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Top 51 Influencers in the UK

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When it comes to UK influencers, the numbers don’t lie. In 2022, 93% of marketing professionals integrated influencer marketing into their overall marketing strategy. Influencer-related services grew by 26% in the last year alone, as over two-thirds of marketers consider influencer marketing a strategic priority.

At The Social Shepherd, we are a top Influencer Marketing agency focused on getting results – meaning we’ve worked with some of the best influencers in the UK and know how to effectively research and source influencers and social media creators across multiple industries.

No matter your sector, from retail to beauty and cosmetics (and everything in between), we know how to harness the value of top influencers in the UK – just ask some of our clients, Uniqlo and Lumene.

But it’s not as simple as picking a social influencer at random. We’ve put together a complete list of the top 51 influencers in the UK based on their ability to produce great content and the value they offer to businesses and brands across the UK through their social media following and Engagement Rate (ER).

Top Fitness Influencers

1. Joe Wicks


Instagram: 4.5M followers – ER: 0.48%

Joe Wicks is a fitness instructor, TV host, and writer. He is the host of The Body Coach on Channel 4. "A man on a mission to save people from the horrible dieting industry.” He wants to better inform people and arm them with the information they need to have a strong, lean, healthy body.

Joe puts out content to his massive audience, which includes real-time workouts, recipes, and training plans.

Joe Wicks Fitness Influencer

2. Lucy Davis


Instagram: 571K followers - ER: 1.00%

Lucy Davis is a fitness influencer. She is a co-founder of the My Coach School app, which offers customers individualised training and nutrition coaching.

Lucy represents Gymshark, My Protein, and Nocco as a fitness advocate. Weightlifting is the main focus of her training now that she has given up competitive swimming in 2015. She offers advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle as well as demonstrations and tips.

Lucy Davis Fitness Influencer

3. Liz King


Instagram: 78.3K followers – ER: 4.55%

Liz King, is a content producer known for her workout, fitness, and health videos, publishes high-engagement content on her @madeformefitness account.

Her TikTok tips and tricks videos have gained her over 500,000 fans. A humorous sketch about one of her clients' sore knees is one of her most well-liked postings.

Liz King Fitness Influencer

Top Food Influencers

4. Nigel Kabvina


TikTok: 4M followers – ER: 14.20%

Instagram: 816K followers – ER: 7.30%

TikTok star known for creating elaborate food videos. He has amassed 4 million followers on his sxmplyni account and is a brand ambassador for Nespresso.

Before his social media fame, Nigel worked as an award-winning mixologist for bars across the United Kingdom, as well as modelling.

Nigel Kabvina Food Influencer

5. Bored of Lunch


Instagram: 733K followers – ER: 3.34%

Nathan Anthony is a Northern Irish home cook, who arrived on the food scene with a lockdown Instagram food blog in 2020.

Nathan is passionate about making quick, wholesome meals at home in the Airfryer and Slowcooker, and he has written two books released in 2022.

Bored of Lunch Food Influencer

6. I got it from my Maman


Instagram: 42.5K followers – ER: 6.93%

Hami Sharafi is a chef, recipe developer and tutor on a mission to popularise Persian food around the world.

He started the food blog "I got it from my Maman" because he missed eating real food from his native country. On his site, Hami also provides live and on-demand online cooking lessons for the most popular Persian meals. He teaches both traditional cuisine and vegan versions too.

I got it from my Maman

Top Fashion Influencers

7. Emma Hill


Instagram: 828K followers – ER: 0.65%

YouTube: 340K subscribers – ER: 4.49%

Style guru known for her blog showcasing fashionable outfits. Emma’s personal style and streetwise fashion have earned her more than 800K Instagram fans. In addition to her blog, she also has a YouTube channel where she has posted vlogs, hauls, and lookbooks.

Emma Hill Fashion Influencer

8. Jess on the Plus Size


Instagram: 171K followers – ER: 2.74%

Jess Millichamp, better known as Jess on the Plus Size, is an advocate for breaking fashion rules no matter your size. As a fashion and makeup enthusiast, she runs a successful blog, In The Style, and has gained hundreds of thousands of social media followers.

