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The 17 Best Brands on Pinterest (With Examples)

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 26 Feb 2024

Have you always wondered how to make the most out of Pinterest?

Pinterest was made for community building and re-sharing top-quality content. Users can find tailored-made feeds with lots of posts and ideas they can easily pin, save and organise into boards. As of the second quarter of 2021, Pinterest had 454 million monthly active users worldwide.

This platform is an excellent opportunity for brands to reach out to their target audiences and inspire them with their content. They can then save it and be redirected to the shopping page to purchase and recreate those spaces, outfits, and recipes.

This is the reason why we put together this article. To showcase the best 17 examples of brands that are killing it on Pinterest in 2021. eCommerce, Beauty, Skincare, Fashion, Food & Drink, Homeware and more.

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Best Fashion brands on Pinterest:


Mejuri is a jewellery company that consistently works with content creators (the #finecrew community) to have beautiful imagery to share on their socials.

Their Pinterest is an excellent example of a fashion inspiration page. They repost all the content creators’ pictures, as well as their own, and then organise them on boards depending on the product, colour and how to style the pieces.

This organic content gets pinned very easily, as users want to save the inspiration for later.

Fashion Brand on Pinterest - Mejuri


Anthropologie is a clothing retailer with a significant presence on social media.

On their Pinterest, they carefully curate different boards with types of garments, seasons and occasions, to organise their fashion inspiration. Moreover, they also have a few house decoration-related ones, also categorised in different rooms.

Fashion Brand on Pinterest - Anthropologie

Love Leggings

Love Leggings is a brand that sells leggings for all types of women and body types, and we manage their socials here at The Social Shepherd.

Their Pinterest reflects this wide variety of products in different boards such as tall, petite, everyday, sport, dress codes and colours available. This way, their audience can get inspired on how to style their leggings in several ways and see themselves represented by the models.

Fashion Brand on Pinterest - Love Leggings

Best Beauty & Skincare brands on Pinterest:

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit is a cosmetics brand that keeps a consistent image and branding on Pinterest by using pink tones and prioritising product-focused pictures.

To bring value and make sure that the audience saves and shares their posts, they share easy tutorials on how to achieve the best looks using their products. Also, they share nice imagery showcasing the new product launches. As an example, this stop-motion presenting their Magnificent Brow Show set.

Top Makeup Brand on Pinterest - Benefit Cosmetics

Molton Brown

Molton Brown is a UK soaps & fragrances brand that has a more editorial approach but still wants to inspire their audience with their products by organising them on boards.

On Pinterest, the pictures are pretty editorial-looking to maintain the brand's image. But we can find boards for the different scents, gift ideas and categories, so their audience and customers can quickly find what they're looking for.

Best Fragrance & Bath Brand on Pinterest - Molton Brown


Lush is a UK cosmetics retailer that focuses on sustainability and cruelty-free products. Their main focus is to communicate their brand philosophy by educating their audience about their products and best practices.

They organise their Pinterest boards in different product categories, topics (brand philosophy orientated) and different occasions (Halloween, Easter, etc.). On top of that, they share multiple tips and advice so their audience can save the content.

Best Cosmetics Brand on Pinterest - LUSH

Best Food & Drink brands on Pinterest:


Waitrose is a chain of supermarkets in the UK that use Pinterest to inspire their audience with multiple recipes.

There's no better way to sell their culinary products than inspiring them with easy recipes for every occasion. Their boards are organised on meals, dietary preferences and allergies, special occasions and star ingredients.

Best Food Brand on Pinterest - Waitrose


Tesco, the supermarkets' chain, has a very similar approach to Pinterest as Waitrose, as they share many recipes that their customers can recreate at home, using the products they sell in-store and online.

With a very similar approach, their recipes are organised in seasons, different meals, occasions and star ingredients.

Supermarket on Pinterest - Tesco

Nuts Pick

Nuts Pick is a brand that sells fresh nuts in the UK, and we manage their socials here at The Social Shepherd.

