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Best Marketing Podcasts to Listen to (2024)

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Jack Shepherd
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Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Marketing podcasts have exploded in popularity, providing marketers with valuable on-demand content and a time-saving way to stay competitive. However, the sheer array of options makes choosing truly useful marketing podcasts a struggle.

A quick search for “marketing podcasts” returns over 858,000,000 results alone. With so many choices, it's challenging to find ones that deliver tactical insights from respected experts that listeners can actually apply. That's why we've compiled this list of the 13 best marketing podcasts to subscribe to in 2023. Hosted by leading marketing agencies and thought leaders, each provides exclusive perspectives and actionable advice to help marketers maximise results.

Whether aiming to sharpen social media tactics, improve conversions, or master niches or channels, these podcasts offer an inside look at what's working now and beyond in marketing.

What Makes a Good Marketing Podcast?

The best marketing podcasts provide exclusive or unique insights from respected industry experts that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. They go beyond surface-level reporting to uncover emerging trends and techniques, proven tactics, and strategic advice, while delivering all this value in a bite-sized way, engaging and bringing their own brand style.

When searching for podcasts that make the cut, here are the key markers of a great listen:

Practical Focus

Every episode should clearly outline actionable lessons or strategic frameworks ready for implementation. Avoid fluffy shows lacking tangible takeaways.

Fresh Perspectives

Look for new studies, breakthrough data, interviews, and one-of-a-kind analysis you won't get elsewhere. Generic commentary doesn't make the grade.

Knowledgeable Hosts

Ensure hosts have real marketing expertise and experience. Successful results should inform their strategic advice.

Engaging Delivery

The best hosts combine smarts with entertaining and conversational delivery that makes listening effortless. Dry, boring shows don't compel action.

    The right marketing podcast becomes an invaluable asset, providing professionals with a competitive edge to maximise results.

    Read on for the top podcast picks to stay ahead of the competition and take your marketing skills to the next level.

    Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

    1. Have You Herd - The Social Shepherd

    The Social Shepherd Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

    As the UK's leading social-first marketing agency, The Social Shepherd’s very own Have You Herd, an insightful weekly podcast exploring the latest trends and strategies across the marketing spectrum.

    We're one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies based in the UK, and our drive to get results for clients is reflected in our passion for delivering content on social, paid media, influencer marketing and creative on YouTube. You'll see behind-the-scenes content and the latest across the industry’s best practices and more just by listening to our in-house podcast.

    Hosted by the team at The Social Shepherd, each light yet tactical 20-30 minute episode dives deep into topics like:

    • Social media platform updates and emerging content formats

    • Optimisation of paid social and PPC campaigns

    • Creative and UGC video best practices

    • Influencer marketing and collaboration insights

    • SEO and content marketing

    • Agency growth challenges and leadership lessons

    With hundreds of thousands of views across Instagram and LinkedIn, Have You Herd delivers actionable marketing knowledge to both professionals and enthusiasts. The varied expertise across our team, from creative directors to media buyers, gives listeners uniquely well-rounded perspectives.

    Popular episodes have covered:

    • Launching a dedicated strategy department at the agency to elevate clients' results

    • Leveraging Google's latest Performance Max campaigns and AI tools for improved paid advertising results

    • Planning successful influencer activations for peak retail events like Black Friday

    • Producing thumb-stopping social content formats like TikToks and Reels

    • Managing crises and reputational threats on social media

    For marketers aiming to stay ahead of trends and maximise results, subscribing to Have You Herd is essential weekly listening. We’ve made sure every podcast is full of insights to take your marketing know-how to the next level.

    2. The Digital Marketing Podcast - Target Internet

    For over a decade, The Digital Marketing Podcast by Target Internet has provided professionals around the globe with weekly insights to stay ahead.

    Hosted by award-winning experts Ciaran Rogers and author Daniel Rowles, each 20-30 minute episode explores need-to-know digital marketing topics through engaging discussion and global expert interviews.

    With over 300 episodes and 130,000 monthly listeners across 190 countries, the podcast covers essential strategies across:

    • SEO and content optimisation

    • Social media and video marketing

    • Paid advertising and analytics

    • Conversions and lead generation

    • Email marketing and automation

    • Emerging AI tools and trends

    The hosts draw on Target Internet's expertise as an established digital marketing training platform and consultancy trusted by brands like Oracle, Tesco, and BBC. Their conversational delivery simplifies complex subjects into actionable takeaways.

