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Best Social Media Podcasts to Listen to (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Social media marketing is essential for every modern business, but keeping up with the rapid pace of change across platforms poses a major challenge. With new features and best practices emerging constantly, staying current amidst the endless influx of content is extremely difficult.

Social media marketing podcasts can provide valuable on-demand education and insights to overcome this obstacle. But with a torrent of social media podcasts filling the online space, finding the ones that deliver real value is like finding a needle in a haystack.

That's why we've compiled this list of the top 13 social media marketing podcasts that cut through the noise. Whether you're looking to master Instagram, improve TikTok videos, leverage influencers, or analyse performance, these podcasts deliver the tactical knowledge you need.

What Makes a Good Social Media Podcast?

With thousands of podcast options out there, finding social media shows that truly deliver value is no simple task. However, the best social media marketing podcasts provide exclusive insider tips and trends that lead the social media space in both content and delivery.

So, what makes a good podcast?

Platform Expertise

Look for shows hosted by those with extensive hands-on experience managing and optimising specific social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc. Their proven knowledge should inform strategic recommendations.

Data-Driven Insights

The best hosts share original research, surveys, interviews, and data you won't get otherwise. Generic commentary doesn't cut it.

Relatable Stories

Anecdotes detailing mistakes, lessons learned, and real-world examples bring concepts to life. Avoid fluffy shows lacking substance.

Entertaining Delivery

Even complex topics should be presented engagingly. The top hosts combine smarts with humour and conversational tone.

    Ready to discover the best social media podcasts to listen to? Let’s get started!

    Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

    1. Have You Herd - The Social Shepherd

    The Social Shepherd Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

    As the UK’s leading social-first agency, The Social Shepherd produces our very own podcast - Have You Herd. Hosted by a team of in-house spoecialists, each episode dives deep into the best practices, latest trends and strategies driving the world of social media both today and tomorrow.

    Topics span our core social media areas, all of which we specialise in when working with clients, so you know the podcast offers real insights gained from actually doing the work in the trenches.

    • Organic community growth strategies

    • Social ad campaign optimisation

    • Video best practices and trends

    • Influencer collaboration and activations

    • Overcoming agency growth obstacles

    We’ve driven real results for clients like Uniqlo, Premier Inn, and Neptune. We take a uniquely holistic perspective on the key social media niches, spanning creative, video content, community growth, influencer marketing, and paid social & PPC.

    For any marketer aiming to level up their capabilities and stay ahead of the latest social trends, Have You Herd is essential weekly listening. Subscribe to start gaining a competitive edge on all things social media today.

    2. Social Minds - Social Chain

    For social media marketers seeking insider access to the latest platform developments, Social Minds by Social Chain delivers exclusive weekly insights.

    Hosted by industry experts Eve Young and Calum MacLeod, each 45-minute episode explores need-to-know topics like:

    • Emerging social platforms, formats, and algorithm updates

    • Case studies and interviews with leading global brands

    • Translating complex social media trends into actionable tactics

    With 5+ years and over 200 episodes, Social Minds provides a competitive edge through the hosts' connections. Recent guests have included marketers from Formula One, The Washington Post, Specsavers, and more top brands.

    In addition to full episodes, the podcast offers quick 6-minute recaps called "Social in Six" to catch up on the latest headlines.

    For social media marketers aiming to demystify an ever-changing landscape, the exclusive insights will help future-proof your social media strategy.

    Social Minds Social Chain Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

    3. The Marketing Meetup Podcast

      For marketers aiming to stay inspired and connected, The Marketing Meetup Podcast delivers engaging insider discussions.

      Hosted by founder Joe Glover, each 45-60 minute episode explores need-to-know marketing topics through interviews with industry leaders and live event recordings. Episodes cover topics like:

      • Building a niche illustration business serving major brands

      • Crafting the perfect creative brief to inspire your team

      • Writing effective cold outreach emails that drive responses

      • Mastering your startup's positioning pitch

      With over 50 episodes, the show provides an always-on community for marketers seeking continuous education and motivation. Joe's upbeat hosting paired with insights from marketing pros, makes listening both enjoyable and rewarding.

      In addition to the podcast, The Marketing Meetup also hosts virtual and in-person events, providing additional opportunities to learn and network.

      The Marketing Meetup Podcast Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

      4. Social Media Marketing Podcast - Social Media Examiner

        With over 500 episodes and 10+ years under its belt, Social Media Examiner's Social Media Marketing Podcast is a must-listen for marketers.

        Hosted by founder Michael Stelzner, each weekly 45-minute episode features an interview with a leading social media expert. Recent guests have included marketing pros from major brands like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, LinkedIn, and more. Together they explore topics like:

        • Boosting Instagram and TikTok performance

        • Leveraging influencers and creators

        • Driving engagement with original research

        • Building email lists with viral quizzes

        • Getting started with paid social ads

        With millions of downloads annually, the podcast provides professionals with insider social media tactics for generating leads, traffic, and sales. Michael's friendly interview style, paired with the stellar lineup of guests, makes listening both enjoyable and rewarding.

