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Top 43 Family Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Influencer marketing is an essential aspect of modern-day advertising and promotion, and it's only becoming more significant. According to statistics, influencer marketing campaigns generate 11 times higher ROI than traditional forms of advertising. Brands recognise the importance of tapping into the power of social media influencers to reach their target audience and build brand awareness.

In this article, we'll be showcasing the top 43 family influencers in the UK. These influencers have built a strong following on social media by providing valuable and engaging content related to parenting and family life. From motherhood tips to family day-to-day experiences and inspiration, these influencers provide their audience with relatable and informative content that resonates with their audiences.

At The Social Shepherd, we have a deep understanding of the influencer marketing landscape and what makes an influencer successful – and we have the stories to back it up. Our criteria for choosing the family and parenting influencers on this list include engagement rates (ER), audience size, demographics, relevance, and authenticity. These are the factors that set these family influencers apart and make them some of the best in the UK.

So, without further ado, here are our top 43 parenting influencers in the UK to benefit your business!

Top Family Instagram Influencers in the UK

1. Nadia Thorburn


Instagram: 181K followers – ER: 2.01%

Nadia Thorburn is a parenting, lifestyle, and fashion content creator. Mummy to triplets, five-year-old Mason and partner to @liamtriplets_plus1. Documenting the extraordinary journey of carrying, delivering and now caring for triplets Carter, Carson and Wynter (now 18 months old) and five-year-old Mason, Nadia has organically grown a hugely engaged following of like-minded Mums.

Speaking openly about her mental health struggles and the overwhelming responsibility of caring for four young children, Nadia can still have fun, get glamorous, and always delivers glossy and inspirational content for her broad range of brand partners. Nadia has worked with some big brands, such as Hello Fresh, Pampers, Primark, Fling salad kits, Lenor, Fairy, Herbel Essences, Smyths Toys, Fisher Price and Johnsons.

Top Family Instagram Influencers in the UK Nadia Thorburn

2. Anna


Instagram: 107K followers – ER: 2.34%

Anna is a lifestyle blogger, founder of AC Connects Consultancy, wife to Colin and lucky mum to three gorgeous girls, Bella, Annie and Martha.

Managing her own successful blog and Instagram page, Blossoming Birds, Anna’s worked with many worldwide brands and garnered a respected network of other influencers and people working within the industry. Blossoming Birds holds true to her vision of sharing her experiences and all the things she’s passionate about family, interiors, style, and a little bit of exploring.

Top Family Instagram Influencers in the UK Anna

3. Carly


Instagram: 86.2K followers – ER: 32.22%

Carly is a pre & postnatal PT dedicated to women’s fitness and honest mothering, and of course – digital creation. It’s her mission to help women not only with their physical but also mental health, supporting them to achieve their goals, whilst still managing the juggle of motherhood! Carly works with women who are committed to making themselves a priority, but need a helping hand in proving they can feel confident and fit again!

The coach empowers and helps mums and mums-to-be to feel more confident during their pregnancies and in their postpartum bodies through various programmes. Carly believes that every mother and mother-to-be deserves to feel good in their body and believes that exercise should be accessible to everyone.

Top Family Instagram Influencers in the UK Carly

4. Grace Victory


Instagram: 247K followers – ER: 3.52%

Grace is an award-winning creator and columnist, but most importantly, mama to Cyprus Sevyn & Kamiko Wylde. She is predominately known for her inspiring words, fierce fashion sense and refusal to diminish herself, her values or her voice. She is one of the UK’s top creators, building a global audience with her girl power attitude and encouraging spirit. She’s collaborated with Nike, modelling for their first plus-size apparel campaign.

Over the last few years, Grace has presented multiple TV shows, including “Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets” – one of the most watched documentaries on BBC3, achieving over 1.5 million views across BBC1 and BBC3 combined. Grace has appeared on BBC Celebrity Mastermind, ITV and The Brits. Grace’s most recent work includes MAC, Refinery 29, RTE, Always, PLT, Badoo and Elomi.

