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Top 35 Travel Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Influencer marketing has become an integral part of marketing today, with brands using influencers to reach new audiences, build brand awareness, and increase conversions.

While branded posts can certainly be effective, 60% of marketers believe influencer-generated content performed better. It’s all about doing what drives the most follows, engagement, and conversions.

By partnering with the right influencer, businesses can tap into their large and engaged audiences, bringing new customers and increasing brand loyalty – just look at the numbers!

In this article, we will showcase the top 35 travel influencers in the UK. These travel gurus have made a name for themselves in the travel and lifestyle space, using their experience and following to inspire others to explore new destinations and experience new cultures.

From adventurous bloggers to professional photographers, these influencers are at the forefront of the travel industry and are a great resource for anyone looking for inspiration and recommendations for their next trip – not to mention brands wanting to expand the horizons of their reach.

The Social Shepherd is a leading influencer marketing agency, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of brands to create impactful influencer campaigns.

Our influencer marketing team has carefully curated this list of the top 35 travel influencers in the UK, considering factors such as audience engagement rate (ER), social media following, relevance, and content quality. Whether you're looking to build your brand's travel presence or reach a new audience, these influencers are a great place to start.

Top Adventure Travel Influencers in the UK

1. Beca Jayne


Instagram: 25.3K followers – ER: 8.13%

Beca’s Instagram account @muddy_bootlaces is helping hikers to cook exciting vegan dishes, which are easy to prepare and backpack-friendly. When it comes to a hike, camp and food experience – Beca is your go-to influencer. Beca regularly posts content around hiking, wildcamping, long-distance trails and basic bushcraft too!

Top Adventure Travel Influencers in the UK Beca Jayne

2. Steph


Instagram: 53.9k - ER: 3.02%

Steph, aka @geordie_hiker, is a travel influencer who captures the adventurous spirit of exploring new destinations. With 53.9K followers and an engagement rate of 3.02%, she is known for her solo travels and loves chasing sunrises and climbing mountains. Her content is a perfect blend of breathtaking landscapes and action-packed adventures, inspiring her audience to get out and explore the world.

Steph's passion for travel and her ability to engage with her followers makes her an ideal influencer for brands looking to reach a travel-savvy audience. Whether it's showcasing new travel destinations or promoting adventure gear, Steph can help brands increase their reach and connect with her loyal following.

Top Adventure Travel Influencers in the UK Steph

3. Steph Parker


Instagram: 47.7K followers – ER: 2.29%

Join Steph, a passionate globetrotter for 15+ years, to discover how you can travel better for less, as I share real tips, advice and stories about the highs and lows of adventuring across the world.

Her blog ‘Big World Small Pockets’ was created to share with you the highs and lows of solo female budget travel – the sort of real, wild, global adventuring that fires up minds and sets hearts racing. With a committed long-term traveller for a creator, (that’s me!) BWSP focuses on adventurous solo travel and sustainable tourism practices, with expert and personal advice from destinations around the world.

The blog has a combined social media following of over 80k+ followers across 4 major networks. With over 188k page views a month, from over 126k users a month, Steph has developed a significant standing in the travel and tourism scene – being voted The Best British Travel Blog 2019!

Top Adventure Travel Influencers in the UK Steph Parker

4. Yaya & Lloyd


Instagram: 180K followers – ER: 37.4%

Yaya and Lloyd started their travel blog in 2014 when they were still in school, and they have now turned it into a worldwide phenomenon. With a focus on affordable travel, their gorgeous content and beneficial insider advice have inspired thousands.

They are also the creators of "Hand Luggage Only: Great Britain," the essential travel manual for discovering the best of Great Britain.

Top Adventure Travel Influencers in the UK Yaya & Lloyd

5. Laura & Aaron


Instagram: 333K followers – ER: 5.48%

Laura & Aaron are free spirits exploring the wilder side of Europe in their self-built cabin-on-wheels. The duo spend the year travelling across the UK and Europe, in their cosily refurbished van.

Giving us major wanderlust, they take you on whimsical trips through Europe, with picturesque landscapes of wildflower meadows, snow-capped mountains and turquoise lakes plucked from a scene of a fairytale – making followers fall in love with life on the road!

Top Adventure Travel Influencers in the UK Laura & Aaron

6. Beth


Instagram: 134K followers – ER: 10.96%

Beth began travelling in 2014 with what she thought would be a short holiday. She’s now been travelling around the world full-time for seven and a half years, taking photographs, writing about the places she’s been and immersing herself in new cultures.

