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Top 43 Arts & Crafts Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Crafts and DIY influencers have been growing in popularity in recent years, with a significant rise in the number of people taking up hobbies. This has led to an increase in demand for art and craft supplies, and a growing interest in creative content on social media. In fact, eight out of 10 consumers have purchased something after seeing it recommended by an influencer. This is likely because we tend to trust our favourite creators' recommendations.

As a leading influencer marketing agency, The Social Shepherd recognises the power of influencers to drive engagement and sales for brands in the arts and crafts industry. We source a diverse range of influencers and creators for our clients across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, who create engaging and inspiring content for their audiences.

In this blog post, we're highlighting the top 43 arts and crafts influencers in the UK, including sewing and crochet influencers, art and painting influencers, and pottery influencers. These influencers have been selected for their unique and creative content, their engagement with their followers (ER), and their ability to inspire and motivate others to take up creative hobbies.

Best Crafts Influencers in the UK

1. Bethan Aspland


TikTok: 71.5K followers – ER: 4.12%

Bethan is a UK-based contemporary craft influencer and the founder of Pretty In Paper By B. As the world's leading iris-folding paper crafter, she promotes positive mental well-being by encouraging others to use craft as a creative outlet. Bethan simplifies and modernises this unique craft, making it more accessible and allowing crafters of all types to create their own mindful craft experiences.

Bethan's creative journey is also a story of triumph over adversity. After facing a massive mental health challenge due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, paper craft became a way for her to play, create, rest, and be restored. Today, Pretty In Paper By B nurtures a loving and encouraging social media community, sharing the joy of iris folding and promoting positive mental well-being through mindful creativity.

Bethan Aspland Best Crafts Influencers in the UK

2. Rob Hoad


TikTok: 305.8K followers – ER: 1.94%

Rob is the mastermind behind Hoadys, the popular UK candle store that specialises in hidden message candles. From romantic "I Love You" messages to completely custom messages, Rob handcrafts every candle with care and attention to detail. What started as a special way to ask his girlfriend out has turned into a viral sensation on TikTok, with Rob's candles delighting customers around the world.

All of Hoadys' candles are handcrafted, beaded, and poured with love, and the company offers international shipping to a long list of countries, including Europe, Australia, and the US.

Rob Hoad Best Crafts Influencers in the UK

3. Abigail Bruford


TikTok: 118.8K followers – ER: 6.62%

Abi is a UK-based mixed media artist and designer, and founder of Abilu Creations. With a background in fine art and costume design, Abi offers a wide range of handcrafted products, including jewellery, accessories, and home decor, made sustainably from foraged and vintage materials sourced within the UK. Abi's unique style and eye for detail make her creations stand out, combining a sense of magic, spirituality, and mystery.

Abi's passion for sustainability and repurposing old or broken items sets her apart in the world of crafting. She inspires her audience to appreciate the beauty of second-hand materials and offers them everything they need to create a unique and individual style for their home. Abi's business has been featured in numerous magazines, including Elle, Grazia, and Style, and sold worldwide in boutiques and major department stores, such as Selfridges and Debenhams. Abi also teaches a variety of art and design classes, including BTEC Art & Design, adult education classes, and one-to-one tuition.

Abigail Bruford Best Crafts Influencers in the UK

4. Phoebe Hammonds


TikTok: 613.3K followers – ER: 7.97%

Phoebe Hammonds is a UK-based craft influencer who creates vibrant and unique wall art weavings that will brighten up any space. You can find one-of-a-kind pieces that match your personal style and home décor on her online shop. Phoebe also specialises in creating handspun art-yarn and handwoven scarfs, which are available on her website when they become available. Her content is full of her colourful creations, inspiring her followers to bring a little bit of joy and warmth into their lives through crafting.

As an influencer, Phoebe's content encourages creativity and self-expression through her unique and colourful weavings, inspiring her followers to explore their own artistic abilities. Her work showcases her passion for handspun and handwoven items, and she has a loyal following who eagerly await her latest creations. Brands interested in working with Phoebe can benefit from her colourful and creative content and her ability to engage with her audience on social media.

Phoebe Hammonds Best Crafts Influencers in the UK

5. Ben


TikTok: 1M followers – ER: 3.11%

Meet Ben, the CEO of clay modelling and a UK crafts influencer who creates amazing models out of clay. His passion for creating fun models is contagious, and his Instagram is filled with incredible clay creations, from favourite cartoon characters to fantasy models, whole chess boards, and castles.