Top Family Instagram Influencers in the UK Grace Victory

5. Nicole Corrales


Instagram: 320K followers – ER: 5.50%

Nicole Corrales is a social-media personality who posts videos on fashion and makeup tutorials on her channel. She appears in family vlogs with her daughter and boyfriend, Casey.

Their channel is dedicated entirely to their daughter, Harlow. Nicole has created several videos related to young pregnancy, parenting, and healthcare. She has also discussed her life as a Brazilian living in England in many of her videos. Nicole and Casey also post their travel diaries, storytimes, and tag videos.

Top Family Instagram Influencers in the UK Nicole Corrales

6. Coral Golding


Instagram: 62K followers – ER: 2.08%

Coral posts her parenting, wellness and health tips to her loyal followers - as well as her funny anecdotes of being a mum to two energetic girls! The parenting influencer showcases her day-to-day life as a home-schooling mum of two, offering her insights on health hacks, fashion and wellness along the way.

Coral believes in the positive benefits of home-schooling as a popular alternative to state and private schools as parents are choosing to take responsibility for their child’s individual educational needs as she tailors little Ava’s schooling to her likes and interests to good effect.

Top Family Instagram Influencers in the UK Coral Golding

7. Nicole Ludlam-Raine


Instagram: 36.8K followers – ER: 2.09%

Nicole is a UK Registered Dietitian, Vlogger, Blogger and New Mummy at nicsnutrition.com & mummynutrition.com, providing baby and toddler tips as well as diet advice and is open and honest about all things motherhood.

She aims to motivate and inspire you to lead a healthier and subsequently happier life, one step at a time, through her nutrition and fitness-related blog posts and healthy recipes. The media nutritionist features regularly on BBC Breakfast T.V, and has appeared on CBBC, ITV’s Tonight Show, as well as BBC One’s Rip Off Britain and Channel 4; also appearing in numerous publications.

Top Family Instagram Influencers in the UK Nicole Ludlam-Raine

8. Izzy Judd


Instagram: 302K followers – ER: 3.44%

Izzy is determined to enjoy every moment of being a mum of three after baring her soul in the past about fertility struggles. The violinist and author shares daughter Lola, five, and sons Kit, three, and six-month-old Lockie, with McFly drummer Harry.

She has been open on social media about experimenting with combination feeding with her third child, and as no stranger to anxiety, her experiences inspired her to write the book Mindfulness For Mums.

Top Family Instagram Influencers in the UK Izzy Judd

Top Family TikTok Influencers in the UK

9. Irsa Salem


TikTok: 85.3K followers – ER: 2.38%

Irsa is the charming and relatable mum behind the TikTok channel @therenzfamily. With her three cats, baby, and toddler, she and her partner are two 90s kids on a journey of parenthood. She provides a comedic and honest look at parenting. Her content showcases her family's daily life with all its ups and downs, capturing the hearts of her followers who relate to her struggles and celebrate her triumphs.

Irsa's natural ability to connect with her audience and her humorous take on parenting make her an ideal influencer for brands interested in reaching parents and families. With her authentic and relatable content, she can help connect brands with her engaged and captive audience.

Top Family TikTok Influencers in the UK Irsa Salem

10. Claire Warren


TikTok: 43.7K followers – ER: 10.73%

Claire is a mum of two who shares honest, funny, and relatable mum-life moments, stories and helpful hacks to help mamas feel less alone. Claire’s blog aims to help lighten the load for mums, so they can drop the mum guilt and enjoy their family whilst maintaining a sense of identity as a woman – not just a snack-provider / bum-wiper!

​She tries to share relatable stories, so mums know they’re not alone in this crazy motherhood journey, and helpful mum hacks to hopefully make life a bit easier.

