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Top 37 Beauty Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your brand online and increase awareness among your target audience. 61% of consumers trust the product recommendations they get from influencers. Meanwhile, only 38% trust branded social media content.

As an agency that regularly works with influencers at The Social Shepherd, we've identified the top beauty influencers in the UK based on their key social media channels, the value they offer to businesses and their social media following and engagement rate (ER). These influencers have a proven track record of creating engaging content, building a loyal following, and driving results for their partners. Whether you're interested in makeup, hair, skincare, or nail influencers, you'll find the perfect fit in our list.

So, you’re looking for the best beauty influencers in the UK to work with? Well, you’re in the right place. Here are the top UK beauty influencers that beauty brands should consider working with for their marketing campaigns.

Best Makeup Influencers in the UK

1. Farhana Oberson


Instagram: 175K followers – ER: 10.17%

Farhana is a travel and lifestyle content creator who loves to inspire, educate and entertain through creating content on beauty, skin and lifestyle.

She is a makeup artist who creates stunning looks with her signature bold lip colours and eye shadows. Her content focuses on creating easy-to-follow tutorials that can be recreated at home. Farhana also shares her personal style and fashion advice with her followers.

Best UK Makeup Influencers Farhana

2. Kassie


Instagram: 265K followers – ER: 5.44%

The proclaimed ‘world’s youngest makeup artist’, Kassie, is a 6-year-old TikTok makeup artist with fans including Huda Kattan and Fenty Beauty, who’s going viral for creating looks (usually on her mum!)

You name it, Kassie can contour, blend eyeshadow & put on falsies, and she is getting big recognition from beauty brands and her favourite makeup artists. "You can do anything with makeup. You can get as creative as you want," as Kassie says of her craft.

Best UK Makeup Influencers Kassie

3. Atarah Mayhew


Instagram: 108K followers – ER: 5.97%

Atarah Mayhew is a well-known makeup artist for her tutorial videos, which mostly centre on eye makeup and range from casual looks and hacks to flashy colours and unique line compositions. Although she frequently emphasises beauty, she also teaches viewers how to construct costume outfits, many of which are focused on fancy dress.

She uploaded a video in March 2022 in which she creates a makeup look with a TikTok filter and then recreates it. The video received over 60 million views. She occasionally posts videos where she recreates characters from TV series and films like Betty Boop and Avatar.

Best UK Makeup Influencers Atarah

4. Anjeni Khusul


Instagram: 106K followers – ER: 18.28%

Digital creator who uses her @anjenikhusul TikTok account for beauty content, especially makeup tutorials, product reviews, and transition videos. She also posts hairstyle tutorials and advice. One of her most popular videos revolves around her morning skincare routine, gaining over 3 million views.

Anjeni’s Instagram page features stunning photos of her work and helpful tutorials showing you how to recreate them at home.

Best UK Makeup Influencers Anjeni

5. Rohima


Instagram: 68.9K followers – ER: 18.15%

Rohima is a beauty influencer who creates content about makeup tutorials & product reviews tailored towards South Asian skin tones! Rohima’s Instagram page features gorgeous photos of her work and helpful tutorials showing followers how to do it themselves.

She also offers personalised advice on skincare routines and makeup application techniques so you can perfect your look every time!

Best UK Makeup Influencers Rohima

6. Lydia Fowler


Instagram: 210K followers – ER: 4.87%

Lydia Fowler is a makeup artist and influencer passionate about all things beauty. With over 210,000 followers on Instagram, she has built a devoted following thanks to her inspiring and relatable makeup tutorials, reviews and lookbooks.

Known for her signature natural yet polished look, she is a master of subtle and sophisticated makeup techniques. Her audience primarily comprises women who appreciate her honest and relatable approach to beauty. Brands looking to reach an audience of beauty enthusiasts, looking for inspiration and tips on how to achieve a natural yet polished look, would find Lydia to be a valuable influencer for their campaigns.

Best UK Makeup Influencers Lydia

Best Hair Influencers in the UK

7. Samuel Bentham


Instagram: 410K followers – ER: 3.78%

Samuel Bentham is a hair influencer and stylist based in the UK. He has a large following on Instagram, where he shares his expertise in hair styling, hair care, and grooming. He focuses on men's hair and is known for his creative and bold styles.

From Geordie Shore to short back and sides, Samuel's high engagement rate and large following make him a valuable influencer for brands in the hair and beauty industry to work with.

