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Top 27 Interior Designer & Home Improvement Influencers in the UK

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

There’s no getting away from it. Influencer marketing has become a necessity for brands seeking to expand their reach and increase sales.

Actually, getting people to see and know your brand is pretty important when it comes to marketing, right? There’s no wonder then that raising brand awareness was the top objective for 86% of marketers when running an influencer marketing campaign.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the most inspiring and influential interior influencers in the UK.

We’ve researched and evaluated their content across various social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, to bring you a diverse list of influencers with a unique sense of style. From DIY hacks and upcycling projects to home tours and styling tips, this list has something for everyone. Our selection criteria for interior influencers UK includes their engagement rates (ER), following and audience, content quality, brand collaborations and overall aesthetic.

Best Home Décor Influencers in the UK

1. Bee Osborn


Instagram: 177K followers – ER: 2%

Bee and her professional team at the multi-award-winning, internationally acclaimed Studio Osborn provide expertise, attention to detail and exceptional creativity to every project she undertakes. Whether it’s a home or a boutique hotel, Bee is renowned for creating beautiful spaces in which to live and relax.

She brings a personal approach to each client and, over the past two decades, has designed a vast array of residential and commercial properties, both in the UK and overseas. ​Bee draws inspiration from classical design and proportion but always likes to infuse her work with modern, up-to-date energy. Together with her talented team, she produces balanced, harmonious interiors that are both practical and visionary.

Bee Osborn Best Home Décor Influencers in the UK

2. Alice Grace


Instagram: 122K followers – ER: 2.47%

Alice is an expert interior designer with a knack for working with contemporary spaces to create homes that are both timeless and beautiful, whilst her love for fabric and pattern blending adds depth and warmth to her designs. Every corner is carefully considered to balance functional practicality with traditional elegance.

Alice is also the creator of the popular blog, 'Journal of a Considered Home’. Her unique way of adding classic character to new-build properties has gained her a loyal following. Blending old with new, practical with beautiful, and aspirational with achievable, Alice’s images are timeless and classy.

Alice Grace Best Home Décor Influencers in the UK

3. Jojo Barr


Instagram: 74.4K followers – ER: 2.55%

Jojo Barr is the Creative Director of London-based Studio House Nine Design. Jojo believes in creating comfortable homes, lived in and, most importantly, timeless. Her honesty & humour have attracted a very loyal following of exceptional clients on projects that span from residential refurbishments and new builds to key commercial and award-winning hospitality fit-outs.

Jojo believes in a hands-on approach to design, creating individuality in every new project by applying vigorous research and understanding the clients as well as the nature of the building and its surrounding. Her ethos is authentic, timeless design where warmth, honesty and informality are the basis for practice and feed through into all her projects, and this filters down to her audience.

Jojo Barr Best Home Décor Influencers in the UK

4. Kirsty Jane Gore


Instagram: 446K followers – ER: 2.19%

Kirsty is the expert influencer when it comes to Nordic interiors and DIY design. She has always had a passion for interiors, fashion and travel and loves to create, whether that be through designing and creating her own art, what she wears or through interiors.

She has recently completely renovated and extended two homes, one of which is her own, which can be seen on her successful Instagram account @kjg_home. Kirsty’s style has a Scandi feel, contemporary and minimal but with a homely touch. Working mostly with a neutral aesthetic and adding colour with a key piece of furniture or through accessories, she creates timeless spaces with a calm and tranquil aura.

Kirsty Jane Gore Best Home Décor Influencers in the UK

5. Leoma Harper


Instagram: 112K followers – ER: 2%

Leoma is all about transforming homes with timeless elegance and cutting through the clutter. Whether it’s a full-on style change or just a few tweaks, Leoma strongly believes that a beautiful timeless space is accessible to everyone, “all homes can look good, feel cosy and work around the individual’s needs, when finished and styled with thought and passion.”

Before interiors, Leoma set up Harpers Bloom, designing and styling displays for many gorgeous events. These have included venues such as Harrods, The Sanderson, The Shard, and Hampton Court Palace. So not only can she make your home beautiful, she can also fill it with flowers!

