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Snapchat Marketing Agency

We use Snapchat advertising to acquire new customers, and scale your marketing campaigns.

Snapchat Ads are a must if you want to create more omnipresence, reach new customers & drive more sales.

Whether you're managing yours in-house, or are currently working with a Snapchat marketing agency, then we can help you drastically improve your results.

Why you need Snapchat Ads in your marketing mix.

  • 265 million people use Snapchat every single day, giving you the ability to scale your marketing campaigns.
  • Snapchat reaches around 75% of all millennials and Gen Z audiences, who have a spending power of £700 billion per year.
  • Retarget users that have already taken an action on your website, helping you create omnipresence with your brand.
  • Snapchatters are a unique audience with a small overlap with other apps, allowing you to get your product in front of fresh eyes.
  • 95% of Snapchatters say the app makes them feel happy!
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What types of businesses get the most results from advertising on Snapchat

eCommerce businesses - Snapchat is perfect for eCommerce brands, with its cheap CPMs and multiple ad formats such as Collection Ads, Dynamic Product Ads, Discover Story Ads, as well as the usual Single Image/Video Ads.

App and game developers - Use App Install attachments to prompt Snapchatters to swipe up and download your app and re-engage your app's existing users by Deep Linking.

Local businesses - Use Promote Local Place as your advertising objective within Ads Manager to encourage Snapchatters to visit your shopfront, restaurant, or café.

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Why you need a Snapchat Marketing Agency

Without in-depth knowledge, there is a learning curve required with every social ad platform, especially with the nuances of the different styles & requirements Snapchat has for ad creatives that suit the platform natively.

Not only this but understanding how to scale ads effectively, while maintaining your return on ad spend can be an uphill battle.

When working with a Snapchat marketing agency, they can help you navigate the fluctuations and help you achieve your goals in a quicker period of time.

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Why The Social Shepherd?

Here at The Social Shepherd, we've got vast experience managing Snapchat Ads for our various clients, scaling their spend further, while also decreasing return on ad spend.

Not only does our Snapchat marketing agency know how to maximise your results, but we have creatives on-hand to produce attention-grabbing ads to increase your traffic & sales.

We understand the full picture between the ad funnel, creatives, audiences, narratives and brand positioning - that's why our Snapchat experts are the perfect choice for any ambitious brand.

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How we help brands scale on Snapchat


Results-driven Advertising

Everything we do at The Social Shepherd is results-driven. Our Snapchat marketing agency is here to increase your return on ad spend, scale your customer acquisition and build your brand.


Snapchat Ad Creatives

Our Snapchat marketing agency understands the importance of creative, which is why we've built out our own creative studio to produce performance-driven ads to get more customers.


Snapchat Audience Building

Our Paid Media team know their way around the Snapchat advertising platform and understand which audiences work for every type of brand we work with.


Full-Funnel Approach

We take a full-funnel approach for every campaign, building out your top, middle and bottom of the funnel campaigns to leave no stone unturned.

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Results to be proud of


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You guys look good, what are your Snapchat Marketing Agency prices?

Compared to other Snapchat marketing agencies and the ROI we provide, we've been told we're very reasonably priced.

Schedule a call with our team today to get a bespoke proposal made for you.

Why hire a Snapchat Marketing Agency instead of doing it in-house?

By hiring The Social Shepherd as your Snapchat marketing agency, you get a whole team working on your account every day.

Not only do you get our media buyers, but you also get our creative and strategy team to look over your results and feedback on what will help continue moving the needle.

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I want to work with you, but what if I don't get the results?

As we're incredibly confident in the results we can provide you, we don't require long contracts at all.

The last thing you want is to be stuck in a 12-month contract, not getting the results you deserve or the service you thought you would get. This is why we only have a 3-month contract, followed by a 28 day notice period.

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