Over-delivered ROAS Goal by 3.18x on Pinterest Ads for eCommerce Brand

Paid Media
Client: Natural Baby Shower
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The Client

Natural Baby Shower is a brand that specialises in natural products for parents and babies, with an eco-friendly approach.

Client Goals:

  • 15x ROAS

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What We Did

Firstly, our Paid Social team connected their product catalogue to Pinterest to enable dynamic product campaigns, as well as begin to plan the campaign structure to create efficient use of their budget.

Then, the team was in charge of leading the creative strategy, allowing Natural Baby Shower’s in-house team to produce and edit assets specifically for the platform’s requirements & best practices.

The next step was to identify audiences and how to target them. We organised the funnel & campaign structure in the following way:

  • TOF (top of the funnel): Keyword targeting and interest-based targeting.

  • MOF (middle of the funnel): Retargeting pin engagers and 1st party data.

  • BOF (bottom of the funnel): Catalogue sales by using dynamic remarketing ads.

Once we saw good results and ROI, the Paid Social team decided to scale. They introduced moment campaigns based on calendar and key trends, which they would then tailor to the brand.

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The Results

Note: We worked closely with our Pinterest rep to learn more about the customer journey from Natural Baby Shower’s audience, their attribution window and any optimisations that could improve our campaigns.

  • Average 47.73 ROAS over a 3-months period (30 post-click, 30 post-engagement, 30 post-view) on conversion campaigns.

  • Average 9.68 ROAS over a 3-months period (30 post-click, 7 post-engagement, 1 post-view) on conversion campaigns.

After seeing these positive results, we’ve now put in place a long-term traffic and awareness strategy alongside the current conversion campaign so we can reach even more users and drive them to Natural Baby Shower’s website to generate conversions.

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