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Influencer Marketing

We help brands grow with trackable influencer marketing.

Is your business maximising its potential using Influencer marketing?

Whether you're managing yours in-house, or are currently working with an influencer marketing agency then we can help you drastically improve your results.

Why Social Shepherd?

  • We create bespoke Influencer Marketing plans with every brand we work with, using content creators and macro-influencers to amplify your brand.
  • We handle it all: sourcing, negotiations, contracts, briefing, reporting, invoicing & packaging.
  • We take a human-led influencer marketing approach to ensure we hold no bias over which influencers we work with and deliver the most effective influencers for your brand.
  • We're incredibly data-driven and focused on increasing your return on ad spend with Influencer Marketing.
  • We ensure everything is properly tracked using discount code tracking & UTM parameters where relevant, and build holistic reports that help you understand the results we've driven.
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But how do we use influencers & content creators?

Content Creators & Influencers

We use content creators as an extension of your creative team. They help us produce branded & user-generated content, which we gain full media rights to, so you can use the content across all of your marketing channels.

The content creators typically have under 10,000 followers and are experts at creating high-quality content. It will make your Instagram feed look impressive, and can be added to your Paid Social accounts to increase return on ad spend drastically.

We partner with social media influencers that hold large influence over their highly engaged audiences to drive more traffic and revenue for your business.

These posts are paid for sponsorships but have an immediate impact due to the size of their followers across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and other social platforms!

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Content Creator Community

The TSS Content Creator community offers creators endless opportunities to collaborate and produce UGC-style, scroll-stopping content for our clients.

If you're a brand, get ready to supercharge your socials!

Our community of content creators can deliver UGC optimised for every social platform with a quick turnaround of 10 days of receiving the brief. This will allow your brand to share organic, trending and reactive content that will help you increase your engagement and conversion rate.

If you're a content creator, join our community!

You'll get to work on paid campaigns with our clients monthly in exchange for social-first content.

Creators, Sign Up Here

Importance of Diversity

In Influencers

We believe in working with a wide range of diverse influencers to ensure we represent each potential customer. This doesn't just mean race, gender or sexuality - but can also look at locality within a country, education and style.

In Content

At the briefing stage, we don't just ask for one style of content.

It's vital that you receive a mixture of Instagram Reels, Carousels, Single Images & Stories - to ensure you're covering all content formats.


Discover How Our Influencer Marketing Team Can Help You

Listen to Zoe, our Co-Founder & Managing Director, and Lucy, our Influencer Marketing Director, introduce the team and what they can do for your brand.

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Our Influencer Marketing Process


Audience Analysis

Evaluate your existing social audiences & customers so we can understand on a deeper level which influencers are right for your brand.


Totally Personalised

We take a personal approach to influencer marketing campaigns. We don't have a little red book of contacts that we work with, we start afresh for every single brand and reach out as a member of their team.


We Handle It All

From sourcing, contracts & invoicing, we handle it all. We just ask you to front your monthly budget before we start booking.


Measuring Success

Ensure everything is properly tracked using discount code tracking & UTM parameters where relevant.


How much are your Influencer Marketing Services?

Not at all! Compared to other Influencer Marketing Agencies and the ROI we provide, we've been told we're very reasonably priced.

Schedule a call with our Influencer marketing team today for more information on pricing.

Why hire us instead of doing it in house?

Managing and sourcing influencers and content creators is incredibly time-consuming.

From sourcing, contacting, managing, contractual agreements & following up, we stick to a strict schedule to ensure all posts are complete on time and on-brand.

Schedule a call with our Influencer marketing team today to see how we can help you.

Should I use influencers or content creators?

For brands looking for sustainable long-term growth, we recommend using both as apart of a full 360 approach.

But if you're focused on performance marketing initially, then we would advise going with content creators first and utilising them for 'Branded Content' with Facebook Ads. This is because you can forecast the expected return much better, as it should perform the same, or even better than you're currently getting.

Using Influencers with huge audiences are great for building massive brand awareness for your business. This also causes an uplift on your Paid Social too, as potential customers have seen their favourite influencer post about you, and will have a more positive reaction when seeing your Paid Social campaigns.

How else can influencers be used to promote your brand?

Brand Ambassadors - Why not build long term partnerships with influencers? Rather than one-off posts, it can be valuable to create collaborations where you get content & posts from them every month.

The benefit of this is that their audience builds up much more trust with your brand, as the Influencer themselves are showing that they use your product multiple times. It also benefits you if you do product launches, where they can build the hype up around your product before it goes live, creating a wave of sales as soon as it is available.

Affiliates - Want to create a group of affiliates for your brand? Instead of paying per post, you can give content creators a discount code, which gives them an affiliate commission every time it gets used.

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