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Top 13 Paid Media Agencies In The UK (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 23 Apr 2024

Paid Media is the backbone to the success of any growing brand in 2024.

So it's no surprise you're looking to find one of the best Paid Media agencies in the UK.

But, it's tough to find an agency that is trusted and reliable. This is exactly why we've created this very article, so you have all the best agencies in one easy list.

Now, you don't have to search across the 679,000,000 results that Google presents you with.

paid media agency uk

We're going to cover paid media experts in eCommerce, B2C, B2B, SaaS and Small Businesses.

Sounds good?

Let's get stuck in.

What Makes A Top Paid Media Agency?

As you might have guessed, not all performance marketing agencies are the same. We’ve done all the hard work and created a list of the 13 best UK performance marketing agencies. This list hasn’t been created using only our criteria but the main points that make a top performance marketing agency.

Proven Track Record & Results

Without verifiable and provable results, how would you ever know an agency can do what they say they can? Check their case studies section and client references to ensure they can deliver on their claims.


Are you a B2B brand? eCommerce? Small Business?

Make sure they have relevant experience in your industry and your size of business.

For example, here at The Social Shepherd, we are specialists at eCommerce businesses, making us a great option for any brand that sells products online, but not so much for B2B businesses.

Channel Expertise

Maybe you're missing opportunities out in Paid Social and need an agency with expertise within that section of Paid Media. Look deeper into their case studies to ensure it's not just one channel they've performed in but can help you across a variety.


Throughout the proposal and intro call stages, how has their communication been? Has it been efficient and friendly? Make sure it fits in line with the ways you like to communicate and work.

    Now that you know what to look for let’s jump into the top paid media agencies you can find in the UK!

    Top Paid Media Agencies

    1. The Social Shepherd

    Paid Media Agency - The Social Shepherd

    Yes, that’s us, and we’re proud to say that we’re considered one of the best Paid Media agencies in the UK.

    Not only due to our results but also the awards we've won, including:

    • Best Integrated Paid Media Campaign
    • Best Direct Response Campaign
    • Best Use of Facebook and Instagram Ads

    But what exactly are our services at The Social Shepherd?

    Paid Social - We take a multi-channel Paid Social approach to increase your ROAS across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok & Snapchat Ads.

    Paid Search - Google Ads (Premier Partner status), Shopping, Microsoft/Bing & Display.

    Feed Management - Feed optimisation, onboarding to CSS (up to 20% cheaper CPCs on Shopping).

    Creative - We have a team of strategists, planners, designers, videographers, motion designers and animators to ensure you have performance-driven creative.

    International Growth - We have teams in the UK and the U.S., so if you're looking for growth outside of the UK, then we've got the team to help.

    Want to know some of our results?

    • Scaled Passenger Clothing's revenue by 10x in the last two years, which put them in a position of taking a £15m minority round by ex-CEO of Gymshark, and #2 in the Top 100 UK's fastest growing businesses.
    • 8.2x ROAS for Love Leggings (LOVAL) while more than doubling their budget.
    • 15x ROAS for high-end homeware brand.
    • 2,000 to 25,000+ monthly subscribers for food subscription box.

    We manage media budgets from £20,000 to £1,000,000+ per month.

    So, if you're looking to scale and create efficiencies within your Paid Media, then click the button below to speak with our Paid Media team.

    Or if you want to learn more about our Paid Media offering, then you can find our service page here.

    2. Verb

    Verb is a Paid Media agency from London that focuses on the best Luxury brands.

    Their Paid Media team is trained to run all channels, so they don't have a one-channel specialism, making them flexible to your needs and the platforms you want to get assistance with.

    The core channels they focus on for the majority of their clients are:

    • Paid Search
    • Google Shopping
    • Paid Social
    • Programmatic

    Verb has driven results for clients such as Claridges, Creed Fragrances, Clive Christian, The Calzedonia Group and more.

    Verb Top Paid Media Agencies

    3. Impression

    Impression is an award-winning agency from London and Nottingham and has a core focus on Paid Media.

    They've won awards with The Drum, Biddable Media Awards, European Search Awards and Deloitte.

    With a team of 97 across their two offices, they have the expertise required to scale & grow your business.

    In Paid Media, they help with PPC, Paid Social Advertising, Google Shopping, Display, Consultancy & Video Advertising.

    They also boast of having tight-knit relationships with the biggest paid media platformhttps://thesocialshepherd.com/admin/entries/blog/50438-top-paid-media-agencies-uk#s.

    Google Ads - Premium Partner

    Microsoft Ads - Select Partner

    Meta - Business Partner

    Impression Top Paid Media Agencies

    4. Ality

    Ality, a team of digital marketing specialists that help brands grow with Paid Media.