    Popular episodes have explored:

    • Website migration steps to minimise SEO disruption

    • Key insights from Target Internet's 2023 Digital Marketing Skills Benchmark

    • Reviews of the latest automation and AI innovations

    For digital marketing professionals and business leaders aiming to maximise results, The Digital Marketing Podcast provides an engaging education. The weekly insights from respected experts deliver the knowledge needed to get an edge.

    The Digital Marketing Podcast Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

    3. Waves - Mitzi Payne & Mike Payne (Arcade)

      Hosted by digital marketing experts Mitzi and Mike Payne, Waves provides candid conversations with today's most impactful brands.

      As founders of Arcade, an award-winning creative agency, Mitzi and Mike draw on their decades of experience to uncover the methods behind standout digital marketing success stories.

      Episodes have explored:

      • Mastering email marketing personalisation and storytelling with Sendlane's CEO

      • Overcoming content creation obstacles like perfectionism and imposter syndrome

      • The power of TikTok and leveraging trends as an agency

      • Optimising SMS marketing and sales funnels

      With over 100 episodes and counting, Waves stands out for its relatable hosts and focus on actionable takeaways. Mitzi and Mike artfully balance tactical advice with inspiring discussions around mindset, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

      For digital marketers aiming to make waves of their own, Waves offers an engaging education through real-world examples.

      Waves Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

      4. Shopify Masters

        Created by e-commerce platform Shopify, Shopify Masters provides entrepreneurs with the inside scoop on building successful online businesses.

        Hosted by Felix Thea, each episode features an in-depth interview with a founder sharing their startup journey, lessons learned, and practical tips. Guests range from rising startups to major brands across diverse industries like food, fashion, personal care, and beyond.

        Episodes have covered e-commerce essentials like:

        • Letting customer feedback guide your brand

        • Expanding into new product categories

        • Levelling up social media marketing

        • Achieving long-term business success

        With a conversational tone and plenty of actionable takeaways, Shopify Masters fills the gap between abstract business theory and tangible real-world application. The varied founder stories provide relatable examples to learn from. Shopify Masters is great for all listeners who have an interest in e-commerce, but especially those with a Shopify store.

        Whether just starting out or looking to grow, Shopify Masters delivers marketing and e-commerce wisdom straight from the sources who lived it.

        Shopify Masters Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

        5. The Colin and Samir Show

          For an inside look at the creator economy, The Colin and Samir Show delivers everything you could wish for. The weekly podcast hosted by experienced YouTube creators Colin Rosenblum and Samir Chaudry provides creators with industry-leading insights.

          With over 1 million subscribers across YouTube and podcast platforms, each episode features the duo's signature blend of news commentary, interviews, and strategic advice. Colin and Samir draw on over a decade of experience building their own online video brands to break down the latest digital media trends.

          Notable episodes have covered:

          • YouTube CEO Neal Mohan on the platform's challenges and future

          • Turning sudden viral fame into brand deals and long-term success

          • Reviews of new creator tools and platforms like Dude Perfect's app

          The show's relatable hosts and focus on actionable tactics provide aspiring and established creators with a hub of what they need to stay ahead of the curve. Colin and Samir discuss industry trends in the digital media landscape with plenty of practical tips.

          For creators aiming to grow their brands and build communities of their own, The Colin and Samir Show is valuable listening.

          The Colin and Samir Show Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

          6. Marketing School - Neil Patel & Eric Siu

            With over 2,500 episodes and approaching 100 million downloads, Marketing School is rightfully vital daily listening for professionals seeking to maximise their marketing skills.

            Digital marketing legends Neil Patel and Eric Siu host the acclaimed podcast. In just 10 minutes every single day, the duo provides tactical tips and real-world insights spanning SEO, content marketing, social media, email, and beyond – everything they’ve learned through years in marketing trenches.

            Episodes explore critical topics like:

            • The advantages and pitfalls of product-led growth

            • Refining marketing strategies for the Creator Economy

            • Leveraging emerging AI tools and innovations

            • Building brands and authority outside of the algorithm

            Neil and Eric draw on their decades of experience founding successful ventures and advising global brands. Their lighthearted, conversational style streamlines even the densest of marketing concepts with quick actionable tips anyone that can be easily implemented into your marketing strategies.

