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Top 23 Gaming Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

In 2023, the global video game industry is valued at $300 billion, with 3 billion players worldwide and a yearly audience growth of 5.6%.

How do gaming companies maximise on this huge pool of potential customers?

Influencer marketing is certainly a good place to start. Data shows businesses earn $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing, and the top 13% generate $20+ for every $1 invested.

As the Best Large Social Media Agency in the UK 2023, The Social Shepherd lives and breathes all things social media. We’ve curated a comprehensive list of the UK’s top gaming influencers based on content quality and their ability to connect with, inspire and engage their audience.

This article will introduce you to some of the biggest UK gaming influencers of TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch. Learn what sets them apart and find the ideal collaborator for your gaming brand.

Top Instagram Gaming Influencers

1. Daniel


Instagram: 16.6k followers, 13,83% ER

Daniel boasts one of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagrams around. His eye-catching setup — featuring duel-screen curved monitors, a multicoloured gaming keyboard and customisable neon mood lighting — is enough to make any gameaholic drool.

Daniel is a member of the Royalty RGB community of setup builders — and it shows.

Daniel Top Instagram Gaming Influencers

2. Sophie Lea


Instagram: 13.7k followers, 5,76% ER

​​Another Royalty RGB member is Cornwall-based Sophie Lee. Naturally, Sophie posts her gaming setup on Instagram, including wall-mounted dual screens, a PS5, gaming memorabilia and occasional snacks. And of course, pictures of her dog, Loki.

Sophie collaborates with brands like Sneak Energy and Floating Grip and can be found playing fantasy games like Hogwarts Legacy and Zelda.

Sophie Lea Top Instagram Gaming Influencers

3. Andy Castell


Instagram: 235k followers, 1,77% ER

Andy, with a thriving Instagram following of 235k+, is also a YouTuber, Twitch streamer and PlayStation ambassador.

In the gaming world, Andy's primary focus is FIFA. He's collaborated with EA to host the FIFA Open Series and is an ambassador for FotMob, a football app for scores, stats, news and more.

Andy Castell Top Instagram Gaming Influencers

Top TikTok Gaming Influencers

4. MadMorph


TikTok: 1.0M followers, 5,7% ER

With 1 million+ TikTok followers, MadMorph is a social media sensation. He’s also making waves across YouTube and Twitch, and has even started a podcast.

For avid gamers seeking the latest releases, MadMorph is a must-follow. His TikTok features bite-sized game reviews where he highlights standout features of new releases.

Mad Morph Top TikTok Gaming Influencers

5. Yodelsmells


TikTok: 554.7k followers, 3,86% ER

Yodelsmells crams his TikTok with entertaining gameplay of his gaming obsession, Fortnite, alongside his commentary and reactions. Visit his page for selected standout moments, ranging from funny to surprising to frustrating and even mind-blowing.

He also explores unique maps, such as a Squid Game themed one, which adds a level of intrigue for viewers who want to do the same.

Yodel Smells Top TikTok Gaming Influencers

6. Chris


TikTok: 289.1k followers, 11,72% ER

TikTok loves an unboxing video, and the gaming world's unboxing king is Chris, aka @spawnpoiint.

Chris has worked with the likes of PlayStation, LG, Game and Logitech to bring the thrill of unboxing the latest gaming gear to TikTok users through their mobile screens. From headsets to sought-after collector's editions, experience the excitement of unwrapping gaming essentials and get a feel for what you'll add to your own collection.

If you're overwhelmed by choice, Chris also provides reviews to simplify your decision-making process.

Chris Top TikTok Gaming Influencers

7. ESO Danny


TikTok: 155.7k followers, 5,55% ER

To whet your appetite for the latest game releases, Danny's TikTok offers guides and gameplays for the newest releases like Starfield and Baldur's Gate 3.

He combines in-game footage with his narration, offering valuable tips on gameplay, combat, storylines and more. If you're seeking shortcuts to the final boss fight, Danny's advice covers strategies for defeating enemies, optimal gear and weapons, and uncovering secret areas and hacks.

