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Top 35 Travel Influencers in the U.S.

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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Influencer marketing has become an indispensable tool for travel brands, enabling them to reach new audiences, enhance brand recognition, and boost conversions.

While traditional branded posts have their place, a whopping 60% of brands collaborate with a minimum of 10 influencers for their campaigns, driven by the pursuit of more followers, increased engagement, and higher conversion rates.

By partnering with the right influencers, travel businesses can tap into their vast and highly engaged audiences, attracting new customers and nurturing brand loyalty.

The Social Shepherd’s list of the top 35 travel influencers in the U.S. is designed to give you insights into social media followers, relevance, and content quality.

And, since an impressive 49% of Americans are gearing up for more travel adventures this year, there is no time like the present to market your services with the right travel influencers.

So, if you aim to bolster your brand's travel presence or reach fresh audiences, these influencers offer an excellent starting point for your journey.

Top Adventure Travel Influencers U.S.

1. Eric Stoen


Instagram: 378K followers

Meet Eric Stoen, a renowned figure in the world of adventure travel. With an impressive list of accolades to his name, he's truly a force to be reckoned with. Forbes ranks him as the world's fourth most influential traveler, and Fodor's hails him as the world's best family traveler. Eric's travel escapades know no bounds, as he's set to conquer all seven continents in 2023.

An ambassador for Unbound Merino, G1G, and AFAR, Eric's journey into the travel sphere was a natural evolution. Formerly employed in healthcare, his not-so-secret addiction to exploring the world led him to share his family trips on Facebook, aiming to inspire others to embark on their adventures.

In 2014, he took the plunge, leaving his job to establish a family travel blog, igniting the wanderlust of countless more. Eric's achievements include the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) Bronze Photographer of the Year 2022 and the Feedspot #3 Luxury Travel Influencer for 2023.

Eric Stoen Top Adventure Travel Influencers U.S.

2. Renee Hahnel


    Instagram: 894K followers

    Introducing Renee Hahnel, the spirited soul behind Renee Roaming. Hailing from Australia but now rooted in Seattle, Renee is a dedicated advocate for outdoor exploration and adventure. Her mission is clear: to motivate travelers and thrill-seekers to lead a life filled with intention, cherishing experiences over possessions.

    Above all, she strives to spread the message of joy in exploring our beautiful world. Renee's passion shines through in her book, "Roaming America," and her photo preset collection, alongside her travel and outdoor guides. Her story is an inspiration for all those yearning to embrace the wonders of our planet.

    Renee Hahnel Top Adventure Travel Influencers U.S.

    3. Lauren Gay


      Instagram: 41.1K followers

      Lauren Gay is a dynamic figure in the travel and outdoor adventure scene. As a versatile blogger, podcaster, and TV travel expert, she wields her influence to empower Black women through travel and outdoor recreation. Based in Tampa, Florida, Lauren is not only an enthusiastic adventurer but also an advocate for diversity and inclusion in these domains.

      Her work extends to crafting captivating digital media campaigns that promote travel destinations, attractions, and activities. Additionally, she is a sought-after public speaker, focusing on discussions related to diversity and inclusion within outdoor recreation and adventure travel.

      Lauren Gay Top Adventure Travel Influencers U.S.

      4. Brayden Hall


        Instagram: 460K followers

        Meet Brayden Hall, a nomadic photographer with a penchant for chasing the perfect burrito while roamin' in his trusty truck camper. Splitting his time between Seattle and Vancouver, Brayden is a lifestyle, adventure, and travel photographer driven by an unquenchable thirst for exploration.

        His journey began in 2014, embarking on a six-month backpacking odyssey through Latin America, where he discovered his twin passions for travel and photography.

        Hailing from the stunning landscapes of British Columbia, Canada, Brayden's unique talent lies in seamlessly blending outdoor lifestyles with picturesque landscapes. He's worked with esteemed brands like Google, The North Face, Hyundai, and Airbnb.