            For marketers and agencies seeking the cutting edge of industry insight from genuine marketing gurus, subscribing to Marketing School is a shrewd move. The daily dose of strategic knowledge from two of today's top minds is fuel for levelling up.

            Marketing School Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

            7. CIM Marketing Podcast – CIM | The Chartered Institute of Marketing

              Hosted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the CIM Marketing Podcast delivers fortnightly insights into the pressing issues and top stories impacting the industry straight from the official industry authority.

              Through spirited debates and interviews with marketing leaders at major brands, each episode explores timely, relevant stories. Topics have covered:

              • Attributes of inspiring marketing leaders

              • Starting and scaling your own agency

              • The evolving role of AI and technology

              • Building great brand narratives

              • Post-pandemic consumer trends

              • Sustainability in marketing

              With a global CIM membership of over 30,000 strong, the podcast draws on diverse expertise across sectors. The professional hosts tackle the current and future challenges in marketing, distilling them into accessible takeaways suited for every experience level.

              For marketers aiming to stay informed on the latest and most pressing developments across the breadth of the sector, the CIM Marketing Podcast provides an invaluable briefing on need-to-know topics and future trends. For the latest news and views from throughout the marketing industry, where better to turn than the world’s leading professional marketing body.

              CIM Marketing Podcast Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

              8. The SiteVisibility Internet Marketing Podcast

                With over 15 years and 600 episodes under its belt, not to mention 2 million downloads, The SiteVisibility Internet Marketing Podcast has become a go-to source for digital marketing insights in the UK.

                Hosted by SiteVisibility's MD Scott Colenutt, each 45-minute episode dives into the latest tools and tactics across SEO, PPC, content marketing, email, and more. Scott draws on the agency's decades of expertise to uncover proven strategies for generating leads and sales.

                Tune in to listen to topics such as:

                • Leveraging long-term retainers to drive results

                • Tracking print and offline channel performance

                • Unlocking creativity within teams

                • Emerging fractional CMO model benefits

                • Streamlining podcast production workflows

                True to SiteVisibility's core value of knowledge sharing, the show provides marketers with an inside look at trends and techniques to increase their impact. With legends like Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss and many more featured as past guests, it delivers a masterclass from leading voices.

                The SiteVisibility Internet Marketing Podcast Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

                9. The Marketing Agency Show - Social Media Examiner

                  The Marketing Agency Show, hosted by Social Media Examiner, is niche in that it caters specifically to agency owners, giving listeners an agency-side perspective on overcoming common challenges for outfits across marketing.

                  Led by host Brooke B. Sellas, Founder & CEO of B Squared Media, each weekly episode features an interview with an agency leader sharing how they navigated issues like:

                  • Leveraging AI tools to boost productivity

                  • Managing remote and distributed teams

                  • Diversifying services beyond digital marketing

                  • Optimising client acquisition funnels

                  • Developing experiential marketing campaigns

                  With candid conversations focused on real-world agency growth, the show fills a gap most marketing podcasts miss. Brooke's thoughtful questions and informed perspective uncover actionable lessons suited for agencies of any size.

                  For agency owners and marketers aiming to compete with larger players, The Marketing Agency Show is everything you need. The strategic insights will help sharpen your agency's edge.

                  The Marketing Agency Show Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

                  10. The Marketing Book Podcast - Douglas Burdett

                    For marketers aiming to stay on top of the latest game-changing books offering timeless marketing wisdom and insights, The Marketing Book Podcast is a treasure trove.

                    Hosted by experienced marketing strategist and former Madison Avenue ad man Douglas Burdett, each Friday episode features an in-depth interview with the author of an important new marketing book.

                    With over 450 episodes and counting since 2015, the show provides an invaluable insider look at books on:

                    • Crafting high-impact content

                    • Simplifying communications

                    • Optimising the customer experience

                    • Adapting leadership strategies

                    • Leveraging neuroscience discoveries

                    Douglas artfully draws out key insights from guests like Seth Godin and Jay Baer, while adding colour with his own decades of marketing experience. His affable style paired with deep preparation makes each author's conversation engaging and insightful. It’s no wonder it’s named by LinkedIn and Forbes as one of the top marketing and sales podcasts.

