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Top 25 Skincare Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Influencer marketing has been a game-changer for the skincare industry. Demonstrative cosmetic products like skincare are particularly popular on social media, with consumers flocking to platforms like TikTok and Instagram for product how-tos and recommendations from trusted influencers.

In fact, 84% of global Instagram influencers are women and TikTok beauty influencers average 770,000 followers.

Unsurprisingly, the beauty industry is experiencing rapid growth and is predicted to exceed $7.16 billion by 2025. For beauty brands looking to tap into social media’s monumental potential, this article unveils the UK’s top skincare influencers across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, helping you find the perfect partner for your skincare products.

At The Social Shepherd, our in-house influencer marketing team excels in sourcing top talent for impactful campaigns. With a focus on content quality, audience connection and engagement rates, we’ve poured our expertise into this curated list of leading UK skincare influencers.

Get ready for your social media glow-up!

Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

1. Mia Maugé


Instagram: 69.9k followers

You may recognise Gen X model and public speaker Mia Maugé from billboards and TV ads. She's partnered with major brands like No. 7, Georgio Armani and Vichy.

Scouted just three years ago by a modelling agency, Mia was 54 when she left her digital marketing career behind. She uses her new platform to advocate for women who may not otherwise feel represented due to skin colour, age or body type.

Mia also promotes age inclusivity as a panellist for Burberry, The Beauty Beat, Social Disruption and Marks & Spencer. She's featured on beauty platforms such as 'Who What Wear' and 'Sheerlux', and has made appearances on various podcasts and publications.

Mia Mauge Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

2. Aamirah


Instagram: 34.4k followers

London-based Aamirah shares her skincare routines on Instagram, featuring brands like Garnier, Elemis and Haruharu. She also provides recommendations for nails, makeup and hair.

When not at home vlogging her latest skincare adventures, she's out and about reviewing spa treatments or sharing the occasional sunny holiday snap.

Aamirah Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

3. Emma Jane


Instagram: 26.3k followers

Manchester-based Emma is on a mission to discover, test and recommend the best cruelty-free skincare.

She openly endorses ethical brands like e.l.f., Charlotte Tilbury and Garnier. She also shares lifestyle and self-care content to educate and inspire others walking down the same guilt-free skincare path.

For those in need of a treat after a long #everythingshower routine, Emma also has a separate Instagram for her vegan brownie recipes, @dittobakes.

Emma Jane Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

4. Caress


Instagram: 141k followers

Caress shares skincare tips for travel, morning routines and GRWM videos. She's an affiliate for Cult Beauty and Look Fantastic, offering buyers discounts across stores.

She’s also an Amazon affiliate and even hosts free giveaways for engaged Instagram followers, which include top picks from popular brands such as CeraVe, Sand & Sky and Coco & Eve.

Caress Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

5. Okikiola Emaleku


Instagram: 137k followers

Okikiola, a certified aesthetician, brings skincare expertise from her home in Birmingham to your Instagram feed.

Her content is lighthearted and accessible, blending product recommendations with body positivity alongside her in-depth skincare knowledge. Followers can even book a direct consultation for 1:1 advice.

Okikiola Emaleku Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

6. Kemi Fabusiwa


Instagram: 120k followers

If you can’t wait for that dermatologist referral, Dr ‘Fab’ Fabusiwa is at hand on Instagram to answer all your skincare-related questions. From closed comedones to preventing dark patches, she's there to help.

With a strong presence on social media, Dr. Fab collaborates with major skincare brands and recently attended CeraVe’s New York Brand Immersion trip.

Kemi Fabusiwa Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

7. Janet


Instagram: 38.1k followers

Janet shares skincare routines and favourite products to guide fellow skincare enthusiasts in finding the best tried-and-tested options. Her posts delve into detailed product reviews, emphasising their effectiveness in areas like cleansing, moisturising or tackling hyperpigmentation.

She collaborates with brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Cult Beauty and TONIC15.

Janet Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

8. Amaka


Instagram: 40.2k followers

London-based Amaka shares skincare reviews, recommendations and her personal routine. Her go-to products that she promotes include Bondi Sands sunscreens, CeraVe cleansers and Paula’s Choice exfoliants.

Amaka Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

9. Pau Mitchell


Instagram: 34.7k followers

Originally from Mexico and now based in Scotland, Paulina focuses on skincare reviews, recommendations and hauls.

She has a soft spot for Korean, Japanese and Chinese skincare, collaborating with brands like Chinese-owned Flower Knows and Korean beauty shop Olive Young.