        Brayden's storytelling comes to life through striking imagery, often captured in challenging and remote locations.

        Brayden Hall Top Adventure Travel Influencers U.S.

        5. Zenovia Stephens


          Instagram: 13.4K followers

          Zenovia Stephens is on a mission to inspire black families through outdoor adventures and travel. Based in Alabama, she's not just a wife and mother but also the founder of Black Kids Adventures, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children. Together with her college sweetheart, she's raising three sons to be bold, courageous, and ready to tackle life's challenges.

          Zenovia's journey from a stay-at-home mom to a work-from-home mom has always been guided by her and her husband's beliefs and values. They instill in their family a foundation of creativity, exploration, exposure, and adventure. Zenovia's message is clear: Don't wait for far-off destinations to find adventure; embrace the adventure in your own surroundings and live for today.

          Zenovia Stephens Top Adventure Travel Influencers U.S.

          6. Nathanael Billings


            Instagram: 159K followers

            Nathanael Billings, the outdoor photographer extraordinaire, hails from Seattle, Washington. Over the past decade, he's embarked on adventures across the globe, following his passion for exploration. His photographic journey began while documenting his travels during a year-long adventure in Australia.

            Whether a quick escapade to Washington's Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area or an extended expedition through Alaska's rugged Talkeetna Mountain Range, Nathanael is always ready for the next adventure. His extensive portfolio includes notable clients like Visit California, Tourism South Dakota, REI, Eddie Bauer, Big Agnes, Mazda, Barbour, Budweiser, and many more. His lens captures the essence of the great outdoors and showcases the beauty of nature in all its glory.

            Nathanael Billings Top Adventure Travel Influencers U.S.

            7. Kyana Miner


              Instagram: 31.2K followers

              Kyana Miner is fueled by her passions for life, travel, family, and adventure. Her mission is to share her family's escapades with the world, inspiring other families to embark on remarkable journeys across the globe. She's appeared on Good Morning America, showcasing her expertise.

              Based in Colorado, Kyana and her family have embraced the mountainous landscapes and natural beauty of the region. They've traversed the U.S. and explored the far reaches of the world. Her Instagram page shows gorgeous photos of their awe-inspiring trips, including Yellowstone's geothermal wonders and the snow-capped splendor of Breckenridge. Beyond her adventures, Kyana offers businesses valuable insights on leveraging Instagram to attract customers, brands, and media attention.

              Kayna Miner Top Adventure Travel Influencers U.S.

              8. Jhamil Bader


                Instagram: 110k followers

                Meet Jhamil Bader, your friendly neighborhood nature lover and a seasoned expert in the social media landscape. With over seven years of experience in the social space, he has honed his skills in content creation, platform building, and brand development. He's your go-to guide for navigating the complexities of social media, website creation, brand deals, sales pitches, and content creation.

                Jhamil focuses on helping businesses establish their brand identity, streamline their workflow, and maintain their unique voice and ethos. With a knack for identifying and solving challenges in the creator business, he possesses a deep understanding of social trends and how to tailor them to suit your audience. If you're ready to take your brand to the next level, Jhamil is a trusted partner on this exciting journey.

                Jhamil Bader Top Adventure Travel Influencers U.S.

                9. Kait VanHoff


                  Instagram: 102K followers

                  Kait VanHoff is a passionate advocate for intentional living, deeply rooted in outdoor adventure and travel. She extends her mission to empower women worldwide through her digital fitness studio and inspiring global retreats. With over ten retreats hosted in exotic locations from Bali to Hawaii, Kait has played a significant role in helping women embrace more intentional, adventurous, and revitalized lives.

                  Her journey is one she cherishes daily, living her dream of fostering intentional time spent in the great outdoors. Kait founded Live Revitalize and has garnered support from acclaimed brands like CamelBak and Backcountry, further amplifying her commitment to this transformative lifestyle.

                  Kait VanHoff Top Adventure Travel Influencers U.S.

                  Top Luxury Travel Influencers U.S.