                    For marketers aiming to stay ahead of trends and expand their knowledge, subscribing to The Marketing Book Podcast is a must. Douglas delivers the most important new thinking and applications directly to you.

                    The Marketing Book Podcast Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

                    11. Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal Schaffer

                      For marketers and agencies looking to raise their digital skills, Your Digital Marketing Coach delivers an invaluable education on growing your business through digital marketing, one episode at a time.

                      Hosted by leading author and marketing consultant Neal Schaffer, each weekly episode explores need-to-know digital marketing topics through interviews with industry experts. Being an industry expert, Neal navigates through the labyrinth of strategies, tools, and trends, demystifying complex terminologies while shedding light on practical applications. Listen in to discover topics like:

                      • Building a customer-attracting ‘content fortress’

                      • Creative ways to boost sales with marketing automation

                      • Unlocking the full potential of email marketing

                      • Growth strategies and mindsets for B2B brands

                      With 25+ years of experience, Neal artfully translates the technical and digital concepts driving the market into no-fluff actionable advice suited for any marketer. His relaxed conversational style, paired with tactical insights, makes listening effortless and enjoyable.

                      For anyone aiming to hone their digital marketing capabilities, Your Digital Marketing Coach is top weekly listening. Neal provides professionals the edge they need to excel in an increasingly digital arena.

                      Your Digital Marketing Coach Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

                      12. The DigitalMarketer Podcast - Scalable Media Network

                        For digital marketers aiming to expand their skillset and knowledgebase, The DigitalMarketer Podcast dives into business, marketing and social media topics you won’t see on a lot of other podcasts.

                        Hosted by DigitalMarketer's Mark de Grasse and an elite list of co-hosts, each episode explores need-to-know digital marketing topics through interviews with industry leaders. Episodes have uncovered lessons on:

                        • Crafting high-converting lead-generation forms

                        • Unlocking AI's untapped potential for marketing

                        • Creating viral video content frameworks

                        • Optimising SEO with data-driven insights

                        With over 200 episodes produced and averaging over 10k downloads per week, the show provides insider access to what's working now and what’s on track to work in the future. Mark's upbeat energy paired with tactical takeaways makes tuning in an engaging experience rather than a chore.

                        For digital marketing professionals seeking to stay ahead on the latest strategies, The DigitalMarketer Podcast is a great choice.

                        The Digital Marketer Podcast Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

                        13. The Pubcast with Jon Loomer

                          For businesses, entrepreneurs, and Meta/Facebook advertisers looking to boost results, The Pubcast with Jon Loomer is a font of practical wisdom. Started in 2013, full Pubcast episodes are published every Friday, and short Pubcast Shots on all other days for over 100,000 marketers and counting.

                          Hosted by social media pro Jon Loomer, the long-running weekly show explores topics like:

                          • New Meta ad placement options

                          • Publishing daily video content

                          • Measuring multi-ad attribution

                          • Leveraging AI chatbots

                          With 600+ episodes over 10+ years, The Pubcast provides bite-sized tips and tutorials forged from Jon's decades of hands-on experience. His witty commentary and real-talk or ‘pub chat’ delivery make the most technical marketing concepts approachable and actionable.

                          Popular short episodes (Pubcast Shots) have broken down the ins and outs of social media in a fun and engaging way:

                          • Planning evergreen video content libraries

                          • Enhancing cold traffic campaigns

                          • Balancing brand versus performance content

                          For digital marketers aiming to master Facebook and Meta advertising, The Pubcast is an essential resource for anyone looking to succeed in the world of social media. Jon condenses need-to-know lessons tailored for maximising ROI in the time it takes to enjoy a drink.

                          The Pubcast Best 13 Marketing Podcasts

                          Why Should You Listen to the Best Marketing Podcasts?

                          A great marketing podcast filters through the noise to deliver targeted insights you can apply immediately. Regardless of where you are as a marketer in your career, it’s time to subscribe to a marketing podcast that covers tried-and-tested marketing strategies.

                          At The Social Shepherd, our award-winning team of digital marketing experts produces every value-packed (and entertaining!) Have You Herd episode, ensuring its content elevates your marketing strategy.

                          For any ambitious marketers and agencies wanting to grow by accessing market-leading insights gained through experience in the sector, tune in to Have You Herd. Our actionable tips and stories are tailored to give you a competitive edge and take your marketing game to the next level.

                          Looking for more podcasts to listen to?

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