Ben's clay models are not only impressive in their detail and craftsmanship, but they are also incredibly fun and whimsical. He inspires his audience to explore their own creativity and take on new challenges with clay modelling. Through his engaging videos and tutorials, he offers tips and tricks on how to create amazing clay models and encourages his followers to share their creations with him. His innovative and imaginative approach to clay modelling is sure to capture the attention of his audience and bring exposure to any brand looking to collaborate with him.

Ben Best Crafts Influencers in the UK

6. Juliet


Instagram: 1.1M followers – ER: 1.14%

Juliet, also known as The Juliet Journal, is a UK-based junk journal artist who shares her bespoke made journals, diaries and handbooks on her Instagram and TikTok. With her unique and creative approach to journaling, she inspires her audience to express themselves through art, writing and creativity.

Juliet also shares her favourite Amazon journaling and scrapbooking supplies with her followers, from stickers and washi tape to journaling equipment and storage. Brands interested in working with Juliet can collaborate with her to promote their products to her engaged audience who are passionate about all things journaling and creativity.

Juliet Best Crafts Influencers in the UK

7. Almantas


TikTok: 473K followers – ER: 6.59%

Almantas is a 22-year-old artist originally from Lithuania, now based in the UK. He creates inspiring art-related content, ranging from paintings to sketches, on his social media platforms. Almantas has a natural talent for capturing emotion and movement through his art, and his work often features bright, bold colours that are sure to catch the eye of his followers.

Through his art, he hopes to inspire others to pursue their own creative passions and express themselves through various mediums. Brands interested in working with Almantas can reach out to collaborate on projects that align with his artistic vision and values.

Almantas Best Crafts Influencers in the UK

8. Tracy


TikTok: 451.7K followers – ER: 3.21%

Tracy is a UK-based influencer who loves to create unique and special crafts for various occasions such as Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and themed gifts for kids. Her DIY projects are easy to follow and perfect for anyone who wants to add a personal touch to their celebrations.

Tracy's content is inspiring and provides her audience with a range of creative ideas for gifts and decorations. Brands interested in working with her can benefit from her expertise in crafting and her ability to engage with her followers.

Tracy Best Crafts Influencers in the UK

Best Sewing & Crochet Influencers in the UK

9. Sarah-Jayne Fragola


Instagram: 171K followers – ER: 1.51%

Sarah-Jayne Fragola, also known as Bella Coco, is a crochet designer and instructor. Her website and social media platforms offer a wealth of hints, tips, tutorials and inspiration for all skill levels, making crochet accessible to all. She is the author of You Can Crochet With Bella Coco, which contains clear and simple guides for beginners and beyond and features 12 exclusive patterns to help improve crochet skills.

In addition to her online presence, she hosts The Yarn Over Podcast where she discusses all things crochet and yarn-related. Sarah-Jayne's passion for crochet and teaching shines through in her content, making her an inspiring figure for anyone looking to learn or enhance their crochet skills.

Sarah-Jayne Fragola Best Sewing & Crochet Influencers in the UK

10. Kate Rowell


Instagram: 97.2K followers – ER: 1.30%

Kate is a UK crochet designer, author, and creator of colourful handmade crochet gifts and accessories. Her book, "Quick Crochet," is now available to buy and features 28 quick and colourful projects perfect for gifting to friends and family.

From cowls and coasters to plant hangers and rugs, Kate's book combines simple stitches and smart techniques to bring you a stunning collection of eye-catching projects that work up in no time. Her colourful crochet adventures are sure to inspire and brighten up any space or occasion. If you're looking for fun and vibrant crochet ideas, Kate's work is a must-see.

Kate Rowell Best Sewing & Crochet Influencers in the UK

11. Lauren Aston


Instagram: 75.4K followers – ER: 2.30%

Lauren Aston is a creative knitting influencer and the owner of Lauren Aston Designs. Her independent knitting studio, based in Devon, is known for creating big and chunky knits. Lauren creates handmade knitwear, soft furnishings and Christmas pieces, and also sells kits so that others can have a go at creating them. With a small team of knitters, packers and admin staff, Lauren's studio is dedicated to producing exceptional quality, statement pieces that are both stylish and comfortable.

She designs patterns for all the yarn used in her creations so that people can create their own LAD (Lauren Aston Designs) projects. Lauren's social media content is often tongue-in-cheek and funny, which her followers appreciate. She loves to bring a luxurious "wow" factor into people's homes and wardrobes with her knitting, and she aims to use the classic art of knitting with modern design.