                  10. Sarah Royall


                  Instagram: 572k followers

                  Sarah Royall brings joy and inspiration to the world of luxury travel. With a mission to empower others to live their best lives consciously, she shares her insights on travel, life, sustainability, and wellness. Sarah's escapades have taken her to enchanting destinations like South Africa, Doha, Amalfi, Sicilia, Corfu, and beyond.

                  As an award-winning luxury travel creator, she's a true connoisseur of opulent adventures. Sarah's passion extends to preserving our oceans, making her a dedicated environmental advocate. Her travel repertoire combines luxury, adventure, and sustainability, creating a harmonious blend that captivates and motivates her audience.

                  Sarah Royall Top Luxury Travel Influencers U.S.

                  11. Catarina Mello


                    Instagram: 643k followers

                    Catarina Mello is your go-to guide for the world of luxury travel and breathtaking destinations. With a background at Google and features in prestigious publications like Business Insider, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal, she's a recognized influencer in her own right.

                    Catarina's mission is to help fellow creators forge successful influencer careers. She excels in building brands, cultivating engaged audiences, and creating content that ignites passion. Her expertise extends to securing partnerships with dream brands, allowing influencers to lead a fulfilling life while getting paid for doing what they love. Catarina is a true influencer mentor, empowering others to thrive in the industry.

                    Catarina Mello Top Luxury Travel Influencers U.S.

                    12. Christina Haisfield


                      Instagram: 101k followers

                      Christina Haisfield, the creative force behind Jetset Christina, is not your average luxury travel blogger. Born and raised in California, she's turned her love for beautiful places, fine wine, and swimwear into a captivating resource with over 2 million devoted readers. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Christina's journey started in 2012, offering honest travel and lifestyle advice.

                      Featured as the #1 luxury travel Instagram influencer by Travel & Leisure, she's explored 61 countries and partnered with top-tier brands, creating an ever-growing Jetsetter community. Christina's background in digital and brand marketing, including her role at Google, ensures authentic and valuable recommendations for her audience and high ROI for brands. She ranked as the #1 top-performing influencer for Revolve Clothing Boutique in 2022.

                      Christina Haisfield Top Luxury Travel Influencers U.S.

                      13. Angie Villa


                        Instagram: 549k followers

                        Angie Villa is a prominent luxury travel content creator with an active following on Instagram and TikTok. She and her partner embarked on a transformative journey by shedding material possessions to explore the world. Starting with modest stays and treating them as media opportunities, their experiences not only enriched their knowledge but also forged a remarkable content portfolio. As their business expanded, they invested in superior equipment to improve their content quality.

                        Working with over 200 of the world's top luxury hotels and resorts, Angie gained unparalleled expertise in the luxury travel industry. Their success led to numerous inquiries from followers seeking advice on traveling and content creation, inspiring the creation of The Creator Retreat, a platform to mentor individuals in achieving social media success.

                        Angie Villa Top Luxury Travel Influencers U.S.

                        14. Michelle


                          Instagram: 421k followers

                          Michelle, a passionate travel content creator, is utterly captivated by pristine islands, stunning beaches, and mesmerizing sunsets. Her heart melts for delectable cuisine and adorable puppies. Her journeys have taken her to idyllic destinations like Bora Bora, Antarctica, Alila Maldives, Maamunagau, Dhigali, and more.

                          Michelle's love affair with the Maldives began in 2004, and she's since explored over 40 island resorts in the archipelago. Her extensive expertise and collaborations with trusted brands have enabled her to offer competitive pricing for many fantastic resorts. With a proven track record of helping others plan their dream Maldives vacations, Michelle is a reliable guide for those seeking an unforgettable island escape.

                          Michelle Top Luxury Travel Influencers U.S.

                          15. Jeremy Flores


                            Instagram: 762k followers

                            Jeremy Flores, a prominent figure in the luxury travel content creation space, is the partner to Angie Villa. With a staggering 1.6 million TikTok followers and 762,000 Instagram followers, he has made a substantial impact on the social media landscape.