Best Hair Influencers Samuel

8. Mia Mauge


Instagram: 55.2K followers – ER: 3.96%

Mia is driven by passion and a zest for life, and by sharing her personal experience, she hopes to transform the way menopause and ageing are portrayed. Mia is regarded as a role model for both the older and younger generations because of her advice on embracing middle age with vigour and admiration for oneself.

Mia is a style expert and lifestyle influencer who shows that fashion is timeless and that grey hair can be stunning. Her goal is to provide the future generation with a true silver place. Mia has worked with an array of brands, including L’Oreal Paris, Marks & Spencer, Liz Earle, Avon, Mindful Chef, Cult Beauty, Disney, Channel 4, Barclays, Made.com, Sky & Netflix, to name but a few.

Best Hair Influencers Mia

9. Bex Weston


Instagram: 202K followers – ER: 6.73%

Hairstylist who rose to fame on her bexdoeshair TikTok account, where she shares easy everyday hair tutorials and hair health content. She also reviews hair products for her fans, amassing more than 650,000 followers and 9 million likes on the platform.

Bex posts travel snapshots and hair tutorials. She also often posts reels, including one from August 2022 that received more than 775K likes.

Best Hair Influencers Bex

10. Akta Bavalia


Instagram: 126K followers – ER: 16.04%

Akta Bavalia is a budding trichologist and hair influencer known for her stunning hair transformations and expert hair styling tips. With over 126k followers on Instagram, she has established herself as a go-to source for hair inspiration and education with haircare, tips & hairstyles, with a basis in hair & scalp science.

Her feed is filled with a mix of before-and-after shots of her clients, hair tutorials, and product recommendations. Akta's ability to create beautiful and achievable hairstyles has made her a popular choice among her followers and has helped her establish a loyal following.

Best Hair Influencers Akta

11. Abbie


Instagram: 120K followers – ER: 3.59%

Natural hair & women’s health influencer

Social media star who is famous for her abbiecurls Instagram account. Abbie has gained massive popularity there for her natural haircare tips, tutorials, and product reviews. She’s all about natural hair, women's health, and social media!

From women’s health education to social media tips to natural hair care inspo, Abbie is always dishing up the most relatable and motivating content on her platform. As someone who deals with PCOS, she openly shares her personal experience and women’s health. Abbie is an expert in natural and afro hair care and is on a mission to share that knowledge!

Best Hair Influencers Abbie

Best Skincare Influencers in the UK

12. Caress Dowling


Instagram: 118K followers – ER: 39.99%

Introducing based skincare queen, Caress often takes to the high street to find affordable and accessible goodies. We love how she shows how affordable high-street products have just as good, if not better, ingredients than many luxury ones.

She is a skincare expert and provides advice on skincare routines, product reviews and recommendations. Caress has a passion for helping others achieve their best skin and is dedicated to providing education on skincare ingredients and their benefits. She is known for her transparent, honest and relatable content, making her an ideal influencer for skincare brands looking to increase awareness and drive sales.

Best Skincare Influencers Caress

13. Okikiola Asher


Instagram: 70.1K followers – ER: 6.11%

A passionate skincare professional on a mission to make flawless skin possible with facial treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and advanced skincare techniques. Dedicated to improving your selfies with fewer filters! Okikiola, the Skin Priest, is your go-to aesthetician.

Okikiola is a skincare expert who shares her knowledge and tips on her account to help her followers achieve their best skin. Her content includes product reviews, skincare routines, and advice on achieving specific skin goals.

Best Skincare Influencers Okikiola Asher

14. Dr. Kemi Fabusiwa


Instagram: 118K followers – ER: 1.10%

Dr Kemi Fabusiwa is a skincare enthusiast who divides her time between the NHS front lines and her love of all things skin. When Kemi isn't testing out the newest skincare products, she's busy teaching her devoted audience with her straight facts and insights about skincare.

To give her audience happy, healthy skin, she reveals her insider tips from working with specialists and spills the beans on everything skincare. If one thing’s for sure, skincare guru Dr Kemi knows how to keep your skin on track.

Best Skincare Influencers Dr. Kemi Fabusiwa

15. Janet


Instagram: 34.8K followers – ER: 4.81%

Janet is a UK-based skincare influencer and content creator who runs the Instagram account @skinandbase. With over 34.8k followers, Janet has built a loyal audience by sharing her skincare journey, tips, and product reviews.