Top Family TikTok Influencers in the UK Claire Warren

11. Scarlett


TikTok: 94.2K followers – ER: 21.97%

Scarlett is a TikTok influencer who is known for her content on motherhood and lifestyle. She invites her audience to join her on her journey as a first-time mother to Amalie. Scarlett's content is relatable and inspiring, making her a great source of inspiration for other mums.

By working with Scarlett, brands can tap into her engaging and authentic content that is sure to resonate with her followers.

Top Family TikTok Influencers in the UK Scarlett

12. Chloe


TikTok: 28.2K followers – ER: 3.30%

Chloe, the TikTok family/parenting influencer behind the channel @chloeandarchie, creates content that is a mix of food, vlogs, and haul videos. As a mother to Archie, she provides a unique perspective on motherhood and the daily life of a parent. Her audience can expect to see creative, relatable, and fun content that gives a glimpse into her life.

Brands interested in working with Chloe as an influencer can expect her to bring her authentic voice and engaging content to their campaigns, reaching her followers who are interested in food, vlogs, and motherhood.

Top Family TikTok Influencers in the UK Chloe

13. Lauren


TikTok: 26.5K followers – ER: 2.87%

Lauren is a TikTok family influencer with a passion for sharing her experiences as a mum with her audience. Through her vlogs, she offers an insight into the daily life of a parent, giving her followers a relatable and inspiring look at motherhood. Her content is focused on providing value and inspiration to her audience, making her a great partner for brands looking to engage with parents and families on TikTok.

Top Family TikTok Influencers in the UK Lauren

14. Daisy


TikTok: 361.1K followers – ER: 3.11%

Daisy, aka @muddlethroughmummy, is a mum of two, a Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Coach and TikTok creator. Her focus is on maternal mental health and positive parenting, she shares the highs, lows and downright relatable aspects of being a mum but the appeal of her content has earned her an audience of far more than solely those with children.

The popular TikTok personality is known for her daily lifestyle-themed videos about family life, often uploading videos of her morning routines, as well as tips, advice and recipes in her vlog-style clips to help mothers.

Top Family TikTok Influencers in the UK Daisy

15. Georgia Coady


TikTok: 54.2K followers – ER: 5.57%

Georgia Coady is a dynamic and relatable TikTok family/parenting influencer with a passion for sharing her experiences as a mother to Mia and Henry. Her channel, @georgia_coady, is a platform for discussing the challenges and joys of parenting, and she uses her platform to raise awareness about living with ADHD.

With a focus on honesty and authenticity, Georgia inspires her followers to embrace their unique experiences and embrace the ups and downs of motherhood. Brands interested in working with Georgia will benefit from her engaging content and relatable approach to parenting, as well as her ability to bring attention to important issues like ADHD.

Top Family TikTok Influencers in the UK Georgia Coady

16. Chloe Simmons


TikTok: 52.3K followers – ER: 10.99%

Mum to 2 under 3 & Ezra in heaven - The good, bad and ugly parts of parenting!

Chloe is a TikTok parenting influencer who shares her life as a mother to two young children through her channel @thesimplemum. She showcases the ups and downs of parenting, capturing the good, the bad, and the ugly!

She offers a relatable and raw perspective on the challenges and joys of motherhood. Through her engaging and honest content, Chloe inspires and connects with her audience, who are drawn to her transparency and authenticity. She can bring a human touch to brand campaigns, resonate with her followers and makes a real impact.

Top Family TikTok Influencers in the UK Chloe Simmons

Top YouTube Family Vloggers in the UK

17. Fab & Ell


YouTube: 34.9K subscribers – ER: 6.07%

Fab & Ell are a dynamic duo of family vloggers and parent influencers on YouTube who inspires their audience with their relatable content centred around their lives as parents to identical twins. They are popular among families and parents who enjoy creating content that is both informative and entertaining.

With their authentic approach to sharing the ups and downs of parenting, they have created a loyal following that is always eager to see their latest adventures.