Lauren Aston Best Sewing & Crochet Influencers in the UK

12. Katie Jones


Instagram: 74.1K followers – ER: 5.33%

Katie is a UK-based crochet designer and maker known for her bright, bold, and colourful handmade pieces, including crocheted garments, accessories, and home decor items. She is also the author of the book "Hip to be Square", which offers step-by-step instructions and illustrations for transforming five simple granny squares into 20 eye-catching designs.

Katie's brand started as a luxury womenswear label grounded in sustainability and has since pivoted to become a make-it-yourself (MIY) collection that puts the task of constructing the garment in the hands of the customer. Her designs have been featured in major fashion and craft publications and exhibited at the V&A and the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence. Through workshops and events, Katie aims to encourage and champion social and environmental change in the fashion industry.

Katie Jones Best Sewing & Crochet Influencers in the UK

13. Lindsey Newns


Instagram: 42.1K followers – ER: 1.22%

Lindsey, the face behind Lottie & Albert, is a crochet designer based in the Cotswolds, UK who specialises in modern crochet, lifestyle, and interiors. Her Instagram and blog are packed with colourful crochet makes for you and your home, and her podcast offers weekly video vlogs, reviews, tutorials, tips and free patterns.

She also curates a subscription box called Curate Crochet Box. Lindsey's designs are accessible to all, including beginners, with advice on yarns, detailed stitch descriptions and step-by-step photo instructions. Her creations include gorgeous accessories like patchwork scarves, leopard-print cowls and cute gingham bags to fun bathmats and luxe Christmas stockings for the home. Lindsey is a great influencer for brands interested in working with someone who has a keen eye for colourful design and a love of all things crochet.

Lindsey Newns Best Sewing & Crochet Influencers in the UK

14. Melissa


Instagram: 40.9K followers – ER: 1.70%

Melissa is a UK-based crochet and sewing influencer who shares her creative passions through her social media channels. As a crochet designer, Melissa creates unique and colourful patterns that inspire her followers to try their hand at the craft. Her crochet designs range from accessories like hats and scarves to home decor items like blankets and cushions.

She showcases her sewing skills through tutorials, tips and tricks, and sew-alongs, providing her followers with the guidance they need to create their own handmade pieces. Her audience loves her for her relatable and down-to-earth approach to crafting. As an influencer, Melissa is open to collaborations with brands that align with her values and style.

Melissa Best Sewing & Crochet Influencers in the UK

15. Joy Clements


Instagram: 32.5K followers – ER: 5.18%

Meet Joy, the creative mastermind behind Crochet Road, a hub of inspiration for crochet lovers everywhere. Joy's mission is to help her audience crochet beautiful things with great love, and her passion shines through in every project and tutorial she shares. From pattern tutorials and yarn reviews to crochet tools and book reviews, stitch tutorials, and crochet tips and tricks, Crochet Road is a treasure trove of valuable resources for all levels of crocheters.

Joy's infectious spirit and warm personality inspire her followers to tap into their own creativity and explore the endless possibilities of crochet. Brands interested in partnering with an influencer who is all about spreading joy through crafting should consider collaborating with Joy and Crochet Road.

Joy Clements Best Sewing & Crochet Influencers in the UK

16. Kenikse


TikTok: 107.8K followers – ER: 4.25%

Kenikse is a talented crochet artist and pattern maker based in the UK. She creates a wide range of beautiful and unique crochet patterns for toys and clothing that are sure to delight anyone who loves to crochet. Her creations are a perfect blend of fun, whimsy, and practicality, making them perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of creativity to their daily life.

Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or a beginner, Kenikse's patterns are easy to follow and always result in a stunning finished product. Through her work, she inspires her audience to tap into their creativity and embrace the joy of crochet. Brands interested in working with Kenikse can benefit from her extensive knowledge of crochet and her ability to create engaging, visually appealing content that resonates with her audience.

Kenikse Best Sewing & Crochet Influencers in the UK

17. Em


TikTok: 176.3K followers – ER: 1.19%

Em, also known as Meema Makes, is a crochet designer, educator, and content creator. She offers a range of crochet patterns, from beginner to advanced, and provides easy-to-follow crochet tutorials to make the craft approachable for everyone.

Em is passionate about making crochet accessible to people with different skill levels and disabilities. She also dabbles in other crafts and has a Facebook group where members can share their makes, join crochet-alongs, and ask for help. Brands interested in working with Em can benefit from her expertise in crochet design and education.