        If the podcast wasn’t enough, Social Media Examiner also hosts live virtual summits and publishes in-depth annual industry reports.

        Social Media Examiner Social Media Marketing Podcast Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

        5. The GaryVee Audio Experience - Gary Vaynerchuk

        With over 2,000 episodes and counting since 2009, The GaryVee Audio Experience hosted by social media icon Gary Vaynerchuk is a content goldmine for marketers.

          Gary's podcast explores his thoughts on marketing, entrepreneurship, social media growth, and more through:

          • #AskGaryVee Q&A episodes answering listener questions

          • Keynotes and speeches from his events

          • Snippet segments from his DAILYVEE vlog

          • Interviews with business leaders

          With decades of hands-on experience building personal brands and companies leveraging digital platforms, Gary provides raw and unfiltered perspectives. His passionate delivery makes even the most complex business insights accessible.

          For marketers and entrepreneurs aiming to gain new skills and get the no-nonsense insider scoop on what’s making social tick, The GaryVee Audio Experience delivers the inspiring yet tactical lessons he's learned in the trenches.

          The GaryVee Audio Experience Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

          6. Savvy Social - Andrea Jones

            For social media marketers seeking simplified strategies, Savvy Social delivers engaging weekly insights.

            Hosted by social media pro, Andrea Jones, each 30-minute episode explores topics like:

            • Leveraging influencers and micro-influencers

            • Enhancing social media funnels and conversions

            • Repurposing evergreen content across platforms

            • Reaching niche communities like introverts

            • Planning for seasonal retail events

            With over 250 episodes and 300,000+ downloads since 2018, Andrea blends humour and practical advice tailored for small business owners. Her varied guest interviews provide additional perspectives from across the industry.

            Recent popular episodes have covered:

            • Bidding farewell to Twitter and its algorithm changes

            • Diagnosing and fixing broken social media funnels

            • Hacking content repurposing for maximum ROI

            • Developing social media strategies as an introvert

            • Crafting holiday retail season social plans

            Savvy Social Andrea Jones Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

            7. The Art of Social Media - SocialPilot

              The Art of Social Media podcast provides marketers exclusive access to social media's leading minds. Hosted by SocialPilot co-founder Tejas Mehta, each episode features an in-depth interview with an industry expert exploring topics like:

              • Building engaged brand communities

              • Developing creative social strategies

              • Leveraging influencers and creators

              • Optimising profiles and messaging

              • Emerging social commerce trends

              Tejas artfully draws out tactical insights tailored for marketers at companies of all sizes aiming to thrive on social media. His affable tone makes absorbing the wisdom of guests both engaging and rewarding. Episodes have covered topics like:

              • Key social media trends and predictions for 2023

              • Maximising LinkedIn lead gen and profile optimisation

              • Rethinking social commerce approaches in 2023's climate

              • Building online brand communities that convert

              • Developing disruptive social strategies and branding

              The Art of Social Media Social Pilot Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

              8. Social Pros Podcast - Anna Hrach and Daniel Lemin

                With over 500 episodes and 10+ years on air, Social Pros provides an insider look at real-world social media marketing. Co-hosted by Anna Hrach and Daniel Lemin of Convince & Convert, each weekly episode explores topics like:

                • Leveraging data and analytics on social platforms

                • Developing effective social strategies for travel brands

                • Optimising social media workflows and processes

                • Building connections through live video

                • Creating viral social content campaigns

                Guests have included marketers from Google, Marvel, Reddit, Lyft, and other major brands. Their candid insights deliver tactical knowledge for marketing teams across sectors. Leading episodes have covered:

                • Translating data into captivating social media stories

                • How Delta Vacations develops wanderlust-inducing content

                • The keys behind Marvel's multigenerational social approach

                • Streamlining workflows for consistent social media

                • Repurposing evergreen content across platforms

                With real-world social media knowledge direct from the source, Social Pros is essential weekly listening for marketers aiming to maximise their capabilities.

                Social Pros Podcast Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

                9. The Science of Social Media - Buffer

                  For weekly social media marketing insights, The Science of Social Media by Buffer is essential listening. Buffer's extensive catalogue provides incredible value for social media marketers. Their short 10-15 minute segments are packed with practical tips and strategies on topics like:

                  • Optimising social ad campaigns

                  • Crafting high-converting Instagram bios

                  • Leveraging influencers and creators

                  • Planning effective content calendars

                  • Building engaged brand communities

                  With over 180 episodes and 25,000+ weekly listeners, Buffer combines research and real-world perspectives into bite-sized marketing wisdom. Past episode favourites covered:

                  • Key trends and predictions for social commerce

                  • Standing out from the competition with unique branding

                  • Creative tips for seasonal retail events like Black Friday

                  • Increasing marketing productivity with neuroscience

                  • Building memorable social media video content

                  For marketers looking to boost their capabilities, The Science of Social Media delivers quick yet tactical lessons from social media specialists.