Top YouTube Family Vloggers in the UK Fab & Ell

18. Carly Jade Ocean


YouTube: 22.5K subscribers – ER: 1.04 %

Carly is the mother of a family of 5 - her 3 kids are Ava-lily, Marley and Manny. She loves home interiors, DIY, seasonal decor, cleaning and organising, a bargain haul and a come shop with me!

Carly is all about creating a positive, real-life happy space for her family home. Her content also touches on DIY and shopping on a budget, whilst keeping it clean and organised.

Top YouTube Family Vloggers in the UK Carly Jade Ocean

19. Elle Swift


YouTube: 562K subscribers – ER: 1.02%

Elle and her partner Connor have grown a huge fanbase on Instagram and YouTube, where they share every detail of their lives together, including their family life and parenting.

She is known to her fans for posting gym session vlogs, dietary advice, makeup tutorials and more, and has been managed by Gleam Futures. Elle was signed by the Blackberry modelling agency in 2015. She also founded the Angelle Collection, a clothing company that has sold comfort wear and candles.

Top YouTube Family Vloggers in the UK Elle Swift

20. Sophie & Dave


YouTube: 40.1K subscribers – ER: 1.26%

Sophie (wife), Dave (husband), Barney (son) and Chip (four-legged friend), share vlogs including their Disneyland trips and family life.

Sophie is a vlogger, dress enthusiast, and creator of @littlehouseofmagic. Meanwhile, Dave is an actor and singer, a wannabe powerlifter (his words, not ours!) and a Disney dad.

Top YouTube Family Vloggers in the UK Sophie & Dave

21. Gillian Truita


YouTube: 26K subscribers – ER: 1.40%

Mum to four girls with two of them being identical twins and a set of more twins on the way, Gillian creates relatable content around her life at home with the kids, pregnancy, interior décor, cleaning, fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

Gillian has worked on some great branded campaigns, which include names such as Glossybox, NOW TV, Cherryz and Huggies.

Top YouTube Family Vloggers in the UK Gillian Truita

22. Gemma Louise Miles


YouTube: 506K subscribers – ER: 1.26%

Gemma is a social media starlet who has gained fame for her YouTube channel, as well as being a mama to Noah. She has seen her popularity rise for her lifestyle and beauty vlogging through room tours, home decor entries, fashion Get Ready with Me's, and personal story times. Her most popular video, "FULL HOUSE TOUR", has been viewed over 3.6 million times.

Her past collaborations include some massive names, including Boohoo, Disney+, Dyson, Febreze, Missguided, Nasty Gal, Primark, Superdrug, and Topshop, to name a few.

Top YouTube Family Vloggers in the UK Gemma Louise Miles

23. Joel & Sarah


YouTube: 1.38M subscribers – ER: 1.42%

Joel Conder, his wife Sarah, and their five daughters (Kaci, Grace, Sophie, Chloe, and Madison) are one of the most popular family YouTube channels in the UK. The family can connect with a wide audience thanks to their diverse and inclusive vlog content, which ranges from absurd and amusing challenges and games to realistic daily routines.

The family has amassed over 280 million views and over 1 million subscribers, a sign of their devoted fan base and outstanding content. Joel and Sarah have naturally risen to prominence in the parenting world thanks to their family-focused platform. The duo has a beneficial impact on this industry by supporting organisations that fight bullying, promote mental health, and support education while offering advice and help to families.

Top YouTube Family Vloggers in the UK Joel & Sarah

Top Mum Influencers in the UK

24. Beth


Instagram: 92.1K followers – ER: 2.32%

Londoner, traveller, photographer and writer - Beth Sandland is a multi-talented influencer and founder of @motherhoodedit. Originally recognised for her incredible photography skills and love of writing about beauty, Beth and her very successful blog have gone from strength to strength over recent years.

Inspiring her thousands of followers from around the world, Beth spends a lot of her time online, sharing a variety of insightful and engaging lifestyle content. Discussing the highs and lows of everyday life, Beth is brutally honest and authentic - which is why she has become such a huge success! Addressing mental health, miscarriage, wellness and self-care on she’s on a mission to make her followers feel more positive.