Em Best Sewing & Crochet Influencers in the UK

18. Flo


TikTok: 50.5K followers – ER: 74.09%

Flo, known as paintbyflo on social media, is a UK-based influencer who combines her love for crochet and painting to create beautiful and unique handmade items. Her Instagram account showcases her colourful crochet tops and cute hand-painted earrings, as well as her stunning artwork. She also offers custom crochet tops on Etsy.

Flo's content is inspiring and uplifting, and her passion for crafting shines through in everything she creates. Her work is perfect for those who want to add a pop of colour and personality to their wardrobe or home. Brands interested in working with Flo can benefit from her strong creative vision and unique approach to combining different art forms.

Flo Best Sewing & Crochet Influencers in the UK

19. Beth


Instagram: 55.5K followers – ER: 8.64%

Beth, the designer and maker behind Realm Designs, is a passionate crochet artist based in Leek, Staffordshire, UK. Her love for crochet started when she was 18, and she now creates fun and colourful clothing and accessories often inspired by vintage designs. Her brand aims to make eco-friendly, sustainable clothing and accessories with as little impact on the environment as possible.

While studying at college, she became aware of the negative impact the fashion industry had on the environment and this motivated her to make a positive change. Beth's one-woman brand is doing its bit in the fashion revolution, and she is grateful for the support of her customers who share her passion for sustainable fashion. Beth also writes crochet patterns that are tested by other artists before release, featuring colourful granny squares and flower motifs that everyone can enjoy making.

Beth Best Sewing & Crochet Influencers in the UK

Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

20. Howard Lee


Instagram: 515K followers – ER: 7.82%

Howard Lee is a multidisciplinary artist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, who creates hyperrealist drawings and photorealistic illusions. His photorealistic art has gained a lot of attention on Instagram, where he plays with reality by posting his drawings and paintings of objects next to the actual objects and asking his audience to guess which one is real. Howard has collaborated with a variety of brands, including Paco Rabanne, Absolut, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Guinness, and PlayStation.

Howard Lee's artwork has been featured in several newspapers and magazines worldwide, including The New York Daily News, Time Magazine, Detroit News Time, and The Metro. Today, he continues to push boundaries and create fresh illusions, animations, and collaborations, growing his online video portfolio.

Howard Lee Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

21. Chris Rivers


Instagram: 96.2K followers – ER: 1.04%

Chris Rivers is a self-taught artist from Manchester, England who has made a name for himself with his large and dramatic oil paintings that feature bold, abstract displays of charged colour and fine, surrealistic detail. Rivers began painting in 2014 after a career as a professional rock drummer, and his works are built upon a contrast between innocence and something darker. The layers of narrative, emotion, and atmosphere surge against each other to build dense and complex narratives that invite closer inspection.

Rivers believes that there is no right or wrong way with anything creative and enjoys the process of trial and error, often painting with a certain amount of not having a plan about where it will go. His unique artistic style has garnered attention both in the UK and around the world, making him a rising star in the art world.

Chris Rivers Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

22. Akse


Instagram: 95.4K followers – ER: 2.66%

Akse is a French-born Graffiti Artist of Vietnamese heritage, based in Manchester since 1997. He has been spraypainting walls since 1992 and is a member of the P19 Graffiti Crew. Akse has gained a cult following for his freehand High-Definition HD photo-realism graffiti portraits of pop culture icons such as David Bowie, Tony Wilson, Prince, Liam Gallagher, and Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark. He often reflects the social, political, and cultural mood of the city through his work, which can be found not only in Manchester but also in other cities such as Liverpool and London.

Although Akse is regularly commissioned to produce permanent artwork for private clients and businesses, he prefers to keep a degree of anonymity and is rarely seen in public without his ventilated mask. However, we do know that the man behind the mask is a family man, a scientist, a vinyl collector, and a lover of Breaking Bad and The Smiths. As a street artist, Akse aims to bring inspiration to the local community through the subjects he paints. With his highly acclaimed work, he has worked with brands like Nike, JD, and FFB and has been featured on BBC News.

Akse Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

23. Peter Brown


Instagram: 100K followers – ER: 1.59%

Peter Brown, also known as "Pete the Street", is a Bath-based artist who specialises in plein-air paintings of street scenes and city landscapes. He paints directly from life, on-site and in all weather conditions, and his works range from small canvases to large-scale paintings. His subjects are the cities and countryside that surround him, and he loves capturing the play of light, space, and everyday life.

