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Top 35 Gardening Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Influencer marketing is a rapidly growing industry that allows brands to reach customers through influential figures in the digital space. In fact, as many as 61% of consumers trust the product recommendations they get from influencers. It’s no wonder then, that brands are investing more in influencers than ever before, with 93% of marketers using influencer marketing within their overall marketing strategy.

As a top Influencer Marketing agency in the UK, our team of experts at The Social Shepherd have hand-picked these influencers to create this list, and with our expertise, you can trust that each one meets our criteria for being a top gardening influencer in the UK. We have chosen these based on their content creation, ability to connect with and inspire their audience, and potential to help brands within the space.

So let’s dive into the list! Here are our top 35 UK Gardening Influencers.

Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Ramona Jones


593k followers - 3.10% ER

Ramona Jones has transformed into a beacon for gardening enthusiasts and novices alike with her breathtaking photography of her garden and her authentic storytelling live from her cottage in the English countryside.

She meticulously curates her Instagram with gorgeous shots of her luscious garden, visually stunning posts of the wildlife and surrounding area, seedling tips, and plant care advice - all inspiring her followers of both beginners and seasoned gardeners. With her staggering engagement rate and substantial following, Ramona offers excellent visibility for brands looking to tap into the gardening niche.

Ramona Jones Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Jamie Walton


236k followers - 9.26% ER

Jamie Walton's gardening journey is a testament to his dedication, passion, and love for nature and permaculture principles. His engaging video shorts span from practical gardening and vegetable-growing advice to charming anecdotes about everyday gardening life and wild foraging.

He not only shares practical gardening tips but also weaves enchanting narratives around each plant, fostering a deep appreciation for nature within his followers. His high engagement rate reflects the affinity of his audience to his content, offering brands an opportunity to connect with a highly engaged community of garden, vegetable, and sustainability lovers, as well as organic no-dig growing enthusiasts.

Jamie Walton Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Frances Tophill


119k followers - 4.48% ER

As a gardener, plantsperson, presenter, author, environmentalist, conservationist, and crafter; it’s safe to say Frances's Instagram feed is a treasure trove of gardening wisdom. Her posts offer striking visuals of nature in harmony, as well as a delightful mix of plant care tips, innovative garden design ideas, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her own garden.

Her well-rounded perspective and passion for gardening are inspiring amateurs and seasoned gardeners alike. This makes Frances a valuable partner for brands looking to gain visibility in the gardening community. Her keen sense of aesthetics, coupled with her credibility in the gardening sphere, could amplify a brand's presence in the space.

Frances Tophill Top Instagram Gardening Influencers



215k followers - 61.19% ER

Martha’s Instagram is a testament to her dedication to sustainable and organic gardening practices. She offers something for every type of gardener, from useful tricks and tips for beginners, seasoned horticulturists, and urban dwellers trying their hand at gardening – showing that you don’t need a huge country garden to grow magic.

Her posts are filled with practical tips, methods, and tricks on maintaining a bountiful kitchen garden as a productive space in harmony with nature. Adding her expertise in minimising environmental impact sets her apart in the influencer landscape. Martha's audience finds value in her eco-friendly approach to gardening, as evidenced by her exceptional engagement rate. For brands that align with eco-conscious values and reflect her commitment to sustainable and organic gardening, Martha's influence could be a game-changer.

Martha Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Gintare Sinkeviciute


52.4k followers - 5.18% ER

Gintare Sinkeviciute, known on Instagram as Amber's Allotment, is a beacon of inspiration for allotment gardeners. Through her visually beautiful posts and personal highlights, West Yorkshire-based Gintare takes her followers on an educational journey, offering valuable insights into creating flourishing gardens. Her unique content and engaging storytelling provide ample opportunities for brands looking to reach out to the niche allotment gardening community.

Gintare's content serves as a guide for her followers, offering valuable insights into creating flourishing gardens, while her posts showcase the transformation of space into green havens. Her unique content resonates with her engaged community, where she promotes a sustainable lifestyle through innovative gardening techniques. Gintare presents a great opportunity for brands aiming to connect with the niche allotment gardening community.

