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Jack Shepherd Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 03 Mar 2023

Top 13 Video Marketing Agencies In The UK (2023)

Since the beginning of the pandemic, video content has grown so much across all platforms.

Marketers have seen this trend as the perfect opportunity to showcase their products and services in a different format that is more appealing to the audience and potential consumers.

Therefore, this higher traffic can convert into sales, making video marketing the perfect tactic to invest in.

However, there are so many video marketing agencies, and it’s challenging to find one that can deliver quality content that aligns with your brand and will guarantee traffic and sales.

This is the exact reason why today we did some research and put together a list of the top 13 video marketing agencies in the UK, so it’s easier to find the most suitable for your business.

What Makes A Top Video Marketing Agency?

But, how to find the best video marketing agency for your business?

Not all agencies are the same, and you want to make sure they’ll be able to provide the best service and results for your business.

  • Case studies: Check out previous video marketing campaigns to see the quality of their video, results and the types of clients they’ve worked with.
  • Clients: Not only results and quality but checking which kind of clients they’ve worked with before. Maybe you’re a start-up, a food-related business or a tech company, and each one of them needs a different approach and expertise.
  • Video types: You can create several different types of videos to give your brand a push. Have a look at which types of video they offer and if that’s a style that would showcase your products and services the best.
  • Platforms: Once the video content is created, it needs to be distributed and promoted to perform. An agency that has knowledge and expertise on different platforms will guarantee good results.

Now that we’ve written down the key things to look at when considering an agency, it’s time to get into the top video marketing agencies in the UK!

Top Performance-Driven Video Marketing Agency

1. The Social Shepherd

Video Marketing Agency UK - The Social Shepherd

We are a results-driven video marketing agency that specialises in content that converts. We create videos for both organic and paid media for ambitious, and ROI focused brands.

Our team consists of videographers, content creators, editors, animators & strategists - so we can produce Reels, TikToks, Paid Social Assets, Photography & UGC.

From big productions, UGC, Reels and TikTok’s, we have experience in different video production formats to suit all our client’s needs. Moreover, the ability to do video advertising across Paid Social on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube.

Since we’re performance-driven, we’re able to back up all our video production with consistent results:

  • 97.3M video views across our creatives in the past 12 months
  • £4,250,000 directly generated from video creatives we’ve produced
  • 93% of clients increase their ROI within 2 months

But, just in case this is not enough, we want to share some video examples we’ve created for our clients in the past few months:

  • TOTM: We created some creatives to drive ROAS across paid social channels, as well as creating a truer representation of menstrual cycles than usually shown in media formats. As a result, their ad results since launching the videos have returned to what they were pre-iOS14.5.
  • London Basin Co: We created multiple video variations to be optimised for both Reels and Paid Media campaigns. Paid Social achieved a 5.5x ROAS, which is a significant increase YOY.
  • Waterside: In this video, we wanted to show the experience of what it’s like to be at the holiday park, with the primary goal of driving more bookings.
  • Foga: We produced three video ads for Foga, a brand of instant whole plant smoothies. Our favourite one is focused on introducing the brand to new audiences. They also wanted to drive more conversions.
  • Flyp: We've been working with Flyp on their cross-channel organic social strategy and TikTok. As an example of the results we're achieving on TikTok, we generated over 380k views organically.
  • Godiva: To show their audience that there’s a gift perfect for all chocolate lovers within Godiva’s product range in a socially optimised format. Focusing on multiple products gives people a full perspective of what you can offer, and makes them want to explore your range more in-depth.

You can see more case studies and video examples here.

So, if you’re interested in content that converts, then we’re the right partner for you!

Get in touch with our video marketing team now!

Top B2B Video Marketing Agencies

2. Torpedo Group

Torpedo is a full-service B2B creative agency with offices in Oxford and London that has been in the market for over 17 years.

With more than 70 employees, they deliver high-quality creative content and specialise in video production.

Some of their clients are Rentokill, Petronic or Adobe.