In this case, instead of organising the content on boards, we choose to make the most out of the full-screen story format that is more engaging and catches the user’s attention better. As for the content, it’s very educational (sharing the benefits and nutrients of each nut) and recipe ideas using the brand’s products.

Best Food Brand On Pinterest - Nuts Pick

Best Homeware brands on Pinterest:

Vivense London

Vivense is a homeware brand based in London that we also manage at The Social Shepherd.

Their goal on this platform is to bring house and decoration inspiration to their audience so they pin and share their content. Also, all the images contain products from the brand that can be purchased by clicking on the link in the images. To keep it organised, we categorise the content in different rooms or product categories so they can find inspiration for what they're looking for more easily.

Best Furniture Brand on Pinterest - Vivense


Swoon is another homeware brand we manage at The Social Shepherd. They have a more high-end approach and want to focus on their pieces’ little details and quality.

This is why many of their boards are around a particular material or colour tone, and the rest are based on different rooms of the house to give their audience house decor inspiration while promoting their products.

Best Homeware Brand on Pinterest - Swoon


Ikea is a very famous Swedish furniture and decoration brand that focuses on simplicity and functionality.

Their Pinterest boards are also organised in different rooms, as well as special occasions (celebrations, Halloween, Christmas...), advice on how to make the most out of the space and even DIYs to make your home a better place on a budget.

Top Homeware & Furniture Brand on Pinterest - IKEA


Corston Architectural Detail is a detailing, switches, lighting and hardware brand we manage here at The Social Shepherd.

Because they sell small products, the content they share is mostly detailed shots to show the product the best way possible. Still, they also combine it with room inspiration, so their audience can see the overall result and how those little details can make a difference. They organise their boards in different products, finishes and room inspiration where you can also find their products.

Luxury Home Accessory Brand Pinterest - Corston

Best Travel brands on Pinterest:


Booking.com is an online travel agency that offers flights and other travel products.

They use their Pinterest page as a travel guide, creating boards of the Top 50 places of each country, accommodations for every occasion & location. The audiences can save useful content as ideas for their future trips or as guides when planning to go somewhere.

Travel brand on Pinterest - Booking.com


Airbnb is a company that manages vacation rentals and tourism activities. They allow guests to advertise their properties on their platform, and this way, reach out to potential guests.

Their Pinterest page is focused on these hosts and help them make their places more inviting, nice looking, and appealing to potential customers to generate more bookings and sales. Their Pinterest boards are decoration and room inspiration, as well as some different styles to recreate.

AirBnB on Pinterest

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is a travel guide book publisher that has also built a presence online to reach younger audiences.

They do inspiration boards per country, as well as different types of travelling and special occasions. This way, their audience can get inspired on where to go and find the best places to visit and activities to do, as if they had their travel guide book, but in an online format.

Top Travel Content on Pinterest - Lonely Planet

Condé Nast Traveler

Condé Nast Traveler is a luxury and travel magazine. Aside from the published magazine, they also have an online presence on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Pinterest is their leading inspiration platform, and they use it to share boards with several city guides and trips for different occasions (honeymoon, family, and more). It's also worth looking at the Condé Nast Traveller UK page, as it has more ideas and inspiration for staycations.

Conde Nast Traveler on Pintrest

How can you make the most out of Pinterest?

These are the top 17 brands on Pinterest and how they’re making the most out of this platform. The primary purpose of Pinterest is to inspire people and encourage them to pin the content. By sharing house decoration, recipes and idyllic destinations, audiences will save the content for later.

Also, teaching them something new and sharing entertaining content such as recipes or DIYs encourages them to save and share because we’re giving them valuable content.

There’s always a way to make the most out of Pinterest. Still, we recommend not putting all the eggs in one basket and joining other social media platforms, which will help you reach a bigger audience and increase traffic to your website.

Make sure you read our best brands on social media to see a more extensive approach on how to make the most out of every platform.

Here, at The Social Shepherd, we work with very diverse brands and help them grow across social media platforms. If you’re interested in improving your Pinterest account or social media channels, then book a free strategy call today with our Social Media Management team.

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