Gintare Sinkeviciute Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Michael Griffiths


87.5k followers - 6.04% ER

Michael’s content is a mesmerising blend of gardening practices tailored to the Mediterranean climate. Each of his video posts captures unique perspectives on cultivating a lush garden while providing amazing insights on how to do it. His profiles of drought-resistant plants and niche vegetables, along with tips for soil preparation and irrigation techniques, resonate with his followers, offering practical advice they can apply to their own gardens.

Brands looking to tap into this niche will find Michael's approach refreshing. His content positions him as a compelling influencer in the gardening realm. His ability to craft content with a refreshing twist that is both informative and engaging presents exciting opportunities for brands to promote in the space.

Michael Griffiths Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Alan Titchmarsh


120k followers - 2.90% ER

Widely known as a broadcaster, poet, and novelist, Alan Titchmarsh, MBE, is also a prominent figure in the UK's gardening scene and continues to inspire through his socials. His posts are a harmonious mix of traditional and contemporary gardening techniques, enriched by his profound horticultural knowledge and interesting personal snapshots from other areas of his life. From detailed guides on plant care to showcasing his lush landscapes, Alan's content appeals to both novice gardeners and seasoned veterans.

Alan's extensive expertise and solid following make him an attractive partner for brands. The trust and respect he has earned from his followers mean that brand collaborations and endorsements are likely to be well-received. For brands looking to align themselves with a trusted voice in the gardening community, a partnership with Alan could provide significant benefits.

Alan Titchmarsh Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Adam Frost


115k followers - 2.54% ER

Garden designer Adam Frost's Instagram feed is a vibrant showcase of his gardening philosophy. As a winner of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and a leading voice in the UK gardening scene, he shares his wisdom on leveraging the natural beauty of plants to create stunning garden landscapes and designs, as well as his environmental and social initiatives.

Adam's unique design-driven approach could serve as a unique marketing angle for brands in the gardening space. His posts are an aesthetic blend of the art of gardening and the significant health benefits it imparts – showing a personable side that wins the hearts of his followers.

Adam Frost Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Rachel de Thame


113k followers - 3.25% ER

BBC TV presenter, garden writer, and columnist, Rachel de Thame's Instagram profile is a visual feast filled with engaging images of splendid garden landscapes and informative posts about plant life and care, truly conveying her appreciation for the pockets of colour we live in harmony with.

She sparks a love for gardening and nature in her followers, encouraging them to embrace it as a rewarding hobby. Her vibrant posts are as educational as they are inspirational, featuring gardening tips, plant profiles, and glimpses of beautiful garden landscapes and wildlife. Brands keen on reaching an engaged audience of gardening enthusiasts can leverage Rachel's influence, built on her ability to connect with followers on a personal level.

Rachel de Thame Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Nick Bailey


69.5k followers - 3.88% ER

BBC TV presenter Nick Bailey's content strikes an impressive and well-balanced mix of horticultural education and visually captivating garden imagery. As a garden designer and plantsman, his posts consistently offer practical tips and advice on maintaining healthy, vibrant gardens throughout the year. He focuses on the cyclical nature of gardening, showcasing transformational garden stories that keep his followers engaged and coming back for more.

Also an author and speaker, Nick's wide following and engaging content provide brands with a prominent platform. His practical approach to horticultural education and his visually compelling content could offer brands a unique opportunity to showcase their products in a relevant and engaging context.

Nick Bailey Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Charlie Harpur


12k followers - 9.09% ER

Charlie Harpur may have a smaller following, but his high engagement rate is a testament to the quality of his content. As a plantsman, designer, and ecosystem engineer, Charlie’s Instagram feed is a curated assortment of insightful posts on garden design and plant care, each resonating deeply with his passionate followers.

His creative approach to garden design and maintenance, coupled with his in-depth knowledge of plants, vegetation, and the wider ecosystem we live in and at one with, keeps his audience engaged and eager for more. For brands looking to connect with a tightly knit and highly engaged audience, Charlie presents an exciting opportunity. His high engagement rate shows a strong rapport with his followers, which could be leveraged by brands to build meaningful connections.

Charlie Harpur Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Tom Stuart-Smith


148k followers - 2.24% ER

Tom Stuart-Smith is a renowned gardening influencer in the UK, boasting an impressive follower base. His Instagram feed is a spectacle of his unique garden landscapes, capturing the essence of the natural world in a harmonious blend of colour and texture. As both a landscape architect and garden designer, each of his posts is a testament to his profound understanding and love for garden design, making him a source of inspiration for thousands of followers.