The travel extraordinaire is passionate about capturing the whole experience not just with images, but with words too. Her blog is a positive place where she welcomes readers to learn about the best places to stay, along with tips and advice on long-term travel. In the words of Beth herself, “Stop waiting for the weekend, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now.”

Top Adventure Travel Influencers in the UK Beth

7. Emily


Instagram: 31.4K followers – ER: 3.36%

Hill and Moorland Leader Emily Taylor is inspiring others to walk the UK one trig at a time with her Peak District trig-bagging exploits – all 88 to be exact. Emily has inspired thousands of followers to seek better mental health in nature with an open dialogue about her own struggles.

You may find Emily “ranting about litter in the countryside” and sharing the Countryside Code or Leave No Trace principles. She has become a champion of women outdoors and body positivity, despite her own insecurities. “Strangely, sharing images of myself has helped me slowly accept myself. What our bodies do and the places they take us is far more important than how they look.”

Top Adventure Travel Influencers in the UK Emily

Top Luxury Travel Influencers in the UK

8. Jade


Instagram: 43.3K followers – ER: 36.45%

Jade is a travel enthusiast who showcases the beauty of London and other picturesque destinations around the world. She captivates her audience with her stunning visual storytelling.

Her content is a mix of travel, architecture, people, and nature, making her the perfect influencer for brands in the travel, photography, and beauty industries. Her ability to inspire and engage her followers with her content makes her an ideal collaborator for brands.

Top Luxury Travel Influencers in the UK Jade

9. Alex & James


Instagram: 147K followers – ER: 4.75%

Alex and James are a travel couple who have been discovering the world together since 2014. You can also find them as Twosome Travellers around the web. The couple got married in 2018, in Boracay Philippines. By 2019, Twosome Travellers decided to travel the world full-time! They keep on creating inspirational adventure content and sharing them with the world.

We understand how to deliver a campaign professionally, and successfully and have worked together with some of the biggest brands including Amex AU, Visit Japan AU and the South Australian Tourism board in both a content creator and influencer capacity.

Top Luxury Travel Influencers in the UK Alex & James

10. Callia Mexi


Instagram: 125K followers – ER: 29.72%

Callia is a luxury travel influencer who inspires her audience through her stunning travel photos and fashion-forward content. With a focus on promoting a more luxurious lifestyle, Callia shares her experiences travelling around the world, showcasing the finest in fashion, travel and living.

She has a keen eye for style, chic outfits and high-end amenities. Brands interested in working with Callia will benefit from her unique perspective and her ability to promote a luxury lifestyle to her followers. Her travel experiences and fashion sense will give brands exposure to reach a discerning and stylish audience.

Top Luxury Travel Influencers in the UK Callia Mexi

11. Alicia


Instagram: 36.4K followers – ER: 13.43%

Alicia is a travel blogger and photographer who’s constantly planning her next adventure, be that a local trip in the UK or further afield. Her absolute favourite place is up in the arctic circle in Norway!

She has a passion for sharing her own travel experiences with the global community in the hope to help others plan their own journeys. Borne from her passions of travel, photography and sharing experiences, you’ll find a collection of travel guides and diaries from all over the world following Alicia.

Top Luxury Travel Influencers in the UK Alicia

12. Kelsey


Instagram: 257K followers – ER: 49.73%

Kelsey is a London-based travel blogger and multi-talented creative who documents her adventures in the big city as ‘Kelsey in London’. Kelsey’s background in Graphic Design, Photography and an expansive career working as a Creative Director in fashion has evolved into a growing social media community of over 500,000 across her various social media channels.

She creates and shares inspiring imagery and video content with a charming touch of dorky realness and a refreshingly friendly yet honest no-BS attitude. With a love for all things beautiful, her social feeds are a stream of her jaw-dropping travel highlights, local London recommendations and in-depth travel guides.

Top Luxury Travel Influencers in the UK Kelsey

13. Lucy


Instagram: 257K followers – ER: 3.05%

Lucy’s Travel & Style content is a fast-growing blog with a great and loyal community. Lucy in the Sky’s target group consists of a niche of young fashionable people who are passionate about travelling in style. Her focus is exclusively on boutiques, luxury hotels and upscale brands.