Leoma Harper Best Home Décor Influencers in the UK

6. Jess Duxbury


Instagram: 87.1K followers – ER: 2%

Jess is an interiors, renovations and all-around lifestyle guru who infuses her interior design content with personal touches around her life stories.

The Hoppy Home is her interiors and lifestyle blog, which focuses on a recent home renovation, providing inspiration and ‘how to’ guides whilst sharing tips, tricks and advice along the way. Not forgetting the hoppy element to the home, two naughty but cute house rabbits, Sonic and Tiggy.

Jess Duxbury Best Home Décor Influencers in the UK

Best Interior Designers Influencers in the UK

7. Rachael Wilshaw


Instagram: 174K followers – ER: 5.12%

If you adore classic, sophisticated design, then look no further than Beetroot and Black. Rachael is the proud owner of the most beautiful Victorian home with all the periodic features you could imagine, from stained glass windows to spaciously high ceilings. She shares each renovation and intricate design detail of her stunning home, leaving you with bounds of décor inspiration.

Rachael’s style is classic & traditional, with contrasts of moody, bold tones. She also likes to add quirky features to keep the style feeling current and contemporary. In her own words, “I tend to not follow trends, if I like something, I’ll go for it. It doesn’t bother me if people don’t agree with me, even my husband!”.

Rachael Wilshaw Best Interior Designers Influencers in the UK

8. Carla Isolano


Instagram: 124K followers – ER: 4.16%

Carla is a professional photographer with a passion for interior design, and the creator, homeowner and designer of Location House of Beau, known for her period home makeover, as well as her DIY and styling inspo posts.

Using her home as a backdrop, she shoots products for brands for use in web, print, and social media. Carla’s created content for several leading interior brands, such as Disney, B&Q, Homebase, Russell Hobbs, AO and Dunelm, to name a few.

Carla Isolano Best Interior Designers Influencers in the UK

9. Medina Grillo


Instagram: 210K followers – ER: 6.30%

Medina is a self-proclaimed “IKEA-loving-Upcycling-junkie, DIY-passionate-home-decor-crazy-renter, mother and wife”, known for her eclectic designs. Grillo Designs is a DIY blog that showcases how-to tutorials, upcycling ideas, interiors inspiration, crafty hacks and creative ideas for the home.

As an author and award-winning interiors blogger, Medina shares her favourite tips, tricks, and DIY projects for transforming a rented space. Discover ways to add a splash of colour with removable wallpaper, learn how to hang artwork without damaging the walls, and turn your hand to upcycling those furniture bargains you picked up at the flea market.

Media Grillo Best Interior Designers Influencers in the UK

10. Amy at the Gables


Instagram: 88.9K followers – ER: 3.56%

Amy, the interior designer influencer, provides her audience with a glimpse into her journey of renovating her 1930s home by the sea. Her channel is a treasure trove of hacks, DIYs, and niches that she has discovered along the way. Amy's love for renovation is clear in her transformation pics, and the inspiration that she provides to her followers is valuable. She is also a co-host for @pimpupmypad, and her contributions to the channels are always unique and creative.

Amy's engaging content provides her audience with an insight into her lifestyle, and her work has not gone unnoticed in the influencer industry. Brands looking for a talented and relatable influencer in the home renovation and interior design space will find Amy to be a perfect match. Her content is always on point, and she has an expert eye for detail, which allows her to create beautiful and functional spaces.

Amy at the Gables Best Interior Designers Influencers in the UK

11. Hannah Heemsbergen


Instagram: 114K followers – ER: 8.85%

Inspired by an earthy colour palette and warm, natural textures, Hannah from Harnham House shares her style and inspiration from her 1880 Victorian house transformation into a chic Scandinavian-style home– and how to replicate it on a budget.

Sparked by a love for traditional country interiors, Hannah admits she and her partner are drawn to timeless furniture, artwork, and home accessories. Creating a home with life and character with meaningful pieces and furniture that are built to last, the couple has shared their incredible renovation journey.

