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Top 35 Technology Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and with it comes a growing demand for the latest and greatest gadgets and tools. But, a recommendation from a creator goes a long way, as 61% of consumers trust the product recommendations they get from influencers.

This is especially vital in the tech space, with complex and technical (well, duh) products needing unpacking (literally in most cases) for audiences and potential customers by their trusted influencers and go-to tech minds before they make a move.

In this article, we will highlight the top 35 tech influencers in the UK across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. We will showcase influencers who have a passion for technology and gadgets and who have established themselves as leaders in their respective fields.

As a leading influencer marketing agency, we have the authority and expertise to compile this list of the top tech influencers in the UK. With years of experience in influencer marketing, we understand the importance of partnering with influencers who can help to elevate a brand's message and increase its reach.

Our criteria for selecting the tech influencers in the UK featured in this article is based on a combination of factors, including their audience size, engagement rates (ER), and the quality of their content. So, let's dive into our list of the top 35 tech influencers in the UK.

Top Technology & Gadget Influencers in the UK

1. Tom Honeyands


Instagram: 153K followers – ER: 4.72%

Tom Honeyands, aka The Tech Chap, is a technology influencer who creates a wide range of content on his YouTube channel, from tech news, reviews, tutorials, and tips to unboxing videos and buying guides. He engages with his followers through competitions and giveaways sponsored by technology brands such as ASUS ROG and Zotac. With over half a million subscribers on YouTube and over 112 million views on his videos, Tom has a dedicated fan base that spans globally, making him a suitable choice for brands looking to expand their market reach.

Besides YouTube, Tom also has a strong presence on Instagram and Facebook, where he showcases his travel experiences alongside his love for technology and gaming. His Instagram posts feature stunning landscapes captured with high-quality cameras and tech products. This shows that he can appeal to a wider audience beyond technology enthusiasts and become a valuable business partner for brands and companies specialising in multiple sectors. Overall, Tom is a versatile and influential tech influencer who can help brands gain exposure and promote their products.

Tom Honeyands Top Technology & Gadget Influencers in the UK

2. Daniel Rotar


Instagram: 85.7K followers – ER: 1.07%

Zone of Tech, a popular YouTube channel run by tech expert Daniel, provides in-depth reviews and unboxing videos of various tech gadgets, focusing on Apple devices. With a degree in computer science and computer systems engineering, Daniel offers his audience genuine and authentic information to help them make informed decisions when purchasing their next tech gadgets.

His “FINAL Leak & Rumours” series, reviewing the latest news and reports on unreleased devices, has proven to be one of his most popular series. With a large following and industry insight into all things tech, Daniel can help brands interested in working with him as an influencer expand their market reach and provide his audience with useful insights and knowledge on the latest tech trends.

Daniel Rotar Top Technology & Gadget Influencers in the UK

3. Carl Bennetts


Instagram: 63.1K followers – ER: 20.77%

Carl, known as High Octane, is a UK technology and gadget influencer, primarily focused on gaming content. With an impressive 53,702 followers on Instagram and a 45.06% engagement rate, High Octane is a rising star in the gaming world. His content provides captivating entertainment blended with action-packed experiences, inspiring their audience to engage and interact with their posts.

Carl’s TikTok account also receives an average of 2,632 views per video. As a trusted influencer with a strong engagement rate, High Octane is a valuable partner for brands interested in reaching a tech-savvy and gaming-oriented audience.

Carl Bennetts Top Technology & Gadget Influencers in the UK

4. Adam Powell


Instagram: 86.2K followers – ER: 2.03%

Adam is a self-taught junior web developer from the UK, documenting his journey and sharing his passion for tech and gadgets. As a junior front-end developer at Ecce Media, Adam's expertise includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, MongoDB, and Node. He creates content on his social media channels that include product reviews and gaming-related topics. Through his passion for web development, he has built up a loyal following who enjoy his tech-focused content, making him a great choice for brands in the tech and gaming industry who are interested in working with an authentic and knowledgeable influencer.

