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Top 27 Fitness Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 26 Feb 2024

There is no doubting the success of influencer marketing. From $1.7 billion in 2016 to $9.7 billion in 2020, the market increased massively. It increased steadily since, reaching $13.8 billion in 2021. This year, the market is projected to expand to a whopping $16.4 billion industry.

At The Social Shepherd, we are a top Influencer Marketing agency focused on getting results – meaning we source the best UK fitness influencers and social media creators to grow and enhance your marketing efforts, and whip your bottom line into shape. No matter your sector, we know how to maximise the value of top influencers in the UK and get those growth gains.

To make choosing the right fitness influencers in the UK who work best for your brand, we’ve put together a complete list based on the social media channels they work best for and the value they offer to businesses and brands across the UK through their social media following and Engagement Rate (ER).

So, without further ado, here are our top 27 fitness influencers in the UK to benefit your business!

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1. Lucy Davis


Instagram: 572K followers - ER: 0.97%

Lucy Davis is a fitness influencer. She is a co-founder of the My Coach School app, which offers customers individualised training and nutrition coaching.

Lucy represents Gymshark, My Protein, and Nocco as a fitness advocate. Weightlifting is the main focus of her training now that she gave up competitive swimming in 2015. She offers advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle as well as demonstrations and tips.

Top Women UK Fitness Influencers (Female Fitness Influencers)

2. Meggan Grubb


Instagram: 1.3M followers - ER: 2.37%

Fitness expert and social media sensation who became well-known on Instagram for sharing her personal photoblogs about diet, exercise, and healthy living.

More than 1.3 million people follow her on Instagram. She also managed her own fitness vlogging YouTube channel, Meggan Fit Music, where she amassed over 460,000 subscribers.

Top Women UK Fitness Influencers (Female Fitness Influencers)

3. Gabby Allen


Instagram: 1M followers - ER: 0.36%

Gabby Allen is a registered personal trainer and professional dancer who received her training at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London. Before working as a full-time personal trainer, she taught performing arts and dance fitness. She held sessions at renowned London studios like Frame, BLOK, and Third Space.

She made national headlines in 2017 after finishing as a finalist on the popular show Love Island. In January 2018, she released the wildly popular Shape Up With Gabby Allen app. She firmly believes that physical activity should be enjoyable, but don't let that deceive you—she's serious about seeing results!

Top Women UK Fitness Influencers (Female Fitness Influencers)

4. Courtney Black


Instagram: 850K followers - ER: 0.78%

Courtney Black, a personal trainer and nutrition coach, is quickly gaining significant attention. She gained a following by posting pictures of her training regimens and the results they achieved. She is aware of what it's like to have an unhealthy connection with food and exercise because she struggled with eating disorders in her adolescence.

Between the Courtney Black app, her eponymous digital offering, live workouts and charmingly open attitude to sharing highs and lows with her followers, she's the dictionary definition of a rising star. And she's shining brighter than ever, currently boasting 850k followers on Instagram.

Top Women UK Fitness Influencers (Female Fitness Influencers)

5. Victoria Niamh


Instagram: 129K followers - ER: 1.26%

In light of her near-death experience while suffering from severe eating disorders, Victoria Niamh, a former dancer, influencer, and self-development coach, promotes body confidence to her 129k followers. She has also helped over 100k women.

Victoria founded The Glow up Project to inspire women to recognise that the true glow-up is an inside job, using her platform to help eradicate the stigma around mental health. Her overarching goal is to empower women to live authentically and completely own themselves.

Top Women UK Fitness Influencers (Female Fitness Influencers)

6. Sonny Turner


Instagram: 261K followers - ER: 0.50%

Sonny is an Instagram model and influencer who posts pictures of fashion and swimwear. She is a strong voice for her generation, and for her devoted, social media-inspired followers, her accessible ideas have become synonymous with her brave stance on body positivity.

Sonny is dedicated to demonstrating that curves can thrive and wants to share her perspective on body empowerment along the road. At a young age, she is not only leading significant campaigns at home but also on both sides of the Atlantic. She uses her platform to collaborate with brands that support her beliefs. Most recently, she worked with Adidas, Marc Jacobs, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, and Simply BE.