Jess on the Plus Size Fashion Influencer

9. Lauren Burke


Instagram: 32.7K followers – ER: 2.99%

Style and fashion guru who writes for the blog, The Foreign Edition, which is an outlet for her to share her fashion, lifestyle, and travels in hopes of inspiring her followers.

She loves to travel and study the cultures of the world, integrating what she sees into her very own closet.

Lauren Burke Fashion Influencer

Top Beauty Influencers

10. Chris Grave

TikTok: @chrisgrave – 447K followers – ER: 16.00%

Instagram: @chrisopher_grave – 149K followers – ER: 9.17%

TikTok content creator and social media personality who rose to fame through the use of his chrisgrave account. He posts lip sync performances in addition to his work as a makeup artist.

Chris developed UNPHSD, his own clothing line and business. His career is professionally represented by The Corner London as an influencer and content developer. His "This outfit lives rent free in my head" video received more than 500,000 views in April 2022.

Chris Grave Beauty Influencer

11. Charluckyy


Instagram: 18.1K followers – ER: 4.61%

Digital creator specialising in beauty photography, posting content based around makeup, skincare and fashion. Charlotte produces all things beauty, from mini reviews on beauty brands and products to inspiration for her followers.

Charluckyy Beauty Influencer

12. Patricia Bright


Instagram: 1.2M followers – ER: 1.55%

YouTube: 2.83M subscribers – ER: 5.89%

Beauty blogger/vlogger and makeup and style expert, she has earned more than 2.8 million subscribers to her channel. Patricia has posted a mix of beauty product reviews, fashion hauls and Q&A videos on it.

She presented a series of Get The Look videos for the YouTube coverage of The BRIT Awards.

Patricia Bright Beauty Influencer

Top Skincare Influencers

13. James Welsh


Instagram: 378K followers – ER: 1.39%

YouTube: 1.46M subscribers – ER: 5.76%

James Welsh is a YouTuber who has amassed more than 1.4 million subscribers on his channel. He offers his ideas on men's fashion, skincare, hairstyles, and other topics.

The male grooming specialist for the ASOSMenswear YouTube channel is an expert in skincare.

James Welsh Skincare Influencer

14. Evie


Instagram: 50K followers – ER: 3.09%

Skincare and cosmetic science expert, Evie, “wastes her money so you don’t have to,” by posting honest and real reviews in the big world of skincare. Evie always manages to educate followers about key skincare ingredients, routines, cult products and brands.

Evie has become a trusted source in the skin care sector thanks to her eye-catching feed and positive evaluations. Evie is a breath of new air in the Instagram industry since she never works with a brand unless she truly adores the outcomes they produce.

Evie Skincare Influencer

15. Bambi Does Beauty


Instagram: 48.2K followers – ER: 1.40%

In 2016, driven by her genuine interest in and respect for beauty, Elle launched @bambidoesbeauty. A beauty columnist for Glamour magazine online, Elle has continued to grow and was designated a "Inspirational Blogger to Follow" by Stylist Magazine in 2018.

She shares videos, advice, and solutions for a variety of skin-related problems on Instagram, including rosacea, dryness, sensitivity, and acne, to name a few.

Bambi Does Beauty Skincare Influencer

Top Travel Influencers

16. Hand Luggage Only

TikTok: @handluggageonly – 1M followers – ER: 9.03%

Pinterest: @hloblog – 479K followers – 10M+ monthly views

Yaya and Lloyd started their travel blog in 2014 when they were still in school, and they have now turned it into a worldwide phenomenon. With a focus on affordable travel, their gorgeous content and beneficial insider advice have inspired thousands.

They are also the creators of "Hand Luggage Only: Great Britain," the essential travel manual for discovering the best of Great Britain.