Adam Powell Top Technology & Gadget Influencers in the UK

5. Oliver Morris


Instagram: 40.9K followers – ER: 6.88%

Oliver is a tech enthusiast and online content creator with over 36,000 followers on Instagram. With almost a decade of graphic design experience and a background in Human Resource Management, he offers a unique perspective on data analysis with in-depth analysis and breathtaking visuals. He is also a Management Information Analyst based in the West Midlands, specialising in employee behaviour, specifically employee engagement. Oliver's expertise in data and technology, combined with his creative skills, make him an ideal collaborator for brands interested in working with a talented and versatile influencer.

Oliver Morris Top Technology & Gadget Influencers in the UK

6. Adam Butcher


Instagram: 23.8K followers – ER: 23.83%

Adam Butcher, also known as ASBYT, is a UK-based content creator who offers unique tech unboxing and review videos. He is a popular figure on YouTube, where he presents tech news, unboxing, and review videos with an entertaining twist. His style of delivering cutting-edge technology in a way that the average consumer can easily understand and enjoy sets him apart from the rest. With an emphasis on fun and humour, ASBYT helps bring products to life, making him an ideal influencer to showcase any gadget or technology brand.

Adam Butcher Top Technology & Gadget Influencers in the UK

7. Arun Maini


Instagram: 1.4M followers – ER: 6.77%

Arun Maini, also known as Mr Whose The Boss, is a leading UK YouTuber who creates informative and detailed content about all things tech. He regularly uploads videos to his YouTube channel, which has 2.5 million subscribers, and also has a large following on Instagram. His content includes tech reviews, advice, and personal testimonials. Arun has worked with an array of brands, including Nokia Mobile and Huawei, and his honest and straight-to-the-point style makes him a top choice for tech enthusiasts. If you are looking for an influencer who will provide a genuine review of your product, Arun is the influencer for you.

Arun graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in economics, and his passion for technology has made him a leading influencer in the industry. His goal is to create the most fun and useful tech videos on the planet, and he has already built a community of 13 million YouTube subscribers who share his passion. Arun is the go-to influencer for people looking for the latest tech news and exciting new releases. With his expertise and genuine approach, he can help brands interested in collaborating with him reach a wider audience and gain more exposure for their products.

Arun Maini Top Technology & Gadget Influencers in the UK

8. Let’s Talk Tech


Instagram: 28.5K followers – ER: 1.30%

Fabio Virgi, the founder and editor of Let’s Talk Tech, is a London-based tech geek who shares his passion for all things tech on his blog. Fabio aims to make consumer technology more accessible by offering useful tips, opinions, and reviews on everyday devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers, as well as high-end audio products and games. Unlike many tech websites, Fabio prefers to cover niche products that people might not be familiar with, giving his blog a unique perspective.

Through his blog, Fabio helps his readers make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing new technology. He also offers his expertise to brands interested in working with him as an influencer. By providing honest and independent reviews, Fabio can help brands reach new audiences and connect with tech enthusiasts. With a love for good design and a passion for innovation, Fabio is the go-to influencer for those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest tech trends.

Let's Talk Tech Top Technology & Gadget Influencers in the UK

Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

9. Troy Ramtohul


YouTube: 190K subscribers – ER: 1.03%

Troy Ramtohul, the founder of What Gear, is a UK YouTube technology influencer, known for his engaging and informative content that covers smartphones, audio tech, gaming, and more. With over 35k subscribers on YouTube, Troy delivers detailed reviews, unboxing videos, and podcasts, among other content.

He also frequently attends major technology events, sharing his experiences and highlighting the latest products and trends. As a social media marketer, he engages his followers on multiple platforms and offers personal services and giveaways, making him a go-to source for technology enthusiasts. Troy's comparison images provide followers with a first-person perspective and reliable judgement on all things tech, helping them make informed purchase decisions.

Troy Ramtohul Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

10. Benjamin Wood


YouTube: 74.4K subscribers – ER: 1.91%

Benjamin, also known as ScorpioTech, is a UK-based technology influencer who creates content on multiple platforms, focusing primarily on YouTube and TikTok. With over 11 million views and 35k subscribers, Benjamin delivers unboxings, reviews, gaming videos, and tech podcasts on his channel. His content is centred on quality and honesty, providing viewers with a reliable and genuine opinion on products.