He frequently shares breathtaking images of his projects, stirring a sense of awe and igniting creativity among gardening enthusiasts. Beyond simply inspiring his audience, Tom's reach and influence provide brands with a prolific platform to connect with a large, engaged audience, making him an ideal partner in the gardening space.

Tom Stuart-Smith Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Alasdair Cameron


70k followers - 2.48% ER

Alasdair Cameron, with his thriving Instagram presence, offers content that is a beautiful blend of aesthetic splendour and poetic insights and anecdotes on natural landscapes that are inspiring to read. As a top UK garden designer, “creating new landscapes that immerse, re-energise and bring new perspective”, each post is a narrative of his journey, showcasing his deep connection with nature and a boundless passion for gardening, which resonates with his followers.

His content successfully strikes breathtaking visuals, maintaining an active and engaged community of gardening enthusiasts. Considering his dedicated following and high engagement rate, Alasdair emerges as a promising influencer for brands operating in the gardening niche.

Alasdair Cameron Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Alexander Hoyle


105k followers - 3.01% ER

Plantsman and garden designer, Alexander Hoyle's Instagram is a vivid diary of his varied gardening projects, showcasing a captivating mix of stunning garden visuals and plant profiles. Trained at Royal Botanic Gardens, his posts are a testament to his deep-rooted love for gardening has allowed him to amass a significant follower base.

Beyond the captivating visuals, Alexander's strong influence presents a remarkable opportunity for brands to reach and collaborate with a diverse and passionate gardening community interested in colour-drenched natural aesthetics.

Alexander Hoyle Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Francesca Chadwick


43.9k followers - 10.54% ER

Francesca Chadwick's passion for Yorkshire-style gardening shines brightly through her Instagram content. She shares an expressive narrative of her adventures in detailed posts about her gardening journey of container growing veg while renting.

Her content is a delightful blend of her gardening exploits and helpful hints and tips on both traditional and unusual varieties, providing an intimate glimpse of her passion that has captivated a loyal following. With content touching on cooking, preserving, and upcycling, as well as gardening, Francesca's strong rapport with her followers offers a valuable opportunity for brands looking to expand their reach with a positive influencer gardening enthusiasts can feel connected to.

Francesca Chadwick Top Instagram Gardening Influencers

Top TikTok Gardening Influencers



5.1k followers - 2.07% ER

Lucy uses TikTok to share snippets of her gardening journey, from progress updates to DIY gardening tips. Her ability to deliver information in an entertaining and engaging way resonates with her audience, as shown by her solid engagement rate.

Lucy's TikTok profile serves as a gateway into her gardening world. Her platform represents a fresh and youthful perspective on gardening, making her a unique potential collaborator for brands particularly interested in representing diverse voices.

Lucy Top TikTok Gardening Influencers



15.8k followers - 1.27% ER

Chloe has managed to create a thriving TikTok platform that resonates with a wide audience of gardening enthusiasts. Her content is a blend of personal gardening endeavours, filled with rich and practical tips on gardening, plants, and more. Chloe’s snippets cover a wide range of topics, from plant care to seasonal gardening tips.

Representing a youthful perspective on gardening, Chloe's content stands out for its fun, freshness, and approachability, getting across a genuine love of nature. Her relatable content makes her an appealing influencer for brands looking to connect with the UK gardening community. Collaborating with Chloe presents a unique opportunity to tap into a passionate, growing space.

Chloe Top TikTok Gardening Influencers

Alessandro Vitale


2.4M followers - 2.71% ER

Alessandro Vitale, fondly known as the Spicy Moustache, is a powerhouse in the TikTok gardening scene. With a follower base in the millions, his energetic and educational content holds immense value for both gardening beginners and experts, offering a massive outreach potential for brands.

His content, filled with energy, expert gardening knowledge, and a passion for sustainability appeals to a diverse audience. Alessandro’s ‘zero waste’ cooking and food prep practices make him one of the top Gardening Influencers in the UK. His impressive follower base and engagement rate make him an incredible asset for any brand looking to tap into the gardening community.