She works as a Brand Ambassador for several US & Australian brands showcasing their latest products and with several 5* hotels worldwide. Travelling with her partner, together they create visual stories for travel and fashion brands while sharing their passion for wanderlust locations with followers from around the world.

Top Luxury Travel Influencers in the UK Lucy

14. Natalie Raymond


Instagram: 177K followers – ER: 4.61%

Natalie is a luxury travel influencer based in London. Her Instagram channel showcases her love for travel, lifestyle, and the great outdoors. Natalie's unique perspective and attention to detail in capturing beautiful destinations, from bustling cities to scenic nature spots, inspire her followers to pursue their own adventures and live life to the fullest.

Brands interested in working with Natalie will benefit from her ability to promote their products in a luxurious and aspirational setting, appealing to her engaged audience who are interested in elevating their own lifestyles.

Top Luxury Travel Influencers in the UK Natalie Raymond

Top YouTube Travel Vlogger Influencers in the UK

15. Chesca & Ben


YouTube: 66.9K subscribers – ER: 3.23%

Chesca and Ben have been living and travelling through Europe in their camper van Sophia since 2019. They’ve driven from the wind-swept coasts of Portugal to the sun-drenched beaches of Sicily, watched the sunrise over the plains of Syria and swam in sapphire caves where Zeus himself bathed.

Next, they took their rolling home across the pond and over to Canada for a new adventure across The Americas. Inspired by a love for adventure and alternative living, Chesa & Ben document their lives travelling the globe, experiencing new landscapes and cultures while living in a van.

Top YouTube Travel Vlogger Influencers in the UK Chesca & Ben

16. Hannah Ricketts


YouTube: 95.2K subscribers – ER: 5.12%

Meet Hannah, the London-based travel vlogger and YouTuber, who is all about capturing the best of London life and travels. With her YouTube channel @HannahRicketts, she offers an entertaining blend of lifestyle and travel content, including the occasional delicious food find. With her upbeat and engaging personality, Hannah inspires her audience to explore new places, try new things, and live life to the fullest.

For brands looking to tap into the travel and lifestyle market, working with Hannah as an influencer can bring a fresh and exciting perspective to your campaigns, helping you reach and engage with a wider audience.

Top YouTube Travel Vlogger Influencers in the UK Hannah Ricketts

17. Paul Dow


YouTube: 244K subscribers – ER: 3.07%

Paul has a passion for travel. However, looking around the thousands of travel vlogs on YouTube he noticed that too many of them are more about the person than the place. The focus of his blog is to bring you adventurous travels, from solo road trips, weekend breaks, and exploring cities to suffering from culture shock from far-flung destinations.

The SuitcaseMonkey channel is based on his real life, self-paid holidays featuring full-length travel vlogs at its heart that are informative, amusing, insightful and plenty of inspiration for your next trip. Quality over quantity is Paul’s motto!

Top YouTube Travel Vlogger Influencers in the UK Paul Dow

18. Emily


YouTube: 68.5K subscribers – ER: 8.74%

Emily’s channel consists of two girls, a dog and a cat who built a campervan from scratch and are now travelling full time living the van life! Follow along on their journey as they create their YouTube travel series!

Campervibe has got some awesome adventures as they live and travel in their self-converted van all over the world.

Top YouTube Travel Vlogger Influencers in the UK Emily

19. Liam & Janine


YouTube: 71.8K subscribers – ER: 3.29%

Liam & Janine are a married couple from the UK, who have bought an auto-rickshaw in India, travelling the whole of India in it!

They can also be seen driving Morgan The Removals Van across the UK & Europe, detailing their great adventures.

Top YouTube Travel Vlogger Influencers in the UK Liam & Janine

20. Alex & Emma


YouTube: 281K subscribers – ER: 4.76%

Alex & Emma have been exploring the world together for over 10 years, enjoying all kinds of travel, from backpacking to vanlife! After years of work hard, save hard, travel, repeat as well as a huge battle with depression, we decided that we wanted to turn travel into a lifestyle.

The couple loves sharing the highs and lows of their trips through videos and hopes to spread a little positivity and light their audience through their travel experiences and digital nomad lifestyle.​ Their mission is to create a community where individuals can be inspired and encouraged to change their lifestyle to one that makes them truly happy, whatever that may be.

Top YouTube Travel Vlogger Influencers in the UK Alex & Emma

21. Will


YouTube: 609K subscribers – ER: 4.13%

Trek Trendy, also known by his real name – Will Davis, is a YouTuber, social media star, and influencer. He came under the media limelight after his video “Overnight on Arctic Circle Sleeper Train – The Lapland Express” went viral on the internet.