Peter's one-man exhibitions are held annually in London or Bath, and he has been showing with Messums London since 2004. He has received numerous awards at national exhibitions and was elected President of the New English Art Club in 2018. Peter is a passionate artist who believes that every day is an adventure, and he captures his experiences and conversations in diary extracts that accompany his exhibitions. He works entirely from life, refusing to use photographic reference, and is known for his Impressionist style and attention to detail. Brands interested in working with Peter can benefit from his large following on social media, where he shares his work and insights into his creative process.

Peter Brown Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

24. Henry Fraser


Instagram: 94K followers – ER: 3.31%

Henry Fraser is a mouth artist, author, and speaker who rediscovered his love for art after being paralysed from the shoulders down in 2009. He taught himself how to draw and paint using utensils attached to a mouth stick and has since created an extraordinary collection of 12 paintings, each meticulously prepared for printing and available as part of an exclusive NFT Collection in 2023.

His inspiring story of overcoming adversity and finding joy in creating has earned him a devoted following on social media, where he shares his work and insights with his audience. Henry's paintings often feature animals and nature, showcasing his deep appreciation for the natural world. Brands interested in working with Henry can collaborate with him on custom artwork or share his story to inspire their audience.

Henry Fraser Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

25. Alessandra Genualdo Kingsford


Instagram: 47.6K followers – ER: 1.26%

Alessandra Genualdo is an Italian illustrator and painter based in East London who draws inspiration from the natural world and the female form. Her work is mainly realised in gouache and coloured pencil, and expresses the pleasure taken in simple moments from everyday life, the characters’ connection with nature through elements of greenery and flowers, and the positive connotation of solitude. Alessandra has won the Royal Watercolour Society's Young Artist Prize twice (2017 and 2019) and has been featured in various publications such as Kintails, It's Nice That, Flow magazine, Creative Boom, Gucci, and more.

She is also an illustration tutor at the Chelsea College of Arts, part of the University of the Arts of London. Alessandra's work has been exhibited in the UK, Spain, Belgium, Poland, China, and South Korea. Her client list ranges from magazines to fashion brands and art galleries. Her creative process involves researching, sketching, and preparing her colour palette, whether she's painting an illustration or a work of fine art.

Alessandra Genualdo Kingsford Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

26. Katy Jade Dobson


Instagram: 39.4K followers – ER: 1.67%

Katy Jade Dobson is a UK-based oil painter known for her use of colour and subjects of wildlife and the natural world. Her paintings are a form of worship, displaying an awe-inspired respect for nature and wildlife, and the escapism and submission that comes with painting. Katy is an independent artist with sell-out collections and international acclaim. She uses traditional applications in her work with no digital intervention, toeing the line between being a contemporary artist with old-world techniques of producing her artwork.

Katy's subjects amplify the natural world in surrealist scenes of wildlife and nature blending between areas of calm and intermittent chaos, bringing together the bountiful nature of life on Earth and the fine line between abundance and fragility. Her work is steeped in symbolism and heavy in purpose, featuring a bittersweetness and an acidity to the delicate paintwork.

Katy Jade Dobson Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

27. Otto Schade


Instagram: 29.9K followers – ER: 1.49%

Otto Schade, also known as Osch, is a Chilean contemporary urban artist and architect based in London since 2006. He is a passionate painter whose eclectic works can be found on the streets of many European cities, including Berlin, Amsterdam, Moscow, Paris, Barcelona, Porto, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Brussels, and London. Otto's paintings consist of those based on surrealism and those that are abstract in nature.

He uses mediums such as canvas, paper, boards, and walls, and his works are characterised by the intricate use of colouring, shading, and line work, which bring to life specific images being depicted in his work. Otto is available for commissions for art collectors, fashion designers, interior designers, and other creative projects. As an urban artist, his political and social commentary is often present in his works, which increasingly appear as street art around the world.

Otto Schade Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

28. Sara Berman


Instagram: 32.1K followers – ER: 1.82%

Sara Berman is a UK-based artist and former fashion designer who creates bold and powerful figurative paintings of women and interiors. Her works explore the connections between appearance, material possessions, and identity, and are deeply informed by her understanding of fashion and textiles. Berman's practice focuses on the female form, with the harlequin character often appearing as a recurring motif.

Through the use of various textures, layers, patterns, and colour combinations, Berman creates compositions that convey the sensations of being in the body, with clothing intentionally used as a space to contain and abstract it. Her works are both gentle and forthright, whimsical and imposing, expressing the complex tensions of womanhood while also gesturing towards a joyous sense of liberated physicality. Berman's background in fashion can be seen in her approach to making art, and she is endlessly fascinated by manufacturing and its relationship to a particular time, as well as concepts of luxury and modernity.

