Lowered CPL by 55.53% for a Travel Company

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Client: Travel
Choose a Challenge Case Study

The Client

Chose a Challenge creates challenges around the world while raising money for charity.

They have a general audience that can go travelling and enjoy adventures worldwide and student leaders who recruit students from universities.

Client Goal:

For the general public and open events, they wanted to generate leads and registrations.

For the student leader campaign (which is 3 months), they wanted to recruit 30 students.

Choose a Challenge Case Study 1

What We Did

The organic team started managing their socials in March 2021, posting 3 times a week on Instagram and Facebook and 2 stories per week.

The challenge was creating content during the pandemic and with the current restrictions. Still, the organic team and the creative team worked together to deliver consistent content (mixing funny content and travel photography) to build a community online and brand awareness. Also, they involved educational content and charities in the content.

The paid media team run a short-form campaign with three different ad sets, depending on universities, interests and also an open audience (which is the one that generated the best results).

Altogether, the paid media team achieved and over-delivered (116.17%) the goal that Choose a Challenge had and lowered their CPL by a 55.533%.

What we've been able to achieve so far:

  • Delivered 35 complete registrations, beating the target of 30.
  • Lowered the CPL on a 55.53%

Current Status:
The organic team is still working with Choose a Challenge, and the Paid Media side of it is still paused until the next campaign starts (next April).

The Results


Lowered CPL by


Over delivered on objective

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