Benjamin's success has led to an increasing number of brands seeking collaborations with him, and he is careful to maintain his standards of honesty and transparency in his reviews. Besides his YouTube channel, Benjamin has a powerful presence on Instagram and TikTok, where he engages with his followers by sharing short tech videos and tips. He also has a Technology Discord Community, where like-minded people can chat about tech and gaming-related topics.

Benjamin Wood Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

11. Matt Donaghue


YouTube: 494K subscribers – ER: 1.46%

Matt Talks Tech is a popular tech YouTuber who focuses on providing his audience with informative reviews, comparisons and guides on all Apple devices. With an emphasis on Apple-related content, he keeps his target audience up to date on the latest news, software, hardware accessories and devices that can be used on Apple products. Besides covering Apple devices, Matt also enjoys comparing them to other leading technology companies such as Android, Windows, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, OnePlus, and Xiaomi.

For massive Apple Fans who want the latest news, reviews, comparisons, and guides on all Apple devices, Matt Talks Tech is the go-to channel. His content caters to Apple users and offers valuable insights into new hardware and software. Matt is a reliable source of information who inspires his viewers with his in-depth reviews and comparisons. For brands interested in working with Matt, his expertise in Apple-related content would make him a valuable partner in promoting their products to an engaged audience.

Matt Donaghue Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

12. Marcus Cole


YouTube: 609K subscribers – ER: 0.63%

Marcus, also known as PC Centric, is a popular British YouTuber and tech enthusiast known for his in-depth content about PC gaming and technology. With over 550,000 subscribers, his channel features a variety of content, including weekly reviews, news, and live streams, as well as PC-building videos where he provides beginner's guides and demonstrates how to build gaming PCs. Marcus also creates videos where he compares and reviews different tech products, such as graphics cards, CPUs, and monitors, and reports on the latest news in the tech industry. He is passionate about PC gaming and technology, and his content is informative, engaging, and helps his audience stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products in the world of PC gaming.

As a YouTube and TikTok creator, Marcus collaborates with brands to promote their products to his subscribers. He has a loyal and engaged community, and his honest and detailed reviews make him a valuable partner for brands looking to showcase their products to a tech-savvy audience. Whether you are a PC gamer, tech enthusiast, or simply interested in the latest trends in PC hardware and technology, PC Centric is a must-follow influencer.

Marcus Cole Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

13. Dave Millican


YouTube: 29.8K subscribers – ER: 1.95%

Dave, the founder of Mash IT Tech, is a UK-based YouTube influencer who specialises in the latest technology reviews and guides. With a passion for laptops and other new tech, Dave's videos offer in-depth analysis and insightful recommendations for his audience. With a loyal following of tech enthusiasts and regular uploads, he has become a trusted voice in the tech community. His expertise in the field and engaging content make him a valuable partner for brands interested in working with influencers to promote their products or services.

Dave Millican Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

14. Oliur Rahman


YouTube: 261K subscribers – ER: 1.17%

Oliur is a UK-based designer and creator who shares videos on tech, design, and lifestyle on his YouTube channel. From visual design to media production and running e-commerce stores, Oliur's expertise spans various fields.

His content is not only informative but also inspiring, and he has a loyal following of viewers who appreciate his unique perspective. Brands interested in working with him can benefit from his design advice and investment expertise, making him a valuable influencer for tech, lifestyle, and design-related collaborations.

Oliur Rahman Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

15. Paul Hibbert


YouTube: 224K subscribers – ER: 2.40%

Paul Hibbert is a UK-based journalist and home automation hobbyist who has gained popularity on YouTube for his technical product reviews and tutorials. With a focus on smart homes and technology, Paul creates engaging videos that prioritise honesty and humour, providing a unique perspective that appeals to a broad audience.