ESO Danny Top TikTok Gaming Influencers



TikTok: 77.7k followers, 5,29% ER

XY REZHEXX is a UK-based Twitch streamer and content creator for Excel Esports, a UK esports organisation running different tournaments across games such as League of Legends, FIFA and Valorant.

As a Fortnite master, XY REZHEXX’s page is brimming with iconic Fortnite gameplay moments, tournaments and reactions, alongside Fortnite gaming news, announcements and releases.

XL Rezhexx Top TikTok Gaming Influencers

9. Dec


TikTok: 73.5k followers, 11,32% ER

Dec specialises in racing games, offering insights into game features, characters, car specs, tracks and more. He covers popular titles like CarX Drift Racing 3, Overpass 2 and EA Sports WRC Game. You’ll also find gaming news, memes and patch reviews.

In addition to TikTok, Dec can be found on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch. Plus, he has his own Discord server where he and his fellow car fanatic fans talk all things racing games.

Dec Top TikTok Gaming Influencers

10. Blue and Queenie


TikTok: 37.7k followers, 25,16% ER

Veteran gaming influencers Blue and Queenie have been Twitch streaming partners for 8 years. Together, they showcase the latest hardware and games on the market, offering teasers and previews of upcoming releases across various platforms, including VR headsets and mobile games.

Blue and Queenie don't limit themselves to a particular gaming genre and on their page you'll find insights into horror games, storyline games, survival games, multiplayer games and much more.

Blue and Queenie Top TikTok Gaming Influencers

11. DeadlyPG


TikTok: 25.6k followers, 64,53% ER

DeadlyPG is a disabled gamer who defies all odds by excelling in games using only voice commands.

His TikTok brims with clips from Fortnite, where he defeats opponents with the skill of a pro. He also shares behind-the-scenes content showing the ins and outs of disabled gaming, including voice warm-ups and accessibility software.

Deadly PG Top TikTok Gaming Influencers

Top YouTube Gaming Influencers

12. Alastair Aiken


YouTube: 18.8M subscribers, 3,23% ER

Ali’s action-packed YouTube channel delves into all things Fortnite: skins, maps, live events, worlds, gameplays and more. Popular videos include him exposing a Fortnite hacker, discovering secret chests and winning Battle Royale with legendary weapons.

Ali even has his own merch shop for fellow Fortnite fanatics to support his channel by buying his gear.

Alastair Aiken Top YouTube Gaming Influencers

13. Tom


YouTube: 9.6M subscribers

For 8 years, gaming enthusiast Tom has shared videos on YouTube, covering games like Minecraft, GTA 5 and Call of Duty Cold War Zombies.

He's also branched out with a personal vlog channel, @lifeoftom, where he shares updates on tech, holidays, his cat, cars and other aspects of his life. However, gameaholics can still get their fix, as he continues to regularly post on @syndicate.

Tom Top YouTube Gaming Influencers

14. Alyska


YouTube: 354k subscribers, 5,43% ER

Alyksa's channel features reaction videos to a variety of games, from horror titles like Man of Medan and Resident Evil 2 to fantasy games like Assassin's Creed and Horizon.

She's also expanded her content to include reaction videos to movies, covering popular franchises like Star Wars, Batman, Spiderman, Disney classics, Shrek and popular anime titles.

Alyska Top YouTube Gaming Influencers

15. Yogscast


YouTube: 7.09M subscribers, 5,52% ER

Yogscast is a group of gamer friends who are all about hanging out online and playing multiplayer games. Expect a mix of banter and gameplay from popular titles like Garry's Mod, Grand Theft Auto, Among Us, Minecraft and others.

They also now run a podcast, Triforce!, where they chat about life, parenthood and gaming.

Yogscast Top YouTube Gaming Influencers

16. Zerkaa


YouTube: 2.88M subscribers, 4,09% ER

Zerkaa launched his channel over a decade ago, in August 2012. In that time, he’s accumulated almost 3 million subscribers who keenly tune in for his videos of entertaining gaming reactions, reviews and more.

Popular videos range from hilarious GTA 5 montages to epic 2-hour sessions of Monopoly Plus with friends.