Her focus is on achieving healthy, clear and radiant skin, particularly on natural and organic skincare. Janet is a skincare expert, providing her followers with valuable information on ingredients, product selection and how to achieve the best results.

Best Skincare Influencers Janet

16. Amaka


Instagram: 32.1K followers – ER: 6.39%

Amaka is a skincare influencer with a following of 32.1k. With an engagement rate of 6.39%, Amaka is a skin expert and passionate about educating others on achieving healthy and radiant skin.

She shares her skincare journey and routine through her Instagram account, providing valuable tips and advice on a variety of skincare topics, including acne, hyperpigmentation, and anti-ageing. She is particularly interested in natural and organic skincare products and often features these in her content.

Best Skincare Influencers Amaka

17. Pau Mitchell


Instagram: 25.1K followers – ER: 6.56%

Pau is obsessed with all things beauty and skincare, so her content is focused on sharing product reviews, recommendations, and hauls, aiming to always make her content useful and fun.

She advocates for self-care and encourages her followers to prioritise their skincare routine. She is passionate about helping her followers achieve their best skin and often shares her knowledge on ingredients, skincare concerns and recommends products.

Best Skincare Influencers Pau Mitchell

Best Nails Influencers in the UK

18. Emma Leeds


Instagram: 107K followers – ER: 0.33%

Emma is a fully-qualified and talented nail technician, specialising in hand-painted nail Art – and she’s even been featured in Oprah. With over 107k followers on Instagram, she has established herself as a go-to source for all things nails.

Her feed is filled with beautiful and creative nail art designs, showcasing her skills and talent in the nail industry. Emma's content ranges from bold and colourful designs to more subtle and elegant looks, providing a wide variety of inspiration for her followers. She also shares tips and tricks for maintaining healthy nails and achieving salon-worthy results at home.

Best Nails Influencers in the UK Emma

19. Elee


Instagram: 55.6K followers – ER: 3.45%

Elee is a talented nail technician and salon owner. Thanks to her impressive nail art designs and tutorials, she has built a devoted following.

As a salon owner, Elee has a wealth of experience in the industry and can offer professional advice and tips to her followers on how to maintain healthy nails and achieve various nail looks. She can help promote products and services to her engaged audience, and her salon owner background gives her a unique perspective on the industry that is valuable for brands.

Best Nails Influencers in the UK Elee

20. Tiffany Abbigaile


Instagram: 119K followers – ER: 14.13%

Tiffany is a highly skilled content creator, talented nail technician, and salon owner known for her incredible nail art creations, inspo and innovative designs. With over 119k followers on Instagram, she has built a large and dedicated following of fans drawn to her stunning work and attention to detail.

Through her account, Tiffany regularly shares a variety of content, including tutorials, product reviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her salon. She is well-known for her ability to create intricate and eye-catching designs, often using a wide range of different techniques and materials.

Best Nails Influencers in the UK Tiffany

21. Abi Markey


Instagram: 105K followers – ER: 5.96%

Abi is a talented content creator and Wales-based nail artist who’s even been nominated for a prestigious industry award - Nail Art Specialist of the Year at The Gel Bottle Awards. The category Abi has been nominated for recognises the creative flair of nail art skills, including impressive technical and artistic skills and high-quality and original work.

Her ideas are never the same as everyone else. And, as she is so unique, she never struggles to come up with new ideas as she gets inspiration from anything and everything. You can check out her latest creations on her Instagram page, which now has a big following and is getting shared by big names like Cadbury, ASOS and Missguided.

Best Nails Influencers in the UK Abi Markey

22. Amy Rickaby


Instagram: 161K followers – ER: 1.34%

Nothing short of the master of manicures, Amy Rickaby has amassed over 160,000 followers (and counting) on Instagram for her nail art, designs and inspo.

Perfecting everything from intricate swirls and trending tortoiseshell designs to reverse French manicures, it’s no wonder everyone is flocking to her reusable press-on nails, Beauty Works by Amy.

Best Nails Influencers in the UK Amy Rickaby

Best Instagram Beauty Influencers in the UK

23. Melissa


Instagram: 300K followers – ER: 7.12%

Melissa is an influencer, designer and stylist to the stars dressing the likes of Stormzy. Her content has reached fashion, lifestyle and beauty fans worldwide and led her to work with a range of luxury brands, from fashion brands such as Dior and Chanel, to beauty brands such as Flannels Beauty, Bobbi Brown and Ren skincare.