Hannah Heemsbergen Best Interior Designers Influencers in the UK

Top Instagram Interior Influencers in the UK

12. Sussana Hawkins


Instagram: 713K followers – ER: 2%

A familiar presence on Instagram, Susanna’s love of home refurbishment and all things connected with interiors and lifestyle has been closely documented on her @Shnordic account, synonymous with her Nordic lifestyle roots, effortless everyday fashion, and home décor.

Most recently, she has been writing about her renovation and refurbishment project, a 1960s split-level bungalow in Bath, where she now lives with her husband and two children. Susanna's beautiful home is based on elements of Scandi design, but rather than being a minimalist with clean lines, she has more maximalist tendencies, and this creates a light-filled home that is also extremely cosy.

Sussana Hawkins Top Instagram Interior Influencers in the UK

13. Jess Daines


Instagram: 100K followers – ER: 2.54%

Jess Daines is an interior designer influencer on Instagram, known for her unique style and creative use of decorations. She brings a rustic and country feel to her Norfolk home and uses simple yet effective decorations to add personality to the space.

Her Instagram channel documents her home transformation, including renovation projects, DIY ideas, and home decor inspiration. Jess's followers look to her for tips on how to create a cosy and stylish home with a touch of rustic charm. She can help brands interested in working with her as an influencer to promote their home decor, renovation, or DIY products through her engaging and authentic content.

Jess Daines Top Instagram Interior Influencers in the UK

14. Steph Gowla


Instagram: 128K subscribers – ER: 2.28%

Known for her authentic content creation, Steph lives in a 500-year-old stone cottage with her husband and two young daughters. Inspired by the surrounding English countryside, she uses a muted colour palette and natural elements to bring her interiors together. With exposed brick walls, tongue and groove panelling, and plenty of natural touches, we love her country cottage style.

After admirably renovating the listed country property with refined taste and attention to detail, it is no surprise she has amassed over 125K followers on Instagram. The grade-listed property takes a dash of Provencal architecture and a generous dose of English cottage charm, all resulting in harmonious, welcoming interiors. The warm tones and natural textures underpin the calm and relaxing ambience of the home, making it a masterclass in calm country chic.

Steph Gowla Top Instagram Interior Influencers in the UK

15. Lisa Mistry


Instagram: 248K followers – ER: 6.20%

Lisa’s beautiful Manchester loft has been getting a lot of love on Instagram. A home that cleverly uses organic forms, warming tones and cosy textures to contrast against the industrial backdrop.

Documenting her latest renovation project, she’s transformed her loft in a converted cardboard factory into a restful and tactile home that’s full of texture. This interior and living creator is known for her engaging DIY, interior styling tips and Wabi Sabi Japandi décor, all creating a luxury, affordable and up-cycled home.

Lisa Mistry Top Instagram Interior Influencers in the UK

16. Sarah Brooks


Instagram: 261K subscribers – ER: 2%

We could spend hours scrolling through Sarah from Sarah Brooks Instagram feed, which is full of pretty pastels dotted around her beautiful home with Betsy her adorable dog, making an appearance too

Showcasing her Edwardian home with a country farmhouse feel, Sarah is a content creator who focuses her flair on DIY, home styling, florals, and all things interiors.

Sarah Brooks Top Instagram Interior Influencers in the UK

17. Anna Marie Smith


Instagram: 83.5K subscribers – ER: 2.28%

Anna is a passionate interior designer who shares her journey of renovating her Edwardian house in Surrey on her Instagram channel @feather_and_faff. She uses her platform to showcase her love for modern traditional design and provide home inspiration for her followers. In 2023, Anna has exciting plans for her home, including a loft conversion, orangery extension, garage build, and renovations to her bathrooms and bedrooms.

Anna strongly believes that the creative process is what drives her as a designer. She enjoys sketching, researching, and prototyping her ideas and uses her channel to document her design process, sharing the story of each project with her followers. Through her attention to detail and love of storytelling, Anna is an inspiration to her audience and a valuable influencer for brands in the interior design and home decor industry.