                            His travels have led him to enchanting destinations such as Crete, Milan, Lake Como, Croatia, Paros, Bodrum, and many more. Jeremy's ability to bring these exquisite locations to life through his content has solidified his status as a leading luxury travel influencer, offering his audience a front-row seat to some of the world's most captivating destinations.

                            Jeremy Flores Top Luxury Travel Influencers U.S.

                            16. Kathy


                              Instagram: 139k followers

                              Kathy, a luxury #TravelGirl hailing from the bustling streets of NYC, is a dedicated source of inspiration for travelers worldwide. Her Instagram feed serves as a visual diary of her globe-trotting adventures, taking her audience on virtual journeys to picturesque destinations like Siena, Italy, the enchanting streets of Mykonos, Greece, the historic wonders of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the stunning cityscape of Dubrovnik, Croatia, and the tropical paradise of Key West, Florida.

                              With a keen eye for luxury travel, Kathy's vibrant posts and stories kindle wanderlust and encourage her followers to explore the world's most beautiful corners.

                              Kathy Top Luxury Travel Influencers U.S.

                              Top YouTube Travel Influencers U.S.

                              17. Eric & Allison Bieller


                              YouTube: 587k subscribers

                              Meet the dynamic duo, Eric and Allison Bieller, a wanderlust-driven travel couple who embarked on a quest to uncover the world's most fascinating places and delectable cuisines. They've traded the security of steady paychecks and a permanent home for a life of exploration and adventure, a journey they eagerly share with their YouTube audience.

                              With new travel videos uploaded every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday around 1 PM CST, they invite viewers to join them in pursuing adventure. Don't miss a moment of their globetrotting escapades – subscribe to their channel and journey alongside Eric and Allison as they traverse the planet's wonders.

                              Eric & Allison Bieller Top YouTube Travel Influencers U.S.

                              18. Renata Pereira


                                YouTube: 299k subscribers

                                Renata Pereira is a go-to source for travel inspiration. Her YouTube channel features some of the finest travel videos and advice on navigating the globe. Renata's travels provide a firsthand look at the digital nomad lifestyle, exploring destinations that may well be on your bucket list.

                                As full-time travelers, her channel offers glimpses of global adventures, road trips, and the daily thrills of life on the move. Questions and comments are always welcome on her videos and social profiles. Renata's channel is a treasure trove of the best places to explore, and she shares fresh videos from her travels every Saturday or Sunday. Plus, with titles, descriptions, and subtitles available in over 50 languages, her content is accessible to a diverse global audience. Your support is truly appreciated as she continues to bring the world to her viewers.

                                Renata Pereira Top YouTube Travel Influencers U.S.

                                19. Travel Ruby


                                  YouTube: 276k subscribers

                                  Travel Ruby is the ultimate guide to all things Vegas. This YouTube channel covers a comprehensive range of topics, including free activities, tips to avoid scams and rip-offs, advice on where to stay, and money-saving strategies for your trip to the vibrant city.

                                  Whether you're advertising for seasoned Vegas visitors or first-time travelers, Travel Ruby's insights and advice can enhance their Sin City experience (and create awareness for your brand). From hidden gems to practical advice, this channel offers valuable information to make the most of Las Vegas adventures, ensuring visits are not only memorable but also cost-effective.

                                  Travel Ruby Top YouTube Travel Influencers U.S.

                                  20. Jay Jay Maniquis


                                    YouTube: 101k subscribers

                                    Join Travel Host Jay Jay Maniquis on an exciting journey with Jaycation! As he explores the world, followers can discover local cultures, uncover invaluable travel recommendations, and immerse themselves in his experiences with local cuisine, restaurants, and traditions. Jay Jay's vacation tips ensure travelers are well-prepared for their adventure.

                                    From in-depth insights about San Diego, California, to the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, in "Filicanish," Jaycation offers a feast of content covering food, travel tips, recommendations, and more. Venture beyond to cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Manila, the Philippines, and more.