Alessandro Vitale Top TikTok Gardening Influencers



49.3k followers - 1.62% ER

Roisin’s deep-rooted love for flowers and gardening is reflected in her enlightening TikTok’s and vlog-type videos. She shares her knowledge with her audience in an informative yet engaging and highly personal way, which has helped her build a strong, dedicated follower base.

Roisin’s expertise and influence in the flower scene make her an attractive collaborator for brands – but we also see her fun insights on mindfulness, mental health, books, and sustainable fashion, amongst other things. Brands interested in connecting with a young and mindful audience will find Roisin’s platform to be a fantastic opportunity.

Roisin Top TikTok Gardening Influencers

Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

Charles Dowding


640k followers - 5.01% ER

Charles is a seasoned gardener and a trusted voice in the gardening community on YouTube, showcasing the bountiful results of his unique 'no-dig' method. He is a guiding light for those keen on discovering and enjoying quicker and easier ways of growing and harvesting vegetables, based on his 39 years of growing experience. His content is a treasure trove of insightful gardening tips and advice and step-by-step guides packed with in-depth knowledge.

Charles’ decades of trialling methods and sowing dates have led him to a fine knowledge of best practices, done in timesaving ways. His advice brings you harvests and pleasure in equal measure. Brands looking to promote sustainable and innovative gardening solutions can find a robust partnership with Charles, leveraging his expertise and follower base for effective influencer marketing.

Charles Dowding Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

Lee Burkhill


55.3k followers - 7.04% ER

Lee Burkhill, better known as the 'Garden Ninja', is a multi-award-winning garden designer and blogger from the UK. Helping to teach the world to garden successfully. He is also a TV presenter on BBC1’s hit gardening show ‘Garden Rescue’ providing how-to gardening tips for new and experienced gardeners. He provides practical gardening tips, design advice, and reviews of some of the best gardens.

Lee also features an array of garden makeover projects (‘Garden Rescues’) as a master of transforming uninspiring spaces into verdant retreats, all while keeping the essence of practicality and eco-friendliness at the heart of his work. Aiming to get people to discover the power of gardening, Lee’s content caters to an audience who want to learn how to garden and grow their own. His influence within his community is down to the creative and educational content that plays a pivotal role in shaping the gardening practices of his audience.

Lee Burkhill Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

Tony O'Neill


374k followers - 5.45% ER

Tony O'Neill, through his 'Simplify Gardening' channel, has become a household name among the UK's gardening enthusiasts. Whether it’s for the love of gardening, creating the perfect space, or learning how to grow your own nutritious organic food, he translates complicated gardening techniques into easy-to-follow steps, making gardening more accessible and enjoyable for his broad audience.

Tony covers everything garden-related, from growing your own vegetables to pest control, beekeeping, and poultry keeping, demonstrating his impressive breadth of knowledge. His subscribers learn all the hints, tips, tricks, and hacks to get the very best out of their gardens. Tony's impressive follower count makes him a valuable partner for brands. His credibility within the gardening community could provide a strong boost to brand visibility and customer trust.

Tony O'Neill Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

Jessie Sheffield


24.3k followers - 6.75% ER

Jessie, vlogger and gardening enthusiast, brings the charm of her South West London allotment, Plot 37, straight into the homes of her 24.3k subscribers. Starting her vlogging journey during the 2020 lockdown, Jessie has garnered a loyal following with her engaging and informative content. Her weekly vlogs share the ebb and flow of life in her vegetable garden, from the thrilling discovery of new sprouts to the fruitful process of harvest.

Plot tours and topic-specific videos offer a guide to gardening, making her channel a must-visit for both beginners and seasoned vegetable growers. With three Bantam Hens contributing to the charm of Plot 37, Jessie's vlogs also offer a glimpse into sustainable living. This connection with her audience, coupled with her expertise in gardening, positions Jessie as an appealing collaborator for brands aiming to engage with an audience committed to green living and homegrown produce.

Jessie Sheffield Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

Huw Richards


754k followers - 4.78% ER

Huw Richards is a refreshing, energetic gardening enthusiast who shares his passion for organic gardening and ‘no-dig’ permaculture kitchen gardening. He is dedicated to helping people grow an abundance of food! Whilst his focus is no dig vegetable growing, his channel also covers herbs, fruit, edible flowers, and how to create a thriving growing space using organic and permaculture principles.

