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Top 19 Shopify Agencies in the UK (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 11 Jul 2024

Want to find the best Shopify agencies in the UK? Well, you're in the right place!

With there now being thousands of agencies who can help you with your Shopify brand, it's not an easy task to find someone you can genuinely trust and feel confident to work with.

Even when you search on Google, you're overwhelmed with 23,700,000 results of Shopify agencies.

Shopify agency UK

Luckily, we've hand-selected Shopify agencies that fit certain criteria and help with various services.

Including Shopify agencies that help with marketing, web design & development, Shopify Plus agencies, conversion rate optimisation & Shopify app development.

Ready to learn more?

Let's get stuck in.

What Makes A Top Shopify Agency?

Why did we actually include this list of 19 Shopify Agencies? What makes them special?

One of the reasons you're here is to find that perfect agency that you can trust.

Our research process is in-depth, so you can feel good about working with any of the following agencies.

To understand how we've chosen these particular agencies, or how you can vett them yourselves - see below!

  • Case Studies & Portfolio. This is proof of their quality of work. Go check out the brands they've previously worked with and see how their marketing, website & branding look. If they've worked with brands similar to your industry, even better!
  • Price Range. We've picked a wide range of agencies that work with all types of budgets. With some b being focused on enterprise solutions, and others focused on small businesses. Find an agency that fits with your budget, but it's advised not to pick one that's also massively under your budget. Otherwise, they're probably not putting in the time that's required to get what you're looking to achieve.
  • Communication. During the proposal stage, has their communication been efficient? If they're slow to respond, seem uninterested, then it's time to move on quickly.
  • Their Team. It's important that not only does their team have expertise in what you're looking for, but they're passionate and enthusiastic about the project. As well as this, do you get on with them? Make sure they're people you'd enjoy working with.

Now we've gone through what makes a good Shopify agency. It's time to take you through the top 17 agencies on our list.

Top Shopify Marketing & Advertising Agency

1. The Social Shepherd

The Social Shepherd - Shopify agency

Yep, that's us!

95% of our clients are on Shopify, and we help them scale their brands with Paid Social, Paid Search, Social Media Content, Creative and Influencer Marketing.

We're known as one of the top performance agencies for DTC and eCommerce brands, working with the likes of Uniqlo, Passenger Clothing, Neptune and many others.

Now, you may think we're biased in putting ourselves on this list, but we can back this up with incredible results across our portfolio of clients.

Some of our results include:

  • Achieved a 10+ return on ad spend for a Homeware brand using Paid Social and Paid Search.
  • Scaled a Fashion brand's ad spend from £55k per month to £600k per month, while maintaining ROAS.
  • Grew a food subscription box from 2,000 monthly subscribers to over 25,000+.
  • Acquired more than 165,000 customers for gardening brand, Beebombs.
  • Using Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest Ads, we achieved a 10+ ROAS for timber and DIY brand.
  • Increased a clothing brand's revenue by 3.74x and won two awards with their campaign.

Our team of growth experts help Shopify brands grow significantly with Paid Social, Paid Search, Social, Creative and Influencer.

So if you own or work for a Shopify brand that's doing at least £100,000 a month in revenue - we're the perfect option for your growth.

Get in touch with us today, and we'll show you how we can take you to the next level.

Top Shopify Website Development Agencies

2. Charle

Charle is a Shopify website design and development agency based in London. They work with ambitious, fast-growth Shopify brands to design, develop & optimise their websites.

Their approach consists of:

  • Discovery, Strategy & Planning. They kick off with an in-depth research session on your competitors and get a deeper understanding of your brand.
  • Shopify Web Design & Visuals. Moving onto building out your wireframes to maximise your customer engagement & conversion rate.
  • Shopify Development & Build. Charle's specialist developers then start building out the code behind your website with all best practices in mind.
  • Testing & Launching. Before launching your Shopify website live, it's important to ensure it's working flawlessly before your potential customers can navigate and purchase.
Boasting a vast portfolio of incredible Shopify websites, they're a great option for any brand looking to go to the next level.
Charle - Shopify Agency London

    3. Kubix Media

    Birmingham-based Kubix Media are Shopify web developers who are also considered 'Shopify Experts' listed on Shopify's recommended partner list.