    They mention that their best work is done collaboratively with clients rather than seen as an external resource.

    Based in London, they're a great choice for any company looking for paid media specialists in Search, Social, Display or Spotify Ads.

    Clients they work with:

    • BP
    • Ocado
    • Castrol
    • Hilton
    • Mimecast
    • Lee Stafford
    • and many more!
    Ality Top Paid Media Agencies

    5. 93x

    93x is a Paid Media agency for B2B, technology and SaaS businesses.

    They have a deep understanding of B2B marketing and the difference that comes with understanding the customer journey and purchasing decision someone has to make.

    All of their activity has a focus on lead generation, pipeline and revenue increases. For them, it's all about quality, not quantity, so even if particular search terms have small amounts of volume, they will still look to target them as there can often be a higher deal value.

    93x - B2B Paid Media Agency

    6. Soap Media

    Based in Manchester and Preston, Soap Media is a talented strategic & creative digital marketing agency that focuses on Paid Media.

    Having worked with AA Tyres, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, The Grand Theatre, Booths Supermarket, American Golf, amongst many others, they understand how to create paid media campaigns that drive performance across a wide variety of industries.

    Soap Media - Manchester Paid Media Agency

    7. Algebra

    Algebra is a PPC Agency based in London.

    They offer services such as Paid Search, Paid Social, Appr Promotion, Shopping Ads & consultancy, for brands like John Lewis, Escape Hunt and Panasonic, amongst many others.

    Top Paid Media Agency in the UK

    8. The Nest

    The Nest is a Paid Media Agency that helps brands flourish and thrive.

    As a boutique agency based in Bristol, they can offer all the services a larger agency would but give more attention to your brand. Their services include:

    • Media Buying
    • Media Strategy
    • Channel Planning
    • Analytics & Reporting
    • Training & Workshops
    The Nest Top Paid Media Agencies

    9. Enjoy Digital

    Enjoy Digital is a Leeds based agency that helps businesses scale with Paid Media.

    All of their Paid Media activity works towards the central goal of increasing your ROI.

    How their Paid Media service looks like:

    • Bespoke campaigns.
    • Transparency. Showing you exactly how they're utilising your budget.
    • Make your budget work harder.
    • Integrated approach. To include CRO and UX design to improve your landing pages, to improve results of your paid media campaigns.
    Enjoy Digital Top Paid Media Agencies

    10. Circulate

    Circulate is a digital ads agency with offices in Sheffield, New York, Manchester, Barcelona and Brighton.

    They offer PPC and Paid Social services and have worked with brands like the NHS, Octopus and Wifinity.

    Circulate Top Paid Media Agencies

    11. Liberty Marketing

    Cardiff based marketing agency Liberty Marketing have a strong focus on Paid Media, PPC & Paid Social.

    They help their clients create profitable, data-driven paid media campaigns that drive conversions all across the web.

    As a part of their Paid Media service offering, they'll work with you on:

    • Google Ads
    • Bing Ads
    • Display
    • Remarketing
    • Programmatic
    • Google Shopping Management
    • Facebook Ads
    • Twitter Ads
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • PPC Strategy
    • PPC Audit
    • Tracking & Tagging set up
    Liberty Marketing - Cardiff Paid Media Agency

    12. Bamboo Nine

    Bamboo Nine is a Brighton based paid media agency with a wealth of experience.

    They focus on creating consistent month on month growth to ensure your business is always growing.

    But what other reasons do people choose Bamboo Nine as their Paid Media agency?

    • 30-day rolling contracts
    • No margins or hidden costs
    • Educational and collaborative
    Bamboo Nine Top Paid Media Agencies

    13. Disrupt

    Disrupt is an award-winning digital growth agency with offices in London.

    They offer Influencer Marketing, Paid Social, Social Media Management and Content Production, and have worked with brands like Huel, Asahi and Marshall.

    Disrupt Top Paid Media Agencies in the UK

    Why Hire One Of The Best Paid Media Agencies?

    Simply put, your brand deserves the best.

    Choosing a Paid Media agency that isn't up to scratch, can waste more budget on campaigns that aren't driving performance, than the difference in fees between a good and a bad agency.

    Not only this, but they'll help you achieve the desired result much quicker than a less experience paid media agency.

    That's where we can help at The Social Shepherd.

    We drive serious growth and ROI for our clients in both Paid Search & Paid Social, and have a team of experienced media buyers that know exactly the right strategy to implement for your brand.

    If you’d like to have a chat with our Paid Media team, get in touch by clicking the button below:

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