their products or services will find Olivia's platform invaluable. Her massive following and expertise in presenting food in a dynamic and accessible manner offer an ideal avenue for brand promotion and engagement with a diverse audience.

                                                Olivia Tiedemann Top Instagram Food Influencers U.S.

                                                32. Kevin Lee


                                                  Instagram: 409k followers

                                                  Kevin Lee, a former Michelin-trained chef, brings a wealth of culinary expertise to the Instagram food influencer scene. With a background in French and Italian cuisine, he masterfully integrates elements from his Korean heritage into his dishes, creating a distinctive fusion of flavors.

                                                  Kevin shares not only his culinary creations but also his inspirations, career journey, and more. His unique blend of influences and culinary prowess resonates with a diverse audience. For businesses seeking an influencer with a sophisticated palate and a creative approach to food, collaborating with Kevin offers a prime opportunity to reach a discerning and engaged audience and showcase their products or services in an elevated culinary context.

                                                  Kevin Lee Top Instagram Food Influencers U.S.

                                                  33. Ryan Alexander


                                                    Instagram: 389k followers

                                                    Ryan Alexander is a prominent TikToker celebrated for his innovative cooking account, boasting an impressive following of over 1.4 million food enthusiasts. His content stands out for its creative twist on culinary classics, featuring unusual and enticing creations like Taki quesadillas and Fruity Pebble corndogs.

                                                    Ryan also embraces food challenges, frequently incorporating fiery and spicy elements. He made his TikTok debut in August 2020 and has since captivated audiences with his bold culinary experiments.

                                                    In addition to his solo endeavors, Ryan has engaged in collaborative ventures with fellow foodie Albert Cancook, demonstrating his passion for pushing culinary boundaries and providing a fresh and exciting perspective on food trends. Partnering with Ryan offers an exceptional platform to showcase innovative products and appeal to a diverse and adventurous audience.

                                                    Ryan Alexander Top Instagram Food Influencers U.S.

                                                    34. Gustavo "Guga" Tosta


                                                      Instagram: 816k followers

                                                      Gustavo "Guga" Tosta, the man behind Guga Foods and Sous Vide Everything YouTube channels, is a culinary maverick who loves to push the boundaries of barbecue and cooking. Initially not intending to become a YouTube personality, Guga's journey took an unexpected turn, and his first video received over 20,000 views, marking the beginning of his YouTube stardom.

                                                      Guga's proactive approach in reaching out to brands and understanding his own value as a content creator has been a significant lesson he wishes to impart to aspiring creators. His experiences, both successes and failures, are documented in his book, "Guga: Breaking the Barbecue Rules," where he shares valuable insights on seasoning, grilling, and the lessons he's learned along the way. Businesses can collaborate with Guga to tap into his unique culinary expertise and reach a dedicated and engaged audience.

                                                      Gustavo Tosta Top Instagram Food Influencers U.S.

                                                      35. Joshua Weissman


                                                        Instagram: 1.8M followers

                                                        Joshua Weissman's culinary journey began at the age of three, thanks to his mother's culinary influence. This serendipitous introduction ignited a lifelong passion for cooking. From that moment in the kitchen with his mom, he dedicated himself to becoming a culinary virtuoso.

                                                        Joshua's single-minded focus on food and cooking allowed him to recognize his calling early in life, making him one of the most distinguished chefs in the world. In addition to his remarkable culinary career, he authored the book "Texture Over Taste," further establishing his expertise in the culinary realm.

                                                        Joshua Weissman Top Instagram Food Influencers U.S.

                                                        Why Work With the Best Food Influencers in the U.S.?

                                                        Food influencers in the U.S. have risen to prominence, enticing audiences with their gastronomic creations and culinary expertise. Collaborating with these influencers offers many advantages for businesses that wish to broaden their reach and engage with a food-loving demographic.

                                                        In the U.S., food influencer marketing is on a robust growth trajectory, with an anticipated 42% expansion between 2019 and 2024. The burgeoning popularity of social media, coupled with the emergence of talented food influencers, has made influencer marketing an indispensable avenue for brands to establish authentic connections with consumers.

                                                        To harness this growth and tap into the sway of U.S. food influencers, partnering with a dedicated influencer marketing agency is essential. The Social Shepherd is proud to boast a specialized influencer marketing team with expertise in talent research, management, and strategy for various brands.

                                                        Whether you're a burgeoning food startup or an established culinary brand, collaborating with the best food influencers in the U.S. can significantly enhance your brand's visibility, engagement, and overall success. Don't miss the opportunity to leverage the power of food influencers – get in touch with us today.

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