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We help brands increase their return on ad spend & profitability using PPC.

Do you want to work with a performance-driven Paid Media agency that talks less and delivers more?

We leverage Google Ads, Google Shopping, Display & YouTube Ads to drive revenue, increase profitability and acquire more customers.

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Why do brands choose to work with The Social Shepherd?

But how do we use influencers & content creators?

Capture Customers Who Are Actively Searching And Ready To Purchase

Having recently won Best Integrated Paid Media Campaign of the Year, our team knows how to drive growth and increased profitability across Google Ads, Shopping and other Paid Media platforms.

We fully utilise the power of Google’s algorithm. Combined with an account structure built for performance and calculated keyword selection, we make sure your ads appear for the right customer at the right time.

Performance-based account structure

Our account structures are built around achieving high quality scores which allow for you to buy your clicks from Google at a cheaper cost, meaning you get more clicks for your budget and reduce the level that CPCs eat away at your margins.

We Utilise All Of Google’s Tools To Make Sure You Get The Results You Need

We dive into all aspects of Google’s advertising portfolio, creating ads across the search, shopping, display, and YouTube networks to capture users at every stage of their conversion journey.

Thorough Analysis & Reporting

To make the right decisions on your advertising spend, it’s important to have a robust reporting solution that can break down all your data into easily digestible numbers.

Our custom reporting breaks each platform down, as well as shows you which campaigns, keywords, creative and copy are driving performance.

We also build in metrics that are vital for your business to track, making it completely bespoke to you.

Discover How Our Paid Media Team Can Help You

Listen to Jack, our Co-Founder & Marketing Director, and Joey, our Paid Media Director, introduce the team and what they can do for your brand.

Our Google Ads & Shopping Process


Planning & Research

We examine your historical PPC account performance and product sales data to build out the best campaign structure for your business. Not only this, but we ensure your Google Product Feed is optimised ready to drive performance.


Optimisation & Testing

Our agency is not one to set and forget campaigns. Every day our team examines ad account performance and optimises copy, targeting and creatives to constantly drive better results for your business.


Creative Design

Our team of creatives can produce video campaigns, edit your existing assets and shoot beautiful content designed to lower your cost per acquisition on PPC.


Tracking & Reporting

The Social Shepherd use our custom reporting dashboard to understand what’s driving the most performance, so we can double down on what’s working.

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You look good, but how much do you charge?

We've been told we're very well priced compared to other PPC agencies and the ROI we consistently drive for our clients.

Our pricing structure is super simple and flexible to ensure both you as the client and us as the agency can grow together.

Get in touch to understand more about our fees today.

What size of brand do you work with?

We work with brands that are currently turning over between £30,000 and £2,500,000 per month.

We’re able to have the most impact with brands that have great foundations and a product their customers love but want to scale to the next level.

So if you're revenue is between those two figures, and you're ready to scale, get in touch with us today.

I want to work with you, but what if I don't get the results?

As we're confident in the results we can provide, we don't tie clients into long contracts.

Our clients stay with us because it's the best decision for their business.

Simply put, it’s a 3-month contract, moving to a 28-day rolling contract after that point - making it easy for both parties.

If that sounds good to you, then get in touch with us today.

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