Pau Mitchell Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

10. Pyal Patel


Instagram: 182k followers

Dr Pyal is a true skincare expert. She's a doctor and qualified dermatologist who embodies a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

Her Instagram is a treasure trove of insightful advice and Q&As addressing common skincare queries, such as ‘What alternatives to retinol are there?’ and ‘What can I do to fix dry, chapped lips during the colder months?’

Beyond skincare, Dr Pyal offers a wealth of general health guidance, wellness tips, fitness and pilates content, and nutritious recipes.

Pyal Patel Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

11. Amber


Instagram: 16.7k followers

Amber's vibrant Instagram showcases vegan, cruelty-free skincare, self-care and makeup. Her content ranges from deep dives into makeup and skincare concepts like colour theory, to tutorials mimicking famous celebrity looks.

A dedicated eco-warrior, Amber champions ethical brands such as The Body Shop, Botanics and FARMACY. Alongside skincare, she shares sustainable living and lifestyle tips.

Amber Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

12. Julie


Instagram: 78.1k followers

Beauty writer Julie has amassed a loyal Instagram following by sharing her tips on beauty and skincare, specialising in ageing, grey hair and post-breast cancer health.

Her inspiration-packed page promotes confidence, self-esteem and age positivity, and features her favourite brands like Saie and Current Body.

Julie Top Instagram Skincare Influencers

Top TikTok Skincare Influencers

13. Claude


TikTok: 89.6k followers

Skincare influencer Claude works in the K-beauty industry. On TikTok, she provides her firsthand insights into all things Korean skincare.

With nearly 90k followers, she addresses FAQs about Korean skincare products and recommendations, alongside her own routines and tutorials.

Claude also highlights Korean best sellers and new releases from brands like Amuse, JSM, Parnell and other major K-beauty names.

Claude Top TikTok Skincare Influencers

14. Dr Ewoma


TikTok: 64.6k followers

Dr Ewoma’s TikTok is every beauty buff’s go-to for instant makeup and skincare hacks and easy-to-follow GRWM videos. She's the founder of SKINDOCTOR clinic and has won awards for her work as a medical and cosmetic professional.

As an Amazon affiliate, Dr Ewoma promotes expert skincare recommendations like CeraVe, Paul Mitchell, SUN BUM and more.

Dr Ewoma Top TikTok Skincare Influencers

15. Megan


TikTok: 36.4k followers

Megan is a Hampshire-based skin specialist providing treatments targeting acne, ageing, breakouts, scarring and other concerns. Her private business has gained an influx of TikTok followers thanks to her engaging content providing valuable skincare advice, such as tips on achieving glowy skin, avoiding redness and what skincare products to avoid.

Megan's dedication to skincare was born from her battle with acne. Her struggle spurred her to pursue skincare qualifications and eventually launch her thriving business.

Megan Top TikTok Skincare Influencers

16. Evie


TikTok: 14.5k followers

Skincare expert and cosmetic formulator Evie has the inside scoop on which ingredients to look for in skincare products — and which ones to avoid. Her TikTok has grown thanks to her informative content, engaging unboxing videos and detailed step-by-step tutorials.

In the Sknperfct store, she sells products for hyperpigmentation, acne and breakouts, barrier repair, texture and other skin concerns, including from well-known brands like The Ordinary, Paula's Choice and Glossier.

Evie Top TikTok Skincare Influencers

17. Bambi


TikTok: 237.6k followers

Bambi's playful GRWM videos demonstrate how to easily achieve various looks, from shimmery fairy dust makeup to glowing skin and fake freckles.

An expert in community engagement, Bambi proactively responds to audience queries through Q&A videos. Her TikTok also features product reviews, comparisons and amusing memes about 'girl maths' and beauty blunders.

Bambi Top TikTok Skincare Influencers

18. Rifah


TikTok: 246.6k followers

Who better to trust with skincare brand reviews than a cosmetic chemist and makeup artist? That’s exactly what Rifah brings to TikTok, using her behind-the-scenes knowledge to answer questions about skincare, ageing and more.

Additionally, she offers glimpses into the process of creating makeup, revealing the complexities behind beloved beauty products.

Rifah Top TikTok Skincare Influencers

19. Lottie


TikTok: 28.1k followers

London-based TikToker Lottie vlogs her beauty adventures, including product comparisons and outings for beauty treatments. Her videos and tips cover a range of looks, from achieving the ideal autumnal foundation to applying summer daytime makeup.