Anna Marie Smith Top Instagram Interior Influencers in the UK

Top TikTok Interior Influencers in the UK

18. Alex Lawson


TikTok: 57.6K followers – ER: 3.74%

Casa Lawson was founded by Alex, a digital content creator, engineer, interior stylist and DIY lover. Alex is known for her creative projects and for bringing character to everything she touches. She’s built her brand through authentic storytelling to build a community that trusts her ideas and recommendations.

Her love of interiors started from a young age, but her fascination with DIY and passion for power tools started in 2019 when she moved into her first home. After receiving some eye-watering quotes from contractors, Alex decided she would take matters into her own hands. No wonder “Feel the fear & DIY it anyway” is her motto! Casa Lawson has gone from strength to strength, and Alex has worked with a broad range of interior and lifestyle brands. Recent collaborations include Chelsea Peers, Worx UK, Pagazzi Lighting & Annie Mo’s, to name but a few.

Alex Lawson Top TikTok Interior Influencers in the UK

19. Emma Courtney


TikTok: 86.8K followers – ER: 4.23%

Emma is an influencer whose love for interior design, IKEA hacks, and DIY tips shines through in every post. Join her as she showcases the inspiring renovation and decoration of her first home. And with her baking, travel and feline content mixed in there too, what’s not to love?

She is passionate about bringing fresh, enlightening designs to life by creating functional spaces that reflect her personality. Emma’s ambition and drive are infectious, as she uses her positive energy to inspire her followers, which is why she’s worked with many major home and style retailers.

Emma Courtney Top TikTok Interior Influencers in the UK

20. Helen Ford


TikTok: 135.2K followers – ER: 16.30%

Helen Ford is the pastel-powered interiors creative behind @homewithhelenandco sharing her homely hues, one square at a time and encouraging others with a love of pastels to embrace the palette in every possible way.

Her content revolves around home decor, interior styling, decor ideas, and lifestyle, which inspire her audience with creative home improvement ideas. Not to mention, her Pomeranian also adds a dose of cuteness to her channel. Brands interested in working with Helen can tap into her loyal and engaged audience to promote their home decor products, furniture, and other lifestyle offerings.

Helen Ford Top TikTok Interior Influencers in the UK

21. Vikki Savage


TikTok: 50.3K followers – ER: 2.28%

From home renovation to DIY projects, Vikki shares her decorating journey with her followers, providing an authentic and honest look at the process from start to finish. Her interior style is transitional, and she enjoys incorporating patterns, texture, and colour into her designs. As a skilled decorator, Vikki can pull together a beautiful scheme, making her an excellent choice for showcasing decorating and interiors brands. Her honest approach and loyal following make her a valuable asset for any brand campaign.

In 2022, Vikki was featured on the front page of Real Homes' Christmas print edition. With a substantial following on Instagram and TikTok, her impressive engagement rates and reach make her an ideal influencer for video-based collaborations and traditional imagery. Vikki is also available for interviews, guest blogs, magazine features, stages, and content creation. She offers a unique perspective on interior design and is passionate about helping brands reach their target audiences through creative and engaging content.

Vikki Savage Top TikTok Interior Influencers in the UK

22. Kerry Lockwood


TikTok: 318K followers – ER: 5.64%

Kerry is an interior and lifestyle inspiration who shares her passion for all things interiors. She’s a firm believer in making your house feel like home, which is why her content is focused on helping her audience achieve their dream interiors. Kerry’s obsessed with home décor, so no corner is left untouched. She creates spaces that feel cosy while adding touches that normally get overlooked to create a home you will never want to leave. Her style is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing boundaries to take your space to the next level.

Working with the likes of Dyson, Jacob’s Creek, Mini, Dunelm, Gordon’s, Selfridges, Cotswold Co, Sainsbury’s and more, Kerry’s projects range from makeovers, and styling posts shot in her own home, product reviews, social media posts and giveaways to video shoots and photography for brand websites.