Hand Luggage Only Travel Influencer

17. Maz

TikTok: @wheretofindme – 396K followers – ER: 11.15%

Instagram: @where.to.find.me – 283K followers – ER: 1.24%

No matter how big or small, Maz is committed to discovering the most unique of boutique lodgings, from eco-luxury treehouses to exquisite island retreats.

With every new post, she promotes calm, soulful, and extremely mindful travel. She provides wonderful reviews of hidden gems across the world.

Maz Travel Influencer

18. Sabina Trojanova


Instagram: 140K followers – ER: 1.33%

YouTube: 149K subscribers – ER: 2.62%

Blogger who founded the eco-friendly blog Girl vs Globe. Sabina has written about travel, fashion, recipes, and her life adventures.

Sabina was named 24 Foodie Travel Bloggers Satisfy Your Vacation Hunger by Trip Advisor in 2015. She has done work for Lonely Planet, Huffington Post, and Thought Catalog.

Sabina Trojanova Travel Influencer

Top Parenting Influencers

19. Jacqueline Jossa


TikTok: 1.8M followers – ER: 5.60%

Instagram: 3.5M followers – ER: 0.49%

Much-loved celebrity parent, Jacqueline Jossa, posts helpful content for parents such as cook-along videos showing families across the country how to turn the recipes into reality.

Jacqueline is also founder of @wearenixie and a Lullaby Trust ambassador, as well as her own clothing range with InTheStyle.

Jacqueline Jossa Parenting Influencer

20. Faye Gooding

TikTok: @fayegooding – 635K followers – ER: 6.70%

Instagram: @mother_of_five_boys – 104K followers – ER: 0.88%

Instagram celebrity and blogger known for her posts about her family on motheroffiveboys.com. She is also popular for her Instagram, where she posts images of her family travelling and seeing various parts of the globe.

She is well-recognised for receiving sponsorship for her blog from several brands, including Baby Zenuk and Baby Tula Carriers.

Faye Gooding Parenting Influencer

21. Doug


Instagram: 273K followers – ER: 0.75%

Doug and Sanjay host the Proud Parent Club, an inclusive podcast and community for LGBT parents and prospective parents. They consult professionals and members of the LGBTQ+ community who have adopted various parenting styles.

They also discuss what happens when a child is born, parenting experiences, such as highs and lows, as well as the difficulties faced by LGBT parents and tips on how to deal with these.

Doug Parenting Influencer

Top Lifestyle Influencers

22. Dave Anica


TikTok: 832.2K followers – ER: 15.11%

Instagram: 53.8K followers – ER: 2.79%

Social media star and content creator who gained popularity for his daveanica TikTok account where he posts dancing videos, often filmed while working as a flight attendant. He has gained over 800,000 followers on the app.

The NovaMEN ambassador posts vlogs and lifestyle videos on his self-titled YouTube channel.

Dave Anica Lifestyle Influencer

23. Lilypebbles


YouTube: 474K subscribers – ER: 3.64%

Instagram: 425K followers – ER: 0.90%

Fashion-forward blogger who posts to both her website and self-titled YouTube channel about beauty, London lifestyle, and her outfits of the day.

She has also earned over 425,000 followers on her self-titled Instagram. She is a co-host of the At Home With podcast.

Lilypebbles Lifestyle Influencer

24. Rosie


Pinterest: 690.5K followers – 9.6M monthly views

Instagram: 367K followers – ER: 1.64%

Rosie Londoner, one of the most prominent Londoners on social media, has made a name for herself in the online world for her insights on everything the capital has to offer. Rosie's consistent content creation has helped her gain and keep a devoted following.

Rosie Lifestyle Influencer

Top Interiors Influencers

25. Emily Norris


YouTube: 780K subscribers – ER: 4.29%

Instagram: 153K followers – ER: 1.83%

YouTube and Instagram star who shares her "mumspiration" as a mother of three through pictures and daily vlogging.

In 2014, she launched her YouTube channel in an effort to preserve her children's childhood memories. For her sister, she created her first video, "How to wean your baby onto solid food from 4 to 6 months," and after it gained more than 50K views, she started creating others.