His practical tips and tricks for growing vegetables and maintaining a sustainable garden, and his love for organic gardening and permaculture have captivated a large audience. Brands interested in promoting eco-friendly, sustainable products would find a good ally in Huw, due to his massive reach and focus on sustainable gardening.

Huw Richards Top YouTube Gardening Influencers



109k followers - 5.26% ER

With a green thumb and a love for home gardening, Katrina has successfully expanded her passion to a wider audience through her YouTube channel, Homegrown Garden. Her gardening videos come to you from St Ann's Allotments in Nottingham, UK, thought to be the oldest and biggest site in Europe! Katrina grows a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and flowers on her enclosed 300-square-metre plot.

She showcases that even city livers without gardens can still have lots of flowers and shrubs, as Katrina makes her allotment feel like a garden of her own with lots of habitats for the wildlife too. The valuable advice she offers on creating a flourishing garden, even in small spaces, strikes a chord with urban dwellers, as they tune in to see how Katrina’s allotment garden progresses and for general garden tips.

Katrina Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

Ben Vanheems


623k followers - 5.22% ER

Ben Vanheems of GrowVeg is a seasoned gardening expert, creating a platform for gardening enthusiasts where he is famous for his straightforward tutorials and handy gardening hacks. Quite simply, he loves growing his own food and helping others to do likewise.

Ben’s passion for horticulture and ability to simplify complex gardening concepts has earned him a loyal following. His channel is a treasure trove for gardening enthusiasts, making him a potential asset for brands looking to reach passionate gardeners.

Ben Vanheems Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

Peter Chan


448k followers - 4.73% ER

As the founder of Britain’s first premier Bonsai nursery, Herons Bonsai, Peter Chan is a master of the art. Through his YouTube channel, he shares his deep knowledge and appreciation for the delicate art of bonsai, attracting a dedicated group of followers who share his passion.

Herons is a Bonsai heaven for anyone interested in the pastime. Peter showcases the sheer scale of the site and the range and selection of trees that make it a 'must visit' venue for both bonsai enthusiasts and gardeners alike, and how he maintains every inch of this sanctuary. Brands offering specialised gardening products or bonsai-related items would find a willing and targeted audience through a partnership with Peter.

Peter Chan Top YouTube Gardening Influencers



103k followers - 5.00% ER

Dan, from the Allotment Diary, is more than just a gardener; he's a storyteller. By documenting his journey in managing his own allotment, he has built a community of genuine gardening enthusiasts. His practical tips and tricks, along with the ups and downs of his allotment journey, resonate with his followers.

He shares bountiful allotment vegetable growing videos from the Yorkshire Dales, plus a few Giant Exhibition Show veg attempts, along with plenty of growing and gardening tips and ideas. Brands looking to reach out to true horticulture aficionados will find Dan's platform an ideal match.

Dan Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

David Domoney


181k followers - 5.03% ER

David Domoney, a Chartered Horticulturist and charismatic television presenter, is admired for his expert knowledge and approachable style in presenting all things gardening. His videos vary from simple gardening hacks to complex landscaping ideas, making him a one-stop resource for both novice and seasoned gardeners.

He aims to share his knowledge and 40-year expertise in horticulture with as many people as possible, attesting to its physical and mental wellbeing benefits. David’s videos not only entertain his audience but inspire them to start caring for their plants. With a strong reputation in the industry, he is an ideal partner for brands seeking to improve their visibility in the gardening world.

David Domoney Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

Liz Zorab


125k followers - 6.46% ER

Liz Zorab, the proud owner of 'Byther Farm', stands out for her wealth of knowledge on sustainable and organic gardening practices. Through her engaging content, she educates her followers about cultivating a productive garden while maintaining ecological balance. Through new videos every week, viewers learn how to create a beautiful and useful garden and grow fruit and vegetables to feed their families all year.

There are 'how-to' gardening and homesteading videos as she shares her triumphs, failures, and some insight into the daily life of a small homestead, as Liz explores ways to make our lives greener, more enriched, and more fulfilling. Subscribers tune in to learn new skills with a healthy dose of humour, ducks, sheep, and farmhouse cats. Her philosophy aligns with environmentally-conscious brands looking to promote sustainable products in the market.