He is famous for uploading luxurious travel vlogs on his channel, where he has 490K subscribers. In the vlogs, he usually sponsors expensive travelling plans and packages. With TrekTrendy, Will promises to share the tips and tricks which he’s used to traveling the world in luxury at a far lower cost than you’d possibly imagine.

Top YouTube Travel Vlogger Influencers in the UK Will

Top Instagram Travel Influencers in the UK

22. Hannah


Instagram: 292K followers – ER: 7.54%

Hannah is a travel consultant turned travel content creator - by that we mean she quit her job as a travel consultant and started creating content full-time.

She gets across her love of travel and food, taking photos of all her experiences and providing solo travel tips. She also has a fluffy cocker spaniel called Baxter who she travels with!

Top Instagram Travel Influencers in the UK Hannah

23. Deborah


Instagram: 126K followers – ER: 11.59%

Deborah started 'Nooks of London' to share the city's hidden gems, quirky spots, and cosy nooks, and to prove that London doesn't always have to be stressful and crowded. The travel blogger often focuses her content on travel, lifestyle and hotels.

She was born in London and spent the first 29 years of her life living there, so knows the city like the back of her hand (but her favourite thing about the capital is that she’s still discovering little gems!).

Top Instagram Travel Influencers in the UK Deborah

24. Anna


Instagram: 115K followers – ER: 7.29%

Anna is a London-based travel blogger showing you the wonders of London and beyond. She enjoys sharing the tips and tricks she learns along the way on her blog and social media, which are always bound to be useful! Anna really instils her huge passion for travel in every post.

Top Instagram Travel Influencers in the UK Anna

25. Courtney Leopard


Instagram: 102K followers – ER: 6.58%

Courtney is a solo travel goddess whose content acts as a guide for the adventurous. She Travelled the World was born out of the love of discovering. From wandering the streets at dawn to hiking through the mountains, her life is a constant adventure.

Courtney shares her life of early morning flights, picnics and photography while she gets to explore the world – taking her followers with her every step of the way.

Top Instagram Travel Influencers in the UK Courtney Leopard

26. Tonia Hope


Instagram: 139K followers – ER: 19.91%

Tonia is a global enthusiast and travel content creator who shares her love for travel and adventure with her growing social media audience. With a presence on both Instagram and TikTok, Tonia has become a go-to source of inspiration for those looking to escape the routine and explore the world.

Her posts range from stunning landscapes and cultural experiences to must-see destinations and unique adventures. With a unique perspective and an eye for capturing life's most beautiful moments, Tonia is a talented influencer who can inspire and engage her followers.

Top Instagram Travel Influencers in the UK Tonia Hope

27. Sandy


Instagram: 103K followers – ER: 3.07%

Sandy is a London-based Travel Vlogger, and lifestyle and culture explorer. She spends her time travelling, reviewing, exploring London and vlogging! By now Sandy’s been to 45 countries and has seen quite a bit of London, too.

Her travels are culture driven. Sandy always tries to learn the local language as much as she can and deep dive into why people eat what they eat and say what they say. She loves to explore local stories, hidden gems, and food through worldwide travel.

Top Instagram Travel Influencers in the UK Sandy

28. Ashlee Major-Moss


Instagram: 133K followers – ER: 4.70%

Ashlee is a travel and lifestyle content creator. The idea of travelling solo across the world to a place you've never been, where you don't speak the language, know the culture, or know one living soul can be quite daunting – but Ashlee takes the plunge.

She falls in love with all the beautiful places she explores and lives life on her own terms – and makes her followers fall in love with them too!

Top Instagram Travel Influencers in the UK Ashlee Major-Moss

Top TikTok Travel Influencers in the UK

29. Adell Baker


TikTok: 44.1K followers – ER: 21.60%

Adell is an outdoor adventure blogger and photographer. She shares hiking routes, staycations and road trips, with in-depth travel guides and tips on places to visit so her audience can have the best time!

Over the years, Adell’s been able to work with some incredible brands, creating unique outdoor and travel-related content. Some amazing brands include ACAI Outdoorwear, Merrell, Faff Coffee, Whittards, All Trails, Unplugged Stay and many more. She’s always looking for new and exciting opportunities!

