“I started working with The Social Shepherd in March 2019, and since then our sales have increased 25x on a monthly basis.”

– Jude Samuel, Founder at SNKR Supplies

The Problem

SNKR Supplies had an initial focus on their wholesale side of the business, which left their online store being neglected.

They had tried Facebook Ads in-house, but without any real strategy they were losing money.

The Solution

Our teams came together to craft a custom plan to understand what creatives and targeting were going to work for SNKR Supplies.

Using a combination of customer generated content, influencer content and videos we launched and then scaled ads on Facebook & Instagram.

After building up data on the Facebook Pixel, it allowed us to then build out a number of lookalike audiences to really focus in on our core audiences.

The Result

We’ve taken sales from starting at 50 orders per month to 2,500 orders per month – and growing every single month.

Their wholesale business has continued to grow as new clients enquired after seeing their Social Ads.

Campaigns have been seen by over 10,000,000+ people across the world.

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