Sara Berman Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

29. Joy Yamusangie


Instagram: 36.7K followers – ER: 1.83%

Joy Yamusangie is a UK-based artist specialising in illustration, working with a variety of traditional processes such as drawing, film, painting, and collaging to produce mixed media pieces. The artist's exploration of race, identity, and representation stems from a place of intimacy as they investigate socio-political issues within the microcosm of their own community. Family, memory, and community sit at the core of Joy's art, and they use these elements to explore the Congolese diaspora from a highly personal perspective.

Joy has collaborated with influential brands including Paul Smith and Gucci, and their work has been commissioned by Tate Collectives and the London Borough of Culture. Their latest exhibition, Feeling Good, explores personal experiences of finding gender euphoria in the jazz club through a lively series of paintings on fabric and paper, capturing the fleeting encounters and conversations that take place inside. Joy's work continues to create a space for their community to see themselves and maps out their utopian vision.

Joy Yamusangie Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

30. Helen Bullock


Instagram: 69.6K followers – ER: 1.25%

Helen Bullock is a London-based Fashion Illustrator and Print Designer known for her vibrant and energetic artwork with bold colours and roughly drawn shapes that exude confidence and strength. Her unique aesthetic has been applied to top luxury brands and global style publications including Ralph Lauren, Liberty, Louis Vuitton, and Sunday Times Style Magazine. Helen's artwork is created by hand, maintaining an air of freedom and spontaneity in her designs.

As a visiting illustration lecturer at Central St Martins, Helen inspires her audience by sharing her passion for illustration and her experience as a self-taught artist. She is a true creative force, producing work with a beautiful timeless quality. Brands interested in working with Helen as an influencer can benefit from her unique aesthetic and strong social media presence, which allows her to connect with a diverse audience.

Helen Bullock Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

31. Amber Davenport


Instagram: 218K followers – ER: 3.24%

Amber Davenport is a UK art and painting influencer who runs a small family business offering beautifully illustrated wall art, homewares and accessories, with a focus on joy, playfulness and vibrant colours. Amber's love of animals and the natural world is at the heart of her business, and she is dedicated to improving its sustainability by using recyclable, compostable and biodegradable packaging. Amber's art is vibrant, lively, and filled with patterns, inspired by her love of plants, wildlife and travel, and she works primarily with acrylic paints.

Her creative process begins with a pencil sketch, which is then painted with either acrylic or gouache paints. She is a very hands-on designer, and her work exudes a sense of fun and playfulness. All of her products are lovingly designed and hand-packed in her studio. Her focus on sustainability and her passion for creating joyous, colourful art makes her a great influencer for brands interested in promoting eco-friendly and joyful products.

Amber Davenport Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

32. Anna Mason


Instagram: 132K followers – ER: 1.81%

Anna is a watercolour painter and tutor who specialises in nature-inspired realism. Her inspiration comes from nature, sunshine, and colour. Anna is passionate about helping people access their creativity and paint the way they have always wanted to. She is dedicated to creating resources to help beginners begin painting or take their painting to the next level. Through her books, free videos, blog posts, and online school, Anna has built a digital following from over 100 countries.

Her clear, simple watercolour method is designed to help anyone experience the benefits of painting, even those who feel they lack "talent." Anna has taught tens of thousands of people to paint, and her online school has over 5,000 members from around the world. Brands interested in working with Anna can benefit from her large digital following and her dedication to creating resources that help beginners access their creativity.

Anna Mason Best Art & Painting Influencers in the UK

Best Pottery Influencers in the UK

33. Kara Leigh Ford


Instagram: 93.3K followers – ER: 4.72%

Meet Kara Leigh, a full-time potter and pottery tutor based in Somerset, UK. Her work is inspired by the colours and textures of her favourite Devon coastlines, with each piece named after specific moments she's had at the coast. Kara designs and handcrafts everything from her studio, using stoneware clay and high-firing her pieces up to 1200 degrees centigrade. Her refined yet rustic tableware includes mugs, teapots, teaspoons, and kitchenware that can withstand everyday use.

Kara's work offers a more mindful eating and drinking experience, with each handmade piece imbued with love, care, and soul. She also runs a Pottery Club where she shares video tutorials, projects, techniques, recommendations, and tips from her life as a potter, making her the perfect collaborator for brands looking to connect with a community of hobbyists, side hustlers, and full-time makers.