As a Patreon-supported content creator, Paul inspires his viewers with his passion for automation, while also offering advice and support to those seeking help with their own smart home setups. Brands interested in working with Paul can expect an influencer with a dedicated and engaged audience that values authenticity and transparency.

Paul Hibbert Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

16. Tom Rich


YouTube: 29.6K subscribers – ER: 5.79%

Tom, the UK YouTube technology influencer, runs the YouTube channel @ItsTomRich which primarily features content related to technology, content creation, and lifestyle. His content focuses on tech reviews, unboxings, and tutorials that are engaging and informative. Tom's entertaining style and approachable personality make his videos relatable and accessible to a broad audience.

He inspires his audience to embrace technology and explore its possibilities, making his channel an excellent resource for anyone looking to stay updated on the latest gadgets and trends. As a seasoned content creator, Tom is well-equipped to help brands interested in working with him as an influencer create compelling content that resonates with his audience.

Tom Rich Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

17. Mark Ellis


YouTube: 95.6K subscribers – ER: 0.39%

Mark Ellis Reviews is a relatable UK-based tech influencer, providing normal people with honest tech reviews and advice. He prioritises real experiences over deep spec dives or long-winded comparisons, reviewing laptops, smartphones, tablets, headphones, and other tech gadgets. Mark is a freelance marketer, podcaster, and blogger, as well as an entrepreneur on Medium.com. He runs a fast-growing tech influencer brand with over 95K subscribers on YouTube and a monthly audience of over 100K.

Mark teaches various skills, including video editing, writing, music production, and how to be successful on platforms like YouTube and Medium. Mark's reviews are based on his personal experience, helping his viewers make informed decisions about their tech purchases. Brands interested in working with him can contact him for collaboration opportunities.

Mark Ellis Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

18. Ricky West


YouTube: 33.9K subscribers – ER: 0.14%

Ricky's Tech Talk is a UK-based YouTube channel run by Ricky, a technology enthusiast who has a passion for making sure that products are accessible to all. Ricky's content focuses on providing unboxings, dedicated accessibility videos, and reviews of the latest products from a wide variety of companies. He also runs giveaways for his viewers.

What sets Ricky apart from other tech influencers is that he is registered blind, which gives him a unique perspective on the accessibility of products. Despite his disability, he does not let it stop him from gaining new experiences and travelling the world for press events and meeting new people. Ricky's Tech Talk is an inclusive channel for anyone who enjoys technology, from big brands to newcomers, with a product for all of us out there.

Ricky West Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

19. Chigz


YouTube: 330K subscribers – ER: 0.16%

Chigz is a UK-based content creator with a passion for all things tech. With a background in IT consultancy and web programming, he manages and runs multiple YouTube and social media channels, including Chigz Tech Reviews (CTR), where he shares his passion for technology through tutorial and review videos, and follows the latest trends in technology. What sets Chigz apart is his focus on showcasing unique and unconventional tech products, many of which are not mainstream.

His channel offers a refreshing change from the typical tech content found on YouTube, making him a popular choice for those looking to explore the latest and greatest tech innovations. Brands interested in working with Chigz can benefit from his expertise and ability to highlight the unique features and capabilities of their products.

Chigz Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

20. Chris Barraclough


YouTube: 932K subscribers – ER: 0.26%

Chris Barraclough, founder of Tech Spurt, is a UK-based digital platform that provides informative content on various technology products and advancements in the market. Chris, a seasoned UK journalist, also runs Recombu and has written for TechRadar, PC and smartphone publications and has edited Mobile Choice Magazine. With over a decade of experience reviewing technology, he provides his 75k followers with in-depth tech reviews, comparisons, unboxings, and hands-on features with fresh new UK smartphones, laptops, wearables, apps, and other new gadgets.

Chris stands out from other tech YouTubers as he uses each device as it was intended for a proper real-life review, and he doesn't just cover the expensive stuff. He also delves into multiple industries outside of technology, including writing best-selling crime novels. His website showcases his diverse expertise in both technology reviews and critical analyses of literary pieces that incorporate technology and modern science. Brands interested in working with him can benefit from his extensive experience and knowledge of technology, journalism and writing.