Top Mum Influencers in the UK Beth

25. Chloe Lauren


Instagram: 126K followers – ER: 2.30%

Chloe is a wife and mummy to 3 little girls whose content focuses on fashion, beauty, home & lifestyle.

As a stylish creative influencer and content creator, despite all the chaos of life with three young children. Over the years, Chloe has grown a strong Instagram following and network of like-minded fashionable Mums and influencers. She has worked with several fashion, beauty and mummy brands such as Fairy, Tescos, Mega Bloks, Fisher Price and Jessica Alba’s brand Honest.

Top Mum Influencers in the UK Chloe Lauren

26. Jess Ranger


Instagram: 117K followers – ER: 3.29%

Influencer known for her love of fashion, minimalism, travel and home decor. Her content is a mash-up of her home life, her events and her product recommendations. After gaining a loyal following she also shared her pregnancy journey and her career as an influencer took off.

Jess and her partner now have two children, Taylor and Marnie. Jess continues to share snippets of her life as a full-time mother and homemaker, and she has an incredible talent for organising fun events and parties which her followers enjoy. She has great crossover appeal to family brands as well as fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. Her brand collaborations include working with Hello Fresh, Amazon, Green Chef, Ren, Primark, Mamas & Papas, and JD Sports.

Top Mum Influencers in the UK Jess Ranger

27. Sarah Louise Merrygold


Instagram: 134K followers – ER: 9.13%

Sarah Louise Merrygold is a top mum influencer and dancer who is known for her dynamic and inspiring content on Instagram. With a background in dance and a thriving family life, Sarah provides an all-encompassing view of motherhood, relationships, and personal growth. Her audience is inspired by her creative spirit, her passion for dance, and her journey as a mother to her two children, Grayson and Macaulay.

Brands interested in working with Sarah can tap into her audience interested in all things related to motherhood, dance, and personal growth. As a dancer and choreographer, Sarah's unique blend of talent and personal experience makes her a valuable influencer for any brand.

Top Mum Influencers in the UK Sarah Louise Merrygold

28. Rebecca Lamb


Instagram: 73.5K followers – ER: 2.01%

Rebecca is mum to Alfie, Woody and Roma, and her content focuses on lifestyle, food, fashion, travel, skincare and beauty, not to mention life in the Yorkshire dales

She loves to make lifestyle videos, travel content, explore the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, try all kinds of yummy food and make recipes, as well as share her love of fashion. Rebecca loves a peaceful life, just being outdoors and enjoying the simple things.

Top Mum Influencers in the UK Rebecca Lamb

29. Zoe


Instagram: 77.6K followers – ER: 3.01%

Zoe is a mama, photographer, and digital creator, sharing the magic of everyday motherhood and raising four wildlings in Edinburgh! The rain-lover and tea drinker has created a really fun space filled with her favourite places, days out and the best hot chocolates in town.

The Stewarts went from sharing baby updates with loved ones to starring in huge brand campaigns – a hot commodity for global names going wild for the family’s online family photo album.

Top Mum Influencers in the UK Zoe

30. Tash Gershfield


Instagram: 86.7K followers – ER: 5.22%

Tash is the mummy to 3 little humans Blake, Ivy and Rome. She is a single mum trying to navigate her way through this journey whilst sharing her everyday life and being transparent with the highs and lows of all things motherhood!

She shares all things mothering, solo parenting, lifestyle and fashion, food and more on her blog, TikTok, and YouTube.

Top Mum Influencers in the UK Tash Gershfield

31. Sarah


Instagram: 46.3K followers – ER: 2.09%

Sarah is a working mum who blogs and vlogs about all things pregnancy, parenting, lifestyle, travel and fashion related, as a mum to her daughter and son.

Along with the husband (and cats), she is a little military family who likes to document their daily goings on, as well as help out other parents with advice and video reviews of products they find useful and love. Her content is set up to ease the loneliness of new motherhood.