Kara Leigh Ford Best Pottery Influencers in the UK

34. Alicja Zasucha


Instagram: 24K followers – ER: 3.16%

Alicja is a full-time ceramic artist and pottery influencer based in the Lake District National Park, UK. Her work is inspired by remote and wild places, abandoned man-made structures, and mining history. Alicja's tableware range is made of high-fired stoneware clay and focuses on capturing the process of making, with exaggerated throwing lines, indents, and alterations. She also makes limited-edition porcelain pieces that explore minimalist design through simple lines and contrasts.

In early 2020, Alicja discovered a wild clay deposit near her home, and she is working on implementing this raw material into her range through a limited-edition work glazed with a specially developed glaze using local minerals. Alicja's Instagram account, @upland_clay, showcases her small-batch, tactile hand-thrown and altered ceramics and her love for hiking, climbing, and wild camping in the fells with her dog, Paddy. Brands interested in working with Alicja can reach out to her through her Instagram account.

Alicja Zasucha Best Pottery Influencers in the UK

35. AJ Simpson


Instagram: 85.7K followers – ER: 7.70%

AJ is a talented ceramics artist who won The Great Pottery Throwdown in 2022. Graduating from Grays School of Art in 2021 with a BA Hons in 3D Design, AJ now works full-time from their studio within the Deemouth Artist Studios community in Aberdeen. Their work is a mix of wheel-thrown and hand-built pieces, including a fun and playful ‘blob’ series of decorative one-off characters inspired by their love for illustration and rock collecting as a child.

In addition to these ornamental figurines, AJ also creates functional blob crockery such as mugs, bowls, and plant pots. Recently, they have expanded their sculpting skills to produce larger forms in a series of dinosaur blobs that showcase bright colours and goofy expressions. With a focus on fun and playfulness, AJ's work inspires others to embrace creativity in their daily lives. Brands interested in working with AJ can benefit from their growing social media presence and unique approach to ceramics.

AJ Simpson Best Pottery Influencers in the UK

36. Lois Gunn


Instagram: 32.8K followers – ER: 5.20%

Loïs is an artist jeweller and ceramicist based in Ramsgate, Kent. She works in recycled sterling silver and gold, as well as ceramics, creating high-quality and unique pieces of jewellery and home items. Loïs draws inspiration from her passions, including the ocean, spirituality, ancient and modern traditions, and recycled glass.

Her work is influenced by ancient cultures and their use of symbolism, particularly the ancient Egyptian and Peruvian cultures. She often reflects her inspirations in her pieces, making them one of a kind. As a full-time artist, Loïs is committed to creating unique treasures and sharing her creative process with her followers.

Lois Gunn Best Pottery Influencers in the UK

37. Lilly Maetzig


Instagram: 86.9K followers – ER: 1.05%

Lilly Maetzig is the talented maker behind Mae Ceramics, a small but prolific business based in London. Lilly specialises in handcrafting functional objects for everyday use, using high-fired stoneware clay and food-safe glazes. Her work is mostly minimal, with sharp lines and a limited colour palette that brings a sense of stillness to the pieces. However, Lilly occasionally strays from the clean and tidy aesthetic with playful glazes and decorations. Her work explores the contrast between the texture of raw and glazed clay, allowing the natural qualities of the materials to show through on the surface of a finished piece.

Lilly is the sole maker of Mae Ceramics, with years of experience working in a shared studio and honing her craft. She mostly makes wheel-thrown work, but part of her love for ceramics is the slower pace of hand-building. Lilly's process videos showcase the making of functional objects in her studio, located in the beautiful Deptford Foreshore in South East London. Brands interested in working with Lilly can expect a dedicated and passionate creative who values quality craftsmanship and the natural beauty of materials.

Lilly Maetzig Best Pottery Influencers in the UK

38. Tom Kemp


Instagram: 164K followers – ER: 1.82%

Tom Kemp is a self-taught ceramic artist and brush calligrapher, whose work has gained him a strong following from collectors all over the world. He creates large porcelain vessels, which he adorns with brush calligraphy and Roman sign writing through mark-making. His work expresses his interest in calligraphy, exploring the physical making of visual language. He uses refined forms and distinctive markings that are noted among both ceramicists and collectors worldwide.