                                    Jay Jay Maniquis Top YouTube Travel Influencers U.S.

                                    21. Ian & Ana Ryan


                                      YouTube: 253k subscribers

                                      Meet Ian and Ana Ryan, the adventurous couple behind The Other Side Vlog, a dynamic YouTube channel. Their journey is a testament to their unwavering dedication to exploring the world. Amid the challenges posed by the pandemic, they boldly decided to embark on a cross-country van life adventure, currently living on the road.

                                      Their content spans a variety of topics, from van life insights to travel guides and glimpses into their daily lives. For businesses in the travel industry looking to collaborate with seasoned influencers, Ian and Ana offer a compelling platform to showcase their offerings and elevate their brand presence through the lens of an extraordinary journey.

                                      Ian and Ana Ryan Top YouTube Travel Influencers U.S.

                                      Top Instagram Travel Influencers U.S.

                                      22. Jacob Moon


                                      Instagram: 533k followers

                                      Jacob Moon, a versatile digital creator and storyteller based in Utah, embarked on his extraordinary journey after graduating in Nursing. His life-changing experience on his first mountain hike, combined with a newfound love for photography, ignited a profound passion for the outdoors. This led him to Instagram in 2016, quickly amassing followers and new opportunities.

                                      A year later, he left nursing to pursue photography full-time, evolving his career into photography, social media influence, videography, writing, public speaking, modeling, acting, and adventure leadership. Jacob's diverse skills span mountain climbing, backpacking, packrafting, and more. He often shares these adventures with his family, making him an enticing influencer for businesses seeking a multifaceted perspective on extraordinary experiences.

                                      Jacob Moon Top Instagram Travel Influencers U.S.

                                      23. Jess Dales


                                        Instagram: 944k followers

                                        Jess Dales, a Seattle-based photographer, has a keen eye for life's small wonders that make it truly grand. Her passion for travel, hiking, and gear is evident in her blog, Jess Wandering. Through captivating stories, she unveils bucket-list destinations and off-the-beaten-path experiences worldwide.

                                        Some of her featured blog posts include guides to cozy Pacific Northwest cabins for rent, the best camping spots in Yosemite, and an ultimate beginner's guide to backpacking. Jess Dales' blog is a spectacular find for travel enthusiasts seeking inspiration, information, and guidance on making unforgettable journeys near and far.

                                        Jess Dales Top Instagram Travel Influencers U.S.

                                        24. Savannah


                                          Instagram: 357k followers

                                          Meet Savannah, the adventurous soul behind "Adventures with Luna." Based in Seattle and a flight attendant by profession, she's on a mission to inspire others to embrace the great outdoors. With her trusty companion, Luna the dog, by her side, she shares her passion for backpacking, love for fantasy books, fascination with turquoise waters, and a penchant for pondering life's mysteries.

                                          Her shared adventures span across breathtaking destinations like Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Algarve, Madeira, and many more. Savannah's feed is an invitation to explore, connecting with fellow nature enthusiasts and wanderers.

                                          Savannah Top Instagram Travel Influencers U.S.

                                          25. Bree Rose


                                            Instagram: 488k followers

                                            Bree Rose, the intrepid traveler, bought a one-way ticket to South America in 2018 and never looked back. Her journey began with a dream of full-time travel and has since transformed into a remarkable reality. Overcoming obstacles and building an impressive portfolio, she is now a dedicated full-time traveler and photographer.

                                            She invites you to accompany her as she embarks on backpacking adventures around the world, capturing her travels to inspire others never to cease pursuing their dreams. Her journey is a testament to the power of determination and a source of motivation for those seeking to follow their own path of wanderlust and exploration.

                                            Bree Rose Top Instagram Travel Influencers U.S.