Her Amazon store includes beauty, skincare and haircare essentials, alongside other categories like content creation tech and home and lifestyle items.

Lottie Top TikTok Skincare Influencers

20. Alessandra Steinherr


TikTok: 174.6k followers

Alessandra is Beauty Director at Glamour, Cosmo, and The Glossary. Needless to say, she knows a thing or two about the skincare world!

With 176k+ TikTok followers, she sets beauty industry trends. Her content includes step-by-step guides, product comparisons and spotlights on her favourite brands like Lancôme, Clinique and Clarins.

Alessandra Steinherr Top TikTok Skincare Influencers

21. Dani


TikTok: 16.7k followers

Dani's fun and lively content features in-store vlogs of beauty products, highlighting new arrivals at stores like Boots, T.K. Maxx and Primark. Her videos take a cheerful tone while providing viewers with insights into the latest products and where to find them on the UK high street.

Her TikTok is packed with entertaining hooks and memes, from intriguing unboxing videos to POV clips of funny and relatable skincare and makeup habits.

Dani Top TikTok Skincare Influencers

Top YouTube Skincare Influencers

22. Caroline Hirons


YouTube: 253k subscribers

Caroline describes herself as a ‘beauty industry veteran’. With 15 years of experience as a beauty brand consultant and qualifications in over 100 global brands as an aesthetician, she possesses unique and extensive beauty industry expertise.

If that’s not enough, she’s also the author of the Sunday Times No.1 Bestseller 'Skincare', and she founded Beauty Backed, a Trust with the mission to ‘assist everyone and anyone who works, or who wants to work in the beauty industry.’

A master of wearing many hats, Caroline also shares a wealth of informative and engaging beauty content on YouTube. This includes product reviews, budget-friendly skincare, makeup and skincare tutorials, and much more.

Caroline Hirons Top YouTube Skincare Influencers

23. Ruth Crilly


YouTube: 305k followers

​​Ruth is a writer, model and content creator. She started her online journey in 2010 with her blog, A Model Recommends, where she tests and reviews beauty products.

A Model Recommends has been a roaring success, garnering over 45 million views to date. Ruth has extended her digital presence from her blog to YouTube, where she covers 'all things beauty and lifestyle.' Her channel helps viewers discover value-for-money beauty and skincare products, as well as content around fashion, food and lifestyle.

Ruth Crilly Top YouTube Skincare Influencers

24. Kaushal


YouTube: 2.45M subscribers

Beauty guru Kaushal shares comprehensive self-care, wellness, beauty and skincare tips, taking her audience through every detail of achieving the results they want.

Her content encompasses makeup tricks, product critiques, testing new items, GRWM videos and occasional personal blogs providing insights into her life. Kaushal also offers fans extra content via her website, which includes a blog, shop and newsletter sign-up.

Kaushal Top YouTube Skincare Influencers

25. Fleur Bell


YouTube: 1.33M subscribers

Fleur started creating YouTube videos in September 2009. Since then, she's become a prominent UK influencer in skincare, beauty and fashion, with millions of monthly views and over a million subscribers.

As a successful entrepreneur, Fleur has authored two books, 'The Glam Guide' and 'The Luxe Life', and has launched a false eyelash line with Eylure. She's also launched a collection of eyebrow products, available exclusively at Boots.

Her YouTube channel is a go-to for beauty enthusiasts seeking gift guides, product reviews, hauls, tutorials and more. Meanwhile, her blog offers even more content, including capsule wardrobes and skincare product deep dives.

Fleur Bell Top YouTube Skincare Influencers

Why Work With the Best Skincare Influencers in the UK?

For skincare and beauty brands, influencers provide an avenue to reach a broader, engaged audience with authentic content.

Take TikTok, for example. #Skincare has nearly 67 billion views, #skincareroutine has 13.8 billion, and even ‘smaller’ hashtags like #oilyskin and #koreanskincare have 350+ million and 476+ million views respectively.

If you're seeking expert help to connect you with the right UK skincare influencer, specialised agencies offer the know-how to find the best fit. At The Social Shepherd, our influencer marketing team offers comprehensive services, from talent sourcing to campaign management, strategy and analysis — including for brands in the beauty and skincare space.

For example, our micro-influencer campaign for skincare brand Lumene resulted in a collective 1.3M followers, 26.4k engagements and 150k video views. You can read the full case study here.

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