Top Mum Influencers in the UK Sarah

Top Dad Influencers in the UK

32. Alfie Deyes


Instagram: 4M followers – ER: 3.48%

Vlogger who gained a major YouTube following for his PointlessBlog channel with over 4.7 million subscribers. His videos typically feature observational humour. In 2014, he released the first of multiple books in his "Pointless Book" series. He was nominated for a Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award for Favourite Vlogger in the UK in 2015.

Alfie has collaborated with many other YouTubers, including Tanya Burr, Louis Cole, Louise Pentland, Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Miranda Sings, Joe Sugg, Zoe Sugg and Jim Chapman. He also created a couple of videos with Ariana Grande for the You Generation network on YouTube. He’s also quite an astute businessman and has launched various products under his brand.

Top Dad Influencers in the UK Alfie Deyes

33. Jake Graf


Instagram: 109K followers – ER: 3.72%

Jake Graf is an international award-winning director, writer and actor based in London known for his roles in ’The Danish Girl' and ‘Colette’ and for films ‘Headspace’, ‘Dawn’ and ‘Dusk’.

Jake uses the medium of film to elicit positive change, giving representation to rarely seen characters and stories to promote acceptance and understanding. Using his platform to give a voice to the trans male community, Jake is widely considered to be one of the most visible trans men in the UK. He has appeared on Lorraine, Sky News, Good Morning Britain, Channel 5 News and London Tonight and has written for The Evening Standard, Cosmopolitan, GNI Magazine, BOYZ and Gay Star News.

Top Dad Influencers in the UK Jake Graf

34. Lee


Instagram: 52.5K followers – ER: 16.64%

Using social media as an outlet for creativity, entertainment, unity and role modelling, Lee Chisholm creates some of the most inventive content for fellow parents and families alike. He’s an award-winning creator, but deep down, he’s just a dad who likes to create and have fun.

Capturing the most endearing moments of everyday family life, Dad Download transforms them into memorable, digital pieces of art that he posts across Instagram, creating a gallery that displays his journey as a parent. From relatable posts about everyday parental experiences to hilarious images of kids getting up to no good, Dad Download is a space for all to enjoy. Incorporating his imagination into every shot he captures, Lee can create unique illustrations of family life as well as perform stunts and prank his kids.

Top Dad Influencers in the UK Lee

35. Freddy McConnell


Instagram: 27.1K followers – ER: 6.97%

Freddy is a writer and journalist. As a queer, transgender man and a solo dad by choice (currently pregnant again!), he’s an advocate for his community and committed to building a better future for all LGBTQ+ families. His podcast, Pride & Joy, is about how queers have kids.

He’s a freelance journalist for The Guardian, Vice and elsewhere, also working in a documentary as a presenter, story consultant, writer and aspiring director. Freddy’s a member of the media advocacy organisations All About Trans and the Neon Spokesperson Network. All in all, Freddy is being visible to those who can’t.

Top Dad Influencers in the UK Freddie McConnell

36. Roy Lee


Instagram: 269.1K followers – ER: 5.85%

Roy Lee is a top dad influencer on Instagram, known for his expertise in the health and beauty industry. He is the proud owner of Roylee’s Barber Studio and a Booksy Ambassador. With a presence in Houston, Texas, RoyLee has been a standout figure in the industry and has even made appearances on MTV’s The Challenge.

He creates content that ranges from haircuts and grooming tips to fitness and lifestyle advice, inspiring his followers to feel their best. Brands interested in working with him can benefit from his broad reach.

