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Jack Shepherd Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 15 May 2023

Top 17 Google Ads Agencies In The UK (2023)

Finding the right Google Ads agency is a difficult task. Many agencies promise results and then fail to deliver. Ensuring a good ROI on your campaigns requires expertise and knowledge of the market, platforms, and clients.

We've put together a list of the top 17 Google Ads management agencies in the UK that have this expertise required, are Google Ads Partners and have proven they can deliver good results.


Let’s dive in.

What Makes A Top Google Ads Agency?

Are you wondering how to spot the ideal Google Ads agency for your business? There are many factors to look at, but we listed the top things that you should look for when considering hiring an agency:

  • Proven track record = Case studies, examples of previous results and Google Ads Partner badge. These are three important things to look for since they prove that they can deliver good results.
  • Communication = An agency has to feel like an extension of your business. A deep understanding of your business and good communication is a must for successful cooperation.
  • Specialism within Google Ads = Understanding the platform, best practices, and a proven record of success is a must for delivering good results.
  • Industry knowledge = Knowing your business and understanding the market is important to find the best opportunities.

Now that you know what to look for when considering an agency, it’s time to jump into the top Google Ads agencies in the UK!

Top Google Ads Agency for eCommerce Brands

1. The Social Shepherd

At The Social Shepherd, we’re a results-driven Google Ads agency that helps eCommerce and direct to consumer brands grow faster and convert more sales.

Our paid media team manages all paid search activity for our clients, including Google Shopping, Google Search Ads, Google Display, Bing & Microsoft Advertising.

Top Google Ads Agency for eCommerce Brands

With our experienced Google Ads team, we’re always able to find gaps in your existing PPC strategy for your eCommerce brand. This allows us to lower your CPAs and increase your ROAS, as well as help your brand scale across multiple platforms.

We're proud to say we're a Google Partner, which allows us to have better insights and access to advice and best practices.

Google Partner

Our Google Ads agency has a deep knowledge and understatement of different industries, types of clients and strategies they've developed for several campaigns.

For example, optimising big catalogues (100,000+ products) because the smallest tweaks have big impacts on results. With KPI's completely net profit-focused and NCROAS (Net Contribution ROAS) as the main focus.

By adding a couple of custom labels to the product feed, including product-level profit margin and breakage. Being able to increase and decrease bids depending on profit margin, I.e., bidding more on the higher-margin products and less on the lower margin products or products that had sold out in multiple sizes.

Another great way to illustrate the expertise of our Google Ads agency could be working with a sustainable fashion brand to retain their search visibility due to the increasing number of competitors.

Taking control of rising CPCs with a Smart Bidding strategy to target the right user at the right stage of the consumer journey. With an increased ROAS, the keyword list could be expanded, reaching a wider audience and scaling cost-effectively.

Here are some other successful Google Ads campaigns we've done for our clients:

Passenger Clothing:
We scaled the brand by 3.5x ROAS in 4 months using Paid Search and Paid Media, as well as won two Paid Media Awards UK in 2022 for 'Best Integrated Paid Media Campaign' & 'Best Use of Facebook/Instagram Ads'.

Corston: We have gained a ROAS of 7.33x over the last three months through Google Ads campaigns.

London Basin Co: Achieving a 9x ROAS.

Snack Surprise: We've scaled spend by 140% and conversion volume by 142% while keeping a consistent CPA in the last six months.

Beebombs: Successfully achieving a 5.2% on ROAS and won 'Best Paid Social Campaign of the Year' at the UK Biddable Media Awards.

Want to see more case studies? Check them out here.

If you’re looking to grow your business to the next level, then get in touch with our PPC team now!

Get in touch with the PPC team!

Top Google Ads Agencies for B2B Brands

2. Push Group

Push is a marketing agency based in London that offers different Google Ads services. From Google Search to Display and Shopping ads. Their agency is a Google Premier Partner, and they have a team of 40 certified experts that have helped several B2B companies.

Top Google Ads Agencies for B2B Brands

3. Tiga UK

Tiga is a B2B digital advertising agency based in Kent that promises to serve your ads to the right person in the right place at the right time. They’ve worked with well-known clients like Mitsubishi, Sony and Clevertouch.