B2B Video Marketing Agency in London - Torpedo Group

3. Hurricane Media

Hurricane is a video marketing agency based in London.

They specialise in B2B video strategy, production and activation. They’ve worked with clients such as BMW, Costa Coffee and AXA.

Hurricane Media - B2B Video Marketing Company

4. The Collective

The Collective is a video and media production agency based in Dorset.

They offer different videos for B2B companies, such as corporate videos, case studies, animations or podcasts, among others. Some clients they’ve worked with are AGI Holdings, Gulmay and Iracroft.

B2B Corporate Video Marketing Agency - The Collective

Top Video Marketing Agencies for Small Business

5. Warpline

Warpline is a team of 5 that started creating video content for small businesses back in 2013. Since then, they’ve grown their client list with brands like People Stark, North Row and WebExpenses.

They offer creative services such as design and branding, photography and video production.

Video Marketing Content Agency - Warpline

6. Skylark Media

Skylark Media is a creative agency based in Bristol, and they create videos that inspire consumers and boosts sales.

Also, they have experience in different types of video (animation, TV commercials, product explainers, etc.) and different sizes of businesses.

Skylark Media - Video Marketing Agency for Small Businesses & Startups

7. Pocket Creatives

Pocket Creatives works with businesses of all sizes. From established household names to emerging brands and start-ups.

Based in London, they offer creative services such as photography and video production to brands like Sweetpea Pantry, Thanks for Franks and Every Woman.

Video Marketing Company - Pocket Creatives

Top Video Marketing Agencies for Startups

8. Drop Studio

Drop Studio is a video marketing company that focuses on producing crowdfunding videos with the aim to help you raise money for your startup.

Having now helped their clients raise over £23,000,000, they could be the perfect fit for your business, if it's looking to get investors interested in your brand.

They have offices in both Birmingham and London.

Video Marketing Agency for Startups - Drop Studio

9. Tailored Media

Tailored Media is a video production company based in London that helps start-ups through attention-grabbing videos to get potential investors and grow their business.

They offer different types of videos such as crowdfunding, Kickstarter and start-up video production.

Videos for Startups by Tailored Media in London

10. RAW Pictures

RAW Pictures is a video marketing agency that helps established and growing companies with video production.

They deliver different types of video like corporate, animation and live-streaming for clients such as Seagate, Xero and Thomas, among others.

Having also recently won 'Top 3 Videographers in Oxford' they are a great fit for any small business looking to grow to the next level.

Video Marketing Agency in Oxford - RAW Pictures

Top Video Marketing Agencies for SaaS

11. Magneto Films

Video Marketing Agency from London, Magneto Films work closely with SaaS and technology companies to produce testimonial, explainer and branded videos.

They've worked with the likes of Hubspot and Hotjar, two of the biggest SaaS businesses out there.

Magneto Films - Video Agency for SaaS & Technology

12. Posh Gecko

Posh Gecko is a great choice for any SaaS or Technology business looking for beautifully crafted animated explainer videos, to use in their video marketing.

Based in London and Peterborough, they have a team of 13 of the most talented video creatives in the UK.

SaaS & technology Animated Explainer Video Marketing - Posh Gecko

13. Kartoffel Films

Kartoffel Films is a video marketing agency based in London.

They offer animation, brand, explainer, advertising and social media video production, and post-production.

They have a wide range of clients from different markets but have experience within the tech and SaaS industry thanks to Paddle and Salesforce.

Video Marketing Agency - Kartoffel Films

Why Hire One Of The Best Video Marketing Agencies?

Video content is vital to help promote your business, grow your audience and increase sales.

You can ensure a good ROI by making sure you choose the right video marketing agency depending on your market, the type of video you want to create, and the platforms to display it on.

At The Social Shepherd, we’re experts in videos that convert, and we’ve successfully created video content that generated fantastic ROAS.

If you’d like to have a chat with our video marketing agency, get in touch by clicking the button below.

Get in touch with the Video Marketing agency today!
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