Melissa has nailed the world of influencing as the mastermind behind Melissa's Wardrobe, sharing the latest snippets of her life as a celebrity fashion stylist, beauty expert and interior designer. As well as the recent launch of her lifestyle website ‘itsalifestylehun’ which focuses on diverse topics.

Best Instagram Beauty Influencers in the UK Melissa

24. Rebekah Eller


Instagram: 126K followers – ER: 0.97%

Rebekah Eller is a UK-based makeup artist and influencer passionate about creativity and self-expression. Rebekah has established herself as a respected voice in the makeup industry.

Her content reflects her unique and versatile style, which ranges from bold and colourful looks to subtle and natural ones. She is known for her attention to detail and ability to create a wide range of looks that cater to different skin tones, preferences and occasions.

Best Instagram Beauty Influencers in the UK Rebekah Eller

25. Frankie Darling


Instagram: 149K followers – ER: 6.21%

Frankie Darling is known for her vegan and cruelty-free approach to makeup and skincare. With over 149K followers on Instagram, she has built a dedicated community of individuals who share her passion for conscious beauty.

Frankie is also known for her expert application skills, which she demonstrates in her tutorials and reviews of the latest makeup products. She also shares tips for maintaining a healthy, radiant complexion and often features products from independent, lesser-known brands. With her unique perspective and dedication to ethical beauty, Frankie is a valuable asset for brands looking to connect with an engaged and conscious audience.

Best Instagram Beauty Influencers in the UK Frankie Darling

26. Anna Sheri


Instagram: 75.3K followers – ER: 6.63%

AnnaSheri is a beauty and skincare influencer with a significant following on Instagram, and she’s on a mission to spread healthy skin vibes. With over 75K followers, she has built a reputation as a trusted voice in the beauty community.

AnnaSheri's content focuses on skincare, makeup, and beauty tips, and she is known for her honest and relatable approach to beauty. In addition to her Instagram content, AnnaSheri also runs a successful YouTube channel where she shares more in-depth beauty tutorials and reviews.

Best Instagram Beauty Influencers in the UK Annasheri

27. Sophie


Instagram: 437K followers – ER: 2.88%

Sophie is known for her stunning makeup looks, tutorials, and product reviews. She is passionate about luxury and beauty products and shares her knowledge and tips with her followers on achieving the perfect look.

Sophie is also a content creator and has her own YouTube channel where she shares her makeup skills, skincare routine, and lifestyle videos. She is a great choice for brands looking to reach a large audience of beauty enthusiasts and make-up lovers.

Best Instagram Beauty Influencers in the UK Sophie

Best TikTok Beauty Influencers in the UK

28. Eva Rose


TikTok: 675.9K followers – ER: 6.21%

Model and social media personality best known for posting selfies and makeup tutorials. She has amassed more than 675K followers on her evarankiin TikTok account, with a superb engagement rate for such a huge audience.

Her popular TikTok account features her two passions, beauty and travel. She has worked with many brands through her TikTok, including Revolution, L’Oréal and Ariana Grande’s fragrance brand. She has also modelled for Kylie Cosmetics, ASOS and Loavies.

Best TikTok Beauty Influencers in the UK Eva Rose

29. Cas


TikTok: 191.5K followers – ER: 19.06%

Cas, also known as Sirraccarris, is a rising TikTok and Instagram influencer known for her bold and creative makeup looks and fashion sense. With 191.5K followers on TikTok and a 19.06% engagement rate, Cas has quickly built a loyal following of fans drawn to her unique style and ability to push the boundaries of beauty and fashion.

She has a keen eye for detail and creates content that is both visually stunning and relatable. Her content is not just about makeup, but also about fashion and lifestyle. She often shares her love for vintage and sustainable fashion and posts about mental health and self-care. Overall, Cas is a versatile and creative influencer who can captivate her audience with fresh and unique content.

Best TikTok Beauty Influencers in the UK Cas

30. Georgia Barratt


TikTok: 974.9K followers – ER: 11.50%

Georgia is a self-taught British makeup artist who rose to fame through her glam and costume makeup tutorials and get-ready-with-me videos that she posts to her georgia.barratt TikTok account.

She also posts hair tutorials and is active on Instagram, where she posts her outfits of the day.