Top Google Ads Agencies for B2B Brands


Based in Nottingham, DPOM is a digital marketing agency that provides Google Ads management services since 2010. They focus on delivering results, striving for perfection and being fully inclusive in their services. They’re a Google Premier Partner and have worked with brands such as Claromentis, IIAA and CyberSmart.

Top Google Ads Agencies for B2B Brands

5. NOVI Digital

NOVI Digital is a digital marketing agency with offices across the UK. They’re a Google Premier Partner providing SEO and PPC for B2B and B2C that has worked with clients like Lloyd Motor Group, Property Data and Nationwide Corporate Finance, among others.

Top Google Ads Agencies for B2B Brands

Top Google Ads Agencies for Small Businesses

6. Hello Seed

Hello Seed is a digital marketing agency based in Brighton. They’ve worked with clients like World of Books and Eddie Stobart to help them generate more revenue and grow fast.

Top Google Ads Agencies for Small Businesses

7. Circus

Circus is a specialist Google Ads agency based in Leeds and London that focuses on businesses in Retail, iGaming, Finance, B2B, Travel, Healthcare & Education. Their Google Ads activity spans across Search, Shopping, Remarketing, Display and Video.

Circus PPC - Google Ads Agency

8. One PPC Agency

One PPC is a Google Premier Partner PPC agency based in London. They provide several Google Ads services such as Advertising, Search, Display and Shopping, among others, to clients like The Vets, Carpet Vintage and Mega Jump.

Top Google Ads Agencies for Small Businesses

9. Mabo

Mabo is a Google Ads Management Agency based in Middlesbrough that focuses on good and honest results. They have been awarded on several occasions and have worked with Sass & Belle, Truffle Hunter and Wearth London.

Top Google Ads Agencies for Small Businesses

Top Google Ads Agencies for Startups

10. Bravr

Bravr is a PPC agency founded in 2008 and based in London that is known for providing Google Ads & PPC services that produce real results for worldwide clients. They are a Google Partner and provide strategy, optimisation and reporting for every campaign. They’ve worked with clients like Digital Gurus, Power Wave and Xuber.

Top Google Ads Agencies for Startups

11. PPC Geeks

PPC Geeks is an agency with offices in London, Cheshire and Cumbria that delivers Google Ads campaigns for startups. They’ve worked with brands like McLennan, Abi Care and Macs to help them grow their business.

Top Google Ads Agencies for Startups

12. Finsbury Media

Finsbury Media is a Google Ads Management agency based in Surrey. They’re a Premier Google Partner and also have developed their own technology called 'CLO' to help optimise campaigns.

Finsbury Media - Google Ads Management Agency

13. Digital Uncut

Digital Uncut is a PPC agency based in London that has been awarded several times, as well as a Google Premier Partner. They’ve worked with clients such as Hiya Car, On App and In Turn, among others.

Top Google Ads Agencies for Startups

Top Google Ads Agencies for SaaS & Tech Brands

14. The Brains

The Brains is a Digital Marketing agency based in London that helps some of the UK’s biggest businesses and most exciting emerging brands to attract and convert their ideal customers via targeted, powerful PPC advertising. Some of the clients they’ve worked with are Rezated, ETFmatic and GRAKN.AI.

Top Google Ads Agencies for SaaS & Tech Brands

15. 93x Agency

93x Agency is a B2B Digital MArketing agency based in London for tech and software companies. They provide Google Ads campaigns to generate conversions and have worked with clients such as Telefonica, Open Banking and Kantox.

Top Google Ads Agencies for SaaS & Tech Brands

16. Elevate UK

Elevate UK is a PPC Management agency with offices in London and Southampton. They offer Google Ads management services to increase ROI. They’ve worked with companies like DNV GL, IDT Express and Teamo.

Top Google Ads Agencies for SaaS & Tech Brands

17. Loom Digital

Loom Digital is a PPC & Media Services agency based in Bristol. They’re a Google Premier Partner and help businesses of all sizes and sectors reach the right people on the right platforms.

Loom Digital - Bristol Google Ads Agency

Why Hire One Of The Best Google Ads Agencies?

Google Ads helps you push your website, drive more traffic into it and convert it into sales.

At The Social Shepherd, we’ll help you get a good ROI from every Google Ads campaign.

So, if you're looking for the best Google Ads agency for your eCommerce or direct to consumer brand, then get in touch today with us at The Social Shepherd!

Get in touch with the Google Ads agency today!
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