Tom has quickly become a stand-out example of an artist using ceramics for the additional properties it adds to his work. His work is a must-see for anyone interested in calligraphy, pottery, and visual language, inspiring his audience with his unique approach to the medium. Brands interested in working with Tom can expect a partnership that showcases the artist's commitment to detail and dedication to his craft.

Tom Kemp Best Pottery Influencers in the UK

39. Matt Horne


Instagram: 89.7K followers – ER: 1.97%

Matt Horne is a UK-based ceramic artist who creates beautiful hand-thrown crystalline glazed porcelain ceramics from his studio in West Hythe, Kent. With a focus on decorative pieces, Matt's work is characterised by its unique and stunning crystalline glazes, which add a touch of magic to each piece.

Matt's passion for ceramics started early on in life, and he has spent years refining his craft and perfecting his technique. His work is a testament to his dedication to the art form, and he inspires his audience with his attention to detail and commitment to quality. Through his social media presence, Matt shares his creative process with his followers, offering a glimpse into the world of a skilled ceramic artist. His ability to create unique and beautiful pieces makes him an excellent partner for brands looking to work with an influencer in the ceramics space.

Matt Horne Best Pottery Influencers in the UK

40. Ingleton Pottery


YouTube: 482K subscribers – ER: 1.14%

Ingleton Pottery is a small family-run business, established in 1971, making traditional high-fired stoneware pottery, hand-thrown in the Yorkshire Dales village of Ingleton by Dick, Jill & Dan Unsworth. They are the longest-established working pottery in the Yorkshire Dales and are known for their extremely tough tableware, electric and oil lamps, candlelights, vases, wine sets, and more. Everything they make is hand-made from their own recipes ensuring an absolutely unique product and style.

Visitors can see the potters working from the showroom, and workshop tours and demonstrations are available for groups by appointment. Their social media channels showcase a selection of pottery-making demonstration videos of them throwing and making pots of all types on the pottery wheel, providing tips and inspiration for those learning how to make pottery themselves. Ingleton Pottery's long history and commitment to quality and craftsmanship make them a valuable partner for brands interested in working with authentic and respected pottery influencers.

Ingleton Pottery Best Pottery Influencers in the UK

41. Florian Gadsby


TikTok: 1.8M followers – ER: 1.26%

Florian Gadsby is a London-based ceramicist who has been making functional and decorative ceramics for the past six years. His work varies from tableware to one-of-a-kind sculptural vessels, all reflecting his dedication to sensibility and functionality. Florian's simple and elegant aesthetic reflects his time spent as an apprentice in Japan, where he honed his skills and craftsmanship. Through his accounts, he shares his process and philosophy on making, allowing his audience to understand his creative process.

His well-earned reputation is international due to his absolute dedication to his craft and social media presence, where his works are beautifully showcased. Florian Gadsby can help brands interested in working with him as an influencer by sharing his expertise on the craft and promoting high-quality ceramic products.

Florian Gadsby Best Pottery Influencers in the UK

42. Millie


TikTok: 782.5K followers – ER: 3.79%

Millie is a self-taught ceramicist and the founder of Millie's Pottery, based in Hastings. After graduating in fine art, she discovered her passion for ceramics and began teaching herself the craft. She creates ceramic homeware and other pottery, mostly using earthenware with the occasional bit of stoneware. Her work includes hand-sculpted and built peekaboo mugs and lumpy pots, as well as slip-cast pieces and items thrown on the wheel.

Millie uses the best clay and glaze on the market to ensure the highest quality for her pieces, which are fired at least twice in her kiln. She documents her work and process on social, where she has built a strong following by inspiring her audience to try their hand at making pottery. Brands interested in working with Millie as an influencer can benefit from her engaged audience and her talent for creating unique, high-quality ceramic pieces.

Millie Best Pottery Influencers in the UK

43. Gabriel Nichols


TikTok: 175.6K followers – ER: 11.65%

Gabriel Nichols is a UK-based pottery influencer who produces a wide range of pottery, including chimney pots, plant and flower pots, tiles, bricks, and specialist commissions using traditional methods and materials. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Gabriel has honed his skills to create high-quality pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

His work is located on the North Lincolnshire side of the Humber estuary, where he uses locally sourced wild, unwashed, and unrefined alluvial clay, which has been used for pottery production on the site since 1840. Gabriel's commitment to using traditional methods and materials gives his work a unique character and sets it apart from modern, mass-produced pieces. His expertise in the field makes him a valuable partner for brands interested in working with a skilled and experienced pottery influencer.

Gabriel Nichols Best Pottery Influencers in the UK

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