                                            26. Kelsey Johnson


                                              Instagram: 216k followers

                                              Kelsey Johnson, a Seattle-based photographer and model, defies conventions with her vibrant, ginger-haired spirit. As a Canon USA creator, she blends creative photography and travel to craft captivating visual narratives. In 2018, Kelsey bravely left her 9-to-5 job at a PR agency to embark on a full-time world-travel adventure. Her wild expeditions to distant lands are beautifully immortalized through her lens.

                                              What began as a hiatus from the traditional "real job" quickly became a thriving entrepreneurial career. Today, Kelsey is a versatile lifestyle and travel content creator, commercial photographer, model, on-camera talent, podcaster, and online educator. Her unwavering passion lies in storytelling, fostering community, and nurturing creativity.

                                              KElsey Johnson Top Instagram Travel Influencers U.S.

                                              27. Claire & Peter


                                                Instagram: 328k followers

                                                Claire and Peter, the adventurous duo hailing from North Carolina, took a gap year to travel and then decided to extend it indefinitely. In March 2022, they left their corporate jobs armed with $45,000, determined to explore the world for a year. Their inaugural year saw them visit 19 countries across four continents, igniting a passion for adventure that kept them going.

                                                As their global journey continues, they meticulously track their experiences and expenditures, sharing it all to inspire, guide, and empower others in their travel dreams. Claire and Peter's story inspires those who yearn to break free from the corporate grind and explore the world.

                                                Claire and Peter Top Instagram Travel Influencers U.S.

                                                28. Melissa Miller


                                                  Instagram: 112k followers

                                                  Melissa Miller, a Pacific Northwest content creator based in Portland, Oregon, is a passionate advocate for adventure travel. Balancing her life with part-time van living, she embarked on her journey as an adventurer and guide. Her initial travels and hikes left her seeking inspiration and information, leading her to challenge the exclusivity of travel platforms.

                                                  Travel blogs were big in her quest for extraordinary destinations and essential hiking insights, like the Leave No Trace Principles. Melissa's commitment to making travel more accessible shines through her inspirational content, encouraging others to embark on memorable journeys while fostering her own dreams of exploration.

                                                  Melissa Miller Top Instagram Travel Influencers U.S.

                                                  29. Samantha McClendon


                                                    Instagram: 116k followers

                                                    Samantha McClendon, a versatile digital creator, curates bucket list-worthy travel experiences, highlights luxury hotels, and offers lifestyle inspiration through her online presence. As the host of girls' group trips under the banner of Scout Escapes, Samantha creates memorable journeys for fellow travelers.

                                                    She also brings her expertise to the luxury travel advisory sphere, working with Avenue Two Travel and Virtuoso Ltd. Samantha has a commitment to providing inspiration, travel recommendations, and top-tier experiences, whether it's through her digital content or as a luxury travel advisor.

                                                    Samantha McClendon Top Instagram Travel Influencers U.S.

                                                    Top TikTok Travel Influencers U.S.

                                                    30. Quin Gable


                                                    TikTok: 1.1MM followers

                                                    Quin Gable, accompanied by her feline companions, Atlas and Otto, shares her passion for hiking and travel on TikTok. Her unique twist on van life with cats and her whimsical cat dress-up adventures add a charming and relatable aspect to her travel content.

                                                    Whether she's exploring the great outdoors or embarking on adventures, Quin's TikTok channel showcases her love for both travel and her adorable cats, creating a delightful and engaging experience for her audience.

                                                    Quin Gable Top TikTok Travel Influencers U.S.

                                                    31. Trent & Sarah Anderson


                                                      TikTok: 706k followers

                                                      Meet Trent and Sarah Anderson, known as RioTravelers, an adventure travel couple who excel in crafting short-form video content on platforms like TikTok and Reels. As passionate storytellers, they embark on global adventures, curating the finest bucket list experiences to present to their audience.

                                                      Their collaborative spirit extends to working with brands to create captivating content for their own accounts and businesses, delivering tailor-made solutions that align perfectly with the brand's essence and message. Trent and Sarah bring their enthusiasm and creativity to every destination they explore, making them a perfect choice for travel brands seeking impactful influencer collaborations.

