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19 Essential Canva Statistics You Need To Know in 2024

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 26 Feb 2024

You don’t need to be a graphic design expert to create amazing visuals for your brand these days. With the help of tools such as Canva, you can create social media graphics, blog post headers, and even videos that not only look great but also perfectly complement your branding.

Since it was launched in 2012, Canva has become a go-to for many creators and marketers around the world because of its user-friendliness, as well as the built-in templates and design elements it offers. With so many features available at your fingertips, you can whip up an impressive design in no time!

It’s no wonder Canva has become such a successful design tool. And to show just how popular it has become, we’ve rounded up some of the top Canva statistics regarding its usage, designs, and more.

Canva Statistics Worldwide

Based in Australia, Canva truly is a global company with a user base that spans multiple countries. Even its team is based all around the world! To give you some insight into the company’s reach, here are some Canva statistics that reflect its worldwide impact:

1. Canva Has Users Based in More Than 190 Countries

Likely due to being affordable and user-friendly, Canva has attracted the attention of those around the globe. Since its launch, the platform has garnered users in more than 190 countries. Unfortunately, not much data is available regarding which countries have the most Canva users at this time.

2. 34% of Canva Users Are 25-34 Years Old

A majority of Canva’s users are between 25-34 years old. This age group makes up around 34% of the platform’s user base. The second largest age group is 18-24, making up 30% of Canva’s users. Older generations don’t seem to be on board with Canva just yet, but that could change in time.

Age distribution of Canva users

3. Canva’s User Base Has Slightly More Females

When looking at the gender distribution of Canva’s users, there isn’t too big of a gap. Approximately 55% of Canva users are female, and 45% are male. Either way, it’s safe to say everyone loves what Canva offers!

Gender distribution of Canva users

4. Approximately 17% of Canva’s Website Traffic Comes From the U.S.

Those in the U.S. consider Canva to be a go-to design tool. Around 17% of Canva’s website traffic comes from those based within the States. There are also between 1 million and 10 million U.S. users searching for “Canva” on Google every month.

And, as you can see from the chart below, most traffic to Canva comes from the United States.

Approximately 17% of Canva’s Website Traffic Comes From the U.S.

5. There Are Just Over 3,500 Canva Employees, Based All Around the Globe

When Canva says they have a global team, they mean it! They have over 3,500 employees on their team at the moment. Of those employees, 1,350 were brought on in 2021. Many are based in the U.S., located in cities such as Austin, Texas, and San Francisco, California. There are also employees in London, Manila, Sydney, Wuhan, and Beijing, among other locations.

Canva Usage Statistics

Next, let’s talk about Canva’s usage. The following statistics provide a look into its popularity in terms of its user base and how many designs have been created since the platform’s inception.

6. Canva’s Community Currently Has 150 Million People

As of 2023, its community has reached a massive 150 million people. This number has grown significantly from 60 million in 2022. And, Canva reached a substantial milestone of 100 million users in October 2022.

It’s also said that 67% of those people use paid subscriptions instead of the free account, which gives them access to an array of premium templates and design elements.

Canva’s Community Currently Has 150 Million People

7. 15 Billion Designs Created Since Canva’s Launch

Since 2012, Canva’s platform has seen 15 billion designs created by its users. That’s an impressive number and shows just how much people rely on the tool to create graphics, presentations, videos, and more. After all, Canva does have built-in templates for all sorts of designs.

8. Approximately 800,000 Teams Are Paying for Their Canva Accounts

With around 800,000 teams paying for a Canva subscription, it’s clear that a lot of people see the value in accessing the platform’s premium features. In fact, approximately 85% of Fortune 500 enterprises globally utilize Canva in various capacities. Although, it’s worth noting that Canva doesn’t publicize details regarding their subscription revenue, so it’s unclear what those teams are spending annually.

Canva Growth Statistics

It’s safe to say that Canva has exploded in popularity since its launch in 2012. But just how much has the platform grown? These Canva statistics regarding the platform’s growth will prove just how successful it has been over the years. The good news? It shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

9. Canva’s Reported Revenue in 2023 is Presently $1.7 Billion

Canva has secured over $500 million in funding, with notable investments from Blackbird Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and General Catalyst. This substantial financial backing has propelled Canva's position as a go-to platform for individuals, small businesses, and large organizations seeking a swift and effortless solution for crafting professional designs. In the year 2023, Canva's revenue run rate reached an impressive $1.7 billion.

    Canva revenue growth

    10. Their Valuation Skyrocketed 666% in Less Than Two Years

    When it comes to the world of investments, valuation is what everyone wants to know. Luckily for Canva, its latest valuation was set at $40 billion. This figure was determined in the last trimester of 2021. Based on previous figures, the company’s valuation grew 666% in less than two years.

    Canva valuation growth

    Canva Design Statistics

    Let’s talk design! After all, that’s the whole purpose behind the Canva platform. Luckily, there are some pretty interesting statistics available that provide insight into how people create beautiful content with this popular tool. Here are some design-related Canva statistics you should know:

    11. There Were 227 Million Presentations Created on Canva in 2021

    What attracts users to Canva is that it provides the ability to create designs of all styles. It’s not just for creating social media graphics or a header image for your blog post. Many users turn to Canva to whip up detailed presentations, which are often essential for work. According to Canva, 227 million presentations were created on its platform in 2021.

    12. Canva Saw 480 Million Video Publishes in 2021

    If video is your preferred medium, you’re not alone. As it turns out, Canva’s users are big video fans as well. And that’s probably because there are handy video templates to use alongside the platform’s graphic template library. In 2021, there were 480 million videos published on Canva.

    13. The Design Catalog Continues to Expand

    Over the years, Canva has amassed quite an extensive design catalog that’s packed with resources for creators to use. Presently, there are over 100 million stock images, videos, and graphic elements that can be added to a design. At least 75 million of those are premium files, which are only available to those who have a Canva Pro subscription or purchase the paid element on-demand. There are also 610,000+ templates. Around 350,000 of those templates are also premium.

    Canva Education Statistics

    In 2020, Canva launched a brand new initiative to appeal to even more people: Canva for Education. This was its way of reaching teachers and students alike. Many teachers have turned to Canva to create design elements to be used in their classrooms, such as presentations and infographics. And students were able to effortlessly create designs for their assignments. Here are some Canva statistics regarding the education platform to show how much it’s been used:

    14. Over 50 Million Teachers and Students Use Canva

    Canva isn’t just popular among online creators and marketers. It’s even caught the attention of teachers and students! In 2023, it was reported that 50 million teachers and students used Canva to bring their ideas to life.

    15. USA, Brazil, and Indonesia Have the Largest Core Audience

    In terms of website by traffic, the United States is leading the charge, followed by Brazil and Indonesia.

    USA, Brazil, and Indonesia Have the Largest Core Audience

    16. 700+ Templates Published to the Education Platform in 2020

    Many teachers don’t have the time to create custom designs of their own. That’s why it’s beneficial for them to have access to the variety of templates that Canva has to offer. By using these templates, they simply need to edit them to add the desired information. And in 2020, over 700 new templates were added to the education platform, giving teachers even more to work with.

    Let Canva Shake Up Your Social Media Presence

    Part of a successful social media strategy is having eye-catching graphics that match your branding and will stand out in a busy feed. You want people to stop and take notice!

    Luckily, Canva makes that incredibly easy to do, even if you don’t have prior graphic design skills. If you’ve been hesitant to try it out, let these Canva statistics give you a much-needed push.

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