                  The Science of Social Media Buffer Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

                  10. Social Media Marketing Talk Show - Social Media Examiner

                    For a weekly roundup of need-to-know social media news, the Social Media Marketing Talk Show is a leading resource. Each 60-minute episode explores the latest platform developments, features, trends, and updates. Recent shows have covered topics like:

                    • Instagram's rollout of Close Friends groups and Reels feeds

                    • Facebook's new multiple profile and AI assistant tools

                    • YouTube's algorithm, analytics, and monetisation changes

                    • LinkedIn's new algorithm signals and security measures

                    • TikTok's expansion into e-commerce and ads

                    With over 500+ episodes spanning 10+ years on-air, the show provides quick-hit insights direct from social media insiders. The format combines commentary from influencers like Mari Smith with listener Q&As for interactive knowledge sharing.

                    Recent popular episodes focused on:

                    • Facebook's feed algorithm shakeup and group admin features

                    • LinkedIn's partnership opportunities and AI image enhancers

                    • Instagram's new reels templates, audio features, and social proof

                    Social Media Marketing Talk Show Social Media Examiner Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

                    11. The Pubcast with Jon Loomer

                      For businesses aiming to optimise their Meta and Facebook advertising, The Pubcast with Jon Loomer delivers tactical knowledge directly from the source.

                      Hosted by social media marketing expert Jon Loomer, the long-running weekly show explores topics like:

                      • Mastering retargeting with the 80/20 rule

                      • Getting the most from Meta's Advantage+ placements

                      • Building AI chatbots to boost business

                      • Creating consistent daily video content libraries

                      With over 600 episodes and 10+ years on-air, The Pubcast provides snappy tutorials forged from Jon's decades of hands-on Facebook ad experience.

                      Our favourite shorts ("Pubcast Shots") have touched on:

                      • Planning evergreen video content libraries

                      • Balancing brand and performance social content

                      • Improving cold traffic campaign performance

                      Jon's witty yet candid commentary makes even complex advertising concepts approachable. His down-to-earth delivery provides marketers with the insider tips and value they need to make a difference in no time.

                      The Pubcast With Jon Loomer Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

                      12. The Creator Club - Katie Steckly

                        For creators looking to grow their social media skills, The Creator Club delivers hands-on education from an experienced pro. Hosted by digital marketer and YouTube creator Katie Steckly, each weekly episode explores topics like:

                        • Enhancing YouTube thumbnails and titles for growth

                        • Developing an effective Instagram story strategy

                        • Building confidence and overcoming creator burnout

                        • Monetising your audience with brand partnerships

                        • Turning your hobby into a business with actionable steps

                        Her upbeat energy makes learning social media marketing techniques enjoyable, with content exploring the likes of:

                        • Avoiding ineffective YouTube growth tactics

                        • Setting rates for brand collabs and digital products

                        • Creating a social media strategy from scratch

                        • Understanding key YouTube analytics as a beginner

                        • Building consistency habits as a creator

                        For creators aiming to boost their social media presence, The Creator Club delivers the hands-on education and motivation you need. Katie encourages new perspectives that spur content breakthroughs.

                        The Creator Club Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

                        13. Creative Control - Fast Company

                          For an incisive look at the forces shaping the creator economy, Fast Company's Creative Control podcast delivers engaging discussions with those on the frontlines.

                          Thumb-stopping topics explored include:

                          • The real-world impact of opaque social media algorithms

                          • How marginalised creators fight feeling invisible online

                          • Securing fair compensation for creators of colour

                          • Shaping an ethical future for AI creativity tools

                          • Avoiding exploitation with diverse casting choices

                          Hosted by editors and reporters from Fast Company, the show provides context on issues that deserve a closer look as the creator landscape rapidly expands. Recent guests have included talent agents, Twitch streamers, and major influencers. Dive into niche, but important, topics such as:

                          • How deaf and disabled creators reject 'inspiration porn'

                          • Why maintaining a middle-class life as a creator is a struggle

                          • What revived short-form video apps can learn from TikTok's success

                          Creative Control Fast Company Best 13 Social Media Podcasts

                          Why Should You Listen to the Best Social Media Podcasts?

                          With new platforms and features launching all the time, staying on top of social media marketing requires constant learning. But who has time to dig through blog posts and endless Google searches? These top social media podcasts deliver targeted insights you can action and integrate seamlessly into your social media strategy.

                          As the UK's leading social media agency, we produce the Have You Herd podcast to provide exclusive insider access to what's working right now. With tens of thousands of organic views across our video and audio platorms, Have You Herd delivers social media wisdom forged from real-world work with clients. Our varied team lends a uniquely holistic perspective not many podcasts can match.

                          For any ambitious marketers and agencies wanting to stay ahead of the curve, tune in to Have You Herd. Our actionable tips and stories will give you a true competitive edge and take your social media skills to the next level.

                          Looking for more podcasts to listen to?

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