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The TSS Content Creator Community

Work with household brands on paid opportunities.

We're recruiting for a pool of Creators who'll be signed to The Social Shepherd, receiving regular briefs to create quick, quality content that makes a difference and drives results.

Defining Content Creators

Content creators are...

  • People who don't have a following/don't rely on their following.
  • Passionate about creating content on social and working with brands.
  • Creators, first and foremost - less personality-focused.
  • Have an eye for social media trends and have a portfolio that reflects it.

How Does It Work?

The Process

  • The Social Shepherd will brief creators weekly/monthly/quarterly.
  • Creators must sign up to 1x brief p/m or 3x briefs p/q at a minimum and have 72 hours to sign up for a brief.
  • The Social Shepherd will proceed and confirm the creators for each brief, based on which profiles align best with the concept(s) that need creating.
  • Where required, product fulfilment will roll out. There is an estimated delivery within 5 working days of the creator signing to brief.
  • Content creators are expected to deliver BAU content within 5 days of receiving the product/service. Urgent/reactive content is expected within 72 hours of signing the brief.

These are paid opportunities with competitive fixed fees per deliverable.

TSS Content Creator Community

Join TSS Content Creator Community to collaborate and produce UGC-style, scroll-stopping content for our clients.

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