Kerry Lockwood Top TikTok Interior Influencers in the UK

Top YouTube Interior Influencers in the UK

23. Chevonne Breslin


YouTube: 39.9K subscribers – ER: 2.04%

Chevonne, also known as The Mummy Vlogger, is a popular YouTuber who provides a mix of lifestyle and home-related content. With a devoted audience, Chevonne shares weekly vlogs of her life as a mum, DIY tutorials, home hauls, and extreme home cleaning inspiration.

Her passion for interior design and love for home organisation and decluttering has made her a trusted source of advice and inspiration for her viewers. Chevonne's down-to-earth approach and relatable personality make her content appealing to a wide range of audiences. Brands looking to collaborate with an influencer in the home and lifestyle niche can benefit from working with Chevonne.

Chevonne Breslin Top YouTube Interior Influencers in the UK

24. Nicolas Fairford


YouTube: 174K subscribers – ER: 1%

Nicolas’s mantra when it comes to interior design is “making life more beautiful”, and it shows in his content. Nicolas has captured the imagination of a wide audience around the world with his elegant and relaxing films, which celebrate the simplicity of beautifully living every day.

Always looking to inspire, Nicolas encourages his audience to embrace the simple, life-enhancing moments that are so often treated as an afterthought. Whether that be having a cup of tea in an elegant cup and saucer, taking the time to arrange a vase of flowers to adorn your sitting room, or just simply lighting a candle and cosying up with a new novel in the evening. He continues to inspire and entertain through blogging, creating videos, or growing his range of products and styles.

Nicolas Fairford Top YouTube Interior Influencers in the UK

25. Sophie Paterson


YouTube: 101K subscribers – ER: 1.11%

World-renowned interior designer Sophie’s content is brimming with beautiful rooms she has designed with her expert team. Sophie effortlessly pulls together the luxury design look – think lavish soft furnishings and a chic neutral colour palette that’s opulent, ultra-sophisticated and, to put it simply, styled to perfection.

When an interior designer starts to become synonymous with a certain look, you know they’re executing it to absolute perfection. British interior designer Sophie Paterson is a prime example. She’s fast establishing an international following and reputation for her rustic chic interior style—a look that’s become an inherent part of her signature classic contemporary style. It’s no wonder she’s been featured in Homes & Gardens, The Telegraph, The Times, Sheerluxe, and Andrew Martin, to name a few.

Sophie Paterson Top YouTube Interior Influencers in the UK

26. Hermione Chantal


YouTube: 492K subscribers – ER: 1%

Hermione is all about sharing her passion for DIY, thrift, renovation, and interiors. With her content focusing on how to craft on a budget, she loves to show her followers that you don’t need the skills of a master craftsman to try out her simple yet creative ideas.

Hermione has spent the last few years renovating her old Victorian house and upcycling pre-loved furniture to create her dream space, all whilst filming these projects on her YouTube channel, which her dedicated audience love. She has more recently started to focus on renovating her beautiful garden, working closely with the likes of Homebase and Wilko. Always on the hunt for new bargains, Hermione strongly believes in creating a personal space with an eclectic mixture of both old and new styles. Her platform is a welcoming space, used to encourage her followers to incorporate more second-hand pieces into their homes and use DIY to create spaces that are unapologetically their own.

Hermoine Chantal Top YouTube Interior Influencers in the UK

27. Laura Melhuish-Sprague


YouTube: 57.6K subscribers – ER: 3.74%

Laura aspires to create aspirational, attainable content with authenticity at the forefront. Living My Style is a British lifestyle blog aimed to engage everyday women with a classic, feminine approach to everything from style and beauty to travel and interiors. The blog is an insight into the life of Laura Melhuish-Sprague, a twenty-something Londoner with an affinity for all things design.

We think she's a real expert when it comes to combining traditional detailing with a modern twist within her interior design schemes. Join her as she masterfully renovates her dream Victorian home, documenting the whole journey. You will also find snapshots of her life adventures, with a mix of her daily life, family, and travels.

Laura Melhuish-Sprague Top YouTube Interior Influencers in the UK

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