Top Women UK Fitness Influencers (Female Fitness Influencers)

7. Emma Storey-Gordon


Instagram: 78K followers - ER: 0.68%

Emma is a mentor, educator and online health and fitness coach, best known as ESG Fitness and for her phenomenal content across Instagram, Twitter, and her podcast.

Emma has a gift for getting the message of health and fitness across to people in a way that they connect and prosper from. Her knowledge and passion to help people shine through every post she uploads.

Top Women UK Fitness Influencers (Female Fitness Influencers)

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    8. Joe Wicks


    Instagram: 4.5M followers - ER: 0.70%

    Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach has taken the fitness and nutrition industry by storm with his world-famous 15-minute meals and 90-Day Plan.

    Trying to banish fad diets, Joe is on a mission to help everybody lead a fit and healthy lifestyle without having to go hungry. Joe uses his social media platform to share his favourite meals, short workouts, and photos of client transformations. He is currently one of the most popular fitness accounts on Instagram.

    Top Men UK Fitness Influencers (Male Fitness Influencers)

    9. Adam Maxted


    Instagram: 159K followers - ER: 0.08%

    Personal trainer turned reality star who made a name for himself competing on the second season of ITV2's Love Island.

    Before he began working as a personal trainer, he spent several years as a PR manager for Scintillate Marbella. Though primarily a personal trainer, he also made his professional wrestling debut in 2016.

    Top Men UK Fitness Influencers (Male Fitness Influencers)

    10. Michael Griffiths


    Instagram: 1M followers - ER: 0.56%

    Reality television personality and social media fitness influencer who rose to fame after competing on Love Island in 2019 and making numerous subsequent reality TV appearances.

    He has amassed an incredible Instagram fan following of more than 1.1 million followers as a result of his online success. He has taken part in several bodybuilding contests too.

    Top Men UK Fitness Influencers (Male Fitness Influencers)

    11. Charlie Frederick


    Instagram: 255K followers - ER: 0.15%

    Reality star who appeared on Love Island in 2018. He has over 260,000 followers on his charliefrederick_ Instagram account.

    He is a regular at the gym and often posts workout videos to Instagram based around building muscle and burning body fat through online 1-2-1 coaching.

    Top Men UK Fitness Influencers (Male Fitness Influencers)

    12. Danny Williams


    Instagram: 464K followers - ER: 0.19%

    A well-known reality television star who is best recognised for taking part in Love Island's fifth season. He models as well, and more than 480,000 Instagram followers can see his work.

    He first started gaining attention as a model in 2018 when he started sharing his photos through Instagram. His first major cover came when he was featured in Attitude Magazine.

    Top Men UK Fitness Influencers (Male Fitness Influencers)

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    13. Alex Beattie


    Instagram: 650K followers - ER: 3.40%

    Reality television personality who rose to fame after appearing on Love Island. His popularity on the program led to him amassing more than 650,000 followers on his alex.beattie Instagram account.

    He worked as a personal trainer in Newcastle before appearing on Love Island and has competed in International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation events. Alex now works as an online fitness & mindset coach as the Founder of @Achievable.Academy.

    Top Instagram UK Fitness Influencers

    14. Liz King


    Instagram: 79K followers - ER: 4.41%

    Liz King is a content producer known for her workout, fitness, and health videos, publishes high-engagement content on her madeformefitness account.

    Her TikTok tips and tricks videos have gained her over 500,000 fans. A humorous sketch about one of her clients' sore knees is one of her most well-liked postings.

    Top Instagram UK Fitness Influencers

    15. Meg Brown


    Instagram: 112K followers - ER: 1.03%

    This fitness influencer who started posting fitness and home workout videos in lockdown now has almost 90,000 followers, allowing her to quit her job as a keyworker and PT full time - putting all her energy into her business MegMaeFit. Through her coaching, she has been able to give other women the confidence boost to try getting fit and into the gym.

