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Jack Shepherd Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 15 May 2023

41 Essential LinkedIn Statistics You Need to Know in 2023

While consumers flock to social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, B2B marketers rely on LinkedIn as their top social media channel for reaching key decision-makers and professional buyers. Professionals also rely on this career-focused platform for networking with others in their industry and recruiting new employees.

LinkedIn Through the Years

LinkedIn officially launched in 2003 and has grown to be the largest professional social network. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016, connecting many Microsoft office tools with LinkedIn data to create a unified experience for professionals. Their current CEO is Ryan Roslansky.

LinkedIn’s mission is to “Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” Through LinkedIn, professionals can network, advertise, post content, and recruit for their business.

The following forty social media statistics provide the most updated insights for 2022 about how LinkedIn works. In addition, you will learn key consumer behaviour patterns on the platform, which is essential for market research when creating sales and marketing strategies and content.

Top LinkedIn Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

These top statistics provide a brief overview of LinkedIn’s growth and usage in 2022.

1. There Are Over 930 Million Users on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the top professional platform, with over 930 million members from 200 countries and regions worldwide.

2. 61 Million Users Look for Jobs Through LinkedIn Weekly

Each week over 61 million people are actively looking through LinkedIn for their next position. Since LinkedIn has a designated job search page, it is easy for applicants to find their dream job. They can use different filters and LinkedIn resources to search for open positions in their industry.

LinkedIn job search page

3. LinkedIn Is the Oldest Popular Social Media Platform

LinkedIn launched in 2003, making it nearly 20 years old. Most of the older platforms are seeing a steady decline in popularity or are no longer around. However, of the top social media platforms that users actively visit, LinkedIn has been around the longest.

4. Google Has the Highest LinkedIn Following for an Organization

Google is the second most visited website and the most popular search engine. That popularity flows over to LinkedIn, attracting more followers than LinkedIn itself. As of 2022, they had nearly 25 million followers.

5. Bill Gates Has the Highest Following on LinkedIn

Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft and holds the largest following on LinkedIn, with over 35.6 million followers.

LinkedIn Usage Statistics

LinkedIn began as a site where professionals could upload and share their resumes with potential employers. Today it has grown much larger than a job search platform, as the following statistics show.

6. In 2022, LinkedIn Saw a 22% Increase in Engagement

Engagement occurs when people post new social media content, share other people’s content, or interact with other users on the platform. As the platform continues to grow, more professionals engage with others within and without their network.

7. A Third of Company Engagement Is From Employees

Businesses post content to generate interest in their company on LinkedIn. However, 30% of the readers who like, share, and comment on the content are the business’s employees. In addition, employees are 14 times more likely to share a business’s content over other content they see on the platform.

8. The Most Followed LinkedIn Hashtag is #India

Users can follow hashtags to see content from relevant topics in their newsfeed. Currently, #India is the top hashtag with 67.6 million followers. #Innovation and #management are the second and third most followed hashtags.

Table of the most followed hashtags on LinkedIn

9. 16.2% of LinkedIn Users are Active Daily

About 134.5 million users actively use LinkedIn each day. Additionally, over 48% are active monthly.

LinkedIn User Statistics

Millennials and business professionals make up the majority of the platform’s users. The following insights will help you better understand the platform and those who will see your content.

10. Over 58 Million Companies Are On LinkedIn

In addition to individual users, companies also have profiles on LinkedIn. These profiles are a means for marketing on the platform and recruiting new employees.

11. 129 Thousand Schools Are Listed on LinkedIn

Schools use LinkedIn to market their programs to young professionals looking for further education. They can also connect to past employees through their network of alumni, which improves recruiting and marketing efforts.

12. LinkedIn Has More Male Users Than Female

About 42.8% of LinkedIn users are female. Meanwhile, 57.2% are male as of January 2022.

13. Most of LinkedIn’s Users are Between 25 and 34 Years Old

Millennials make up 60% of LinkedIn’s users. In addition, about 20% of users are between 18 and 24, and almost 18% are between 35 and 54. Only 2% are 55 and older.

LinkedIn Recruiting and Hiring Statistics

LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms for finding jobs and recruiting for open positions. The following statistics show how successful the platform is at connecting professionals with the right job.

14. 101 Job Seekers Submit an Application on LinkedIn Every Second

LinkedIn streamlined the job application process by allowing job seekers to apply through the platform directly. As this statistic shows, many professionals use this service when looking for the right job. If 101 applications are submitted every second, that adds up to over eight million job applications a day.

15. Every Minute 8 People Are Hired on LinkedIn

Recruiters can see job applicants’ complete profiles, networks, and portfolios through LinkedIn, allowing them to find qualified candidates easier. Every year, there are over three million new hires through LinkedIn.

16. There Was an 88% Increase in Hires in 2022

As LinkedIn continues to grow, so does the number of users who rely on it to find new jobs. Many job seekers are successful, as confirmed hires have increased by 88% year-over-year in 2022.

17. 57% of Job Seekers Use LinkedIn to Find New Job Opportunities

Indeed is the top platform for job seekers, with 62% saying they use it to find new jobs. Meanwhile, LinkedIn comes in as close second, with 57% saying they use it for their job searches.

Percentage of job seekers that use each major job search platform

18. LinkedIn Has Over 39 Thousand Skills Listed

Skills are tags professionals add to their profiles to highlight their unique experiences and abilities. Adding skill tags improves the search and find features of LinkedIn as recruiters use the platform to target very specifically qualified applicants.

19. 67% of recruiters say that professionals hired through LinkedIn are of higher quality

Around 72% of recruiters use LinkedIn when hiring new talent. The talent they hire through the platform is of higher quality than professionals they find through other job sites and methods.