    With prices starting at £5,000+, they aren't for everyone, but if you're looking for a website that's without fault, they're an excellent option for any growing Shopify and eCommerce brand.

    Some of their clients include Hoodrich, Nourished, Lisa Yang, Hemming & Wills, Rowe, Wilsons and many more.

    Kubix - Birmingham Shopify agency

    4. Sheer Digital

    Shopify web design experts Sheer Digital is an experienced team of web designers and developers. Founded in 2012, they have worked with all types of eCommerce brands, helping them create better online stores.

    They're well respected & trusted with over 16 reviews on Clutch and have also won awards on Clutch.

    One of their recent case studies includes working with Kimon, who is a luxury travel bag brand. They built them a bespoke Shopify theme which included an option for product personalisation.

    Sheer Digital - Shopify Web Design & Development Agency

    5. Blue Horizons

    Gloucester-based Shopify agency, Blue Horizons, is your one-stop shop for everything to do with Shopify.

    Not only do they build & develop Shopify websites but they also can help you with the following:

    • Brand development
    • Logo design
    • Print & promotional design
    • Shopify marketing

    Their prices start at £2,282 for any web design or development.

    Blue Horizons - Shopify agency and development

    6. Create 8

    Shopify web design agency, Create 8, has a team of experienced Shopify web developers that work with clients on:

    • Theme Built Stores
    • Custom Built Stores
    • App Integrations
    • Theme Customisations
    • Shopify Migrations

    Their client list includes CTRL, Abreo, oohbox, Walker Slime, GIFDBOX and many others!

    Create 8 - Shopify web design agency

    7. Quickfire Digital

    Quickfire Digital is a Shopify Plus and Shopify support agency. They build bespoke websites, software and provide accelerator packages to help businesses with continued growth.

    They are official Shopify Experts and Shopify Partners and consist of a team of strategists, account leads and developers.

    Quickfire specialises in:

    • Store migrations to Shopify Plus and Shopify
    • Shopify Plus design and development
    • Shopify optimisation through monthly accelerator packages
    • Shopify consultancy and training
    • Custom software development and platform integrations

    Brands working with us to achieve their growth targets include:

    • Blakely Clothing
    • Mylee cosmetics
    • Tala activewear
    Quickfire Digital Shopify Developer

    Top Shopify Plus Agencies

    8. Propeller

    With offices in London and New York, Propeller is one of the go-to choices for anyone looking for a Shopify Plus Agency.

    Their web developers understand the tech and ecosystem required for enterprise D2C websites and can help clients migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus.

    They list their expertise as:

    • Theme Customisations
    • D2C Restaurant & Food Stores
    • Bespoke Themes
    • Wholesale Support
    • Tech & App Customisation & Selection
    • Site Maintenance

    Recent clients include LEON's 'Feed Britain', Tivoli Audio, MWELL and Gemma by WP Diamonds.

    Propeller - Shopify Plus Agency in the UK

    9. Eastside Co

    Eastside Co was one of the first 3 in the UK to be awarded Shopify Plus Partner Agency status with Shopify themselves.

    This credential shows that they have the knowledge and skill required to scale their clients' websites consistently. They do this with their eCommerce discovery audits, best-in-industry Shopify website builds, results-driven Shopify marketing strategies and world-class applications.

    They have offices in both London and Birmingham.

    eastside co - shopify plus agency

    10. Blubolt

    Blubolt has over 15 years of experience building eCommerce websites for a variety of clients. How do they help their clients with Shopify Plus websites?

    • Shopify builds
    • Shopify design & UX
    • Shopify optimisation
    • Shopify apps

    But why should you choose Blubolt?

