Online revenue increased by 27% and Offline revenue by 44%.

Paid Media
Client: GoCustom
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The Client

GoCustom Clothing is a garment company providing an extensive range which can be customised to add your own logo or design, through print or embroidery.

Client Goal:

Provide continued growth in sales for GoCustom through the successful management of paid digital advertising while achieving a blended target ROAS of 460%.

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What We Did

We analysed past performance to determine which areas of the account worked effectively. Using this information, paired with our new strategy approach, we updated the account’s structures; utilising the power of new AI algorithms which hadn’t been leveraged in the past. We’ve worked too with a feed management software to enrich the product data and improve the performance of GoCustom’s listings in Google Shopping.

To support the delivery of revenue at target ROAS, it was important to strategise around online and offline revenue generation. Working with the Client, we created an extensive range of secondary conversions that helped us understand how the offline revenue is being generated. This allowed us to plan the investment to support these conversions and model the expected return for both sides of the business.

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After launching, we supported in-account learnings through continuous optimisation, which helped determine the new top-performing areas of the accounts. For Google, this entailed product segments and keywords, and for Meta, we analysed the creative formats and audience targeting. Using the findings, we tightened the structures to help achieve a more sustainable ROAS.

Throughout the year, we continued to tailor the approach against learnings, changes in the industry and in Paid Media, as well as seasonality. This involved adjusting the structure and testing creative, targeting type and ad copy. We continued to hone in on the most profitable and popular products, best-performing keywords, and audiences, to reach the most purchase-ready users possible out of the audiences we targeted.

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The Results:

  • Raised overall paid media spend by 40% YOY
  • Purchase increase by platform:
    • Google: +70%
    • Bing: +51%
    • Meta: +1664%
  • Online revenue increased by 27% and Offline revenue by 44%.
  • Achieved a blended ROAS of 474%, which is nicely above their target of 460%.

Current Status:

  • Client committed to budget increase for 2024
  • We’ve launched paid media advertising on LinkedIn

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