Emily Norris Interiors Influencer

26. Susanna Hawkins


TikTok: 187K followers – ER: 6.04%

Instagram: 661K followers – ER: 1.04%

Named after her Scandinavian heritage, Susannah loves to offer her interior design and cosmetics advice with her devoted followers.

The magnificent new Light Location Bath House is another property owned by Susannah and her husband, Mr. Nordic, which they successfully rebuilt during the trying year of 2020.

Susanna Hawkins Interiors Influencer

27. Kate Watson-Smyth


Instagram: 277K followers – ER: 0.35%

For more than 20 years, interiors expert and author Kate has written about property, design, and interiors. Along with co-hosting a bimonthly podcast called The Great Indoors, Kate is also the author of four books (with a fifth scheduled for release in March 2023).

Most recently, Kate has launched her own interior design course with Create Academy, offering a practical guide of over 25 video lessons helping you to tackle all the rooms in your home.

Kate Watson-Smyth Interiors Influencer

Top Technology Influencers

28. Arun Maini


YouTube: 12.1M subscribers – ER: 8.77%

Instagram: 1.4M followers – ER: 4.03%

Tech guru who is widely known for his mrwhosetheboss YouTube channel's content. He has become well-known there for his tech reviews, suggestions, and first-hand testimonies for all brands of smartphones, cameras, and gaming equipment. In the year 2021, he received a Streamy Award in the technology category.

Arun Maini Technology Influencer

29. SuperSaf


YouTube: 1.9M subscribers – ER: 2.37%

Instagram: 527K followers – ER: 1.45%

Technology reviewer known for appearing on the BBC Asian Network, covering tech news and advice. He has amassed more than 1.9 million followers on his SuperSaf YouTube channel.

In 2021, he launched a podcast called SuperSaf Speaks, which focused on consumer electronics and social media.

SuperSaf Technology Influencer

30. Em


YouTube: 193K subscribers – ER: 3.18%

UK Tech YouTuber and RGB Professional who reviews the latest tech devices from gaming chairs to desk setups, headsets and computers. He is a big advocate of all things on the cutting-edge of tech.

TechBlock Technology Influencer

Top Wellness Influencers

31. Julie Smith

TikTok: @drjuliesmith – 4.1M followers – ER: 9.65%

Instagram: @drjulie – 1.1M followers – ER: 2.95%

The clinical psychologist has 3 million followers on TikTok and vlogs dedicated to self-help, and her book is currently a bestseller. She discusses social media, the pandemic, and straightforward tools that can be incredibly helpful.

Online sensation Dr. Julie Smith offers all the strategies you need to navigate life's ups and downs.

Julie Smith Wellness Influencer

32. Mimi Bouchard


Instagram: 188K followers – ER: 1.07%

Reality TV personality best recognised for her part in the Made In Chelsea series. She is also the creator of the popular blog MIMIBEE, which covers a wide range of subjects including fashion, fitness, and lifestyle.

She runs a popular podcast and SuperhumanApp to help you feel like your best self again with energising and encouraging meditations, in addition to a variety of her modelling shoots and blog posts.

Mimi Bouchard Wellness Influencer

33. Kate Rooney


Instagram: 268K followers – ER: 0.09%

Social media star who is widely known for her theglowedit Instagram account. She has gained popularity there for her lifestyle, fashion modelling, and travel photography, but also for her wellness and lifestyle content. She also worked as the beauty editor for About Time magazine.

Kate Rooney Wellness Influencer

Top Pets Influencers

34. Rupert the Husky


TikTok: 1.2M followers – ER: 15.51%

YouTube: 2.67M followers – ER: 2.06%

A loveable Husky who shares his social media accounts with his adopted husky sister Milly. In 2018, his owners uploaded a video to YouTube of him and Milly comforting their owner's crying baby. One of their most popular videos, it amassed over 11 million views in 6 months.