    The shortage of gym equipment during lockdown made her tutorials so popular, as they were mostly bodyweight or banded exercises. Large fitness brands such as Gymshark, Myprotein and Ryderwear work with her on Instagram.

    Top Instagram UK Fitness Influencers

    16. Wayne Bridge


    Instagram: 285K followers - ER: 0.34%

    Since retiring from professional football in the Premier League and for England, winning Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, and taking part in a celebrity boxing match for Sport Relief, Wayne's fans and followers have become more curious about his fitness routine and what he does in the gym to stay challenge-ready all year long.

    From short workouts to family time, Wayne Bridge stays in shape as a busy dad, having become a fan of home workouts when he was, like the rest of us, forced into lockdown in 2020.

    Top Instagram UK Fitness Influencers

    17. Faisal Abdalla


    Instagram: 87K followers - ER: 1.18%

    Named as one of London’s top personal trainers, working with celebrities and brands all over the world, Faisal has an infectious energy as Mr PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). He firmly believes the missing link in most people’s fitness journeys is their mindset.

    Faisal promotes high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for fat-burning and weight-based strength training. Through a diverse mix of skills and experiences, Faisal brings insight and bold new ideas into the fitness and wellness industry, working with Protein World and as an ambassador for Men's Health.

    Top Instagram UK Fitness Influencers

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    18. Sean Casey


    TikTok: 2.2M followers - ER: 6.92%

    Sean Casey is a YouTube creator and Fitness Coach who strives to post videos with humour and personality, featuring engaging challenges, fitness tips, simple recipes and diet plans, and Educational Videos.

    He is passionate about cutting through the unnecessary overcomplication and white noise he finds common in the fitness industry, with The Sean Casey Academy a one-stop shop for simplifying your journey and transforming your life. His podcast tackles all aspects of fitness with the clear objective of trying to explain them in the most simplistic way possible.

    Top TikTok UK Fitness Influencers

    19. The Hart Sisters


    TikTok: 2.2M followers - ER: 8.10%

    Talia and Giulia Hart there are sisters with a passion for fitness, starting their careers as GB Skiers.

    Along with HIIT, at-home, and gym workouts, they also share some nice, healthy recipes for dinner inspiration, along with a few less-than-healthy treats. Their training programme is designed to have a positive effect on others, bring about change in their life, and build a community where people aren't lost or unsure of where to begin.

    Top TikTok UK Fitness Influencers

    20. Siri Price


    TikTok: 163K followers - ER: 10.93%

    Siri is a personal trainer and online fitness coach who uses personal training and online coaching to help people achieve their objectives and build confidence in the gym. She can help you regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, learn new weightlifting techniques, or simply overall improve your gym routine.

    She is committed to assisting you on your journey to achieving your objectives, whether those are weight loss, muscle gain, or simply developing confidence in the gym. She is inspired by helping women gain confidence, grow muscle, and feel their best. She also works with pre and postnatal clients.

    Top TikTok UK Fitness Influencers

    21. Lol Darby


    TikTok: 423K followers - ER: 2.74%

    Lol is an online coach dedicated to helping women transform their bodies, lose weight, and grow their glutes without fad diets, and ultimately, feel more confident.

    She aims to incorporate simple changes that create sustainable results, with weekly check-ins to celebrate the wins, plan for the week ahead and talk through any setbacks or struggles. She empowers her audience with knowledge through educational videos, training outlines and nutrition principles.

    Top TikTok UK Fitness Influencers

    22. Stefanie Moir


    TikTok: 216K followers - ER: 5.90%

    Stefanie, also known as "Naturally Stefanie," dedicates her platform to empowering others to live healthier, happier lives.

    Stefanie leads her followers through a variety of healthy living practices with her distinctive wit, friendliness, and dedication to well-being while combining vegan meals, fast workouts, and daily rituals.

    Top TikTok UK Fitness Influencers

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    23. Thomas Maw


    YouTube: 63K subscribers - ER: 4.57%

    Thomas Maw is a sponsored athlete, content developer, and online transformation coach who began as a one-on-one personal. He has collaborated with some of the top trainers, educators, and coaches in the business. After successfully transforming hundreds of clients, he started a YouTube channel to help others get more fit, live healthier lives, and feel better.