Chris Barraclough Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

21. Hayleigh Chamberlain


YouTube: 1.41M subscribers – ER: 0.96%

Hayleigh, also known as Hayls, is a UK-based female tech YouTuber with over 1.3 million subscribers and 100 million views. Her channel, Hayls World, is a top tech YouTube channel, with over 90 million channel views and 1 million subscribers. Hayls provides a wealth of knowledge on the latest tech tips, tricks, hacks, hidden features, gadgets, reviews, how-to's, demos, apps, and more.

Her content is both informative and accessible, making it easy for viewers to learn how to get the most out of their everyday consumer tech. Brands interested in working with Hayleigh can benefit from her large and engaged audience, as well as her ability to showcase their products in an engaging and informative way.

Hayleigh Chamberlain Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

22. Lewis Barclay


YouTube: 136K subscribers – ER: 1.51%

Lewis, the creator of Everything Smart Home, is a UK-based YouTube influencer who focuses on Smart Home, Home Automation, and general tech. His mission is to help people automate their homes, and he achieves this by providing informative and detailed reviews, step-by-step DIY projects, and guides on using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Home Assistant, and security cameras. He believes that Smart Homes and Home Automation shouldn't be difficult, and he aims to make them accessible to everyone.

Lewis is passionate about building smarter homes, and he shares his knowledge and experience through his YouTube channel, inspiring his audience to make informed purchasing decisions. His content is perfect for brands looking to work with a tech influencer who can help promote their Smart Home products to an engaged audience.

Lewis Barraclay Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

23. Russell Stannard


YouTube: 74.4K subscribers – ER: 0.13%

Russell Stannard is an award-winning educational director and founder of Teacher Training Videos, a website providing free video tutorials for teachers on incorporating technology into their teaching. With over 25,000 subscribers to his popular newsletter and 300,000 yearly website visitors, Russell is ranked as one of the top 20 educational technologists on the popular MIMIO ranking.

Russell specialises in training teachers on various tools, including Camtasia, SnagIT, Adobe Connect, and the Google suite of tools, and produces online courses and content for organisations while advising on online marketing strategies. His impressive following on all major social networks and extensive work with clients such as the BBC, Macmillan, and Oxford University Press makes him a valuable resource for anyone interested in educational technology.

Russell Stannard

24. Nick, Stef & Joe


YouTube: 12.3K subscribers – ER: 0.24%

TechNuovo, founded by Nick, Stef, and Joe in 2013, is a website and YouTube channel that aims to provide honest and insightful reviews on new consumer technology. Their channel features unboxing videos, product reviews, and reports from major events they attend, where they put products to the test to help viewers make informed decisions on their next purchase.

With millions of views on their website and YouTube channel, and thousands of followers on social media, TechNuovo has built a reputation for delivering quality content and building strong relationships with brands and manufacturers. Nick, Stef, and Joe continue to adapt their approach to keep their audience up-to-date with the latest in the world of tech. Brands interested in working with TechNuovo can expect honest and thorough reviews, and a team dedicated to providing engaging and informative content.

Nick, Stef & Joe Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

25. Alan Byrne


YouTube: 35.7K subscribers – ER: 2.44%

Alan Byrne, also known as the Home Automation Guy, is a passionate product leader and tech influencer dedicated to making home automation and smart homes accessible to everyone. He shares his knowledge and experience on his YouTube channel, where he provides tutorials, reviews, and demos on how to make your home smarter using Home Assistant and other smart home technologies.

With a successful startup acquisition under his belt, Alan is experienced in product management, business management, strategic planning, stakeholder management, task prioritisation, and execution. He is a master at getting things done and loves to automate everything, from his home to his daily routines. His passion and expertise in home automation have inspired and empowered his audience to take control of their homes and turn them into smart homes. Brands interested in working with him can benefit from his extensive knowledge and influence in the home automation and smart home industry.