                                                      Trent & Sarah Anderson Top TikTok Travel Influencers U.S.

                                                      32. Annie Jiang


                                                        TikTok: 87.7k followers

                                                        Meet Annie Jiang, a travel enthusiast based in Atlanta, Georgia, who serves as your guide to uncovering hidden gems and must-visit travel destinations across the USA. Annie's journey, rooted in her Chinese heritage and American upbringing, resonates deeply with her Southern roots. With an unwavering passion for travel, she shares comprehensive travel guides and invaluable tips to empower others to explore the world.

                                                        Her love for history inspired her wanderlust, propelling her to visit sites she had previously only read about. Annie embarked on her first travel adventure during a study abroad program in 2016, and her passion for exploration has continued to flourish, taking her to over 20 countries and across six continents.

                                                        Annie Jiang Top TikTok Travel Influencers U.S.

                                                        33. Asya Olson


                                                          TikTok: 66.6k followers

                                                          Asya Olson, a dedicated photographer and explorer, shares the beauty of California and beyond through her lens. Her journey in photography began long before the era of social media, with her passion taking root at the tender age of six when she received her first analog camera.

                                                          After relocating to California in 2018, Asya, alongside her husband Ben, embarked on a captivating journey across the U.S., capturing the inspirational sights they encountered. Her adeptness in collaborating with brands is evident in her ability to create tailored, unique content for each campaign. Asya welcomes engagement and the opportunity to collaborate on projects that resonate with her creative spirit.

                                                          Asya Olson Top TikTok Travel Influencers U.S.

                                                          34. Emily Krause


                                                            TikTok: 94k followers

                                                            Emily Krause is a dedicated mother of four and a travel blogger. As an average family of six, they maintain a regular lifestyle with kids attending school and participating in extracurricular activities. However, their shared passion for travel knows no bounds. Emily's blog serves as a resource for families looking to maximize their travel experiences while accommodating school schedules.

                                                            She offers valuable insights on flying with babies, toddlers, and young children, road trip activities, vacation destinations suitable for families, and reviews of family-friendly hotels. Emily caters to both budget-conscious travelers and those looking to indulge in luxury family travel experiences, making her a valuable asset for travel brands.

                                                            Emily Krause Top TikTok Travel Influencers U.S.

                                                            35. Dev Walker


                                                              TikTok: 389.3k followers

                                                              Meet Dev Walker, a 33-year-old finance risk analyst hailing from NYC, where he grew up from Coney Island, Brooklyn to Staten Island. While his earlier life had been city-centric, everything changed in 2015 after earning his master's degree and ending a long-term relationship. A trip to Miami with his sister ignited a newfound passion for travel and exploration.

                                                              Dev's videos are a go-to resource for those with travel questions, misconceptions, and curiosities. He shares insights on funding travel adventures and balancing work and life commitments. Travel has been instrumental in Dev's personal growth, providing invaluable lessons and self-discovery. Join him on his never-ending journey of exploration and self-growth – Walk With Dev Walker.

                                                              Dev Walker Top TikTok Travel Influencers U.S.

                                                              Why Work With the Best Travel Influencers in the U.S.?

                                                              Collaborating with top travel influencers in the U.S. can be a game-changer for your brand. These influencers offer a powerful platform to connect with your target audience in an authentic and engaging way. From showcasing your travel destination to endorsing your products or services, influencers have a substantial reach and impact.

                                                              The benefits of partnering with travel influencers extend beyond their expansive reach. They provide a human touch to your brand, allowing for genuine, relatable content that resonates with potential customers. Their ability to craft compelling narratives and visually stunning content can elevate your brand's storytelling.

                                                              If you're looking for a top influencer marketing agency, contact us at The Social Shepherd.

                                                              We have a dedicated Influencer Marketing team that offers talent research, management, and strategy for various brands. By working with us, you can harness the immense potential of influencer marketing to help your brand grow.

                                                              Want to see other top influencers in the US? See from our list below:

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