    • eCommerce Expertise
    • Innovative approach
    • Omni-channel
    • Proven success
    • Beautiful & distinctive design
    • Exceptional support
    blubolt - top shopify plus agency

    Top Shopify Conversion Rate Optimisation Agencies

    11. Underwater Pistol

    London-based Shopify CRO agency Underwater Pistol, is a great option for anyone looking to increase their Shopify website on-site conversion rate.

    Their aim is to help you generate more revenue from your Shopify site, even with the same amount of visitors. Using data and their extensive knowledge, they'll increase your conversion rate without fail.

    Underwater Pistol - CRO conversion rate optimisation agency

    12. Swanky Agency

    So, you're getting a good amount of traffic to your Shopify website, but it's not converting as much as you'd hoped? Swanky Agency are the team to help.

    They make conversion rate optimisation decisions based on data and their expert knowledge of what moves the needle. All of their CRO is done in-house, including campaign analysis, development & testing.

    Swanky - CRO agency for Shopify Plus

    13. Whole Design Studios

    Whole Design Studios are Shopify experts.

    Their team of designers & developers also know conversion rate optimisation extremely well and have helped hundreds of clients improve their revenue through effective CRO strategies.

    In their conversion rate optimisation service, it includes:

    • Audit and understand business objectives
    • Data creation and collection
    • Data analysis
    • Hypothesis creation
    • Design
    • Development
    • A/B testing
    • Learning and improving

    They list their CRO prices from £1,500 per month.

    Whole design studios - conversion rate shopify agency

    Top Shopify App Development Agencies

    14. Liquify Design

    Can't find what you need in the Shopify app store? Liquify Design are here to help.

    They build custom Shopify apps to ensure your Shopify site is working to your exact needs.

    Their team are able to code absolutely anything you want into an app, so give them a message, and they'll be able to help you!

    Liquify Design - Shopify App Development Agency

    15. Siruss

    Shrewsbury-based Shopify App developers Siruss are a trusted partner that can help you build the Shopify app you're looking to get done.

    They'll first tell you if your idea is possible and give you the costs associated with producing the app itself. As you can imagine, creating a Shopify app isn't an easy task, so don't expect it to be the cheapest solution.

    Siruss Shopify App Developers

    16. Webowski

    Since 2013, Webowski, who is based in Birmingham, has been building custom Shopify apps for their clients.

    They specialise in creating bespoke app solutions that no other app on the app store can help with.

    Webowski Shopify App development experts UK

    17. Modus Apps

    Modus Apps aim is to make your brand stand out and be unique with your very own Shopify App.

    Based in Bristol, their founder Gordon has deep eCommerce expertise, helps build pragmatic and robust solutions, and is an expert at deriving insights from data.

    So if you have an idea for an app, and need help bringing it to life, then Modus Apps could be the agency for you.

    Modus Apps - Shopify App Development

    18. Dewsign

    Cornwall Shopify experts, Dewsign can help you build a completely custom Shopify app.

    They specialise in the development, installation and integration of Shopify apps for your online store, as well as automation.

    Dewsign - Shopify Agency

    Shopify Freelance Experts

    19. Storetasker

    Storetasker are unlike anyone else on this list.

    They’re a platform that connects you with a world-class developer but at freelance prices.

    Not only this, but you can pay by the hour for specific tasks. So whether they’re helping you with a full Shopify build, or are doing small tweaks, they’re a great company to partner up with.

    They’re also trusted by 30,000 Shopify Brands!

    Storetasker - Shopify freelance experts

    Why Hire One Of The Best Shopify Agencies?

    As a growing brand, you want the best for your Shopify site.

    So choosing one of the best Shopify agencies in the UK is a must if you want to get the results your brand deserves. Whether that's to help you scale with a Shopify marketing agency or if you need someone to build & design a brand new store for you.

    Working with one of the best agencies isn't going to be the cheapest, but you often get what you pay for.

    So, if you're looking to work with an agency that can help you with Social Media Marketing, Paid Media, Creative Production or Influencer Marketing - then get in touch with our team of Shopify experts now.

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