Alan Byrne Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

26. Dave Cryer


YouTube: 162K subscribers – ER: 0.02%

Geekanoids is one of the UK's longest-running tech channels, covering technology news and reviews, gadget releases, and handpicked deals to help viewers make informed buying decisions. Dave Cryer is the owner and editor, a digital and social media influencer, and an award-winning content creator with over a decade of experience working with companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, and Philips.

The Geekanoids channel has attracted over 118,000 subscribers and 74 million views, and its community is active and helpful, with plenty of advice available from members. Dave's vision for Geekanoids is to be the first place viewers go for the best technology-related content, and his expertise includes video production and editing, live broadcasting, and social media campaigns.

Dave Cryer Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

27. Francesco D’Alessio


YouTube: 327K subscribers – ER: 2.60%

Francesco is the productivity app guy and host of Keep Productive, a platform that aims to make productivity software easier to understand by providing insightful reviews, top product lists, and courses to match users to the perfect productivity tools for them. With 222K subscribers on YouTube and 15K followers on Medium, Francesco is well-known for his knowledge of the productivity market, staying up-to-date with the most recent launches and new feature releases.

He creates 5-10 minute videos, sharing reviews and discussing the future of productivity software. His mission is to help his audience find the most suitable productivity tools for work and life. Brands interested in working with Francesco can benefit from his expertise in testing out products and his ability to create content that helps viewers understand and choose the right productivity tools.

Francesco D'Alessio Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

28. TechFigure


YouTube: 40.3K subscribers – ER: 0.15%

TechFigure is a UK-based technology influencer who produces weekly YouTube videos covering a wide range of topics, including reviews, how-to guides, and tutorials. With a focus on helping his audience make informed purchasing and learning decisions, TechFigure's channel is a go-to source for tech enthusiasts looking for honest and informative content.

TechFigure is not just a YouTuber, but also a tech reviewer, Amazon reviewer, gamer, and influencer. Based in the UK, TechFigure is committed to providing his viewers with authentic, informative, and engaging content. With a passion for technology and a dedication to helping his audience make informed decisions, TechFigure is a trusted source of information for tech enthusiasts. Brands looking to collaborate with TechFigure can take advantage of his expertise in tech products and services by working with him on product reviews, app reviews, or other projects.

Tech Figure Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

29. Kaiman Wong


YouTube: 934K subscribers – ER: 3.70%

Kaiman, the UK YouTube technology influencer, is a talented photographer and content creator who has been sharing his passion for photo gear and photography with the world since 2009. With a strong following on YouTube, Kai's channel is a go-to source for camera enthusiasts and photography lovers alike.

His engaging and informative content inspires his audience to improve their photography skills and explore new photo gear. Brands interested in working with Kaiman can benefit from his expertise in photography and his loyal following, making him an ideal influencer for promoting new products or services related to photography or technology.

Kaiman Wong Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

30. Josh & Brittany


YouTube: 167K subscribers – ER: 6.26%

Tech Tesseract is a UK-based YouTube channel run by Josh and Brittany, a nerdy tech couple with a passion for all things tech-related. Launched in 2016, their channel features vlogs, reviews, and PC builds with a particular focus on tech-related content. From gaming PC builds to tutorials and reviews of the latest gadgets, their channel is a hub of all things tech. Josh and Brittany inspire their audience by sharing their enthusiasm for technology and their knowledge of the latest tech trends and products.

Josh and Brittany's expertise in the tech industry makes them valuable influencers for brands looking to target a tech-savvy audience. With a growing following on their channel and a second channel in development, they are an up-and-coming influencer duo to watch in the UK tech space.

Josh & Britanny Top YouTube Technology Influencers in the UK

Top TikTok Technology Influencers in the UK

31. Safwan Ahmedmia


TikTok: 488K followers – ER: 4.98%

Safwan’s YouTube channel is one of the largest technology review channels in the UK, where he brings news, views, and reviews of the latest and most innovative technology on the consumer market. SuperSaf acts as a technology guru for fellow enthusiasts and helps those who need clear and detailed guidance on the latest products in the market. He collaborates with big tech stars and companies such as Huawei Mobile UK and Bosch, making him an ideal partner for brands that wish to expand their businesses. Despite his involvement in the technology industry, SuperSaf also expresses his interest in travel and lifestyle throughout his Instagram posts, making him an all-round influencer that brands can easily work with to promote their products.