Liz Zorab Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

Joel Ashton


60.3k followers - 8.80% ER

Joel Ashton's niche in wildlife gardening has caused quite a stir in the gardening community. He inspires his followers with his unique content that revolves around transforming their gardens into thriving wildlife habitats, maximising their garden's potential to attract and create a home for everything from beetles to birds and butterflies to bees – even publishing a book on it called ‘Wild Your Garden’.

Sharing his wildlife garden experience of 17 years, Joel believes we can all help wildlife, no matter how big our garden is. Joel's focus on wildlife gardening sets him apart. His unique approach, content, and perspective, not only cater to garden enthusiasts but also nature lovers and conservationists, offering brands a great opportunity to connect with a diverse audience who are passionate about gardening and wildlife conservation, even cultivating their very own gardens into thriving habitats.

Joel Ashton Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

Rachel Mathews


15.3k followers - 7.80% ER

Rachel Mathews stands out as a professional garden designer who offers her expertise and passion through her informative YouTube content, tackling everything from growing vegetables and soil to dealing with local councils. Rachel offers garden design online courses, free classes, and eBooks, ideas, and inspiration.

Despite her relatively smaller following, the high engagement rate on her channel reflects the quality of her content and the value she provides to her audience. Her professional standing and design-focused content make her an excellent influencer for brands catering to serious garden enthusiasts and design professionals.

Rachel Mathews Top YouTube Gardening Influencers



7.47k followers - 14.46% ER

Jane welcomes her subscribers to the wonderful world of organic gardening, but not without showing its inevitable pitfalls! Subscribers join Jane, learning along the way on her small plot in the middle of England. Through her heartwarming videos, Jane shares her gardening journey, from seed selection to harvest, sparking curiosity and inspiring her followers to start their own gardening projects.

Jane's Growing Garden, despite having fewer followers, commands attention with the highest engagement rate among the influencers listed here. Her genuine passion and dedication to sharing her journey make her an ideal partner for brands aiming to foster deep connections with a highly engaged and active community.

Jane Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

George Lowther


11.3k followers - 9.56% ER

George Lowther’s niche lies in his passion for exotic and tropical plants, sharing his insights and expertise in abundance with his audience as a self-proclaimed plant nerd. His deep knowledge about growing, nurturing, and maintaining exotic plants through the UK seasons in his jungle garden, makes his channel a haven for fellow plant enthusiasts.

Subscribers tune in to see George’s exciting plants, growing tips, exotic garden design ideas and visits, for everyone from plant collectors to complete beginners. His unique focus on exotic and adventurous planting and gardening attracts an engaged audience, making him an ideal partner for brands with unique or niche products within the space of exotic and tropical plants or plant care.

George Lowther Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

Rob Handy


12.5k followers - 12.41% ER

Rob Handy is a true explorer in the world of garden discovery and horticulture, sharing his enchanting experiences in the vast realm of horticulture. He documents the process of creating his own forest garden whilst discovering the bounty of nature within his plot and the surrounding countryside.

His channel captures his enchanting experiences as he discovers new plants, innovative gardening techniques, and solutions to common gardening challenges. With an engagement rate of over 12%, Rob's profile springs up as a magnet for passionate gardening enthusiasts, offering brands excellent exposure to a captivated and committed audience.

Rob Handy Top YouTube Gardening Influencers

Why Work with the Best Gardening Influencers in the UK?

The UK is home to an incredible array of gardening influencers, blooming with fresh, strong-rooted content, and working with them can be a great way to reach out to potential customers. From the seasoned horticulturists sharing their expertise on Instagram to the dynamic content creators sprucing up the world of TikTok and YouTube with gardening tips – there is something for everyone.

With a little research and some strategic partnerships, brands can tap into this engaged, diverse, and large audience. By partnering with the top gardening influencers in the UK, you can gain access to a passionate community of gardeners who are eager to learn more about new products and services within the space.

If you're looking for an Influencer Marketing agency, The Social Shepherd can help you build the perfect Influencer Marketing campaign. Our dedicated team is well-versed in connecting brands with high-performing influencers, providing talent research, management, and strategy that will give your brand a boost.

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