Top Dad Influencers in the UK Roy Lee

37. Danny Miller


Instagram: 710K followers – ER: 2.58%

Most famous for his role as Aaron Livesy on the popular British soap opera Emmerdale for which he won the British Soap Award for Best Actor in 2011, 2012 and 2016. The actor and father is also notable for his series regular roles on Lightfields and Scott and Bailey. He won the twenty-first series of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Top Dad Influencers in the UK Danny Miller

Top Single Parent Influencers in the UK

38. Anna


Instagram: 19.5K followers – ER: 6.06%

Anna is a single mother who shares her experiences and journey on her Instagram channel @thelongmum. She offers a unique perspective on parenthood, incorporating her love for preloved, vintage, and charity shop clothing into her content. With a passion for food and a willingness to overshare, Anna provides an honest and relatable look at single parenting.

Brands interested in working with Anna as an influencer can benefit from her unique perspective, her engaged audience, and her ability to bring a relatable and authentic voice to any collaboration.

Top Single Parent Influencers in the UK Anna

39. Becoming Mama and Me


Instagram: 15.5K followers – ER: 3.21%

Becoming Mama and Me is a single-parent influencer with a focus on empowering and uplifting women. On her Instagram channel @becomingmamaandme, she shares her journey as a single mother raising a strong and confident daughter. With a passion for self-discovery and growth, Becoming Mama and Me inspires her followers to rediscover their own identities and find the courage to chase their dreams.

With her empowering messages and real-life parenting stories, Becoming Mama and Me offers a unique perspective and inspiring content for brands to engage with.

Top Single Parent Influencers in the UK Becoming Mama and Me

40. Mollie


Instagram: 11.8K followers – ER: 3.45%

Mollie is a dynamic and inspiring single parent influencer on Instagram, sharing her journey through motherhood and lifestyle on her channel @bea.max.and.me. Based in Hampshire, UK, Mollie creates content about parenthood and lifestyle, showcasing her experiences as a mother of two children, Beatrice and Maximus. Her relatable and genuine approach to parenting resonates with her audience, making her a sought-after voice in the single-parent community.

With a strong online presence, Mollie is a valuable asset to brands looking to reach a parent and lifestyle-focused audience. Whether it's through her blog or her social channels, Mollie provides a unique and authentic perspective that connects with her followers and encourages them to embrace their own unique journeys.

Top Single Parent Influencers in the UK Mollie

41. Rebekah


Instagram: 17.1K followers – ER: 5.94%

Rebekah, the single parent influencer and content creator behind @ourtoughgirls, creates a diverse range of content that includes beauty, fashion, home decorating, and family parenting. Based in North Yorkshire, Rebekah is a proud single mama to Hallie Grace and Indie Rose, also known as the girl gang.

Rebekah creates engaging and authentic user-generated content (UGC) that appeals to her audience. Brands interested in working with Rebekah can leverage her reach and influence to connect with a targeted audience interested in beauty, fashion, home decor, and family life.

Top Single Parent Influencers in the UK Rebekah

42. Kelly Spanelli


Instagram: 17.2K followers – ER: 4.78%

Kelly Spanelli is a single-parent influencer who shares her experiences and journey of motherhood on her Instagram channel @kellyspanelli. Kelly is a content creator who focuses on lifestyle, ADHD motherhood, and her experiences as a new mom to her son Knox.

She is known for her relatable, humorous and honest approach to motherhood, which resonates with her audience and inspires them. Kelly's channel features vlogs, hauls, and daily life updates, providing a well-rounded view of her journey as a mother. In her own words, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”

Top Single Parent Influencers in the UK Kelly Spanelli

43. Laura


Instagram: 20.1K followers – ER: 3.34%

Laura is a 20-something who has a passion for sharing our journey and is a huge mental health advocate. She is a first-time single parent to her little girl, Violet. They live in a lovely village in the Yorkshire Dales with their fur baby – Simba. As a digital creator, she focuses on play ideas, weight loss, affiliates, and garden glow-ups.

Her content tries to help us all navigate the highs, lows and day-to-day life as a parent, representing the variety of real life, whether that be home renovations, parenting experiences (and probably mishaps), the ongoing battle to lose that baby weight and on a more personal level, mental health and addiction recovery.

Top Single Parent Influencers in the UK Laura

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