Safwan’s videos gain immense popularity as he conducts product comparisons, reviews on the most exclusive and innovative products, unboxing videos, massive tech hauls, and more. He also delivers the most frequently asked questions to fans regarding technology and himself through Q&A videos. Although his content is primarily tech-based, he stays active and engaged with his followers through vlogs and videos that allow the world to get to know the influencer on a more personal level.

Safwan Ahmedmia Top TikTok Technology Influencers in the UK

32. David Bombal


TikTok: 112K followers – ER: 4.10%

David Bombal is a renowned technology influencer in the UK who has built an impressive online platform for people interested in learning about IT. His YouTube channel is a one-stop-shop for individuals looking to develop new skills in various technical fields such as networking, ethical hacking, Linux, Python, virtualisation, and CCNA. With more than 300k subscribers and weekly uploads, David Bombal's YouTube channel offers detailed, technical, and no-fluff content aimed at helping his audience develop their IT knowledge and careers.

David has been in the industry for over 15 years, and he is also a published author, instructor, and founder of configureterminal.com and davidbombal.com, which started as a place to share his knowledge with the world and has now grown into a full-scale media company with videos, downloadable labs, remote labs, and software. He has partnered with other experts to offer the best technical training on a wide range of topics, making him an ideal partner for brands looking to promote their products to an audience interested in IT education and training.

David Bombal Top TikTok Technology Influencers in the UK

33. Huw Prosser


TikTok: 1M followers – ER: 8.02 %

Huw is a technology influencer and AI enthusiast who is passionate about exploring the potential of artificial intelligence. With 14 years of experience in the field, he is a leading voice in the conversation around automation, machine learning, and other emerging technologies. Huw is currently building JARVIS from Iron Man, based on his belief that the world already has the technology needed to create a "magic talking computer". He also runs a software/AI agency, where he helps businesses save time and money by automating tasks with machine learning and other useful technology.

Huw's TikTok channel is a treasure trove of insights into the world of AI, with videos covering everything from the latest breakthroughs to the practical applications of these technologies. He is also building AI-powered NPCs at Carter, a company that helps video game developers create more realistic and engaging non-playable characters. Brands interested in working with Huw can benefit from his expertise in AI and emerging technologies, as well as his large following of tech enthusiasts who are eager to learn more about these topics.

Huw Prosser Top TikTok Technology Influencers in the UK

34. Arki


TikTok: 608K followers – ER: 4.01%

Arki Technology is a UK-based tech content creator and is also a TikTok Partner and Discord Partner. He creates engaging tech videos that focus on PC builds, custom keyboards and the latest in tech news. With a strong interest in technology and PCs, Arki inspires his audience with his knowledge and creativity and has had the pleasure of working with brands such as Apple, Samsung, NVIDIA, Dell, TikTok and more.

His videos are informative, and entertaining and appeal to tech enthusiasts of all levels. As an influencer, Arki has a great ability to showcase products and brands through his content and is an ideal partner for companies that want to increase their reach among tech-savvy audiences.

Arki Top TikTok Technology Influencers in the UK

35. Max


TikTok: 130K followers – ER: 5.77%

Max, the creator of PC Hax With Max, is a UK-based tech influencer who has collaborated with major tech companies such as TikTok, Razer, Xiaomi, and Elgato. With a passion for technology, Max creates content that ranges from setup reviews to tech talk and deals and even memes. His TikTok account, which has over 1.2 million followers, is a hub for his content, while he also has a YouTube channel and Twitch stream where he shares in-depth tech reviews and tutorials.

Max's partnership with TikTok, as well as his experience working with other major brands in the tech industry, makes him an ideal partner for brands looking to expand their reach within the tech community. His official Discord server, with over 2100 members, provides a platform for his followers to engage with Max, stay up-to-date with his latest content and collaborations, and share their own tech-related experiences.

Max Top TikTok Technology Influencers in the UK

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