LinkedIn as a major social media platform

LinkedIn Advertising Statistics

LinkedIn Ads are paid promotions of a business and work well for converting key business decision-makers on the platform, as the following statistics prove.

20. 75% of B2B Marketers Advertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the top B2B platform, as three-quarters of marketers use it to reach business decision-makers through paid LinkedIn ads. In addition, nearly 80% say those ads provide the best results.

21. LinkedIn Ads Reach Over 14% of the Global Population

Organic content isn’t the only way to increase awareness through LinkedIn. An ad has the potential to reach 14.6% of the world’s adult population.

22. Ads Reached 22 Million More Users in 2022

The jump in LinkedIn’s user base also increased the number of ad impressions. In Q4, LinkedIn ads saw a 2.8% increase in ad reach compared to Q3.

23. Businesses See a 33% Purchase Intent Increase with LinkedIn Ads

Over a third of buyers who see a business’s ad on LinkedIn research the company with the purpose of purchasing a product.

24. LinkedIn Has Twice the Conversion Rates as Other Channels

Marketers that use LinkedIn saw their conversion rates double through the platform’s marketing and sales channels. In addition, users that see a business’s content on LinkedIn are six times more likely to purchase from that brand.

LinkedIn Marketing Statistics

B2B marketers use LinkedIn to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and build customer relationships. The following statistics show the return from these marketing efforts.

25. LinkedIn Is the Top Platform for B2B Lead Generation

Through LinkedIn, marketers can target and attract high-quality potential buyers by using the platform's search features and filters. As a result, about 40% of B2B marketers said the platform is their most effective B2B lead generation channel.

26. Nearly Half of Marketers Use LinkedIn

About 48.8 % of marketers in the U.S. use LinkedIn as part of their strategies. This number is continuing to grow, especially among B2B marketers.

27. 93% of B2B Marketers Use LinkedIn

B2B marketers use LinkedIn for their organic social marketing strategies because of the large number of professional users and the platform's advanced filter and target options.

28. 77% of Marketers Agree that They See the Best Organic Results from LinkedIn

Organic marketing requires in-depth knowledge of the audience and platform. While some organic strategies like SEO optimization are complex and don’t always yield the desired results, over three-quarters of marketers say LinkedIn does provide quality organic results.

29. 65 Million Users Are Business Decision-Makers

B2B marketers use LinkedIn because there are many key decision-makers on the platform that work for target accounts. In addition, four out of every five users drive business decisions.

30. Active LinkedIn Pages Receive Five Times the Page Views

Companies that thoroughly fill out their business pages and actively post receive more page views. In addition, they also see seven times the impressions and eleven times the clicks per follower.

31. 9 Million LinkedIn Users Turned on Creator Mode

Creator Mode is a setting that allows LinkedIn users to highlight their content. This setting on a user’s profile is ideal for building a following on the platform and establishing themselves as a reliable authority in their field.

Turning on Creator Mode also increases their chances of appearing in searches or on people’s newsfeeds, which is another way creators grow their network.

Since it was first introduced, over nine million users turned this feature on, converting their profile into a showcase of their content rather than just a user profile.

32. Content with Images See Twice the Engagement

Users who want people to stop and interact with their content use images as these posts see 2X the engagement as those without images. In addition, larger images have a 38% greater click-through rate.

33. Live Streams See More Engagement Than Regular Videos

Live stream videos encourage engagement through their interactive and personal format. As a result, live streams on LinkedIn receive seven times the reactions and twenty-four times the comments than regular videos.

34. Weekly Posts See Twice the Engagement

The best way to encourage engagement is to post regular content as it provides a means for followers to interact with a brand. In addition, the best times to post content on LinkedIn are Wednesday through Friday between 9 AM and 12 PM.

LinkedIn Company Statistics

LinkedIn’s global reach makes it a popular job search and marketing platform for users worldwide.

35. LinkedIn Has 36 Offices Worldwide

LinkedIn has ten offices across the U.S. and 26 around the world, including:

  • Washington, DC

  • Chicago

  • Amsterdam

  • Dublin

  • Tokyo

  • Paris

  • Madrid

Over 20,000 full-time employees work in these offices.

36. LinkedIn Is Available in 26 Languages

Linkedin is currently available in 26 languages, including Arabic, Englsh, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish and more.

37. LinkedIn’s Annual Revenue Is Over $8 Billion

LinkedIn grew from $2.271 billion to $8.050 billion between 2017 and 2020. Most of this growth came from Microsoft’s acquisition, which boosted the platform’s userbase.

LinkedIn’s annual revenue from 2017 to 2020

38. There Was a 36% Growth in Revenue in 2022

LinkedIn generates revenue from ads, subscriptions, and marketing and talent solutions. The steady growth of their user base also boosted the income from those channels. Specifically, they saw a 43% increase in their Talent Solutions revenue and a 34% increase in their Marketing Solutions revenue.

39. LinkedIn Has Members in 200 Different Countries and Regions

LinkedIn is a global platform with users from around the world. They are also available in 26 languages.

Global map of LinkedIn users

40. The U.S. Has the Largest LinkedIn Userbase

The U.S. accounts for 202 million of LinkedIn’s users, nearly 23% of the platform. The other 77% of users are from around the world.

41. India Has the Second Largest Userbase

India comes in second with 105 million LinkedIn users. This makes up just over 11% of the platform.

Fuel Your Marketing Strategies with LinkedIn Statistics

As LinkedIn continues to grow, update your marketing strategies with these insights so that you remain effective in 2022.

If you would like to know more information about how we at The Social Shepherd can help perfect your social media strategy across several platforms, why not send us an email at [email protected], or get in touch here.

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