Zerkaa Top YouTube Gaming Influencers

17. Jesse


YouTube: 767k subscribers, 7,03% ER

Jesse, the schadenfreude queen, focuses her YouTube channel on The Sims — particularly on creative ways to bring about their demise.

Based in Middlesborough, Jesse has been immersed in The Sims universe for over two decades, since the franchise's inception in 2000.

Her content revolves around transforming orderly Sims' lives into mayhem: building and designing stunning homes to play out entertaining and chaotic scenarios.

Jesse Top YouTube Gaming Influencers

18. DanTDM


YouTube: 28.8M subscribers, 5,63% ER

Dan can be found on YouTube reacting to games across genres, from Spiderman 2 to Stray. With a lively and entertaining style, he has a particular penchant for Minecraft, where he crafts custom adventures in varied settings, ranging from prisons to vacations.

He also has playlists of his gameplay of Among Us, Sonic Frontiers and Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

Dan TDM Top YouTube Gaming Influencers

Top Twitch Gaming Influencers

19. Benjy


Twitch: 4M followers

Benjy is active on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Discord, but he's especially thriving on Twitch with a loyal following of 4 million+ gamers. Not bad, for a 19-year-old!

Benjy has made a name for himself playing shooters, with a focus on Valorant and Fortnite. He's gained fame as a top player in Fortnite's World Cup and as one of the youngest players in the Fortnite competitive community.

Benjy Top Twitch Gaming Influencers

20. Sam


Twitch: 43.1k followers

Essex-based sushi-lover Sam has been gaming-obsessed since she was just 5 years old, starting with PC games. Since then, she's progressed from online multiplayer games to excelling in first-person shooters like Overwatch, Apex and Valorant.

Beyond gaming, Sam advocates for mental health and has spoken publicly on its importance within the gaming community on the BBC.

Sam Top Twitch Gaming Influencers

21. Louisey Hannah


Twitch: 33.2k followers

​​Hannah's Twitch focuses on Japanese role-playing games, soul-likes and variety games. Her lighthearted commentary and reaction videos are also found on YouTube and she hosts a Discord for her private community of anime enthusiasts, where they share gaming discussions and adorable animal memes.

Hannah's favourite games include Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Yakuza 0 and Omori.

Louisey Hannah Top Twitch Gaming Influencers

22. Fremily


Twitch: 78.4k subscribers

Together, gamers Fred and Emily make Fremily: a channel devoted to silly, fun gaming.

Since 2012, Fremily has captured gaming escapades and nowadays frequently streams on Twitch. Top uploads feature games like Baldur’s Gate 3, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon and Sea of Thieves.

Fremily Top Twitch Gaming Influencers

23. DezGamez


Twitch: 125k followers

DezGamez is a gaming enthusiast whose page is devoted to World of Tanks. With over 126k followers, his channel features detailed live streams and highlight clips of standout moments from the game.

He also features some other games on his YouTube, such as Armored Warfare, World of Warships, Men of War and other military games.

Dez Gamez Top Twitch Gaming Influencers

Why Work With the Best Gaming Influencers in the UK?

Working with some of the UK’s best gaming influencers can be a boon to your brand, providing access to a larger and more engaged customer base. Increased investment in influencer marketing leads to higher engagement rates, and even a small 1% rise in influencer marketing expenditure can result in a 0.5% boost in engagement.

In fact, 93% of marketers say they use influencer marketing. If you’re in the remaining 7%, it’s time to up your influencer marketing game — or risk falling behind.

If you’re looking for an influencer marketing agency to fast-track your strategy, there’s a host of specialist agencies that can simplify the process of finding the best UK gaming influencers to collaborate with.

At The Social Shepherd, our dedicated influencer marketing team provides talent research, management and strategy for a wide variety of brands, including in the gaming industry. By identifying influencers aligned with your brand and boasting highly engaged followings, we craft campaigns that drive traffic and revenue.

From influencer sourcing to contract management and invoicing, our end-to-end support covers everything, so you can rest assured that your influencer marketing strategy is in safe hands.

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