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Increased Revenue by 3.74x with Paid Media - Award Winning Campaign


The Client

Passenger is an ethical clothing and apparel brand for adventure-seekers. The brand is based in the UK but delivers to other countries around Europe, America and Australia, among others.

Client Goals:

  • Scale past their monthly budget, as their previous agency struggled to scale further.
  • Keep over a 10x blended ROAS to maintain a strong margin throughout.
  • Adapt existing assets to produce direct-response paid social creatives, as well as implement fresh creative ideas and strategies to enable scaling.
  • Create and implement a blended ROAS model to aid post iOS performance tracking.

What We Did

We ensured a full-funnel strategy was implemented across the top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel - with the appropriate ad set exclusions in place.

In our retainer with Passenger, we included 2 days worth of our creative team's time per month. A lot of our creatives involved lifestyle photography, but with simple text overlays that showcase the offer + logo of Passenger.


  • Total Revenue increased by 3.74x

  • Total Media Spend increased by 3.1x

  • Grew Paid Search Spend by 4.59x

  • Grew Paid Social Spend by 2.82x

We also won two awards with them in the UK Paid Media Awards 2022:

  • Best Integrated Paid Media Campaign

  • Best Use of Facebook/Instagram Ads

Current status:

Our Paid Media & Creative teams are still working with Passenger, and we keep scaling every month.

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