Top TikTok Travel Influencers in the UK Adell Baker

30. Jen, João & Leo


TikTok: 379.9K followers – ER: 5.14%

The Travel Mum team works around the clock to bring you the cheapest flight and hotel combinations. They have created a community that will go out of its way to help each other, with trip planning, amazing deals, inspiration, support, and advice followers can trust in abundance.

With the cost-of-living crisis, insane energy prices and endless negative news, there is a growing need for all of us to have a break - but on an increasingly tight budget. This is where The Travel Mum come in!

Top TikTok Travel Influencers in the UK Jen, Joao & Leo

31. Emma Cooke


TikTok: 379.9K followers – ER: 5.14%

Emma, the travel editor based in London, is a well-known TikTok influencer with a following of over 370k. She is a source of inspiration for travellers, providing advice and guides on her channel @petite.blondine. Her content is not only entertaining but also informative and showcases her expertise in the travel industry.

With features in prestigious publications such as The Telegraph, BBC Travel, and BuzzFeed, Emma is a well-respected influencer in the travel space. Brands looking to tap into the world of luxury and adventure travel can benefit from working with Emma, who has a proven track record of creating engaging content that resonates with her audience.

Top TikTok Travel Influencers in the UK Emma Cooke

32. Ryan & Jade


TikTok: 342.5K followers – ER: 7.57%

Ryan & Jade, the travel influencers behind @live_thedash, inspire their audience with their spontaneous and budget-friendly travel adventures. They are well known for their creative travel videos made while travelling the world with only hand luggage.

With 340k followers on TikTok and a presence on YouTube, Ryan & Jade have built a loyal following of wanderlust-filled individuals who eagerly await their next budget-friendly travel escapade. For brands looking to tap into this audience, Ryan & Jade can offer unique and creative content, showcasing products and services in a budget-friendly travel context.

Top TikTok Travel Influencers in the UK Ryan & Jade

33. Amy Berry


TikTok: 99.6K followers – ER: 3.55%

Amy is a London-based travel content creator. Her channel showcases some of the most luxurious hotels and spas around the world. Her company The Branding Spa specialises in providing engaging video & image content packages to hotels and resorts worldwide for use on digital and social media.

Amy also helps amplify this content to reach thousands of potential guests online. Her travel content has been in collaboration with or featured by brands such as The Dorchester Collection, The Waldorf Astoria, Hilton and MSC Luxury Cruises.

Top TikTok Travel Influencers in the UK Amy Berry

34. Charlotte


TikTok: 263.3K followers – ER: 5.85%

Charlotte, the TikTok travel influencer and creator of @lotteboo3, takes her audience on a journey through her favourite travel destinations and hidden gems. With a background as a destination manager, Charlotte provides insider tips on how to travel well and experience the best that the UK has to offer.

From hotels to fun activities, Charlotte showcases her expertise in the travel industry while also sharing her personal experiences and discoveries. With her creative and informative content, Charlotte inspires her audience to explore and make the most of their travels.

Top TikTok Travel Influencers in the UK Charlotte

35. Toomey


TikTok: 173.6K followers – ER: 13.14%

Toomeytoyou is most known as being home to a stray cat who captured the hearts of the internet, featured on The Dodo, BBC, Fluff Squad, People and The LADbible.

One day, Boysie appeared at the back door with an injury that wasn’t getting better, so his new friends knew we had to step in and do something to help him. On TikTok, you can watch the full story that made Boysie a viral sensation. Now you can watch Boysie and his human friends on their travel!

Top TikTok Travel Influencers in the UK Toomey

Why Work with the Best Travel Influencers in the UK?

Travel influencer marketing has been on the rise, and for good reason. A recommendation from a creator that you like goes a long way. 61% of consumers trust the product recommendations they get from influencers. Meanwhile, only 38% trust branded social media content. This is because travel influencers have a unique ability to build trust and connect with their followers, inspiring them to take action.

If you're looking to tap into this trend and start reaching your target audience through the power of travel influencer marketing, The Social Shepherd is here to help. As one of the top Influencer Marketing agencies in the UK, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the complex world of influencer marketing. Check out our blog on the top Influencer Marketing agencies in the UK to find out more about why we’re up there with the best.

Our dedicated Influencer Marketing team offers a comprehensive range of services, including talent research, management, and strategy, to help brands reach their marketing goals. Whether you're a travel brand looking to increase brand awareness or a lifestyle brand seeking to connect with the travel-savvy crowd, we can help you achieve your goals. So why wait?

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