Best TikTok Beauty Influencers in the UK Georgia Barratt

31. Amelia Olivia


TikTok: 1.2M followers – ER: 7.90%

Beauty content creator Amelia Olivia has burst onto the UK makeup and skincare scene building a loyal following through her videos, which range from Get Ready With Me’s to Tips and Tricks style videos.

Amelia has built an enormous and devoted fan base. Amelia has become one of the most well-liked influencers in the country by combining her talent at makeup with her radiant joy.

Best TikTok Beauty Influencers in the UK Amelia Olivia

32. May Akhtar


TikTok: 525.6K followers – ER: 8.5

May Akhtar is the British-Bengali mastering make-up and data science. Instagram inspired May to finally indulge her passion for art and make-up. Her eye-catching cosmetic experiments range from coloured circles and crystal cat-eyes to a whole face of glossy pastel Louis Vuitton monograms and floral Nike swooshes.

May has been featured in campaigns for Beauty Bay and KVD Beauty. She has followers, including the likes of Tess Holliday and Doja Cat, with an energy that makes you want to follow her content.

Best TikTok Beauty Influencers in the UK May Akhtar

Best YouTube Beauty Influencers in the UK

33. Chloe Rose


YouTube: 74.1K subscribers – ER: 3.12%

Chloe Rose is a London-based fashion and lifestyle creator with a love of interiors with her style inspo, beauty tips & love of interiors, the digital creator has gained a following on Instagram and YouTube for her fashion and lifestyle content.

She often features her style on the streets of Chelsea, as well as her home interior.

Best YouTube Beauty Influencers in the UK Chloe Rose

34. Atarah Mayhew


YouTube: 2.15M subscribers – ER: 5.97%

Atarah Mayhew is a talented makeup artist and YouTube influencer known for her unique and creative looks. With over 12.2K subscribers on her YouTube channel, Atarah's content focuses on a wide range of makeup styles, from everyday looks to more elaborate costume and movie character transformations.

In addition to her makeup skills, Atarah is known for her keen attention to detail and her ability to bring characters to life with her makeup looks. She's a versatile artist, and her passion for makeup artistry is evident in every video she posts.

Best YouTube Beauty Influencers in the UK Atarah Mayhew

35. Amelia Taylor


YouTube: 12.2K subscribers – ER: 6.11%

Amelia Taylor is a styling and beauty influencer on YouTube and Instagram, known for her creative and versatile approach to fashion and makeup. With 12.2K subscribers on YouTube, Amelia's channel is a go-to source for inspiration and tutorials on the latest beauty and styling trends and personal style advice.

Her engagement rate of 6.11% on YouTube reflects her ability to connect with her audience and inspire them to try new looks as a trusted lifestyle content creator sharing fashion, beauty, interior, and her own home.

Best YouTube Beauty Influencers in the UK Amelia Taylor

36. Sophie


YouTube: 1.38M subscribers – ER: 6.59%

Sophie loves testing new products and brands and finding good quality affordable makeup products, with some high-end thrown in the mix too. She is the beauty guru whose YouTube channel has become primarily known for her intricate nail art designs, where Sophie does beauty hauls, makeup tutorials, and DIYs for her more than 1.3 million subscribers.

She also has a second informal channel, SophDoesVlogs and collaborated on a makeup line with Revolution Beauty in the UK.

Best YouTube Beauty Influencers in the UK Sophie

37. Lisa Eldridge


YouTube: 2.08M subscribers – ER: 6.64%

Professional makeup artist working with many of the world’s top A-list celebrities, models, magazines, and brands. Lisa only features products she likes or wants to try herself.

Known for her work with celebrity clients such as Keira Knightley, Emma Watson, and Kate Moss, the leading makeup artist also contributed to the runway shows of such prominent designers as Alberta Ferretti and Donna Karan. She also served as the cosmetics expert on the Channel 4 series Ten Years Younger.

Best YouTube Beauty Influencers in the UK Lisa Eldridge

Why Work with the Best Beauty Influencers in the UK?

Working with top beauty influencers in the UK is a highly effective way to promote your brand and increase brand awareness. Google searches for “influencer marketing” grew by 400% from 2016-2021 in the UK alone. If that’s not an influencer marketing statistic highlighting potentially tons of marketers and customers now seeking influencers – then we don’t know what is – so don’t get left behind!

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Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to see how we can help your brand grow. By working with the best beauty influencers in the UK, you can take your brand to the next level and reach a wider audience.

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