Rupert the Husky Pet Influencer

35. Bobbie the Persian


TikTok: 2.1M followers – ER: 16.29%

Instagram: 325K followers – ER: 2.97%

Bobbie the Rescued Black Smoke Persian is Wales’ most famous feline export thanks to her owners, Ben and Rachel Reynolds, who share daily updates from their cat’s life with fans across the globe.

Bobbie the Persian Pet Influencer

36. Bosco


TikTok: 1.3M followers – ER: 13.32%

Instagram: 187K followers – ER: 7.20%

Little dachshund Bosco loves to carry sticks ten times the size of him, and refuses to put them down or move out of people's way, making millions of people smile. Bosco has a loyal following online with over 1.3 million fans on TikTok, and has even started his own dog stick trend.

Bosco Pet Influencer

Top Arts & Crafts Influencers

37. Katie Jobling


YouTube: 384K subscribers – ER: 10.02%

Instagram: 64.4K followers – ER: 0.97%

Katie Jobling is an artist who creates impressionist oil paintings of seascapes and florals, helping aspiring artists with her online training lessons full of tips from mixing colours to finding your style.

Katie Jobling Arts & Crafts Influencer

38. Sarah-Jayne Fragola


YouTube: 1.24M subscribers – ER: 3.64%

Instagram: 164K followers – ER: 0.30%

Sarah-Jayne founded Bella Coco in 2011. She is famed for her popular YouTube channel and multi-award-winning lifestyle blog.

In order to teach people how to crochet and help them develop their talents, she has produced several tutorials and patterns. The crochet patterns are simple to follow and appropriate for crocheters of all ability levels, and the creator has a very modern, fresh style.

Sarah-Jayne Fragola Arts & Crafts Influencer

39. Laura Eccleston

@HappyBerry Crochet

YouTube: 895K subscribers – ER: 8.07%

Laura Eccleston, the renowned crochet designer behind the website HappyBerry and YouTube channel HappyBerryCrochet.

She has designed for various crochet magazines (including Inside Crochet!), as well as for Deramores and DMC Creative World's new range of children's fashion patterns.

Laura Eccleston Arts & Crafts Influencer

Top Gardening Influencers

40. Hayley’s Lottie Heaven


Instagram: 104K followers – ER: 1.36%

Blogger Hayley Brown works from her garden studio, surrounded by nature and drawing inspiration from it, to design, create, and ship orders. She offers motivational and instructional content focusing on DIY and self-sufficiency.

Her Back Yard Designs are centred on sustainability, and she sources all of her materials ethically.

Hayley’s Lottie Heaven Gardening Influencer

41. Growing with Sean James Cameron


YouTube: 37.8K subscribers – ER: 10.68%

Gardener Sean James Cameron has been growing his own food for over 30 years and is passionate about sharing his skills. He plants a variety of crops and enjoys experimenting with rarer and heritage types.

Also, he produces quick, helpful vlog tips. He developed YouTube's extremely popular Horticultural Channel, served as a judge for Britain's Best Allotment, and is the curator of the Daily Mail's MyMail Garden.

Growing with Sean James Cameron Gardening Influencer

42. The Monty Don


Instagram: 1.1M followers – ER: 2.78%

Montagu Denis Wyatt Don OBE VMH is a British horticulturist, broadcaster, and writer who is best known as the lead presenter of the BBC gardening television series Gardeners' World.

For more than 20 years, he has produced television shows on a variety of subjects, including travel, crafts, outdoor living, and, most importantly, gardening, with the goal of guiding gardeners in making the most of their grounds, regardless of size or shape.

The Monty Don Gardening Influencer

Top Cars & Automotive Influencers

43. Paul Wallace


YouTube: 886K subscribers – ER: 3.94%

Instagram: 356K followers – ER: 0.34%

Content creator on YouTube who runs the channel Supercars of London. His first video featured a Lamborghini LP640 accelerating from 0-60 MPH. His success on YouTube allowed to him trade in his Audi R8 for a limited-edition Lamborghini Gallardo, only one of 250 in the world.

