Black Friday eCommerce Brand

Black Friday is the big one – one of several key days throughout the year when, as an eCommerce brand owner, your marketing efforts can really make a difference.

To get ready for this and other key events throughout the year, make sure you have all the important dates in your calendar:

The Q4 eCommerce Calendar

Halloween – 31st October

Black Friday – 29th November

Cyber Monday – 2nd December

Small Business Saturday – 7th December

Free Shipping Day – 14th December

Christmas Day – 25th December

Boxing Day – 26th December

This is important so you can plan your offers, discounts and campaigns well in advance for each date.

Black Friday

Black Friday is biggest of all these – it’s the single day you can drive more sales than any other, but only if you do it right. And the best way to do that is through an effective paid social strategy.

That’s not as easy as it sounds. Over the years, CPMs (cost per impression) have rapidly increased as more brands spend more of their marketing budget on Facebook, especially on days like Black Friday, so it’s vital you buy your Black Friday traffic early.

That doesn’t mean buying the week before Black Friday! For maximum benefit, make sure you plan well in advance. Look at which sites to purchase on and when you can secure the best offers, so you can build large audiences to cold traffic.

We recommend spending 90% of your Social Ad Budget on cold traffic and the remaining 10% on re-targeting the week before Black Friday.

By doing this, you’ll get more new visitors to your site with lower CPMs than if you ran the campaign only on Black Friday. Then, when Black Friday arrives, switch your budget to 50% cold (those who don’t know your brand) and 50% re-targeting (those people who already know your brand).

Why does this work?

Because when you re-targeting those who already know your brand, it will typically reduce your cost per acquisition of each customer compared to someone who is new to your site. What’s more, you aren’t competing with hundreds of other brands for your Facebook audience numbers.

Specifically, re-target those who have…

• Visited your site in the past 90 days
• Bought from you in the past 180 days
• Engaged with you on Facebook or Instagram in the past 90 days
• Viewed at least 50% of a video in the past 90 days

Following this strategy will dramatically reduce the amount you need to spend for the same results on Black Friday.

Brands often forget about the people that already know their brand, and focus too heavily on the hunt to acquire new customers, but from campaigns we’ve ran before with a ‘sale’ in other time periods, by focussing on the four audiences outlined above, we have achieved incredibly high return on ad spends for our clients!

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Jack Shepherd
Co-Founder @ The Social Shepherd⁣