    His experience as a professional bodybuilder has given him a routine, a sense of discipline, and knowledge in all aspects of physique development. He also understands the time constraints that people face when pursuing this goal through specially tailored workout and eating regimens.

    Top YouTube UK Fitness Influencers

    24. Lottie Murphy


    YouTube: 306K subscribers - ER: 2.73%

    In a time when wellness trends are constantly shifting and Instagram grids are expertly manicured, Lottie is refreshingly grounded. The holistic health coach and lifestyle blogger who specialises in Pilates is using her position as a holistic health coach to promote a more balanced way of living. On her YouTube account, she also publishes vlogs, Pilates exercises, cuisine videos, and other content.

    She has worked with a wide range of clients, hosted events and retreats around the world for various brands and has written about fitness for publications like Cosmopolitan with her innovative approach to Pilates and online classes geared towards feeling strong, calm, and connected in mind and body.

    Top YouTube UK Fitness Influencers

    25. Gabriel Sey


    YouTube: 418K subscribers - ER: 3.71%

    Gabriel takes pride in his "out of the box" strategy for brand campaigns, with engaging material that puts the target market and the brand at its core. Gabriel first came to prominence as a champion natural bodybuilder and powerlifter, but today he is well-known for his YouTube channel, where he posts educational, humorous, fitness- and nutrition-based videos. As a parenting influencer too, Gabriel frequently shares his tales of fatherhood.

    Gabriel has a sizable fan base, with 418k YouTube subscribers, 46k Instagram followers, and 27k TikTok followers. Due to this, partnerships have been formed with household names like eBay, Google, DC Comics, Old Spice, Netflix, VICE, Starbucks, and Pampers, to mention just a few.

    Top YouTube UK Fitness Influencers

    26. The Lean Machines


    YouTube: 427K subscribers - ER: 4.87%

    Best friends Leon Bustin and John Chapman are personal trainers and nutritionists, using their online social media profiles on Instagram and YouTube to promote health and fitness.

    Leaders in the fitness sector, the dad duo posts training videos to their joint Instagram account that can be done at home or in the gym. They also release workout videos and dietary guidance on their YouTube channel. The two demonstrate that it is possible to be a parent and live a healthy, active lifestyle by working out on the go.

    Top YouTube UK Fitness Influencers

    27. Stoltman Brothers


    YouTube: 211K subscribers - ER: 5.91%

    Luke ‘The Highland Oak’ and Tom ‘The Albatross’ Stoltman are known as the world’s strongest brothers, and indeed whoever lived. The Stoltmans are the only brothers in history to reach the finals of the World's Strongest Man.

    They took up weight training as teenagers and have gone on to take the strongman world by storm. Tom won the 2021 and 2022 World’s Strongest Man titles and also took the crown of Britain’s Strongest Man, which completed a Stoltman clean sweep in the sport with big brother and mentor Luke winning Europe’s Strongest Man.

    Top YouTube UK Fitness Influencers

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    Why Work With the Best Fitness Influencers in the UK?

    So why work with a top UK fitness influencer? Using influencers is becoming more and more vital. According to studies, influencer marketing increased by 400% in the UK between 2016 and 2021. With the highest engagement of all social networks, its integration into marketing strategies has become essential.

    The million-dollar question is: how do you determine if an influencer is actually a good fit for your brand? It’s a common problem faced by many brands ‒ with 61% of marketers struggling to find the ‘right influencers for a campaign’.

    If you’re looking to take advantage of this growth, expected to continue as more businesses recognise the value of using influencers to promote their brand, then it’s time to work with a leading Influencer Marketing agency in the UK.

    The Social Shepherd is a dedicated Influencer Marketing agency that offers talent research, management, and strategy for a wide variety of brands. We are the results-driven Social first agency that you've been looking for when it comes to finding you the best UK fitness influencers for your brand.

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