Paul Wallace Cars & Automotive Influencer

44. Chris Harris


YouTube: 457K subscribers – ER: 1.39%

Instagram: 783K followers – ER: 1.53%

Top Gear presenter and automotive journalist Chris Harris gets behind the steering wheel of some of the newest and fastest cars available. While exploring the luxury vehicles, Harris takes viewers inside the technical complexities that help make the vehicles work.

Chris Harris Cars & Automotive Influencer

45. Joanna F. Benz


Instagram: 72.4K followers – ER: 3.72%

Anything with an engine gets has always got Joanna’s revving, especially when it comes to motorbikes. She creates content showcasing the latest superbikes, with test-driving and tips on getting the most out of them to fellow petrolheads.

Joanna F. Benz Cars & Automotive Influencer

Top Sustainable, Eco & Ethical Influencers

46. Em – Simply Sustainable Living


Instagram: 13K followers – ER: 1.35%

Emilie shares the things she does on a daily basis to live more sustainably using her environmental science degree and 8 years of experience in the environment and recycling industry.

The journalist and author creates content about second-hand clothing, allotmenting, beekeeping, and everything in between, as well as exploring fresh ideas for how we can further lessen our impact on the environment.

Em Sustainable, Eco & Ethical Influencer

47. The Sustainable Food Story


Instagram: 15.4K followers – ER: 0.46%

The Sustainable Food Story is run by a foraging/eco-chef, scientist/farmer duo who believe that we can go so much further than farm-to-fork.

They forage in their edible surroundings, grow their own food, cultivate close ties with their producers, use surplus goods, and demystify and explain food and farming issues through stories.

The Sustainable Food Story Sustainable, Eco & Ethical Influencer

48. Nikita


Instagram: 15.7K followers – ER: 1.40%

A science teacher and thrifting enthusiast, Nikita loves a bold print, floaty dresses and sustainable brand.

As a top sustainable creator in the UK, Nikita shares content about her personal style, all-time favourite rentals and what she’s lending on her profile, along with sustainable style myth-busting and Q&As.

Nikita Sustainable, Eco & Ethical Influencer

Top Gaming Influencers

49. Alastair Aiken


YouTube: 17.8M subscribers – ER: 6.29%

Instagram: 2.2M followers – ER: 0.66%

A full-time YouTuber who posts gaming and clickbait videos, including most notably for Fortnite. His channel has earned over 17 million subscribers.

He began uploading short gaming clips to his YouTube channel in 2009, first focusing on COD Modern Warfare 2 clips. He published the graphic novel titled Game on! in 2017.

Alastair Aiken Gaming Influencer

50. Oliver Ryan

@MasterOv Games

YouTube: 2.41M subscribers – ER: 6.50%

YouTuber with the social media name MasterOV who is known for posting daily videos featuring the video games Clash of Clans and Minecraft.

His channel became the most viewed mobile gaming channel on YouTube and the 87th most viewed gaming channel worldwide in 2015. He has more than 2.4 million subscribers.

Oliver Ryan Gaming Influencer

51. Lucy James


Twitter: 75.1K followers – ER: 0.52%

Video games journalist and presenter who is most well known as the host of In 2 Minutes and Reality Check on the GameSpot YouTube channel.

She was an intern for GameSpot in 2012 before freelancing for companies such as Sky News, The Guardian, GameReactor and VideoGamer. She worked with Ginx TV as a writer and presenter from 2012 until 2014.

Lucy James Gaming Influencer

How Can You Work With the Best Influencers in the UK?

In the UK, using top UK influencers is becoming more and more vital to an integrated social marketing strategy. According to studies, influencer marketing increased 400% in the UK between 2016 and 2021.

If you’re looking to take advantage of this growth, expected to continue as more businesses recognise the value of using influencers to promote their brand, then it’s time to work with a leading Influencer Marketing agency in the UK.

The Social Shepherd has a dedicated Influencer Marketing team that offers end to end management from influencer sourcing, outreach, briefing, management and strategy for a wide variety of brands.

Want to see other top influencers in the UK? See from our list below:

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